Sunday, April 19, 2009

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Pay to Play In State Pension Inquiry, a Scandal Snowballs "The inquiry has put a spotlight on not only the well-known investment bankers and firms, but more high-profile figures and unconventional business transactions. One top aide to Mr. Hevesi, Jack Chartier, was said to be so infatuated with Peggy Lipton, the former “Mod Squad” actress, that he pressured investment firms to confer benefits on her, including help with her rent. Another aide, Mr. Loglisci, had investment executives plow hundreds of thousands of dollars into “Chooch,” a low-budget movie he and his brother were producing about a lovable loser from Queens; the film also featured Mexican prostitutes and a nine-pound dachshund named Kiwi Limone. The problems usually begin when a pension fund’s board is deciding which money managers to award its business to. Many members of these boards are elected officials, like local comptrollers and treasurers, or the appointees of mayors and governors, who also need to raise campaign cash. Money managers have repeatedly tainted the selection process by making campaign contributions to these board members, then walking away with the pension fund’s business O DEFENDS PENSION FLAP AIDE *** The Trailer for Chooch Arriveth The IMDb description of Chooch, the film that car czar Steven Rattner allegedly financed in order to help his Quadrangle investment group win the right to manage massive state pension funds, did not do this film justice.

Road to City Hall MAYOR WANTS $4 GAS *** NEWARK MAYOR BACKS MIKE *** Newark’s Mayor Backs Bloomberg *** Newark Mayor Endorses Bloomberg *** LASSROOM CHAOS' MIKE'S CRYSTAL BALL ON 'CONTROL' *** Now who's embarrassed? *** Gun Dealer Found an Ally in the Bloomberg Administration *** A Bloomberg Apology (Sort Of) Is Accepted (Sort Of) *** Mayor apologizes to disabled reporter for recorder rant - sort of *** Bloomberg Apologizes After Chastising Reporter *** Bloomberg and booting the press: Who knows? *** Crocker-Snyder At The Monday Meeting *** Sunday *** Lisberg: Mike and the Bam Factor *** Big biz and unions are major players in City Council races *** Bloomberg campaign has a Spanish accent *** City advocate smackdown
The campaign for public advocate turned ugly Saturday when City Councilman Eric Gioia accused former public advocate Mark Green of misrepresenting his...
*** Bloomberg Campaign Moves Near the Belly of the Beast HQ
Pay to Play FEDS HIT REV. AL WITH RECORD 285G ELEX FINE *** BOOZE BIGS ARE AWASH IN SCANDAL:$$-CARD BRIBE PROBE *** Council members have received some $18 million in campaign contributions since 2006 as they've prepared to run for re-election or plotted bids for mayor, controller, public advocate or borough president, a Daily News analysis found. The biggest chunks came from those who do - or want to do - business with the city: public employee unions, special interest groups, developers, law firms and contractors *** Could Blago face 'Speidi' in reality showdown? *** FAA nominee has lobby links *** Lobbyists Will Watch Baucus’ Every Move *** Murtha’s Earmarks Keep Airport Aloft: State-of-the-Art Pennsylvania Facility Sees Few Travelers but Lots of Funding *** Chris Dodd: ‘Fighting for Consumers’ While Taking Cash From Pawnshop Owners. *** Report: Sharpton's 2004 Campaign Fined $285K

