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THE DEAD WE HONOR (NYP Ed) *** Helping wounded warriors *** How Memorial Day began *** Bikers Noisily Salute Veterans *** Gaskell: War barely takes a break for holidays *** DN Editorial: Tribute to our fallen *** This Memorial Day (NYT)

*** Monday *** One of the biggest dangers inherent in bloggers replacing newspapers is that pols become the providers of the news to the public. Elected officials are beginning to learn how to bypass the filter of journalism and to use new technology in creating their own media operations. Some parts of the operation are themselves bloggers (clandestine posted by the staff of the elected official, others are hired by the tax payer as part of the ever expanding public relations offices that work for pols, government agencies and everything else government does. The real problem is that due to the dumbing down and cutbacks in the media, the public is not aware that the information coming to them has actually been designed by the pols to make themselves look good. The State Senate recently hired a marketing guy who branded pop stars like Prince and Mick Jagger. Christopher Sealey said we do want better communications techniques. I’m in charge of the design, photography, and multimedia that comes out of the Senate. We’ve brought in designers who have worked for Nike, Spike TV, and HBO; we just launched a new website; and we’re getting in touch with people on Facebook and Twitter. . . If Thompson race with Bloomberg ever gets close watch for the mayor's campaign to turn the focus on the problems in the comptroller office with pay to play and Thompson's lack of accomplishment when he led the Board of Education The Wolf at Thompson's Door . . . Bidding on government contracts is an insider game. Contractor for massive projects know to bid low to cut out competition and they will make their money on the back end with work order changes and delays that cause costs to skyrocket. It is happening again with the LIRR plan to link into Grand Central 'GRAND' LIRR LINK STALLS . . . Man will have dinner on Mars before MTA does this MTA Teases Us With Dreams of a Better Subway. . . This is the Bloomberg will we see more and more of after the election. Says that parents should butt out of trying to dictate education policy as the debate over mayoral control of the schools intensifies. LESSON TENSIONS BLOOMY TO SCHOOL PARENTS: BACK OFF . . . There is no shame in the current politicial culture for "just getting away with it" until facing a judge for sentencing. We can only dream that somehow the great Korean political culture will catch on here when a reformist shamed by a corruption scandal that tarnished his image as a "clean" politician - jumps to his death. Embattled SKorean ex-president jumps to his death *** Sunday *** The cutback in newspapers and the media have had a deep inpact on the quality and amount of news coverage over the weekend, esp. this long weekend. Today the top stories are about bees in Union Square, STABBING AT FERRY TERMINAL, Debut of a Jewish doll, TESTY 'TASTI' THUGS BEAT EAST SIDE YOGURT CLERK, A Village Voice Gossip columnist and local TV news is full of reports on the traffic changes in Times Square . . . The NYP did run a long story on Basil Paterson the governor's father, who at the age of 83 represents most of the top unions in the city and state. A spokeman for the governor said the son does not give the father special treatment. Why would he need special treatment when the unions are already treated like royalty in Albany? Basil one of the members of the Harlem gang of 4 (David Dinkins, Charles Rangel, Percy Sutton) who used their power to force Spitzer to pick David Paterson over Leecia Eve, daughter of Buffalo Assemblyman Arthur Eve. JUST CALL DAVID DADDY'S LI'L GOV POWER PAPA FIND$ A PLACE IN THE SON. . . The NYP editorial says lawbreakers, ex-Assemblyman Brian McLaughlin finally faced the music last week. Judge Sullivan threw the book at retired pol comparing McLaughlin's corruption to the worst of the Boss Tweed era. Still not one pol has spoken against McLaughlin corrupt ways which True News pointed out last week when he was sentanced The Political Wall of Silence: Not One Pol Expresses Outrage, McLaughlin Goes to Jail

Monday Update North Korea Conducts 'Successful' Nuclear Test *** 'ON A PAR WITH HIROSHIMA'... *** Governments Urge Security Council Action *** Job Losses Push Safer Mortgages to Foreclosure *** Explosion outside UES Starbucks *** Jihadis, Osama followers fill Web with talk of next time *** NY1 Exclusive Poll: Recession Forces Half Of NYers To Stop Eating Out *** U.N. Plans New Resolution On N. Korea

