Wednesday, July 29, 2009

We Honor Those Who Serve New York: Russel Timoshenko,

Russel Timoshenko

Slain Officer, Injured Partner Honored By Governor “Democracy depends on you, and that is why -- that’s why our troops are willing to die for you. So how about in honor of the American soldier, you quit makin’ things up(and the corruption)." Sarah Palin

Road to City Hall COLIN BACKS BLOOMY *** DEMS AND UNIONS SET DUMP-DAVE DEADLINE *** Dems ponder fate amid concerns about gov's poll numbersDems ponder fate amid concerns about gov's poll numbers *** THE BIG 9-OH MORGY WILL BE HARD AT WORK ON B'DAY NYT does there one story of Tony Avella to cover their ass Insurgent Candidate Fights Bloomberg *** The best way for a candidate to get in the paper is to agree with that papers front page investigation City Councilman Gioia: City hospitals need super *** Wolfson: O.K., Now Let's Look at Bill Thompson's Education Record

Dysfunctional Government Deputy Mayor Felder makes his bones advocating and end to the PA office ADVOCATE-ING AN END *** The Board of Election says the rules are whatever they say until they get a phone call from a county leader Councilman Is Reinstated on the Ballot for Advocate How many candidates each year are removed from the ballot for paper work snafu. No NYC reporter will know because they never attend the Board of Election hearing where dozens of candidates get removed from the ballot or the special courts in each boro where candidates are removed by machine elected judges . de Blasio helped himself by hiring the enforcer not refromer Stanley Schlein to represent him before the board City Councilman Bill de Blasio is back on ballot after paperwork snafu*** Alan Gerson has nobody to make the call for him No third term for Manhattan tweeder *** Firms accused of WTC money laundering scheme *** Brooklyn Store Owners At Odds Over BID *** Profiting from the coup *** Paterson says in court papers he needs Richard Ravitch to be a "credible bridge" to the business and labor communities.

NY Economic Melt Down Prepare for more foreclosures … many more A review of mortgage delinquencies from the U.S. Government Accountability Office suggests that New York home foreclosures could double in coming months (CrainNY) *** Tax the Dummies HIGH LINE EYES TAX ON ITS NEIGHBORS *** HICKS $TICK IT TO NY TINY-TOWN COPS GET MORE THAN FINEST *** City Aids Homeless With One-Way Tickets Home *** No Tarp money spin to save face New York Police to Get Stimulus Money After All *** CIT’s problems rock NY health care community *** New York Shut Out of $1 Billion Fund (WSJ) *** Pension Costs Could Skyrocket to $96 Billion *** New Finance Commissioner Comes From Wall Street *** MTA Promises No 2010 Hikes Despite Falling Revenue *** Rattner could and should be joining Madoff Post-Hillary, the New York Donor Well Runs Dry

Some in government just do not understand Facebook Postings Prompt Quick Exit of a City Politician’s Aide

Pay to Play: Health Care Lets take the summer off and collect more money HEALTHY GIFT TO NY POLS Two New York lawmakers involved with crafting health-care legislation have received big-bucks campaign donations from the insurance and health industries: Sen. Charles Schumer has taken $111,000 from health professionals, $98,550 from hospitals and nursing homes and almost $80,000 from HMOs Rep. Charles Rangel, chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, has also collected hefty donations from industries with a stake in the health-care debate, according to the Center for Responsive Politics *** Organized crime organization have a lot of scams going DEUTSCHE CHECK 'SCAM' The investigation into the fatal Deutsche Bank fire has netted a Jordanian who allegedly helped 380 shady businesses hide $40 million from banking regulators, including two contractors *** 2 Charged in Check Scheme Uncovered After Bank Fire *** Dead men do not talk N.J. Man Facing Bribe Charge Is Found Dead *** 'STING' TARGET IS DEAD FOUND AT NJ HOME *** Public Authority Reform Bill May Lose in City Hall *** Poll Shows Obama’s Clout on Health Care Is Eroding

Inspector Clouseau The Financial Truth Commission The public has the right to ask whether the commission created to investigate the meltdown can be counted on to put the public interest ahead of political loyalties, professional ties and ideological biases (NYT Editorial)

Washington House Panel Approves Executive Pay Restraints What would MAUREEN DOWD write about if there were no Sarah Sarah Grabs the Grievance Grab Bag From Hillary *** Shatner Turns Palin's Speech Into Poetry *** What you going to do if your Secretary of State and the Administration does not like you No race in sight, but Hil camp is election-ready *** Sonia moves closer to high court *** Daily News Editorial: One big copout High hopes that the Obama administration would treat Democrat-friendly New York City better than did Team Bush in the allocation of federal moneys have gone bust. Big time *** In Obama's Mideast Push, a Message to Tehran *** The Census Games: Groups Gear Up to Be Counted *** How Mitch McConnell Ended Jim Bunning's Senate Career *** Gates Says U.S. Is on Pace in Iraq *** President's Rope-a-GOP Strategy - Carlos Watson, The Stimulist

Health Care Health Care Reform and the Unpopular T-Word Taxing health care may be the surest way to slow its growth, but members of Congress are not eager to do so *** Obama Health-Care Exclusive: 'We've provided more guidance than advertised.' (Time) *** A Market for Health Reform - Ezra Klein, Washington Post *** Health Reform Will Empower Families - Kathleen Sebelius, Yahoo! News *** Blue Dogs Should Support the Public Plan - Jacob Hacker, Washington Post *** More PoliticsAstroturf Lobbying Firm Behind New Anti-Health Reform Group

Wall Street Mess Madoff gloats: I can't believe I got away with it for so long *** Global Trade Collapse is Over, But No Recovery in Sight - The Economist

National As Prices Plummet, Condo Sales in Miami Perk Up *** Governor Signs California Budget *** Gates Arrest a Reminder to Blacks, America - Leonard Pitts, Baltimore Sun *** PoliticsArnold Terminates Funding For Child Welfare, AIDS Prevention

Pay to Play Washington How Firms Wooed a U.S. Agency With Billions to Invest *** Corruption and Big Government Go Together - William McGurn, WSJ

Media Google’s Big Plan for Books Google’s book service raises monopoly and privacy concerns. It also holds great promise for increasing access to knowledge (NYT Editorial) *** Time Warner Profit Tumbles 34% *** Has Wikipedia Created a Rorschach Cheat Sheet? *** Viacom Profit Dips 32% as Revenue Falls *** Rock Band partly to blame for Viacom profit plunge... *** Microsoft, Yahoo Near Search Deal