Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Bloomberg Abandons the Rich

Bloomberg Abandons the Rich

Nobody Asked Me, But . . . Bloomberg spins warm and cuddly and the average man and the press follows along Bloomberg Walks A Day In City Commuter's Shoes (NY1) *** MIKE GETS INTO MARTHA'S DOUGH (NYP) *** as the number of cops goes down the press reports 'Change for better' as city unveils faster 911 system (News) *** Breakfast with Bloomberg: East New York security guard spends morning with mayor - a member of 32BJ as part of the endorsement screening process for that union endorsement (News) *** Here's the mayor demonstrating his musical talent . . . The NYP story about Brian McLaughlin driving cabs on weekends awaiting sentencing May 14, made no mention that his sentencing keeps being put off. The reporter Golding should have asked Tony Seminero, Santo (Sandy) Petrocelli Sr and a few others CROOKED POL GOT HACK SACK *** Why is Schumer using the press to urge Obama to pick US Attorney in Brooklyn? RELAUNCH LYNCH: SCHUMER, Schumer Lobbies for a Former U.S. Attorney to Regain the Post . . . Why did Albany wait months to do the MTA deal, without making everyone go through all the drama and stress Lawmakers Strike Deal to Rescue New York Transit, 'Doomsday' averted: Pols keep MTA fare hike to $2.25, $89 for monthly pass *** DN Editorial: Straphangers suffer Governing doesn't get more slapdash than the supposed transit rescue jerry-rigged by Senate Majority Leader Malcolm Smith that was given a semblance of credibility by his betters in Albany . . . The gambling in Rick's Place award to the DN for its story on School custodian really cleaned up From the Daily News . . . Bloomberg's greatest skill is at cleaning up his own political messes, those few negative stories that get past the press, which eats out of his hand A Commissioner Steps Down After a Blog Post Stirs Anger *** Unions love election year Mike drops health care cost hike - for now . . . the power of the press News report cuts taxpayer tab at NYCHA . . . Pension Gate continues to ignore Steve Rattner Pension probe targets firm controlled by Sacramento lobbyist Darius Anderson who has contributed to Richardson, Reid, Edwards, McCain, Clinton, Boxer and here's another one of Thompson's friends who does business with the pension funds Bill Thompson Has His Own Pension Pals City comptroller's wheeler-dealer friend scored fat fees. Two weeks ago True News report on another Thompson staff connection to the pension fund The Wolf at Thompson's Door . . . What is the real future of Wall Street? Brokers Abandon Wall Street How will the job loses effect New York's economy long term?

Albany FARE DEAL! 25 CENT HIKE IS ON TRACK *** Albany Lawmakers Reach ***Finalized Deal On MTA Bailout *** Albany Panel Signals It Won’t Give the Mayor Carte Blanche on Schools *** STATE WORKERS GOING OFF THE 'BOTTLE' *** REGENTS EYE VETO POWER ON CHARTERS *** Paterson Orders Agencies to Switch From Bottled Water to Tap *** Relax schools grip, pols tell Joel & Mike *** Klein was told by Sen. Kevin Parker: "If you come in here and continue to say to us that the system is perfect - leave it that way, you're going to be very unhappy." *** Government attorneys are arguing against the release of the wiretap materials connected to Spitzer's prostitution case *** An Albany judge will decide whether the Yankees must release thousands of documents about their new stadium to Assemblyman Richard Brodsky *** Jacob Gershman writes that Albany has lurched to the left since Democrats took the Senate.

Road to City Hall MIKE GETS INTO MARTHA'S DOUGH Mayor Bloomberg, already a billionaire, got his hands on some more dough yesterday. The mayor baked oatmeal raisin cookies, from a special Gracie Mansion recipe, with Martha Stewart *** 'BANDITO' POL SAYS BYE-YI-YI Just hours before a protest yesterday outside the Mexican Consulate in Midtown over a mayoral appointee's explosive claim that Mexico must "get a grip on its banditos," the appointee resigned, Bloomberg appointee Betsy Perry steps down amid furor over anti-Mexico rant *** Korean New Yorkers Hope for Council Seat in Queens, Their First *** Avella raps Bloomberg's College Point cop school push *** Mayor Bloomberg, who would like to be endorsed by SEIU Local 32BJ, spent the morning shadowing one of the union's members *** Bloomberg Hangs Out with Republicans But Doesn't Endorse Them *** Website that attacks Weiner Here.

