Friday, May 22, 2009

WTC Lack of Leadership: Gov. Nelson Rockefeller Would Have Rebuilt WTC by Now

WTC Lack of Leadership
Results in Shame

Gov. Nelson Rockefeller Would Have Rebuilt the WTC by Now

The old bulls such as Rockefeller did not hold meetings and press conferences, they simply used their leadership skills to build. The old WTC Tower 1 went up in less than four years. Under current projections it will have taken at least 15 years from Sept. 11, 2001 to build the first tower at the rebuilt WTC. Does anyone believe a WTC deal under the city's economic melt-down and the reorganization of Wall Street which will mean fewer jobs and less tax income for New York, will last longer than it takes for the ink to dry on the paper? TOWERS OF POWER SET TO CRAFT A WTC DEAL. I'm sure companies are lining up to rent there, NOT! High rents seen for WTC towers, WTC may go $1.1 billion over budget. The Mayor who needs to keep the press positive, got the parties at the meeting to agree to a media blackout Mayor's plan for feuding WTC parties? Fight behind closed doors, The ups and downs of the W.T.C. talks to come . . . I guess the planner for the new $91 million Metro-North station at Yankee Stadium believes stadium-goers won't drink any beer, because there are no bathrooms at this new stop. Will the new stadium station after a game, smell like the West 4th Street subway stop on a hot July night? Stay YANKEES HAVE WEE PROBLEM . . . Pelosi is starting to look like a president in trouble when they travel overseas to get away from the problem and the press: US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to visit China . . . As the weak economy results in less interest in running restaurants, Tavern on the Green bidding light people are eating more spam at home SPAM MAKER'S PROFIT: $80.4M . . . If I had Bloomberg's money this is what I'd be doing instead of running for mayor for a third term: PLAYBOY IN MARKET FOR A SUGAR DADDY WITH $300M . . . Much of the MTA's problems stem from the billions of dollars in debt it was forced to take on because Albany cut funding, as well as the billions in lost real estate taxes due to the collapse of new developments in the city. Yet 47% of the public according to a NY1 poll, blames the MTA. This is very handy to the pols. Just 22% blame the lawmakers and 17% blame the governor. Lack Of Trust Plagues MTA, Poll Finds. There is one pol who is very happy the press has failed to inform the public what is really going on with the MTA MTA to probe allegations that Vito Lopez tried to bully MTA, The Scapegoat By Henry J. Stern . . . The making of Swine Flu into a campaign issue continues to flood the city's ERs At the Hospital, the Faces of Fear and Swine Flu . . . The city says “technical issues” are the reason they stopped charging the homeless rent. We all know it was the ton of bad press candidate Bloomberg got on this dumb idea City Temporarily Stops Charging Rent to the Working Homeless. It is poor journalism when reporters keep filing economic stories with blinders on. A tsunami has hit New York's economy and government budgets. New York will have much smaller governments in the future. After the election we will not only collect rents from the homeless, they will be charged a fee for using the shelter's bathroom City Stops Charging Working Homeless Rent...For Now . . . They get better press outside the WH Rush, Dick, Karl: Enjoying the Wilderness . . . Now we have an idea why Richard Parsons did not run for mayor Rush: Love tangle for Citigroup exec . . . Who investigated the State Police Inspector Clouseau? State police probe looks like a bust . . . Politically assassinated MTA Boss spins the story away from him on his last day E-ZPass-like MetroCard on tap, says Sander . . . I thought she always had that position. Retired Chief Judge Judith Kaye will head the Commission on Judicial Nomination. . . The price(besides $$$) one billonaire pays for a party ballot line. Michael Bloomberg’s longtime critic, Tom Ognibene, is running for his old Council seat, and supporting Bloomberg. The mayor’s people did not return calls asking if they were endorsing Ognibene . . . Another place Pay to Play closes up. What's a consultant to do? No more placement agents for the New York State Teachers' Retirement System.

