Friday, June 26, 2009

News Cycle Interrupted: Michael Jackson 1958 to 2009

News Cycle Interrupted:
Michael Jackson
1958 to 2009

The Day Pop Music Died

Carrot and Stick Spin Reporting How the daily papers cover the Albany circus. NYP (Stick) GOV BID TO $HUT CIRCUS NIXES POLS' EXPENSES, MIKE SEES CHAOS IN SCHOOLS NYT (Carrot) the always positive times plays is spin well Leaders Say Agreement Is Near to Unfreeze New York Senate DN (Stick) Daily News call Controller Tom DiNapoli a wimp for not holding back the senators pay checks Tiny, timid Tom: Controller DiNapoli wimps out on withholding pay from slacker senator . . . Best lines of the day at the circus Parker bashes Dave as 'coke snorting, staff-banging governor', 'Soviet' schools if mayor control is lost, says Mike

Pot Luck Rangel has a lot of power and a lot of enemies, who keep on investigating his problems Rangel and Four Others in House Investigated Over Caribbean Travel . . . What will happen with the coming MTA service cutbacks MTA needs $600M to keep going, Clean Subway? The No. 7 Line Is as Good as It Gets . . . Kelly works to repair long standing race problems at the NYPD after the mistaken shooting of slain cop Omar Edwards Police Commissioner Plans to Put More Minority Officers in Top Posts . . . Lazio is one of the guys the main stream media (MSM) loves to write about. (NYP) LAZIO GOV BID FOR REAL (DN) Rudy, Dave & I can fix Albany, Lazio . . . Too little years too late? Morgy pushes Vance as DA successor

Dysfunctional Campaigns and Press Coverage Why is the fact that the mayor held back a report about Buildings Department a disaster become an issue in the 2009 campaign. Another strange campaign. Is the White House helping Gillibrand or is it being spined by her campaign to look like they are? Without a Democratic Primary does it make the GOP senate candidate much stronger. The GOP candidate who would be the only alternative to an unelected senator Obama aide: President has Sen. Gillibrand's back

First in True News A Journalist Breaks Through City Hall's "Blue Wall of Silence", now the story becomes a juggler-nut because it will determine who will control the state senate More headaches for Sen. Espada: Judge benches plea deal for son over scuffle with blogger