The City HIKES GIVE RENTERS A BREAK *** Rent Guidelines Board Approves Preliminary Hike *** JOEL'S IN 'CONTROL' RETURNS FIRE AT HEARING *** 'FIRE-SMART' KIDS SAVE GRAN *** CELLULAR GROANS VS. HACKS DROP *** Michelle Obama captivates glittery crowd in NYC *** New 4-D exhibit at NY Aquarium *** Effort to Place Kindergartners Raises Anger of Parents *** Rent Board Proposes Increases Despite the Complaints of Tenants *** Criminal Probe Dismissed in Wal Mart Trampling Death *** Michelle Obama takes center stage in NYC *** Reserve Fund founder charged with fraud *** NYC launches ad campaign to woo Spaniards *** New Section of Hudson River Park Opens *** Leaner MTA capital plan could mean extended 7 line - but not more frequent service *** Gonzalez: Package would curb MTA a spendthrift agency *** NYC homes lost $261+ billion in value.

President Obama 'SUPREME' SCREW-UP NYER: JUDGES MAKE POLICY Bronx federal appeals Judge Sonia Sotomayor, whose name appears on every short list of possible replacements for Supreme Court Justice David Souter, could face a tough battle if nominated -- because of a video on which she claims judges make policy *** PREZ'S HAIL TO THE BEEF
O & JOE SHOCK LUNCH BUNCH AT BURGER JOINT *** Obama to press Pakistan on fight against Taliban *** Small, Seasoned Group Helps Obama Manage Supreme Court Selection *** Obama Seeks a Global Health Plan Broader Than Bush’s AIDS Effort *** Mr. Obama, Mr. Zardari and Mr. Karzai If there is any hope of defeating the Taliban, Congress must support President Obama’s plan to deal with Pakistan and Afghanistan as an integrated regional problem, NYT Ed *** Prez presses Pakistan on Taliban fight *** Former Bush officials have been pushing to soften a Justice Department ethics report’s findings on the torture policy *** The White House is keeping Afghan President Hamid Karzi at arm’s length *** Obama bites rich hands that fed him *** Obama courting Coburn? *** What Obama should say to Afpak? *** Top Clinton hand to shore up Geithner *** W.H. to press Pakistan on Taliban *** Obama's Global Tax Raid *** Obama's Economic Policy: Washington Knows Best - Dick Morris, The Hill *** Obama's Speech on Offshore Tax Havens - Barack Obama *** Obama's Prosecution by Proxy - John Bolton, Washington Post

Congress & GOP Health insurers ask gov't to police their industry *** DC gay marriage vote could entangle Congress *** Okay, We Get It, You're Not a Loyal Democrat Arlen Specter wants to seat Norm Coleman for some unexplained reason *** Senate Strips Specter's Seniority After quitting Republican Party, Pa. senator is made the junior Democrat on four committees *** The Caucus: Specter, the Junior-Senior Senator *** Matthew Shepard Act The Senate should pass legislation that would extend federal hate-crimes law to give substantive coverage to gay people, NYT Ed *** Colin Powell Says Shrinking GOP Should Return To Center; Lashes out at Limbaugh [Again]... *** PoliticsExclusive: DNC Survivor Ad Mocks Republicans As Hapless Castaways *** iticsUPDATE: Specter Says He "Misspoke" About Supporting Norm Coleman *** More than $19 million was spent on back-to-back battles for the NY-20 seat *** The House makes a tentative deal on the so-called “cash for clunkers” subsidy *** Odd couple? Pelosi and Hoyer team up *** The Huddle: Juniority system *** Dems insist on Gitmo closing specifics *** Luntz to GOP: Health reform is popular *** Edwards back in the spotlight *** House tries lending reform again *** Obama morphs into old rival Clinton *** GOP will miss Specter's prudence *** How Sessions Could Give Obama a Tough Supreme Court Nomination Fight *** Congress Skeptical of Obama's Pakistan Push *** Selling a Toxic GOP Brand - Joe Conason, New York Observer *** Lawmakers Seek Consensus on Social Security Reform - Washington Post *** Appropriations Bills May Be Completed On Time This Year - The Hill *** Some PACs Keep Running After Politicians Drop Out - Wall Street Journal

National Stocks could pose conflicts for court prospects *** D.C. to Recognize Gay Marriages *** Source: No Charges Seen Over Interrogation Memos *** Corzine Allies Plan Attack in G.O.P. Primary *** Challenger Wins Special Mayor’s Race in Detroit *** Mississippi Farmers Trade Cotton Plantings for Corn *** Rules to Limit Emissions in the Making of Ethanol *** Partially completed SoCal housing tract demolished... *** NBA Legend Wins Mayor's Race In Detroit *** Italian mob chasing windmills *** Unions are winning more organizing elections *** Gay marriage advances in Maine *** Ex-NBA Star Wins Detroit Mayoral Race *** Bing Needs Fast Break on Solutions for City - Detroit Free Press

'Wall Street North' Seeks New Identity Financial-industry turmoil has left Stamford, Conn., searching for a new identity. To weather the downturn, city officials are looking to Hollywood.