Road to City Hall BEEP BOPPED ON CAMPAIGN $$ Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer has agreed to pay a $73,743 fine for exceeding the spending limit in his 2005 race, the Campaign Finance Board announced yesterday *** GUILTY AS CHARRED MORGY SUFFERS A BARN-BURNER *** It's a dead heat at top in DA race In the race to succeed Manhattan District Attorney Robert Morgenthau, rivals Leslie Crocker Snyder and Cy Vance Jr. are in a dead heat - with Richard Aborn trailing far behind, poll results show *** Gonzalez: Teachers union head rips Bloomberg *** In inaugural speech, Diaz pledges focus on economic woes *** National Republicans want Ex-Gov. George Pataki to run against Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand in 2010 *** Rahm Emanuel reportedly played hardball to get Rep. Steve Israel not to primary Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, threatening the president would personally campaign with the junior senator in New York's black neighborhoods if necessary.

Terror Plot 'TERROR' THUGS' SICK BLOODLUST * BX. PLOTTERS 'EAGER TO KILL JEWS': FEDS * THEY'RE 'JIHAD' JAILBIRDS OF A FEATHER *** INFORMANT FINGERED $$ LAUNDER DUO *** 'EXPLOSIVE' EVIDENCE DOOMS THESE GOONS *** MOSQUE'S IMAM IS A PRISON CHAPLAIN *** PATH TO RADICAL ISLAM BEGAN IN JAILS *** THE ENEMY AMONGST US NYP Ed *** In Bronx Bomb Case, Steps and Missteps, on Tape *** In Riverdale, New Anxieties, and a Resolve to Carry On *** Accused Terror Ringleader: I Was High *** City Relieved as Jihad Plot Is Foiled *** Subdued court appearance for accused Somali pirate *** Accused Bronx Terrorists Appear In Federal Court *** A Mad Bomber? *** Daly: Armed with intent, not skills *** Meet the dangerous terrorist dummies *** Radicals often born in state prison *** How the FBI, NYPD foiled the plot

Albany LIRR president tapped as interim MTA chief executive *** Conferences on Mortgages Are Called Ineffective *** A new bill has been introduced to bring wine into supermarkets after the last one was killed by liquor store interests *** Sen. Pedro Espada gave a breakfast interview to a Gotham Gazette reporter in the Bronx apartment he has been accused of not really inhabiting.

President Obama PREZ FINDS NYC PLOT 'UNSPEAKABLE' PRESIDENT OBAMA'S speech on homeland security was 6,072 words long. Curiously, he chose not to spare an "a," "and" or "uh" on the New York City terror bust *** O, CHENEY IN WAR OF WORDS CLASH OVER GITMO, TERROR IN SPEECH DUEL *** Obama set to approve new rules for credit cards *** Obama to address US Naval Academy graduates *** Obama: 50 Gitmo detainees cleared for transfer *** SPIN METER: Obama vs. Cheney *** Obama backs Gitmo plan, Cheney defends Bush policy *** Analysis: Obama seeks middle ground on Guantanamo *** Obama and Cheney Debate National Security *** Reactions Split Neatly Along Partisan Lines *** Obama Cuts 'Preemption' Policy Controversial Bush-era rule that used federal regulations to override state laws is curtailed *** Iran's Missile Test: A Message to Obama and Netanyahu *** Obama Faces Pitfalls With ‘Surgical’ Tack on Detainees *** Obama Mounts Defense of Plans to Close Guantánamo *** A ‘Freer’ Cheney Makes Case (With Dual Focus) *** Going to Disney World in High-Tech Style President Obama lent his own voice to “Robobama,” which will appear in the revamped Hall of Presidents exhibit *** Blue Double Cross Despite insurers’ appearance of cooperation with President Obama on health care reform, the double-crossing is well under way, Krugman, NYT *** Military-Industrial Redux If there is any hope of reining in Pentagon profligacy, President Obama and his secretary of defense, Robert Gates, will have to show real steel and eternal vigilance, NYT Ed *** U.S. Is Said to Be Weighing Financial Consumer Agency *** Obama Would Move Some Detainees to U.S. *** OBAMA TV: White House officials produce own media report on event; Reporters Shut Out... *** Geithner Pledges To Cut Deficit As Concern Grows Over US Debt Rating *** Obama's promise to gays (LA Times Ed) *** Biden Arrives in Beirut Ahead of Vote *** Obama and Cheney Face Off Over Terror *** Pentagon Set for an Overhaul *** Obama Gives Back to States *** The Obamas Go Abstract *** Obama Taps Fundraiser as UK Ambassador *** Obama Faces Pitfalls With 'Surgical' Tack on Detainees - Peter Baker, NYT *** There Was Little Substance in Obama's Speech - James Carafano, Politico *** Send Cheney Back to the Bunker! - Fred Kaplan, Slate *** Cap and Trade, With Handouts and Loopholes - The Economist *** Protecting Our Security & Our Values - Barack Obama *** Cheney's Address on Detainees & Guantanamo - Dick Cheney *** Supreme Court interviews continue at the White House.

