Thursday, August 27, 2009

Debate Designed to Confuse

Debate Designed to Confuse

Not one question on the Wall Street Melt Down or the fact that tax collection is down 35% this year. The question of what will happen to city services after the election was not answered. We do know which of the two candidates smoked pot as a result of NY1 Dominic Carter dumb lighting round of questions which added nothing and took up valuable question time. The council'[s slush fund was only mentioned briefly. All the media covered the story the same. The debate was mostly an attack on Bloomberg, instead of looking for differences between the two candidate, which was the reason for the debate. None of the questions were designed to show the differenece between the two candidates *** Debate post-mortem 2: Avella's greatest hits

Road to City Hall MIKE TARGET AT DEBATE *** In Face-Off, Rivals Take On Bloomberg Mr. Avella tried to direct the conversation to Mr. Thompson, criticizing his handling of the pension funds. But Mr. Thompson defended his record (Has the reporter done research on this issue? I don't think so) *** How the Bloomberg Campaign Spends Money *** Why Are Bloomberg's Ads Annoying? (NY Magazine) *** Democratic Mayoral Candidates Face-Off In First Debate (NY1) *** Poll: Voters say Bloomberg ads are annoying *** Thompson and Avella square off, pile up on Bloomberg

POLS VIOLATE LITTER OF LAW Liu campaign with 587 summonses by the Sanitation Department for postering *** Liu has long history of bending the truth

Media Campaigning for the Mayor MAYOR SIGNALS SMOKE VICTORY *** THOMPSON TAKES STEP BACKWARD Bloomberg 50-35 percent in the latest Quinnipiac University survey ***

Pay to Play TAX CHIEF CHARLIE A TAX 'CHEAT,' TOO *** THE FAMILIES BIZ RAKING IT IN Public advocate hopeful Bill de Blasio is paying the for-profit arm of the Working Families Party $40,000 for a slew of services, one of several contracts with the company that appear to have *** RITZY PAD IS DEM DONOR'S 'JAIL' Disgraced Democratic fund-raiser Hassan Nemazee -- who brought in big bucks for presidential candidates Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton -- was released to house arrest *** The Attorney General’s office is investigating whether Senate Majority Leader Pedro Espada Jr. submitted false statements in a $3 million DOH grant

Neverland GOV HAS NO 'RACE' FEARS *** Tallying Stimulus Jobs Is Not Easy in New York *** Mayor Testifies He Does Not Recall Report on Firefighter Exam Result Differences *** Evidence Was Withheld in Deutsche Bank Fire, Defense Says *** Governor Paterson's Damage Control Fails (NY Magazine)

Kennedy Despite Cancer Battle, Kennedy Kept Focus (Washingtion Post) *** What About Camelot? *** Never Meant to Be President: Ted Kennedy, Survivor *** Kennedy's work changed how we live *** WATCH Biden's Emotional Kennedy Tribute: "It Was Never About Him"

Health Care Health Care Fit for Animals Why a health insurance executive decided to speak out against an industry that he was once paid to defend (Kristof NYT) *** HEALTH BILL FROM THE GRAVE: DEMS RALLY AROUND KENNEDYCARE *** Blue Dogs Rolling In Health Industry Money

Wall Street Corruption Hedgie Paulson Mad About Citi *** WARNING SIGNALS
FOXWOODS' TRIBE ROLLING DICE ON DEBT RESTRUCTURING *** Toyota Tops List of Cash-for-Clunkers Winners *** Madoff account netted J.P. Morgan $483M *** Madoff-tainted Merkin pocketed $35M a year *** New FDIC rules restrict bank sales

Media and New Tech A COLORFUL CHRONICLER OF CRIME STORIED MAG WRITER DUNNE DIES *** Writer Dominick Dunne Dead at 83