Friday, April 17, 2009

Pay to Play is Here to Stay

The Old King of Pay to Play

Spiro Agnew and the Golden Age of Corruption in Maryland Politics
Pay to Play PREZ AIDE TIED TO NY PENSION 'GRAFT' *** GAYS HONOR PROBE TARGET City Finance Commissioner Martha Stark will be honored with a prestigious award by a national gay-rights group, despite being investigated by Mayor Bloomberg on allegations she dated a former *** BLAGO AIDE: NOT ME, YOUR HONOR *** Cuomos, Queens, Hardings: A tangled tableau *** Bill Richardson's Last Stand *** New Ethics Panel Begins Investigations Into 10 Lawmakers - The Hill *** Three senior House Democrats see a drop in contributions after a lobbying firm under investigation closed its doors *** The Political Scene -- Like a Can of Worms

City's Economic Fallout NO SLOTS FOR TOTS THIS FALL An influx of thousands of 5-year-olds from downsizing day-care centers will create chaos for the city's kindergarten classes this fall -- hiking class sizes and forcing hundreds of kids to *** A 2-BIT METER FEEDER FRENZY'CHANGE'-ING TIMES (30 MINS. TO 20) *** WHO'LL SAVE THE SUBWAYS? , NYP Ed *** Study Finds WTC Buildings Won't Be Ready Until 2037 *** City's Unemployment Figures Remain Steady *** NY1 calls FDNY on more Brooklyn flophouses
From NY1 *** Port Authority draws the line at Ground Zero *** City jobless rate stands fast at 8.1% *** ALSO: TV antennas may skip WTC *** Bankruptcy Unlikely to Shut the South Street Seaport *** From High-Finance Pinnacles to Unemployment Line to Mentors *** Real Estate Sales Down 50 Percent in Brooklyn *** Dan Doctoroff told a panel last night that despite setbacks, 93 percent of PlaNYC projects are "underway." *** In praise of the vanishing indie record store *** The kindergarten crunch *** Owner of South Street Seaport files for bankruptcy *** New York's jobless rate is the highest it has been since 1992 *** A Plan to Reverse-Engineer Development Bubble (City Hall) *** Rising Demand for Food Stamps

Road to City Hall BEEP EYES SEN. BID It looks as of Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer is serious about challenging Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand in 2010. Stringer has established an exploratory committee in hopes of raising *** MIKE COPS OUT ON PRESS BOOT Mayor Bloomberg, owner of one of the world's largest media companies, yesterday said police-beat reporters have to accept getting booted out of 1 Police Plaza. "This is not a First *** Bloomberg Vs. Wheelchair-Bound Reporter's Recorder *** Manhattan Borough Chief May Seek Gillibrand’s Job *** Gingrich Sees Cuomo in Next Race for Governor *** Awkward Confrontation at a Bloomberg Speech *** Report: Ground Zero work could take 20 years or more *** Weiner the Wanderer What a postponed campaign means for Democrats, in September and beyond *** Morgenthau Looms Large in Race to Replace Him DA pushes for his choice as candidates begin to draw up plans *** Marty Markowitz is still getting city money for his nonprofits, which also take donations from companies involved in several controversial development projects*** Bloomberg's Second Ad protecting middle-class *** Bloomy gets cranky on live TV, rebukes wheelchair-bound reporter *** Quinn leaves door open to back Bloomberg *** Bloomberg Gets "Obnoxious" With Reporter in Wheelchair

The City YANKS THROW BIG HOUSE PARTY STAR IS BORN AS STADIUM OPENS *** EXPRESS METROCARDS EXPAND The MTA is cutting wait times -- at MetroCard vending machines. Riders who use 30-day unlimited passes can now have the $81 fee deducted directly from their credit cards, the MTA said *** DON'T EVICT THE PRESS, COMMISSIONER *** Yankees Fans Soak In Home Opener At New Stadium *** Parks still twiddling its thumbs on Pavilion From the Queens Courier - Worlds Fair NYS *** Captured Somali teen pirate to face trial in NY... *** Full Rundown on College Democrats of New York Convention *** Gowaus Canal: Luxury Development on a Superfund Site? *** Passover’s Over, and Bagels Are Back, Big *** Podcast: Celluloid Subways and Mayors *** Stadium opens with a Bronx bomb *** Crack down on unlicensed livery cabs *** WTC tunnel key to Manhattan transportation *** Bx. 'Underbelly' tours under fire *** New card to cut time spent in line The E-ZPass of the subways has arrived. Straphangers can now buy unlimited-ride MetroCards that last two years - averting the need to stand on line at a token booth or MetroCard vending machine *** Herring make triumphant return Species back in the Bx. River to spawn *** Street named for courage
A midtown corner was renamed Thursday after a daring Polish diplomat who infiltrated a Nazi concentration camp and tried in vain to convince the west *** Yankee Stadium 2009: Opening Day in Pictures *** Stimulus Money Could Help Retrofit City Office Buildings (Real Deal) *** City Won't Compensate '07 Flood Victims in Queens (The Forum) *** Beyond the Last Stop: Inside 'the Shop' at 240th Street (Riverdale Press)

