Saturday, July 11, 2009

True News, Update All Weekend

True News Honors
Wayne Barrett
A Great New York Journalist

Road to City Hall It took 2 days and critical comments by the Village Voice Wayne Barrett last night (NY1) on the failure of NYT to write a story of Thompson win of the WFP endorsement for the paper to write a story about the endorsement Working Families Party Backs Thompson, Despite Mayor’s Pressure *** Bloomberg suffers rare setback in campaign *** Bloomberg Machine Hits Road Bump at Working Families *** Payback? Pro-Thompson Labor Leader Says City Hall Cancelled D.C. Meeting

Rich Mayor? Poor Mayor?
Road to City Hall Bloomberg buy the press and almost everything else to shape his reelection image BLOOMBERG $$ BLOWOUT, Pace of Mayor’s Spending Is Four Times His First Run Bloomberg has burned through $36.6 million in his campaign for a third term, a spending pace so torrid that one political analyst said yesterday there's little doubt he'll shatter $100 Million. Yet the times trys to reshape his image as everyman being hurt by the recession Mayor Tightens Belt, Too, Amid Losses in Market We still like to see more investigating reporting about the mayors former money man Steve Rattner and his pension funds. We know why the press does not report on him. He has a lot of powerful friends who can protect him from the criminal charges Hank Morris face, the many he payed to get pension business in 4 cities. We know why the press has not reported on his pension activities for months, he worked for Arthur Sulzberger and is the middle of the money and mortgage problems over at the times. He also is closed to the Daily News Owner Mort Zuckerman.

Albany: Normalizing Corruption? GOV: DIRTY DEALIN' POLS WALKIN' CROOKED LINE Paterson said that lawmakers' wheeling and dealing "borders on the boundaries of illegality" -- and revealed that one legislator even tried to shake him down. "And because no one is saying anything about it, it's becoming acceptable . . . it's becoming very dangerous." *** Conclusion to this momentum is anarchy (NYP) *** DEMS VOW MAYORAL-CONTROL VOTE (NYP) *** Where is Fred Dicker? Has Senator Adams changers of racism reduced his voice of outrage? *** With Senate Astir, Governor Will Delay Same-Sex Marriage Bill *** For Lieutenant Governor, Job Description Comes Next *** Now What in Albany? Until New York cleans up its politics, the Pedro Espadas of the world will continue to run Albany, and all New Yorkers will suffer *** Good Catch Daily News Payback for pay freeze: Controller DiNapoli's bill is only nay of the day as senators exact *** 62 wrongos make a right: State Senate kills a bad bill for selfish reasons *** Sure, I'd wreck Albany again, says billionaireBillionaire Tom Golisano - who engineered the GOP coup that paralyzed the Senate for a month - says he'd do it again *** Tom Duane Gives Up on Gay Marriage, for Now (NY Magazine) *** Thanks, Pedro Espada, At Least You're Happy (WNBC) *** Who is looking after real world problems as Espada makes millions from his government funded health care center? Rise in health insurance costs is sickening for New Yorkers *** Senators who oppose extending Mayor Bloomberg's control over city schools vow to block bill

Inspector Clouseau and Justice 'DEUTSCHE' SLAP AT BLDGS. BIGS Two top Buildings Department bosses received wrist slaps for lapses that led to the blaze at the former Deutsche Bank building that killed two firefighters 2 Safety Officials Rebuked in Fatal Deutsche Bank Fire

Let them Eat Cake As city reduces the number of cops and just about every other service the salaries of top city commissioners are going up from $189,700 to $205,179 MIKE'S 205G AGENCY HEADS, Thompson raises a ruckus over Bloomy's pay Hikes *** Real Estate at a Stop in the City Land for development: no buyers, no sellers and no financiers *** Sunday Pay to Play Editorial: Ground Zero ground rules Under intense pressure to subsidize construction of private office towers at Ground Zero, Port Authority officials have inched closer to putting the public on the hook. They've gone far enough (NYDN Editorial) *** Your taxes may raise the roofs for developers City Councilman Al Vann has funneled hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars to a construction company with a history of complaints for shoddy work, records show.