Road to City Hall Bloomberg vs. Ognibene & DUMBO vs. Maspeth *** Richard Aborn for Manhattan District Attorney(The Nation) *** BASIL'S HOME $WEET HOME *** JUST CALL DAVID DADDY'S LI'L GOV: POWER PAPA FIND$ A PLACE IN THE SON *** Anthony Weiner's hopes dim in race for Mayor of New York *** Powell Hits Back At Cheney, GOP On Gitmo Closing (VIDEO) *** Everyone loves Mike Voice of the People for May 24, 2009, Daily News *** Experts: It would take miracle to defeat Bloomy *** Poll: Voters who get facts back Aborn for DA *** Why Earth's richest Mayor won't coast to a third term *** CHARTOCK: Schumer has become a force *** Staten Island Borough President Jim Molinaro's Democratic opponent, John Luisi, said he's "not really" concerned about Molinaro's Democratic support ***
Bloomberg's Memorial Day campaign commercial

Pay to Play NONPROFIT $$ DEBACLE COSTS WASH. HTS. MORE than $1 million set aside by Con Ed to improve Washington Heights after the 1999 blackout is sitting unused a decade later because the group the city selected to build a community center never produced a viable proposal. The group -- Upper Manhattan Council Assisting Neighbors (U-CAN) -- isn't likely to produce anything soon but legal papers. Last month, authorities investigating how legislators steered government funds to favored nonprofits as part of the City Council "slush funds" scandal raided U-CAN and seized boxloads of records. The city immediately shut off its funding *** Subpoenas issued in pension fund corruption investigation (LA Times) *** Money and Politics Meet at the Brooklyn Bridge *** U.S. Probes Murtha Earmarks
Inspector Clouseau ALBANY SLEAZE ... Herbert Teitelbaum quit last week as executive director of the misnamed Public Integrity Commission, five days after Gov. Paterson sought a full makeover at the scandal-scarred panel. Terrific. That leaves "only" 12 commission members still openly defying Paterson and refusing to leave. To call this a farce would be an insult to all other farces.

The City COP MAKES SHOT-GUN PASS GIVES BYSTANDER WEAPON AS HE CUFFS THUG *** TICKET AGENT MOWED DOWN *** A BUNCH OF TERROR DUMMIES HOW FBI DUPED BX. 'PLOTTERS' WITH DUDS *** MEET THE 'BOMBER' BUSTERS *** B'KLYN CLASS PLUNGE 32 GIRLS HURT IN GRATE COLLAPSE *** Seven of the most powerful men in the greater New York region (well, six plus Gov. Paterson) gathered on Thursday at Gracie Mansion to rescue Ground Zero from its latest tie-up (NYP Ed) *** MTA Teases Us With Dreams of a Better Subway *** Queens evictions up 27% From The Real Deal *** Affordable housing yet to materialize in Brooklyn From the Daily News *** Informer’s Role in Bombing Plot *** Put on Your Best Clothes Before Going Out: Google’s Camera Car May Cross Your Path *** 34 Children Are Hurt as Grate Collapses *** At Silver's Urging, M6 Bus Route Is Saved *** At WTC Site, Work Progresses Even As Officials Clash *** Mosque congregants sketched out by informant in Bx. terror case'Stupidest man on the planet,' says sister of terrorist wanna-be *** 200 swimmers will brave chill for Hudson River thrill *** NYPD, FBI heroes honored after foiling terror plot *** Osprey: $20B hybrid aircraft is half jet, half helicopter & the talk of Fleet Week *** Opera students find audience in wait at bus stop performances *** Amid Times Square Chaos Comes a Pedestrian Mall *** PBS on New York Transportation *** Sunday *** MTA SPEND SPREE 'RAISES' A RED FLAG *** UNION SQ. HERO TAKES CARE OF BEES-NESS *** RETIRE-READY COPS STAYING ON *** JIHAD 'BAIT & SNITCH'
TERROR STOOLIE LURED MY BEAU WITH RICHES: GAL *** SCHOOLS' FLU COSTS BIG AID $$ *** Queens Kosher Nostra rejects Streit's matzo From the Queens Tribune *** The ups and downs of the W.T.C. talks to come *** M.T.A. puts $424 million of Obama money in Fulton station *** Monday *** 2d Death in New York City Is Linked to Swine Flu *** AMAZING 'FEET' ON BROADWAY WALKERS RULE AS CAR BAN BEGINS *** RAGING RUDY MENACED ME GIULIANI JEERER SPEAKS OUT ON E. END TIFF *** Top Ten Things I've Learned During Fleet Week In New York City *** M.T.A. Feeling the Pain From a Crippled Advertising Market *** 74 babies in 48 hours at NYC hospital *** Departed MTA chief sees transit upgrades for Staten Island *** The Flatbush Shomrim Safety Patrol, a civilian crime-fighting group, got $250,000 from the Council and Brooklyn BP Marty Markowitz for a mobile security command center *** Parents opposing the Hebrew Language Charter School "packed" Marty Golden's town hall *** Jim Dwyer finds a descendant of the Roeblings—the family that built the Brooklyn Bridge—who opposes the DUMBO Dock Street project *** Low-Level Explosive Shatters Upper East Side Storefront *** Thousands Pay Tribute At Douglaston Parade