Abany NY'S GAY BILL OF 'RITES' GOV TOUTS MARRIAGE PLAN - BUT IT LOOKS DOA *** Governor Announces Bill To Legalize Gay Marriage *** The Latest Revised MTA Bailout Proposal *** Paterson Introduces a Same-Sex Marriage Bill *** Paterson: Lack of same-sex marriage is 'discrimination' *** Smith: 'I Am Fully Committed' to Passing Same-Sex Marriage Bill *** Paterson's push for gay nups bill met with resistance in state Senate *** Paterson introduces gay marriage bill *** Confusion over the court order in the 20th congressional district race has stalled the count in some counties *** Spitzer masters the art of the recovery *** Newsday says leaders of the state worker unions should "drop the posturing and join the real world." *** A delayed report from the Paterson administration is holding up extension of Timothy's Law, advocates say *** Spitzer Masters the Art of the Recovery *** The Politics of Same-Sex Marriage (Gotham Gazette) *** Paterson Thinks His Critics Are Scared He'll Win

President Obama PREZ PLOTS COURSE FOR CARIBBEAN TRADE WINS *** BAM ON THE FA$T TRACK All aboard -- quickly! President Obama yesterday rolled out his $8 billion vision for making high-speed rail service between a slew of US cities a reality -- which could *** O IN MEX DRUG FIGHT VOWS TO STEM SOUTHBOUND WEAPONS *** PREZ AIDE TIED TO NY PENSION 'GRAFT' *** Obama won't charge CIA officers for rough tactics *** Relations between US, Cuba seem within reach *** Questions, answers on US military options *** DHS issued report on extremism despite concerns *** READY TO TALK WITH CUBA *** Jesus Missing From Obama's Georgetown Speech... *** Obama Adviser Said to Be Tied to Pension Deal *** Mr. Obama’s Chance to Fix the F.E.C. Three of the Federal Election Commission’s six seats come open on May 1, providing the president an opportunity to appoint experts truly dedicated to reform, NYT Ed *** Your Evening Reading: The Bush-Era Terror Memos *** WorldSarkozy Snipes At 'Dim' Spanish PM And 'Weak' Obama *** In Mexico, President Obama talks gun law enforcement *** Obama nixes torture in terror interrogations *** Bam puts high-speed trains on fast track *** Obama stands with Mexico in drugs fight *** Ex-AG and CIA Chief Blast Memo Release *** New Arms Trafficking Treaty *** Dealing With a Disgrace; Obama Strikes a Wise Balance - Washington Post *** A Cuba Policy That's Stuck On Plan A - Michael Kinsley, Washington Post *** DHS: Scared of Veterans? - Washington Times *** Obama’s Budget Would Raise His Tax Bill By $102,000 - Bloomberg *** Obama and Biden's Remarks on High Speed Rail - The White House *** CNN Espanol Interviews President Obama - CNN *** Defense Secretary Robert Gates advocates for his defense budget at the Army War College *** CIA worried some in Bush DOJ *** Gibbs and Tapper spar *** W.H. pushes back on cross story *** VIDEO: Obama talks assault weapons *** Gibbs: Bipartisan immigration reform *** No Obama-Chavez meeting in Trinidad

Congress CONGRESS EYES AIG OUTLAYS FOR LEGAL, P.R. ADVICE *** UPDATED: NY-20: Murphy Gets More Votes, Tedisco Sues to be Declared Winner *** Brother’s Role in Congress Carries Weight in Race *** More PoliticsDodd's Personal Bailout *** Which Congressman Did The NSA Spy On? *** Dodd Leaps Ahead in 2010 Fundraising Race - Hartford Courant *** The Senate Intelligence Committee will hold a hearing on domestic wiretaps *** House Speaker Nancy Pelosi supports the formation of a committee to investigate the financial sector meltdown *** Three senior House Democrats see a drop in contributions after a lobbying firm under investigation closed its doors *** FEC scorecard: 10 election insights *** Cantor is the House cash king *** Feinstein plans wiretap hearings *** Murphy-Tedisco legal battle beginning *** Gillibrand wins cash dash *** Burris raises $845 *** Dodd's out-of-state donors *** Scott Murphy leads Jim Tedisco by 178 votes.

