Sunday, September 27, 2009

Gillibrand Dumps Paterson SUNDDAY UPDATE

Gillibrand Dumps Paterson:

Silent on Effort to Stop Gov from Running in 2010

Political pro Gillibrand knows that Paterson who appointed her U.S. Senator will drag the entire 2010 ticket down including her to defeat if he runs for a full term.

Will You Love Me in September As You Did in May "Will you love me in December as do in May,Will you love in the good old fashioned way?When my hair has all turned gray,Will you kiss me then, and say,That you love me in December as do in May?" Song Writen by NYC Mayor Jimmy Walker, 1905

What is Next A New Seabury Commission?
Just When You Think Things Could Not Get Worse: NYT Editorial Gov. Paterson’s Choice As well-meaning as Gov. David Paterson of New York has been, he is not the right person for the office he is holding over the long haul *** Testing Obama’s Meddle The president plays Chicago hardball. He should have known that Paterson doesn’t play by any rules at all *** They may want him to go, but Paterson still loves being gov *** Sunday Paterson MIA from O's speech *** The political rebirth of Attorney General Andrew Cuomo *** Rangel rips Obama for asking Gov. to drop out UPDATE UPDATE On National TV, Paterson Repeats Vow to Not Bow Out *** Paterson: Voters will decide *** Paterson: 'I'm Blind but I'm Not Oblivious,' And I'm Running (Politicker) *** Paterson: 'Blind, But Not Oblivious' - And Still Running (DN)

Road to City Hall Yassky: Beware Liu as 3rd party's 'plaything' *** Bloomberg Campaign Attacks Thompson on His Record in Education *** Bloomberg's Choice of Travel Is Questioned *** Let Mayor Bloomberg Take His Helicopter (NY Magazine) *** Runoffs for Some But Not For Others? (Gotham Gazette) *** Sunday Council sharks circling Quinn *** Lisberg: Vets groups AWOL from Bloomberg's campaign *** Bloomberg, Thompson Take Campaign $hots
Bloomberg says Thompson lacks "grassroots" support
Thompson's campaign lacks grassroots support because most of the donors gave a $1,000 or more *** Amid a meager turnout, Flushing political prominence grows

MTA and Media Spins Station Fix Ups Cover Up With capital plan that is moslty unfunded and the state facing according to Comptroller DiNapoli in the coming years of 38 Billion DiNapoli: By 2013, a $3 billion deficit will look like pin money Who is going to pay for the station station fix ups? Ridgewood el station is worst in the city This entire spinning effort is in response to a audit by Comptroller Thompson Subway fixes sloppy, audit by City Controller William Thompson finds *** The recession is over? We wish, say New Yorkers *** Second Avenue Subway Inches Closer to Its Next Delayed Finish Date

//////Sunday TV Roundup Gates, Gadhafi On CNN... Feinstein On FOX... Bill Clinton, Paterson On NBC... Woodward, Will On ABC... Hillary Clinton On CBS *** Gates: Gitmo Deadline Was Smart Politics, But Won't Be Met (VIDEO) More Breaking News Car full of cops kills Rev's daughter (NYP)

Robert Mosses Not The City that can't rebuild the WTC no longer has an connction to the men who built New York into a great city Second Ave. on snail rail Shaky bldgs. a drag on dig *** City's Worst Subway Station Found In Queens *** 2nd Ave. subway may be delayed - again *** Activists, pols 'Square' off over café in park *** Glass Half Empty: Richard Meier’s Brooklyn Tower National Failure Also The New Sputnik China is embarking on a new, parallel path of clean power deployment and innovation. It is the Sputnik of our day. Unfortunately, we’re still not racing (Friedman NYT) *** Tier V: Part of The Universal Conspiracy on Pensions (Room 8)

Washington Baucus Bill May Be Just a Draft *** Guantanamo Might Not Close By January(Huffington Post) *** WATCH: Krugman: "I Was Kind Of Hoping Obama Might Be FDR, But Maybe Not" *** Reid Blocks ACORN Probe - Las Vegas Review-Journal *** Budget Office Know to Miss on Estimates of Big Bills - Bloomberg *** Unions Criticize Obama Education Proposals - Washington Post *** Shields and Brooks on Obama's Week of Diplomacy - The NewsHour *** President's Weekly Address: Progress with the G-20 in PittsburghRecorded literally on his way back from the G-20 Summit in Pittsburgh, the President uses his Weekly Address to recap the progress made during the intensive discussions with world leaders *** Harry Reid Becomes GOP Target *** Republicans Take Aim At ACORN’s Private Funding *** Maloney's Husband Dies In Tibet *** Sunday Obama at the Precipice President Obama, like the young President John F. Kennedy in 1961, is wrestling with sending more troops to an unpopular war during his first months in office (Rich NYT) *** The Devil Wears Crocs The painful periods for W. and Bill Clinton, falling low after starting with such grand hopes, are recounted in two new books (Dowd NYT) *** No Deadline Set for Decision on Troops (Washington Post) *** Obama skips public option push to CBC (The Hill) *** White House Split on Afghan Strategy