Albany Albany and the Pursuit of Integrity Gov. David Paterson will have to work hard to convince the State Legislature to grant a commission enough legal authority to police ethics in Albany, NYT Ed *** Espada Rides Elevator and Even Eats Cereal in the Bronx! *** Senate Cities Committee Uses Markup Process(ReformNY) *** Monday *** The Times Union writes that some Democratic—and some Republican—senators are under pressure to vote in favor of the gay marriage bill.

President Obama OBAMA SALUTES MCCain SON congratulated the nation's newest crop of naval officers *** Obama: Honor veterans this Memorial Day *** Analysis: CIA's Panetta tries to thread the needle *** US makes overture to Cuba on legal immigration *** Obama vows not to send people to war without cause *** Supreme Court prospects may trip over own words *** George W. Bush Reflects on Life, Dog Feces *** President’s Detention Plan Tests American Legal Tradition *** Cheney Seeks Book Deal on Bush Years and More *** Obama Says He's Talked With Bush Since Inauguration *** The Guantanamo Quandary - Kevin Drum, Mother Jones *** Bam goes on offensive vs. defense contractors *** Cheney, Gitmo dominate Sunday shows *** Chicago, waiting for Obama *** Obama Picks First African American NASA Chief *** Sunday *** Obama sees court pick as smart with common touch *** Obama hopes for `leaner, meaner' GM and Chrysler *** Obama salutes veterans this Memorial Day weekend ***Netanyahu defies Obama...Will build in existing settlements... *** British banks revolt against Obama tax plan; May refuse American clients... *** Congressman Denies Report that Emanuel Threatened Israel *** State Department To Give Gay Diplomats Equal Benefits *** Monday *** Geithner Dismisses GOP Socialism Charge: 'Ridiculous' *** POWELL'S 'TORTURE' DEFENSE *** Powell: Close Gitmo *** Obama: NKorea 'recklessly challenging' the world *** Obama heads to Arlington cemetery for Memorial Day *** Obama's More Important Next Hundred Days *** Judge Pick Tuesday? *** Obama Dodges Holiday Controversy *** Obama FacesRacial Controversy

Congress & GOP Senate vote not last word on Guantanamo *** Analysis: Obama debating Cheney is a plus for GOP *** Full Details of Briefings By CIA Remain Elusive *** Next Up: Health Care & Climate Change - Michael Tomasky, NY Magazine *** GOP goes nuclear over Guantanamo Bay closure *** GOP Sees Revival Starting at Gitmo *** Pay Day For Franken Legal Team? Coleman May Have To Pay $94K *** 2010 State Races Will Shape Redraw *** Pelosi buttons up on CIA flap *** RNC's below-the-belt shot at Pelosi *** Sunday *** Fix is hard for Medicare, Social Security finances *** Liberals ask how they lost gun, Guantanamo votes *** THE INFLUENCE GAME: Health lobbyist has great sway *** Guantánamo Closing Hands Republicans a Wedge Issue *** Pelosi Won't Slap China on Human Rights *** Answering Critics, Powell Says G.O.P. Needs Change *** Monday *** Congress to Obama: Gitmo plan before money *** GOP keeps filibuster card ready for court pick *** Powell fires back in debate over GOP's future *** Liberals frustrated on gun, Guantanamo issues *** Why Is Meghan McCain So Popular? *** Protecting Electronic Data The House is considering a bill to require greater security for personal data. Consumers deserve this sort of protection, NYT Ed *** Global Warming Rep. Waxman: "I don't know the details. I rely on the scientists."