Road to City Hall It took 2 days and the reporting of the Village Voice Wayne Barrett last night on NY1 for the times to write a story that Thompson won the WFP line Working Families Party Backs Thompson, Despite Mayor’s Pressure *** Sunday How is a story about a campaign consultant in a 100 million dollar campaign which can buy and do everything campaign news? It is go for Wolfson consulting business, candidates tend to pick consultant who are in the news, they not look a won and loss records very carefully In About-Face, Wolfson Now Works for Bloomberg *** Tony is fed up From AM-NY *** Hack's drive to win a council seat

More City News RUNWAY JAM DUE AT JFK *** PA'S $1B CAN'T BREAK SILVERSTEIN WTC IMPASSE *** Frank Mickens, Who Turned Boys and Girls High School Around, Is Mourned *** Ex-politician in school rumble with borough president *** You Can't Wear Costumes in Times Square? *** Sunday WORKER BIAS GRIPES SOARING *** MTA'S HIKES TAKE TOLL TODAY *** RIKERS RAP GIG SPARKED A WAR WARDEN EYED IN PROBE City jail officials are investigating a rap concert at Rikers Island -- approved by a hip-hop-loving warden *** Mortally wounded aunt still saves her nephew Daly: When the gunshots erupted, the man on another bench dove for cover, but Jesselle Page leapt up to protect her 8-year-old grandnephew *** Handyman shot dead by undercover drug officer *** NAACP Centennial Convention Gets Underway In Midtown

Crime Pays for Lawyers $14.6M 'BERNIE' BONUS

Washington Leaders in House Seek to Tax Rich for Health Plan *** Why Ghana? Few Choices for Obama *** Obama has first meeting with Pope Benedict *** Sotomayor Girds for Hill Battle (Washington Post) *** Dems Consider Taxing Health Care (Daily Beast) *** Larry Summers: Worst Not Over (Daily Beast) *** 'Moderate Dems' squeeze Obama (Politico) *** Remarks of President Obama in Ghana *** Obama: We Don't Need A Second Stimulus *** Obama: 'I have the blood of Africa within me' (The Hill) *** GOP Pushing Malpractice Reform *** Obama's Secret Meeting With Historians (US NEWS & World Report) *** Sunday AP source: Holder considering torture probe *** AP sources: Cheney told CIA not to discuss program *** Obama urges patience on economic stimulus plan *** Cast of characters on committee calling Sotomayor *** She Broke the G.O.P. and Now She Owns It As the Republicans’ lone charismatic performer, Sarah Palin has come to represent a dwindling white nonurban America that is aflame with grievances (Rich, NYT) *** Not So Generous The pledge by leaders of the nation’s hospitals and pharmaceutical industry to lower health care spending is still less than these industries should be contributing (NYT Editorial) *** Obama urges end to tyranny, violence on Africa visit *** Sotomayor Defined by Dualities (Washington Post) *** Sara Palin, Political Genius - (Willie Brown, San Francisco Chronicle) *** Health Care's Rocky Path - David Broder, Washington Post *** Ambassadorships for Sale - Los Angeles Times *** Burris Will Step Aside With Tarnished Legacy - Chicago Sun-Times

National Deficits Defy Years of Cutting Despite cuts, Michigan is no closer to financial solvency, as state lawmakers face another billion-dollar deficit *** NAACP Debates Its Agenda *** Calif. Leaders Resume Talks to Repair Budget *** Fairy Tales From Our Neighbor to the West - Las Vegas Review-Journal

Blog Report Back to Square One on Senate Reform?(ReformNY) *** Debate Surrounding Closing of Schools on Muslim Holidays(The New Republic) *** What Data Should the City Make Public, What Should Be Done With It?(NYC Big Apps Ideas)