Friday, August 28, 2009

Summer Reading Club: How Banks Do Business With Corrupt Regimes

How Banks Do Business With Corrupt Regimes Banks 'Too Big To Fail' Have Grown Even Bigger3 Banks Hold Almost 1/3 Of Deposits, Issue Half The Mortgages And 2/3 Of Credit Cards

Albany Hell Lets see how he fucks this up . . . He will GOV IN A NEW WAR OF 1812 Pterson yesterday declared his own war on the War of 1812 -- or at least on a $2 million effort to commemorate it. A proposal for a 24-member commission to promote the *** RUDY BOOSTS HIS GOP FAVE udy Giuliani is pushing his favored candidate to run the state GOP*** ESPADA BIZ OWES $1M IN TAXES *** Crowds, Butter Sculpture and No Polls: State Fair Is a Pick-Me-Up for Paterson *** Senate staffers get raises From NY1 *** Bidders up the ante on Aqueduct *** Another judge says that Seneca Indian merchants need to stop selling tax-free cigarettes to non-Indians.

Road to City Hall Memo to Michael Bloomberg: You Are Actually Running Against People *** MIKE THE SPENDTHRIFT On Tuesday, Hizzoner rolled out yet another goody, this one for seniors -- costing $25 million or more. Among other things, the plan would convert 50 senior sites into "wellness centers." But Mike hasn't set aside funding for that, and the city's looking at a huge budget shortfall next year (NYP Editorial) *** Avella hit Bloomberg hard during debate From the Village Voice *** Mike says you can just tune him out From PolitickerNY *** Bloomberg: I have no opponents in mayoral race *** Bloomy skips debate and manages to avoid ads *** Battle over Monserrate seat leaves pols with $7G in fines *** A number of New York Democrats are returning campaign contributions from indicted investment banker Hassan Nemazee *** Follow Nemazee’s money Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand will also give away the $4,600 contribution she received from Hassan Nemazee during this election cycle, said spokesman Matt Cantor, but who she will give the money to has yet to be decided. In 2007, while a member of Congress, Gillibrand gave away more than $20,000 donated by Norman Hsu after Hsu was convicted of fraud *** Next year when there’s an election, and I’m running, the other candidates are going to have to explain how they would have done this differently," Paterson said.

Major Investigation: Our Katrina Hospital Story in the New York Times Magazine