Thursday, July 2, 2009

NYT Wimps Out, Does Not Call for State Constitutional Convention

Wimps Out
Does Not Call for
State Constitutional Convention

Wide angle view of legislators during a session of the New York State Constitutional Convention as they seek to make it more applicable to modern government.

The New York Times is Calling for a Voter Revolt, like it has in the past. The Editorial is very clear on what it wants to fix the state's government, but unclear how to:

The Fix "The best bet for New Yorkers is to demand an honest mapmaking commission, campaign finance reform, ballot access reform, ethics reform and reforming the house rules. Then keep a scorecard for next fall’s elections — and cast your ballots carefully." CREATE A REAL, WORKING LEGISLATURE * COMPETITIVE ELECTIONS * CLEANER MONEY *

We Agree with NYT "We have little faith that state lawmakers have the ability or will to clean their own house, but they should take note of the building popular anger."

The Times Says "Influential figures are demanding a Constitutional Convention" The only figure we are aware of is Rudy Giuliani. Is the NYT afraid to say that good government groups, unions, elected officials and the rest of the city's establishment and not part of the influential figures calling for a convention? Even though most of those group are fed up with Albany they know the players and are afraid they won't if real change occurs. Are there any Democrats in New York, good government groups or so called refroms who have to guts to say that Rudy is right? No!

NYT Double Talk Non Solution: Dumb Voters Vs Smart Voting The solution the NYT offers to the problem says the public it to dumb to be trusted not to vote for the malefactors in Albany to the Constitutional Convention, to dumb to understand that voter referenda and supermajorities for tax increase have destroy the state of California yet smart enough to stage a voter revolt and the bums our of office. What about the power of the incumbency? Millions in Member Items that incumbents use to get reelected? What about the newspapers, including the NYT and TV news refusal to cover challengers to incumbents. Jackson and the Albany Circus have taken any coverage of the campaigns not only off the front pages but all the pages.

The Times Thinks New Yorkers Will Follow California into Bankruptcy It’s easy for the malefactors in Albany to get elected to a convention, and it can be hijacked by the sort of false populism that has paralyzed the California government — ideas like endless voter referenda and supermajorities for tax increases.

Wimp Solution Unworkable The best bet for New Yorkers is to demand an honest mapmaking commission, campaign finance reform, ballot access reform, ethics reform and reforming the house rules. Then keep a scorecard for next fall’s elections — and cast your ballots carefully.

Back to the Future In Bloombergs TV commercial aired this morning it said he got rid of the old board of Education MIKE NAILS CLASS CLOWNS(NYP) BOOSTS SCHOOL CONTROL WITH NEW ED. BOARD Senate Impasse Forces City to Revive Old School Board, in Name (NYT) DN Editorial: Dealing with dunces

NYP Fight Back Bloomberg, It is WAR "I don't make any government decision based on politics," the mayor said yesterday. Well, his enemies do. They certainly used their power to deal mayoral control a perhaps fatal blow. Now Bloomberg needs to use his to fight back. FIGHT BACK -- OR LOSE *** IT'S DEM PAYBACK VS. MAYOR *** NYP Goes after Sampson CONFLICT EYED IN SAMPSON MOVE *** Bloomy: Albany stalemate will cost us $60M per month *** Do-nothing, huh? Pols can ask for pay! *** State Senators To Spend Holiday Weekend In Albany *** Marist: New Yorkers hate the Senate *** Mayor-for-Life 'Papa Doc' Watch: Sky fails to fall again *** Senate split: D'Amato blames the unions

Pension Rich & Conected Walk As Always You always knew the connected were going to get away with stealing from pension funds. A 2 million fine for a firm Pacific Corporate Group is a joke CUOMO PROBE SMACKS PENSION FIRM FOR $2M, Calif.-based pension adviser settles NY probe

New York's Economic Melt Down Sharp Price Drops in Manhattan Apartments *** Senate Inaction Is Hurting Many Towns Across State *** NY City Apartment Sales Down Over 50%... *** Many Job Seekers Shocked By Current Hiring Practices *** Music Royalties Group Is Moving Jobs Out of New York

“People around the world watched and were inspired as people in Iran risked their lives to vote,” she said. “New Yorkers deserve the same. They deserve the right to vote, the right to make their own decision.” Congressmember Maloney

Campaign News Democrat Primary makes the Democratic candidate stronger. No primary means those oppose to Gillibrand have no choice but to vote for the GOP candidate in the general election. If Paterson is the democratic candidate for governor than the GOP will get a lot of votes on their line in 2010. Can it be that Schumer and those that push Paterson to choose Gillibrand now want to get the weak governor out of the way. You can bet your bippy. For 2009 non, for 2010 For an Insider, a Lonely Road to Senate Run *** Maloney not biting on plea to quit Sen. race *** Maloney supporters oppose her Senate bid *** Councilman Simcha Felder, a close Bloomberg ally, is reportedly preparing to submit a bill that would eliminate the public advocate's office

In New York City, Fewer Murders on Rainy Days *** Gallons and Gallons of Concrete Shape Plaza at Ground Zero

Environment City Proposes New Plan for Gowanus Canal Cleanup

Developers $$$$ Buys Council Again Coney Island Rezoning Plan Stymied By Council Committee

Crooked Democratic donor Norman Hsu needs help adding up all the money he fleeced from victims of his $60 million Ponzi scheme

Job Lose Crisis National Job Losses Rise in June as Unemployment Reaches 9.5% 14.7 Million 26 year high *** Facing Deficits, Some States Cut Summer School *** WHERE IS THE STIMULUS?

Good Bye Bitch Jailed Ponzi schemer's wife gets booted from swanky NYC penthouse *** SEC Lawyer Raised Questions About Madoff Back in 2004

Washington Congress's Overseas Travel Tab Swells *** Dems Unite Around New, Less Expensive Health Plan WITH Public Option

International U.S. Marines Try to Retake Afghan Valley

Media New York Gay Newspaper Suspends Publication *** WASHINGTON POST SELLS 'OFF-THE-RECORD' ACCESS TO OBAMA OFFICIALS, LAWMAKERS AND ITS OWN REPORTERS, EDITORS -- $25,000 TO $250,000... *** Politico's Obsessive Focus Is Future of News *** News Corp.'s Carey Could Earn $43 Million *** Washington Post Cancels Off The Record Lobbyist Salons Following Uproar