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Mayor Wagner Changed NYC in 1961

Mayor Wagner 3rd Term Changed NYC . . . Will Bloomberg Do the Same?

Mayor Wagner started his political career as a protege of Tammany Hall, the Democratic Party machine that had controlled city affairs for most of 150 years. By 1961, he had broken with Tammany and its chief, Carmine G. De Sapio, and defeated that organization. Today NYC is not controlled by a party machine, but by a permanent gang of real estate developers, lobbyists and incumbents who have become the machine designed to keep everyone else out. They have designed election laws that encourage low voter turnout and discourages independent participation in the political process. They have designed a media to act as cheerleaders for their special interests and incumbent elected officials, rather than as objective reporters.

When Bloomberg tried to break NYC's ruling gangs' control by supporting nonpartisan elections, the permanent government teamed up against him and defeated him easily. Wagner in defeating Tammany Hall, launched the Democratic reform movement of the 60's, 70's and 80's that brought a new generation of leaders into local government. These new leaders were the reason for the renaissance and growth of the city which started in the late 70's.

If Bloomberg wants to start an independent party to help him win a 3rd term he should copy the objectives of Mayor Wagner and clean out the political gangs who operate and destroy the process today like Tammany Hall did a generation ago. Bloomberg it is time to Change NYC. What good will a Bloomberg 3rd term do if it leaves in place elected officials who do not know how to rebuild and properly govern New York City *** Bloomy & Tom's 3rd-Party Tag-Team.

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