Thursday, September 3, 2009

de Blasio's Campaign Tactic Exposed

de Blasio's Campaign Tactic Exposed
3RD PARTY WARNED ON FUNDS The city Campaign Finance Board sent a warning yesterday to the Working Families Party and candidates who use its for-profit arm, saying they're the same entity and all expenditures must be accounted for *** BLACK-WHITE 'FLIER' STORM MIXED-RACE ADS MIX UP CITY RACE Public-advocate candidate Bill de Blasio has outraged black politicians and many of his own constituents by sending targeted mailings to African-American neighborhoods featuring pictures of his interracial family *** Working Families Party candidates warned about financial dealings De Blasio has two contracts with Data and Field Services totaling $90140, a campaign aide said *** Questions for Data and Field (New York Times) *** Councilman Barron calls out advocate candidates Siegel and de Blasio for race issues in campaign *** WFP candidates warned on Data and Field Services firm *** As ACORN Engaged In Political Work, Affiliate Received Taxpayer Money *** CFB Declares DFS An Arm Of WFP *** A resident of de Blasio's district suggested he has "gone too far" with mailers that feature his wife, who is black, and mixed-race children *** The NYC Working Families Party Scam UPDATED *** Bill de Blasio Accused of Playing the (Inter-)Race Card

High Noon: Albany's Crisis Grows BX. GROUP REFUSES ESPADA'S 'DIRTY' $$ *** FUROR OVER STATE AUTHORITIES' DEBT *** The debt of New York’s public authorities rises to $140 billion *** The state Inspector General raps the State Liquor Authority for allowing some employees to make long commutes in state cars *** County executives rally against state spending, appealing to the legislature to stop shifting costs to local governments *** Unions issue a first warning about the upcoming budget cuts *** As Monserrate Trial Nears, Peralta Prepares To Press His Own Case *** Gov. David Paterson took a thinly veiled swipe at AG Andrew Cuomo, saying "officials screaming" about Wall Street bonuses are "killing our tax money," adding: "I’ll bet if they knew that they’d stop saying it." *** L.I. leaders, groups seek standing in LG court case *** Silver Doesn't Think Tax Increases Are an Option *** Comptroller:Pension costs to localities are going up

Road to City Hall GROUP WANTS RUDY FOR GOV *** Party People The Administration (The Top 25) *** Thompson Gets His First Newspaper Endorsement, For the Primaries *** 'Garment Factory'

Paterson and Charlie have the same advisors CHARLIE UPS THE RACE-CARD ANTE *** A top Paterson aide may not live in the state
THE RETURN OF CLIENT 9 *** ASHLEY DUPRE BLOG RANT: Ashley Dupre *** HER BALLAD JUST MIGHT STRIKE THE RIGHT CHORD *** SPITZER'S BABE SLAPS THE SNOBS TELLS WOMEN: YOU'RE NO BETTER THAN ME! *** Eliot Spitzer Has a New Job: Adjunct Instructor of Political Science *** Ashley Dupre blogged about Spitzer's potential comeback and her own difficulties since the Client 9 scandal.

Nixon: I Not Going to Call My Opponent A Communist The Revenge of Levi In an article for Vanity Fair, Levi Johnston shares his view on the Palin home life. It’s too bad he is untrustworthy about every subject not covered by Field & Stream (Collins NYT)

Inspector Clouseau MADOFF NOD-OFF SEC IGNORED COMPLAINTS ABOUT SCAM, REPORT SAYS *** PFIZER OKS RECORD FINE Pfizer Inc. agreed to a $1.2 billion criminal fine, the largest in US history, and a felony plea by a subsidiary to close an investigation into what government lawyers described as fraudulent marketing of drugs *** Hartford Mayor Arrested for Second Time This Year *** Prosecutors Claim Fraud for Fraudulent Loan *** Report Details How Madoff’s Web Ensnared S.E.C. *** NYC orders concrete retested in 82 buildings *** Pfizer to pay record $2.3B penalty over promotions *** Much like their boss, Rangel's staffers have failed to keep up with their required financial disclosure statements *** Stimulus Lobbying Disclosure Promise Still Not Fulfilled