The City RINGLING IN A NEW ERA CIRCUS FILLS VOID IN CONEY IS. FUN *** Ringling Circus to Raise a Tent in Coney Island *** TREED-OFF NABE: LEAF US ALONE! *** P.O. NIGHT MAIL SHUTTING *** WTC construction may take decades From 1010WINS *** W.P.A. Projects Left Their Stamp on the Region *** Archbishop Dolan has masses appeal! *** City to extend tax breaks for developers in financial lurch *** Mayor Bloomberg make final bid for Coney Island property *** City Reopens Bidding For Slot Machines At Aqueduct *** Jets Move Yom Kippur Game Up *** Sunday **** BIG 'F' ON EMT ADVANCEMENT EXAM *** PRIDELESS YANKEES SHAMED: HISTORIC 22-4 MASSACRE AT NEW STADIUM *** NYPD IS SLOWER TO SHOW *** SHOWDOWN ON WTC $LOWDOWN: NOW TOWER 4 IS SHAKY *** POURED WALK: CITY'S CONCRETE PLAN FOR CONEY IS. City officials are pushing a plan that would replace the tropical hardwood that supports and covers the 86-year-old Coney Island boardwalk with a 39,600- ton concrete walkway *** Telling it like it is in the subway! From Gothamist: fake advisory was spotted at the Metropolitan G stop recently, and even though it's not real... it's all too realistic *** City’s Jobless Discover $430 Doesn’t Go Far *** The Grand Cornice-and-Pediment Tour *** ‘The Shack’ May Be Moving, but Its Stories Travel Well An eviction notice for crime reporters at New York Police Headquarters prompts recollections of a bygone era, but it also raises concerns about covering police matters *** Displaced by the Yankees, Some Bronx Athletic Teams Go Homeless *** Where's our car? Bx. group rages at cops *** Charities lose funds - but not heart *** DN Editorial: Square One, Ground Zero The terrible economic realities spawned by the financial crisis are playing out disastrously in the long-troubled, long-delayed redevelopment of Ground Zero *** Grandmom slain in bid to end fight *** Daly: Sons reopen deli where two kin were slain *** Bloomberg Boasts Bipartisan Brawn with Booker Backing *** Only in New York: The Remaking of Pelham One Two Three and New York, 35 Years Later *** WATCH: When New York City Was a Forest *** No Cents: Jobless New Yorkers Get Paid Less Jobless earn more than $100 less in NY vs. other states *** NYPD Taking Longer to Respond to Serious Crimes *** NYPD Taking Longer to Respond to Serious Crimes *** More Cost Cutting Measures at Brooklyn Museum ***The Ball Is Now In Sitt's Coney Island Lot *** City Solicits Taxicab Tech Ideas(CNET News) *** Stimulus Money Could Help Retrofit City Office Buildings (Real Deal) *** Bridging the Cycling Gap Between Greenpoint and Queens (Greenpoint Star) *** City Proposes Splinter-Free Boardwalk At Coney Island *** Residents Flee As NY Ranks Last For 2009 Economic Outlook ***Grand Concourse Celebrates Centennial Year

Times Editorial Suppressing the Vote in Florida The Florida Legislature is at it again — threatening to pass bills that would make it harder for eligible voters to register and vote.
True News Says Times Should Look At Their Own House First! The Real Campaign is to Suppress Challengers *** NY's Falling Voter Participation More Times A Tale of Two Palins Politico and the NYT offer conflicting assessments of the Alaska governor

MTA Crisis Spin Press Operations $TIMULATING SUBWAY RIDE Straphangers in The Bronx and Brooklyn can expect to see spiffier stations thanks to an infusion of $365 million in federal stimulus funds *** RANDI & THE MTA The United Federation of Teachers honcho -- only hours after this page urged her to throw labor's considerable weight behind an effort to save the MTA -- agreed to do just that *** (Fake) signs of bad times for the MTA The Web site offers subway riders the chance to give authorities a piece of their mind - or display any message of their choosing - by printing off signs like those commonly seen on the walls and columns of subway stations *** UFT Spin Operation FARE-HIKE POLS GET 'SCHOOLED' TEACH UNION PUSHES MTA AID (anything to get media off the council puppet show) *** Gov Acts Nuts GOV TO TOLL-PLAN CRITICS: LET'S TAKE THIS OUTSIDE! *** Paterson pleads with GOP to vote for an MTA bailout *** Lawmakers, Feeling Testy, Prepare To Tackle MTA Budget *** 'Either Everybody Pays Or Nobody Pays' *** Opponents laugh off MTA toll rebate plan

Albany Governor More Hopeful on Same-Sex Marriage *** Three weeks for Aqueduct re-bidders *** CSEA trots out new anti-layoff, anti-Paterson ads *** The Rev. Al Sharpton is planning a rally for Gov. David Paterson *** State Assembly To Hold Forum On Gang Prevention *** Paterson Tries to Stick and Move vs. MTA Bailout Opponents *** State jobless rate highest since Sept. '92 *** The spirit of Client 9 on opening day *** Bill would let families *** DiNapoli: state revenues fell off a cliff *** New York's late payments are squeezing nonprofit agencies and forcing cutbacks *** Is the State’s Freeze on Charter School Funding Fair?(Edwize)

New York Gives Up Down the drain: Flinty New Englanders know government waste when they see it Up in New Hampshire last week, 500 taxpayers massed at the capitol building in fury that the state had spent $72,000 to renovate a bathroom used by legislators. Here in the Empire State, our government does things big, real big. Our government spent $463,000 to spiff up two bathrooms for lawmakers and staff. That's more than $230,000 each.

