Thursday, July 30, 2009

The End of Coney Island

The End Of Coney Island

On the Road to City Hall Mayor against his future deputy mayor's attempt to get rid of the public advicate office. The good cop bad cop act? Why would the public or mayor care if he when on record to get rid of the PA. A case of over managing campaign and spin (he has so much high price spin operative who want to make their voice heard) HIZZONER NO 'ADVOCATE' OF BAGGING BETSY POST NYP Editorial in on it AX THE ADVOCATE *** Opening of the dump the gov movement GOV: DEM HUDDLE IS NO THREAT *** POLL GIVES MIKE A+ PRAISES SCHOOL CONTROL *** City controller's office has rejected $1.8M contracts for Department of Education consultants

Pay to Play City Taxi Lobby $$$ COUNCIL APPROVES PEDI-CURE *** Council Adopts Pedicab Rules*** It time to get a drink Sabini, but have someone else drive you home OTB'S BLEAK ODDS AUDIT: IT'LL GO BUST *** CONCRETE SAFETY SCANDAL Critical concrete safety tests were not performed at nearly 100 construction projects over the past decade, Manhattan prosecutors said *** Concrete lab indicted on fraud charges *** OIL SPECULATORS OWE YOU & ME A BUNDLE OF CASH *** Company faked concrete testing results, prosecutors say***Congress and Big Business does it to us again and again and It helps to own MSNBC GE FINANCE UNIT SUPPORTGeneral Electric Co., Harley-Davidson Inc. and manufacturers with finance businesses should be allowed to keep them under a revision of rules to govern banking, US Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.) *** City Spends to Aid Minority Firms but Falls Short To help companies owned by minorities and women, the New York City Council has reached out to nonprofit groups, often those with ties to Council members *** Worldwide Market Fuels Illegal Traffic in Organs *** Company Accused of Faking Concrete Tests at Big Projects *** BusinessSenate Probes Goldman, Deutsche Bank For Mortgage Meltdown Fraud

Developers & City Act like its 2007 Is development of the West Side realistic? *** Save Coney Island on rezoning vote: ‘A Sad Day for New York City’ *** Council Approves a Proposal to Redevelop Coney Island *** City Council approves Coney Island revamp Back to the 70s' Here come the layoffs, service cuts and capital improvement cuts FARE ENOUGH: $2.25 'TIL 2011 *** M.T.A. Projects a Balanced Budget Through 2011 *** The spinmaster ot the BS fare gets his Sweetheart clauses give next MTA boss a possible $850G parachute *** Phantom Atlantic Yards: A Sham Process for a Sham Project (Develop Don't Destroy)

City Losing Power in Washington Editorial: Homeland insecurity Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano visited Ground Zero yesterday with word that the government will deliver $35M for mass transit protection here. How underwhelming.

Olga Méndez, Longtime State Senator, Dies at 84 *** Smoking Is Banned Around City's Hospitals *** Teachers' Union Elects New President

Washington West Bank Settlers Send Obama Defiant Message *** Increasing Postal Deficits Intensify Talks on Solution *** House Keeps the Pork in Proposed Defense Bill (Washington Post) *** Diplomacy at a Picnic Table (Washington Post) *** Is Hillary Clinton Really Out of Politics? *** Can Obama Close the Deal on Health Care? (Time) *** GALLUP: OBAMA HITS NEW LOW...RASMUSSEN: APPROVAL DROPS TO 48%... DEVELOPING *** GOP: Wait Till Recess *** Senate Probes Banks for Fraud *** Obama Health-Care Ratings Slip *** White House Pub Opens at 6 *** Progressives Protest Blue Dog Concessions

Health Care Lots of polls today New Poll Finds Growing Unease on Health Plan *** Texas Hospital Flexing Muscle in Health Fight *** Lawmakers Cut Reform Price Tag

National Entrepreneurs Leverage New Orleans’s Charm to Lure Small Businesses *** Dairy Farms Run Low on Labor *** Schwarzenegger to call special session on taxes...Facing budget gaps, states shuffle tax codes... *** Unemployment rates rise in 90% of metro areas... ***
Old White Men Get Canned First

International Tehran Braces for Another Day of Street Battles

Wall Street Mess SUIT FOR MRS. MADOFF'S LOOT *** ATM 'SCAM' BANKED ON BANKS PAYING UP *** Lucrative Fees May Deter Efforts to Alter Troubled Loans *** Sony Posts $390.5 Million Loss *** Volkswagen 6-Month Profit Falls Nearly 81% *** Bernie Madoff Opens Up About His Feelings *** 'Clunker' Sales Raise Worry *** FDIC Poised to Split Banks to Lure Buyers *** Senate Probes Banks for Fraud

Media A BALANCING ACT TIME'S EARNINGS DINGED BY AOL, MAGS *** Microsoft and Yahoo Are Linked Up. Now What? *** Wired’s Chris Anderson Yawns Freely When ‘News’ and ‘Media’ Mentioned *** Airlines Follow Passengers Onto Social Media Sites *** Beethoven, Meet Twitter *** Dan Rather wants Obama to help save the news...