Congress and GOP To cover both wars, Senate passes $91.3B bill *** GOP seizes on Pelosi charge that CIA lied *** US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to visit China *** House panel advances global warming bill *** Detainees in New York? No Problem, Schumer Says *** Climate Bill Clears Hurdle, but Others Remain *** Climate Bill Clears Hurdle, but Others Remain *** Congress Wraps Up, but a Busy Summer Awaits *** House Rejects Bid to Strip Murtha Airport Funds *** Obama lends Reid a helping hand *** Senate Dems backpedal on Guantánamo *** Pelosi's silence on torture (Boston Globe) *** Editorial The good, the bad and the ugly of credit-card legislation (Seattle Times) *** Lieberman: Israel and US 'on same page' regarding Iran *** Panel OKs cap-and-trade proposal *** Senate Rejects Move to Cut IMF Funds *** Climate Change Bill Botches Refrain - Steven Pearlstein, Washington Post *** Meghan McCain pens an op-ed, calling for the New York GOP to embrace gay marriage *** Newly turned Democratic Sen. Arlen Specter gets a little boost from Vice President Joseph Biden.

Wall Street Mess BERN CREW SECRECY BID Oh, the shame! The bankruptcy trustee liquidating Bernard Madoff's securities firm wants to keep secret the identities of the Ponzi schemer's ex-employees to spare *** SEARS SURGE STIRRED BY SURPRISE PROFIT *** LIDDY EXITS AIG WITH NO THANKS *** PLAYBOY IN MARKET FOR A SUGAR DADDY WITH $300M *** A BREAK IN THE ICE FREDDIE MAC ROLLOUT HINTS AT CREDIT LIFE *** Edward Liddy To Step Down at AIG *** Richard Fuld Resigns As Lehman Chairman *** U.S. Prepares to Send GM Into Bankruptcy *** Financier in Madoff Case Quits Synagogue Position *** Paying Back TARP: Good for Banks, Bad for Shareholders? *** More Companies Are Paying Workers to Stay Healthy *** G.M. in Deal With Union as Deadline Approaches *** Financier in Madoff Case Quits Synagogue Position ***G.M. in Deal With Union as Deadline Approaches *** British Airways Posts Worst Annual Results in Two Decades *** Regulators Seize and Sell Florida’s Biggest Regional Bank *** GMAC Receives More Aid as Treasury Gets Board Seats *** Gap Posts Profit, but Sales Declined 8% in Quarter *** Long-Term Job Claims Rise, but Layoff Rate Edges Down *** Loss for Barnes & Noble *** BusinessFlorida Bank Seized In Largest Bank Failure This Year *** AIG's Liddy to step down when new execs found *** Card Firms' Loss Tally: Billions in Fees *** GM Races Toward Bankruptcy *** Why a Bankrupt GM Would Be a Disaster - William Holstein, Business Week

International BRITAIN BESIEGED S&P THREATENING TO YANK UK'S AAA CREDIT RATING *** Tiananmen Now Seems Distant to China’s Students *** Rating Agency Lowers Its Outlook for Britain *** Mexico Tries to Woo Back Tourists *** Russia, E.U. spar over energy supplies at summit *** The bigger MP scandal story *** Citizen Spies Lift North Korea's Veil *** Chinese Firm Interested in Opel *** Jailbreak in Mexico *** Politicians in UK at breaking point over expenses exposé; Suicide fears...