Wall Street Mess CREDIT BAM FOR CARD-FEE FREEZE LAW BARS $NEAKY BANK PENALTIES *** Auto Task Force Criticized *** Chrysler Dealers Make Case Against Closings *** G.M. Draws Another $4 Billion From Treasury *** U.S. Jobless Rate Likely to Pass Europe’s *** F.D.I.C. Approves New Rules to Replenish Insurance Fund *** S.E.C. Seeks to Limit Stock Trades by Its Workers *** Dealerships on Chrysler’s Chopping Block Slash Prices *** Two Illinois Banks Are Seized, Bringing Total to 36 *** BankUnited's Failure: Financial Woes Spread to Smaller Banks *** SEC Tightens Rules On Staff Trading *** Morgan Boosts Salaries As Bonuses Are Limited *** GMAC Needs $1 Billion in Cuts *** Gov’t Bends Rules As GMAC Gets More Aid - Washington Post *** Sunday *** NO NEW LEASE ON TRILLIONS IN DEBT COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE LOANS ARE COMING DUE *** VULTURES' PLAY BOOK PE FIRMS PLAN PROFIT FROM BANK FIRE SALES *** CREDIT-CARD LAW PUTS NEW PRESSURE ON BANKS *** Sunday *** Third Wave of Foreclosures Looms *** CNN: Foreclosure Auction 'Bargain' Pays Off

National HARVARD ROCKED BY SLAY HARLEM MAN CHARGED IN DRUG-DEAL DEATH *** Colleges Mull 3-Year Degrees *** Leadership Long Delayed Though the recent progress in Washington on global warming is encouraging, the trick now is to sustain the momentum, NYT Ed *** In the Absence of Proof It’s bad enough people are executed in the United States. But it’s absolutely chilling that Troy Davis is on death row when there is doubt that he committed murder, Herbert *** Contraceptive Sponge Makes a Return to Pharmacy Shelves *** California Led U.S. in Job Losses in April *** A Casino Rises in the Place of a Fallen Steel Giant *** Locals, Immigrants Compete for Work *** A Starbucks Trek Hits Turbulence *** Bomb Case Raises Issue of Islam in Jails *** A Day at the Beach Now More Expensive at Jersey Shore *** DNA Debacle: How the Gov't Botched the Backlog Crisis *** FAA Probes Trainer of Commuter Pilots - Wall Street Journal ($) *** House Rejects Blocking Funds to Murtha Airport - The Hill *** Budget crisis could do lasting harmto California The short-term pain of spending cuts could pale compared with a long-term loss of companies and academic talent (LA Times) *** Chu’s Quiet Rise in California Politics Speaks Volumes *** Honolulu's Internet vote considered 1st in nation... *** Sunday *** Imams Reject Talk That Islam Radicalizes Inmates *** The Sorry State of the States If Washington is forced to bail out California, it must do so in a way that does not simply create a long line of states demanding relief as well *** Rain-delayed shuttle lands in sunny California *** Monday *** Mullen: Military to comply if gay ban law changes *** Washington Area Home Sellers Are Left Seeing Red *** Shuttle Atlantis Lands in Calif. After Hubble Mission *** Webcast Your Brain Surgery? Hospitals See Marketing Tool *** State of Paralysis The Golden State’s political system has been unable to deal with the recession. Does California’s political paralysis foreshadow the future of the nation as a whole?, Krugman, NYT *** Judges Seek Protection *** North Korean Nuke Test: What Good Is Diplomacy? *** Alaska Struggles Without 'Uncle Ted'