GOP Minnesota's senator lightens her load with humor *** Palin stands against abortion during Ind. speech *** Palin under fire from ... just about everyone *** Out of Alaska, Palin's star shines *** Palin takes a hit in legislature *** RNC's first quarter take *** Jindal to Cheney: Lay off Obama *** DeLay defends Perry on secession *** Ticker: Palin stays mum on 2012 plan *** The Great Republican Hope

National Security on governor's travels costs La. taxpayers *** PERRY SAYS TEXAS CAN LEAVE THE UNION IF IT WANTS... *** States Rely on Sin Taxes to Raise Revenue - Mike Memoli, RealClearPolitics *** Mad as Hell at Teatime - Eugene Robinson, Washington Post *** Not God's Country Anymore - Pat Buchanan, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review *** Gov. Bill Richardson says is at peace in the political desert.

International Obama pledges help to slow US arms flow *** Israel warns of a 'new approach' in the path to peace in the Middle East... *** Taliban Exploit Class Rifts to Gain Ground in Pakistan *** Interrogation Memos Detail Harsh Tactics by the C.I.A. *** A Loud and Promised Land In Israel, the most emotionally intense experiences are national ones, so the public-private distinction was bound to erode *** Karzai vows change on Afghanistan marital rape law *** Trial begins for sole surviving suspect in Mumbai terror attacks *** Taliban Stir Up Class War *** Cuba Not Too Proud to Beg *** Free Roxana Saberi - New York Times *** Taliban Terror - Chicago Tribune *** Secretary Clinton Announces Counter-Piracy Initiatives - Hillary Clinton *** Financial Crisis Was Made in China - Alan Wood, The Australian *** Time for 'Orange Revolution' in Thailand - Jamie Metzl, FEER *** Mexico Is Not a Failed State - Rich Lowry, National Review *** Cuba ready 'to discuss everything' with U.S.

GEITHNER'S PLAN TAKES IT ON THE CHIN FROM BANK BOSS *** THRIVING JPMORGAN EYES WOUNDED RIVALS *** ACKMAN'S MALL GAMBLE: SEEKS TO PROFIT FROM PROPERTY FIRM'S PAIN *** STRESS TEST DUD: FEARS THAT CITI WILL COME IN DEAD LAST OF 19 BANKS *** Time Warner Cable dumps Internet meter plan *** New York Times to cut sections, freelance budget *** Citigroup Says It Has Its Best Quarter Since Early 2007 *** PAUL KRUGMANGreen Shoots and Glimmers With all the talk of signs of recovery, there are still real reasons to be cautious about the economic outlook *** The Most Insane (Alleged) Fraud of 2009 *** AIG Chief Owns Goldman Stake Worth More Than $3 Million *** Nobel Winner Stiglitz Says White House Ties To Wall Street Doom Bank Rescue *** For these ex-Wall Streeters, chance to intern for free called a 'blessing' *** Global scope of alleged fraud means mini-Madoff must wait for bail decision *** When will it end? The number of American households threatened with losing their homes grew 24 percent in the first three months of this year and is poised to rise further. And housing starts fell in March, dealing another blow to the housing market *** Krugman: Economy Still Bad *** Time Warner pulls "consumption based billing" *** CNNMoney: Citigroup delivers profit surprise

Media NY TIMES TRIMMING SECTIONS *** NY Times Announces More Cuts To Staff, Content *** Court Says File-Sharing Site Violated Copyright *** Deal Brings TV Shows and Movies to YouTube *** New Beats Old: Ashton Kutcher Beats CNN In Race To 1 Million Followers *** More MediaNewsroom Employment Lowest Since 1982... Gannett Profit Drops *** MediaHoward Kurtz Shocked By Fox News Tea Party Promotion *** MediaReport: NBC Brass Held Secret Dinner To Discuss CNBC's "Anti-Obama" Image *** Gannett Profit Drops 60 Percent *** Announcing the HuffingtonPost iPhone App *** Boston Globe To Eliminate 2009 Management Bonuses *** Steve McPherson, ABC Entertainment President, Under Pressure To Produce A Hit *** CNN Acquires "CNN Breaking News" Twitter Account From Owner *** Google Not Invincible? *** CNN Versus the Tea Parties - Mona Charen, National Review Online *** Singer 'gobsmacked' by overnight stardom Overnight singing sensation Susan Boyle says she's overwhelmed by the attention coming her way through millions of views on YouTube. "I'm gobsmacked, absolutely gobsmacked," she told CNN this morning. The 47-year-old surprised and inspired the audience, judges and Web watchers with her performance on the TV show "Britain's Got Talent."