Pay to Play BREAKDOWN: How Drug Companies Win From Health Care Reform ***
Leadership PACs: Let the Good Times Roll (ProPublice)

The Iran Bomb Iran's nuke lie puts heat on O *** Cryptic Iranian Note Ignited an Urgent Nuclear Strategy Debate *** Can Sanctions Work Against Iran? *** Obama's Focus Shifts From Engaging Iran (Washington Post) *** Venezuela seeking uranium with Iran's help... *** The U.S. Needs to Stop Iran, Now - Rep. Howard Berman, Washington Post *** Keep the Peace. Cool the Iran Rhetoric - Adrian Hamilton, The Independent *** President's Unplanned Iran Announcement - Laura Rozen, Politico *** Showdown on Iran's Nuclear Program Enters Endgame - USA Today *** Obama, Brown and Sarkozy on Iran's Nuclear Facility - The White House *** Background Briefing on Iran's Nuclear Facility - The White House *** So What if Iran Gets the Bomb? - Marc Ambinder, The Atlantic *** Is the Terror Plot Really Shut Down?(Newsweek) *** Sunday U.S. to Demand Inspection of New Iran Plant ‘Within Weeks’ (NYT) *** U.S. Sees Opportunity in Iran Bombshell

Terror Plots From Smiling Coffee Vendor to Terror Suspect *** Terror Suspect Is Transferred to New York for Trial *** Terror Suspect In Custody In Brooklyn *** Three Key Questions in the Zazi Terror Case - Bobby Ghosh, Time *** Diverse Sources Fund Taliban (Washington Post) *** Obama Praises NYPD's Efforts in Terror Probe

International Group of 20 Agrees on Far-Reaching Economic Plan *** Fed Up With War
The difference between the public’s take on Afghanistan and that of the nation’s top leadership is both stunning and ominous. A clash is coming (Herbert NYT) *** G-20 Takes On Bigger Role (Washington Post) *** Honduras Gets Messier - Washington Post *** Sunday UN's debt to New York *** Iran State Media Report Short-Range Missile Test *** Report: Iran Test-Fires Missiles (Washington Post) *** WorldMerkel Wins German Election, Rival Admits "Bitter Defeat"

Wall Street and the Economy New Signs That Recovery May Come in Dribs and Drabs *** HSBC to Move Chief Executive to Hong Kong from London *** Is This a Real Recovery or Just a Bubble? - John Authers, Financial Times *** G-20 Launched as World's Top Forum - Gregor Peter Schmitz, Der Spiegel *** Chaos: What Exactly is the "New Normal"? - Roben Farzad, BusinessWeek *** This Liquidity-Driven Market Rally Looks Vulnerable - The Economist *** Masters of the Universe Still Don't Get It - Alice Thomson, Times of London *** WATCH: TARP Inspector: Financial System May Now Be In A "Far More Dangerous Place" (Huffington Post) *** Ford To Spend $490 Million To Build Plant In China *** Bank Failure Friday Marches Through Atlanta ***Sunday U.S. Job Seekers Exceed Openings by Record Ratio *** Fed Didn't Bark at Loan Abuses (Washington Post) *** Unemployment rate for young explodes to 52.2%... *** Bear Stearns stockholder sues company's former execs *** How the Fed Missed the Mortgage Crisis *** Most Dismal Unemployment Numbers Ever
National States and Towns Lean on Taxpayers (WSJ)*** Roving Tradesmen Stuck in Vegas *** Michigan faces govt. shutdown...

Media and New Tech Apple’s Shadow Hangs Over Game Console Makers *** New York Times To Offer Buyouts *** AT&T Asks for Curbs on Google *** Sunday Roman Polanski ARRESTED In Switzerland *** ComedyWATCH: Moammar Gadhafi Explains Himself On SNL Premiere *** Crawford says Time Warner will sell magazine unit *** William Safire, Nixon Speechwriter and Times Columnist, Is Dead at 79 - Obituary (Obit) - *** Shareholder: Time Warner To Sell Time Inc.


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