Friday, September 4, 2009

FT: Where Are The Handcuffs Now? Thousands Of Bankers Went To Jail During S&L Crisis

FT: Where Are The Handcuffs Now? Thousands Of Bankers Went To Jail During S&L Crisis

NO PITY FOR CITI US WATCHDOG BLASTS BANK'S LACK OF BAILOUT EXIT *** SEC, CFTC TARGET DERIVATIVES CROOKS *** SELLING HIMSELF EX-LEHMAN COO SEEKS RETURN TO WALL ST. RAT RACE *** FHA HIT BY LOAN LOSSES *** WHAT RECOVERY?Even The Most Credit-Worthy Borrowers Are Falling Behind On Mortgage And Credit-Card Payments *** Tea maker pays no green to settle SEC probe He has balls Schumer: Change SEC funding after Madoff failure *** Judge says 2 ratings agencies must face claims

Unemployment Rate Rises to Highest Level Since 1983 The unemployment rate rose to 9.7 percent in August, the highest since June 1983, as employers eliminated a net total of 216,000 jobs.

Wait Till the Bills Come In Conge$tion Out of the Question Gov. Paterson's new nominee for MTA chief promised a careful review of the agency's nearly $12 billion budget yesterday -- and said the agency would not make another *** PENSIONS TO DRAIN MORE TAXES *** E.J. McMahon points out that there will be even larger increases in the out-years. *** Once and Future Taxes Sooner than he may prefer, President Obama will have to face up to what he has so far avoided: the need to raise taxes broadly to rein in deficits (NYT Editorial)

Gov Still Spending Money NYERS BILLED BY GOV'S PENN. PAL

Bills Starting to Come In even before the election NYC drivers hit hard by fees *** Taxpayers to foot pension bill *** States Shut Down to Save Cash *** States Shut Down for Business

Budgets going down Shopping is so last year Same-store sales declined in August at most retailers tried to cope with penny-pinching consumers *** Village condo conversion gets green light Developers, including Mets’ Wilpon family, proceed after cutting prices *** Gov. Paterson says Wall Street bonuses were good for state Paterson said bonuses paid to financial execs provided much needed revenue to a state facing a $2.1 billion deficit *** State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli said the bonuses are both a blessing and a curse *** Local governments must increase pension payroll payments in 2011. Critics say its just another sign that the state’s generous pension is not sustainable.

Pay to Play Just who else is funding Shulman's group? From the Neighborhood Retail Alliance:

Goodfellows Stimulus Funds Go to Company Under Cloud *** Federal stimulus money has been awarded to a company that has faced two criminal investigations and has been barred from working for the New York City schools.

Road to City Hall Emboldened by ’08 Race to Roil Waters at Home *** Working Families Party Scam...Caught in the Act *** The chairman of the nonpartisan Voter Assistance Commission apologized after calling GOP public advocate candidate Alex Zablocki a "jerk" *** Comptroller Race A Three-Way Tie; Opponents Advance On Green

What the NYT Reports about the Comptroller Race In Race for Comptroller, There’s Money to Spend

What We Like To See the NYT Report
Why is this money being given to an office that already has key players in current comptroller under indictement or investigation which caused Steve Rattner to leave his White House job last month True News: Wolf at Thompson Door, Part II . Avella Opens A Cut

More crap from the NYT and other media Because of Construction, No Christmas Tree at Lincoln Center *** New York Firefighters Did Not Enjoy Giving This Elephant a Bath! FREAK Show *** SHELLY: HE DOESN'T HAVE A CHANCE IN EL *** FEISTY NY GALS KICK SOME ASH RESENT SPITZER ESCORT TAGGING 'EM GOLD DIGGERS *** The Christian Science Monitor's take on Eliot Spitzer's new teaching gig: "That’s Professor Lov Gov, to you." *** 'Miracle cat' Brownie on mend after arrow pierces his head


TEFLON Blooomberg The NYT will not blame him for anything even the NYP says enought already - The NYT says problem fixed City Likely to Tighten Grading System for Schools *** Even the NYP says the Dept of Ed has a problem AN AVALANCHE OF A'S blames Klien not his boss the mayor

Washington Advisers to Obama Divided on Size of Afghan Force *** Some Parents Oppose Obama School Speech *** Loan Losses Spark Concern Over FHA *** Gates May Back Troop Increase *** Obama, The Mortal - Charles Krauthammer, Washington Post *** Obama Administration is Young and Out of Touch - Peggy Noonan, WSJ *** The President Must Show Courage on Healthcare - Robert Reich, Salon *** Obama Must Lead the Democratic Charge - Robert Borosage, Huffington Post *** Pelosi's Rangel Problem - Holly Bailey, Newsweek *** Schools Won't Air Obama Speech *** White House War Debate?

Representative Scott Murphy told people at a forum that he pays $359 a month for health insurance.

International Israel to Build New West Bank Homes *** U.N. Official: Darfur War Over *** N. Korea Claims Enrichment Step

Wall Street Not Looking Good So Far for Back-to-School Sales

Media GIBSON FURIOUS SAWYER TAKING OVER: REPORT *** With Imus, Fox Business Changes Course *** Fox Business Network to simulcast Don Imus *** Sawyer Shift Creates Gap in Morning *** Magazines Now Create and Customize Ads *** Replacing Diane Sawyer