Thursday, July 9, 2009

NYS Government: The Unknown Era

NYS Government:
The Unknown Era
"We cannot allow for any further exposure to uncertainty at risk at a time of unparalleled fiscal difficulty." Gov. Paterson

Economic Problems Mount DEFUSE THE PENSION BOMB NEW York's public-pension system has become the epicenter of an influence-peddling scandal that has attracted the attention of the SEC as well as state Attorney General Andrew Cuomo. But the millions in shady "placement fees" pocketed by a few politically connected middlemen are small change compared with the mushrooming cost of lavish pension benefits for state and local government retirees *** Manhattan apartment rentals, rents drop steeply

Hear Comes the Judge GOV IN A BOLD POWER PLAY * NAMES LIEUTENANT TO BREAK SENATE TIE * GOP BLASTS 'UNCONSTITUTIONAL' MOVE (NYP) *** TROUBLESHOOTING NUMBERS CRUNCHER BECOMES NO. 2 *** POOH-BAH PATERSON FLOUTS LAW (Dicker) *** Paterson Picks M.T.A. Figure as His No. 2 (NYT) *** Baseball War Was Practice for Senate’s (NYT) *** Paterson Names Dick Ravitch Lieutenant Governor [Updated] (NY Magazine) *** Paterson: Lt. Ravitch, please clean up this mess (NYDN) *** Not so fast, Dave, the law may trip you up, experts warn (NYDN) *** Paterson's robocall: 'Look what I did!' (NYDN) *** Paterson Names Former MTA Chair As New Lieutenant Governor (NY1) *** Senate Republicans say this will delay a resolution to the Senate stalemate *** More details about how lawyers are getting paaaaaaaid to litigate the Senate stalemate *** Proclamation, but no Assembly tomorrow (Times Union) *** Senate GOP: Gov’s action creates more chaos *** Paterson's Hail Mary (politickerny) *** Republicans Use Cuomo As Their Shield *** Dems Still Split on Operating Agreement *** Local state senators experiencing Albany odyssey *** Paterson Robo-Campaigns on the Ravitch Appointment

Editorial Reaction PATERSON'S RAVITCH OPTION While it's hard to make a sound legal case for Gov. Paterson's appointment of Richard Ravitch yesterday as lieutenant governor, it's easy to understand the frustrations that drove him to such extraordinary action (NYP Editorial) *** The Governor’s Mr. Fix-It The lawyers will start dueling about Gov. David Paterson’s legal right to appoint a lieutenant, but first he should be applauded for his wisdom and assertiveness (NYT Editorial) *** Great going, Gov In a bold and masterful stroke, Gov. Paterson is moving to end the madness in Albany by appointing Richard Ravitch as lieutenant governor. This move is an all-around winner, and thank goodness he had the guts to make it (NYDN Editorial) *** Paterson's bombshell is questionable legally and politically (Newsday)

More City Bloomberg & Quinn's developer bailout From Crain's:A $20 million pilot program designed to turn unsold condominiums and stalled residential construction sites into as many as 400 affordable housing units for moderate- and middle-income families was unveiled today by city officials (Queens Crap) *** City Raking In Ad Revenue By Renting Out Pedestrian Plazas
Photo taken by The Juicer on flickr *** New York hospitals were relieved by the Obama administration's decision to reduce Medicaid and Medicare cuts by $70 billion.

Washington Cities Lose Out on Road Funds From Federal Stimulus *** Allies Sour on Health-Care Effort (Washington Post) *** PAPER: Billions in aid go to areas that backed Obama in '08... *** Hillary Clinton Plans To Raise Profile With Major Speech *** The Outsider: Where Is Sarah Palin Going Next? (Time) *** Can Democrats Pass Real Health Care Reform on Their Own? (Time) *** Obama: Getting Down to the Hard Choices