Saturday, August 29, 2009

Fred Wilpon Sell the Mets to A Real Baseball Owner

Fred Wilpon Sell the Mets to A Real Baseball Owner

Madoff Author Sees Sale Of NY Mets Coming *** New York Mets discount prime tickets as season slips away *** On Baseball: Dear Mets, we miss you
Philadelphia Inquirer *** Baseball Beat: Mets one big mess Lower Hudson Journal news *** How to waste $150 million, by the 2009 New York Mets *** Could Madoff curveball trigger NY Mets sale? *** Mets may need to be sold because the Wilpons lost $700 million in ...

Edward M. Kennedy
Memorial service coverage ( *** Ted Kennedy’s Irish wake (Boston Herald) *** Obama Praises 'Tender Hero' (Washington Post) *** Defining the Kennedy Mystique - Joel Achenbach, Washington Post *** SENATORS HATCH, DODD: VICKI KENNEDY WOULD BE ''GREAT'' REPLACEMENT FOR HUSBAND

Sunday Talk Shows Liz Cheney, George Will On CBS... Dodd, Hatch On CNN... Dick Cheney On FOX... Maria Shriver On NBC

Road to City Hall NASTY BOYS: 'ADVOCATE' CANDIDATES FIRE AWAY *** Why Have a Public Advocate? In Lively Debate, Candidates Make a Case *** New York’s 2010 Primary Could Arrive a Little Early *** NYT Edorsement For New York City Public Advocate City Councilman Bill de Blasio is the best qualified to be the city’s next public advocate because he has shown that he can work well with Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, and oppose him when justified Times Picks the Same Candidate are WFP and Vito Lopez? ***

Thompson's PensionGate Mess Some doubt Mayoral hopeful Bill Thompson can escape pension fund scandal mess (Daily News) *** Thompson's Pension Pals: A Wound Waiting to be Re-Opened (Village Voice)

Media Spins for the Mayor MIKE'S MESSAGE ON SCHOOL-CELLPHONE 'DANGER' And Against his Opponent THOMPSON'S 'HIDDEN FEES' SOCK TAXPAYERS City taxpayers are being pounded with a hidden extra cost of more than $250,000 a year in interest payments on "grants" to city Comptroller Bill Thompson's office for his staff...

Inspector Clouseau CHARLIE'S MORTGAGE BARES HOME UNTRUTH *** Rangel Failed to Disclose More Income and Assets, Forms Show *** Shulman fiasco has the "rancid smell of corruption" From Neighborhood Retail Alliance *** DAY 2: NYDN hospital cover-ups investigationDocuments obtained by the Daily News under the Freedom of Information


Pay to Play Gambling which pol get the lobbyists dollars? DAVE'S WILD BETS (NYP Editorial)

Follow the Leader State politicians like lemmings on voting with party leader

No Jobs, Developers Go and Tax U SIZZLING 'FRAUD' MIKE RIPS 'RENT-A-VET' VENDORS *** PLAYGROUND FIGHT CITY'S NEW UN TOWER PUSH STIRS RAGE *** GAINING ENTREE BOAHOUSE GUY TAKES TAVERN You Got to Be Kidding PARKING TIX HAUL PLUNGES $30 MIL The city handed out 13,000 fewer parking summonses and saw its ticket revenues nose-dive by $30 million last fiscal year *** What’s Next, Sidewalk Tolls?

Is the NYT Cutting Sunday Local News Coverage? Open & Shut Chronicle of a Changing City

Washington In Death, Kennedy Still Provokes *** MEMORIALIZING KENNEDYWATCH: Biden, McCain, Orrin Hatch, Caroline Kennedy *** Eugene Robinson: Played Role of Prince to Near-Perfection... *** Obama marks Katrina anniversary *** Enzi Attacks Democratic Health Plans; Obama Switches Focus to Hurricane Katrina (Roll Call) *** Washington Post Should Call It Torture - Andrew Sullivan, The Atlantic *** Obama Needs to Get a Grip on Debt - Philadelphia Inquirer

Health Care WATCH Bill Moyers On Health Care Reform: "We're All In The Same Boat" *** Inside a Creepy Global Body Parts Business - Keller & Grill, Der Spiegel *** No Govt Health Care! (Except for Mine.) - Ezra Klein, Washington Post

National Marion Barry Bares All - Matt Labash, Weekly Standard *** After Century of Big Growth, Tide Turns in Florida

Wall Street Mess Halting Recovery Divides U.S. in Two *** Washington Isn't Fixing Too-Big-to-Fail Issue - Michael Hirsh, Newsweek *** AIGERS' MOVING PAYDAY EXECS' HOU$E PERK

International U.S. Accuses Pakistan of Altering Missiles... *** WorldTimes Of London: Lockerbie Bomber 'Set Free For Oil' *** Time to Shine Light on Murky Deal with Gadaffi - Sunday Times *** FORMER ISRAELI PRIME MINISTER OLMERT INDICTED

Media & New Tech Coupons You Don’t Clip, Sent to Your Cellphone *** As Internet Booms, the Postal Service Fights Back *** Newspaper War in a Summer Haven The Obama family's vacation on Martha's Vineyard has fanned a long-running newspaper war between the island's upmarket broadsheet and its scrappy, free tabloid (WSJ) *** NEWSPAPER SLUMP DEEPENS: Q2 Ad Sales Fall 29 Percent *** Summer TV Watching Hits All Time High Thanks To Cable *** WSJ: Mark Penn's Column Not Conflict Of Interest *** An Online Outlet for Creating and Socializing *** Vegas paper not intimidated by Dem Leader threat... *** Murdoch's Son: BBC Expansion Is "Chilling," A Threat To Independent Journalism *** "Today Show" Hires Jenna Bush *** Ted Kennedy Memoir 'True Compass' Set For September