Wall Street Mess Banks returning bailouts will face conditions *** D-DAY FOR BANKS FEDS' LIST OF TROUBLED FIRMS TO RAISE HAVOC *** FILENE'S NEW OWNER HOPING TO ESCAPE FROM THE BASEMENT *** SEC CHARGES CDS TRADER *** BEN'S ROSY FORECAST *** AIG'S BONUSES INFLATE TO $454M *** DISNEY EARNS *** BERNIE MADOFF'S LUST FOR LADIES & MONEY SECRETARY SPILLS SWINDLER'S INTIMATE SECRETS *** Apparently It's Good to Fail Stress Tests *** Trustee: Madoff used funds as family 'piggy bank' *** Biggest banks face black hole *** Reserve Fund sought federal bailout *** U.S. Says Bank of America Needs Cushion of $33.9 Billion *** Private Investors Circle Ailing Banks *** Plan to Sell Chrysler to Fiat Clears Bar *** Bright Spot in Downturn: New Hiring Is Robust *** U.S. May Set a Debt Test for Banks *** Bernanke Sees Hopeful Signs but No Quick Recovery *** Philip Morris Meeting Mixes Tobacco Profit and Protests *** Most Of The Top 25 Subprime Lenders Were Owned Or Financed By Bailed-Out Banks *** Nearly 1 In 5 Homeowners Owe More On Mortgage Than Home Is Worth *** GreenGM Promises Plug-In Hybrid By Early 2011 *** Bernanke says economy out of recession by end of *** Analyst: JPMorgan only stress-tested bank that won't need more capital *** States have suffered losses because of Lehman’s demise *** Study: 20% of Homeowners Underwater *** SEC Opens New Front on Insider Trading *** Chrysler Sifts Its Dealer Network *** What's Good for Chrysler..... - Harold Meyerson, Washington Post *** Gov't Must Provide Pensions & Health Care - Ron Gettlefinger, Detroit News *** As Joblessness Slows, Recovery Could Stir - David Leonhardt, NY Times ***Banks Need Fewer Carrots, More Sticks - Hubbard, Scott & Zingales, WSJ *** Chrysler Meets Obama, the Man of the System - Steven Malanga, RCM *** 'Street' Deserves Chrysler Medicine - Harold Meyerson, Washington Post *** Chrysler, and Uncle Sam's Buying Spree - Richard Rahn, Washington Times *** Bernie Madoff's Secretary Spills His Secrets.

International US hopeful on Yemeni detainee deal *** NATO Exercise Begins Amid Tensions *** Pakistani Army Poised for New Push Into Swat *** Pakistan Besieged by Taliban, Fixated on India - Irshad Manji, Globe & Mail *** Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's Populist Problem - The Economist *** Israeli President Shimon Peres on Iran - The Situation Room *** Why Suicide Bombers Are Back in Iraq - Steve Niva, Asia Times *** One China, Two Parties - Michael Goldfarb, Weekly Standard *** Obama 'Moving Smartly' on Asia Policy - Colum Murphy, FEER

Media & New Tech Boston Globe Reaches Deal With Largest Union *** Agreement Reached at Boston Globe 4:37 AM *** NY Times To Raise Paper Prices, Again *** NY Times raising prices again to offset ad slu... *** NEWS CORP. STUDIES WEB CONTENT PLATFORMS *** Mets Ban Copies of Tabloids; All Bad Vibes to Cease Immediately *** Never Date a White Man During a Recession, and Other Advice From the Times *** WebMD posts 1Q profit, matching forecasts *** TelevisionWeek to become Web-only publication... *** Struggles at the Box Office Weigh on Disney’s Profit *** MURDOCH SET TO CHARGE FOR ONLINE NEWS... *** Is Google Any Help in Tracking an Epidemic? *** Big Media, RIP - Johnnie Roberts, Newsweek

People and Places WIFE HAS DOUBTS ON EDWARDS *** BELOVED 'FATSO' DOM DELUISE DIES *** Citynoise has a cool aerial shot of NYC taken in the 1950s *** Feminist icon Marilyn French dies in Manhattan *** Michelle Obama: 'Sesame Street' tops everything so far *** A Complicated Question Elizabeth Edwards has dragged her husband back into the public square for a flogging on “Oprah” and in Time and at bookstores near you, but what does she hope to gain?, Dowd, NYT *** WATCH: Nation's First Face Transplant Patient Emerges *** Old duds, but Michelle Obama is still fab in NYC *** Big Town, Big Picture: The Pan Am Building *** Elizabeth Edwards has 'no idea' if baby is John's *** Paris Hilton's plan to save the economy *** Povich: I'll pay to DNA Rielle's kid! *** At the Time 100 event in Manhattan last night, Michelle Obama was “the main ingredient in a weird celebrity casserole,” writes Dan Janison

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