Sunday Talking Heads Rahm Emanuel On ABC... Axelrod On CBS... Sullivan, Summers On NBC... Afghan Prez On CNN

President PREZ: IN DODD WE TRUST *** BAM IN DRAMATIC OVERTURE TO CUBA SEEKS 'NEW BEGINNING' WITH FOE AND GIVES HUGO A HAND, TOO *** Obama to ask agency heads for budget cuts *** US looks to hackers to protect cyber networks *** At summit, Obama offers partnership - and humor *** Analysis: Week of change for Obama *** Salazar reviews 'midnight' endangered species rule *** Obama selects Zients as chief performance officer *** Solar finds it hard to squeeze water from desert *** Obama 'seeks a new beginning' with Cuba, talks *** Mr. Obama and the Neighborhood President Obama has wisely begun trying to improve the United States’ extremely sour relations with Latin America. He must stay the course, NYT Ed *** Unsealed Papers Show Warnings to Merkin on Madoff *** Obama stands by auto czar probed in pension kickback scandal *** Obama's Savvy Cuba Move - Jon Lee Anderson, The New Yorker *** Sunday *** Americas summit ending on hopeful note for Obama *** Obama assessing Cuba's next steps *** US to boycott United Nations racism meeting *** Energy secretary: Islands could disappear *** Analysis: Week of change for Obama *** Obama: Wants suggestions to cut spending waste *** Despite Major Plans, Obama Taking Softer Stands After pledges to change Washington, the president’s early willingness to deal or fold has left commentators and allies wondering: where’s the fight? *** Rising Expectations on Cuba Follow Obama *** Chavez comes bearing gifts for Obama *** Rahm Emanuel Disputes: 'We're Taking On A Multiple-Front Fight Of Entrenched Interests' *** Chavez Restores Ambassador To U.S. *** Obama Appeals to Latin America *** Understanding Obamanomics *** Race Helps to Draw Leaders Together at Summit *** U.S. to Boycott U.N. Racism Conference *** Obama begins leading America in a new direction *** How Bush Lawyers Justified CIA Techniques *** Three Things Obama Can Learn From Reagan {Atlantic} *** Emanuel pledges climate bill; Boehner scoffs *** Obama: 'No pet projects' in slashing waste *** To Learn from History, Not Be Trapped by ItAt the opening ceremony of the Summit of the Americas, the President addresses the issues that have divided the hemisphere, from Cuba to American disengagement to anti-Americanism {White House} *** Weekly Address: Efficiency and InnovationThe President talks about going through the budget line by line, and announces his Chief Performance Officer and Chief Technology Officer who will help him streamline government *** Obama names performance, tech czars *** Obama: Business needs to work with me

Congress Struggling to Keep His Senate Seat, Dodd Gets Help From Obama *** Fraud Factor The Senate should fully support a bipartisan measure that could strengthen Washington’s ability to investigate and prosecute corporate and mortgage frauds, NYT Ed *** Is the House Swamp Drained Yet? Speaker Nancy Pelosi should have had Representative Charles Rangel step down as chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee during his ever lengthening ethics investigation, NYT Ed *** Fossella starts serving DUI sentence *** Fossella Begins Five-Day Jail Term For DUI *** McCain campaign chief warns GOP risks becoming 'religious party'... *** Scott Murphy now leads Jim Tedisco by 273 votes with all the ballots counted except those that have been laid aside due to objections *** EPA's CO2 Finding: Putting a Gun to Congress's Head *** 'Torture Memos' Embolden Dems - Josh Gerstein, Politico *** Kennedy Remains Key to Health Care Reform - Eleanor Clift, Newsweek *** The Left is Still Angrier Than the Right - Dana Milbank, Washington Post *** A Truth Commission on Torture is Needed - Timothy Rutten, LA Times *** Democrats Still Ducking on Gays and Guns - Derrick Jackson, Boston Globe *** House Fight Brews Over Emissions Cuts *** Sunday *** Congress considers major global warming measure *** Congress returns to face a mountain of work *** Congress Takes on Global Warming *** Dems. Vs. the Log Cabin Republicans *** Eric Cantor Is Plotting the GOP's Comeback *** Jim Webb's Prison Crusade The Virginia senator's willingness to take up this cause is evidence that the culture gap may be closing {Nation} *** Chris Dodd's Personal Bailout
How Big Finance is trying to keep the Senate banking chairman's imperiled political career afloat {Mother Jones} *** Norton Calls for Action on D.C. Vote *** Democrats Grab Cash Lead *** Absentee Ballot Counting Ends in N.Y., but Court Fights Remain *** Stevens Judge Restores Former Senator’s Privileges *** Have House GOP Retirement Woes Run Their Course? *** The Most Vulnerable Senator Up for Re-Election in 2010? *** Burr blames media for ATM controversy *** Frank takes on the Wall Street Journal *** Why McCain-Lieberman was a no-go *** Coleman dodges egg with 'Bush move' *** Video: GOP rep who voted for TARP booed mercilessly at tea party *** Support Low Power Radio, and Bring Power to Our Neighborhoods
The making of a rubber stamp Goodwin: From the moment Kirsten Gillibrand was named to replace Hillary Clinton in the Senate, Democratic rivals and advocacy groups criticized her as insufficiently liberal for this deep blue state. They need not worry any longer DN Ed *** Gunning for Gilly & her policy shift