International Europe May Stall Global Rebound *** Iran's Election a Test of 'Truths' *** South Korean Ex-President Kills Himself *** W.H.O. to Rewrite Rules for Declaring a Pandemic *** As Economy Struggles, Russia’s Market Has Surged *** How the Economy Could Crush Iraq's Hopes *** For Nicaraguans, New Currency Is a Hot Potato *** U.N. Appeals For Sri Lanka Access *** Pakistan Advances on Taliban in Swat *** Under Threat, Bolivia Targets Enemies *** The CIA's Silent War in Pakistan *** China's New Deal: Modernizing the Middle Kingdom *** Iran Cuts Access To Facebook ***Monday *** THE MOTHER OF ALL BRITISH SCANDALS *** THE INFLUENCE GAME: Pro-Israel doves seek DC clout *** Afghanistan's reconstruction outpaces oversight *** First Quarter Was New Low for World’s Developed Economies *** Power Move: Chinese Investors Buy A Piece Of NBA's Cavs ***
Berlusconi to Explain Relationship
*** Israeli Settlement Expansion to Continue *** France Tries Scientology for Fraud *** Syria, Israel At Impasse Over Golan Hts.? ***

Media & New Tech New York Times Reporter Bankruptcy Saga Actually About Love, Not Money *** Vatican Launches Facebook Application *** Scholastic Lays Off 11 *** New York Magazine Cuts Rate Base, Ups Sub Price *** Zagat Cuts 16 Employees *** Another NYT Editor: Changes To A1 Gitmo Story No Biggie *** L.A. Times Suspends Publication of Spinoff Magazine Before Launch *** Future of Print to Include E-Readers *** The End of Newspapers, in Chart Form *** Analysis: What To Look For In The Upcoming TV Season *** New York Times Struggles On Two Continents *** NYC Maps Google as Google Maps NYC *** Monday *** NYT Public Editor Slaps Friedman, Dowd, Andrews *** This Week in Magazines: The "Test Madness" Of Our Medical Lives *** Payoff Over a Web Sensation Is Elusive Cashing in on Susan Boyle’s popularity has been tricky for the companies behind “Britain’s Got Talent.” *** Ad Revenue on the Web? No Sure Bet *** Warner Music Is Singing Again *** Starting Off Well, Fallon’s Charm Seems to Be Carrying ‘Late Night’ *** New Yorker Cover Art, Painted With an iPhone *** Newsweek’s Journalism of Fourth and Long *** NYT Public Editor Slaps Friedman, Dowd, Andrews Thomas Friedman, the star columnist, returned a $75,000 speaking fee after accepting it from a California government agency in violation of a Times guideline. Maureen Dowd, another star columnist, was roughed up on the Internet for using a paragraph from a blogger without attribution. And Edmund Andrews, an economics writer, began promoting a memoir describing how he took out subprime mortgages he couldn’t possibly repay even as he covered the subprime mess — including efforts to help homeowners in danger of default, like him *** Twitter Plans Reality TV Competition Series With "Biggest Loser" Producers *** Ning: The future of online social networking? *** SINKING ANCHORS ANDERSON COOPER AND ROLAND MARTIN HOBBLE CNN

People and Places Charges Likely to be Dropped Against Sutherland *** Sunday *** SUBWAY THIEF SMOKES BACON SWIPES STAR'S BLACKBERRY *** EX-INTERN DISHES ON JFK AFFAIR *** TWO 'CIPS' OFF THE OLD BLOCK MEET THE BABY BOSSES RUNNING CIPRIANI IN NYC *** Monday *** Susan Boyle Reaches Final of British TV Show *** Hardest Miles Behind Him, Castroneves Pulls Away to Win Indy 500 *** Coney Island Beat Censors by Wearing Cap and Gown *** 2 Ex-Timesmen Say They Had a Tip on Watergate First

Blog Report Bloomberg: No More Taxpayer Bucks for Bruce's Atlantic Yards (Develop Don't Destroy) *** John Heyer Receives Independent Nabe Democrats Endorsement (Only the Blog Knows Brooklyn) *** THE COMMUNITY BEAT: THE BEGINNING OF THE END OF PUBLIC REVIEW? (Soho Journal) *** Trump SoHo: Up Close and Personal (Bowery Boogie) *** The MTA’s Pension and Benefits Problems(Second Ave. Sags) *** Ninety Years of Racial Demographic Maps(Social Explorer via Digital Urban) *** Will Streetcars Come Back To Brooklyn? (Brooklyn Hall of Fame) *** Lopez A Negative In Brooklyn Races (Daily Gotham) *** Lopez Endorses Yassky (Green Point News) *** Tenants Association Sues Tishman Speyer (Stuy Town Lux Living) *** Newly Coney Island Boardwalk Repair Work Screwed Up (Kinetic Carnival) *** History: The Savoy Ballroom (Uptownflavor)