Wall Street Mess BERNIE 'RUBBER STAMP' BEAN COUNTER EYES DEAL *** GM May Be In The Tank For $5B More *** 3-part Fix For MGM Mirage *** Treasury's Hooks Deep In Banks *** Court docs charge Merkin was warned on Madoff years in advance *** Citigroup's Surprising Profit: Is It for Real? *** Banks Don't Believe Their Own Hype *** You are king of the car lot: Dealers made desperate by recession *** Consumers' gloom subsides, but enough to lift the economy? *** The 10 Best Cities in the Country for Jobs *** Both business, labor claim recess victories *** Fortune: Fortune 500: Exxon Mobil back on top

International State Dept. cancels Zimbabwe travel warning *** Iranian court convicts American journalist of spying: lawyer *** PAPER: Israeli military ready to bomb Iran...Obama's stance worries Israelis... *** Pakistan's Double Game - Boston Globe *** Why the French Love to Strike - Bruce Crumley, Time *** Obama, Save Free Trade - Scott Lincicome, South China Morning Post *** Can Pakistan Rein in the ISI? - Sumit Ganguly, Times of India *** Mumbai Gunman Says He's 17 *** Sunday *** Slump Tilts Priorities of Industry in China *** American journalist convicted of spying in Iran *** NATO ship foils sea thieves, frees hostages *** South Africa's Most Divisive Man *** China's Emerging Movement Embraces Old Values *** China Fund to Boost Investments *** Thailand searches for a political exit plan *** Wealthy nations move to shore up Pakistan *** Economic Slump Provides Tinder for Global Conflicts *** New pirate attack thwarted in Gulf of Aden *** Parliament in Iraq Finally Chooses New Speaker

National New pollution limits seen for cars, big plants *** General Dynamics to Build New Destroyer *** Jobless Rate Climbs in 46 States... *** California highest since '76... *** Mortgage Fraud Crackdown Is Gathering Steam in Florida *** How Palin Was Vetted *** Sunday *** F.B.I. and States Vastly Expand DNA Databases *** The Bigots’ Last Hurrah An idiotic video ad advances only one message — that homophobic activism is ever more depopulated and isolated as well as brain-dead, Rich, NYT *** Generation Me A new book says we're in a narcissism epidemic. Why you're not so special *** As Economies Sink, Religious Radicals Suffer Setbacks *** How to Raise The Standard In America's Schools *** Supreme Court Poised to Review Civil Rights Laws *** Older Americans Embrace Technology *** American Rail System Back on Track *** Conservatives gaining sway on a liberal bastion In a region once prone to settling differences with pistols, the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals still has some blazing ideological battles *** What's New in Online Education? Improvements in the quality of online courses are attracting millions of people to enroll *** Supreme Court's bench has never been less diverse *** Party Hacks: Rebooting the GOP {Mother Jones} *** Republicans and Gay Marriage {Atlantic} *** Economy may hamper Corzine's re-election bid *** Sen. Bennet gets first GOP challenger *** Holocaust museum to open Sunday in Chicago ... *** McCain's daughter scolds 'old' Republicans *** Columbine massacre, 10 years later: Still shocking, senseless after decade

Wall Street After Year of Heavy Losses, Citigroup Finds a Profit *** Business Grads Looking Beyond Wall Street *** How a Personal Finance Columnist Got Caught Up in Fraud *** Companies Reset Goals for Bonuses *** Deadline Looming, G.M. Also Preparing for Bankruptcy *** In Grim Job Market, Student Loans Are a Costly Burden *** Facing Large Loss, Toshiba to Shed 3,900 Jobs *** Unsealed Papers Show Warnings to Merkin on Madoff *** GM CEO says bankruptcy 'probable' *** FRIDAY NIGHT SEIZE: Regulators close American Sterling Bank... *** Sunday *** For Architects, Less May Have to Be More As major new projects dwindle, firms must compete more aggressively and become more flexible *** Hedge Fund Manager Accused Of Ignoring Madoff Scheme *** On the Road Again: the Global Recession Scatters the Workforce *** Music Festivals Rocked By Recession *** Fannie Mae CEO to Run TARP *** Canadian Banks Avoided Mortgage Meltdown

Does Information Want to Be Paid For? Michael Wolff The old news media believes that all of the stuff it’s been giving away for free for a decade or more it ought now get the reader to shell out for.

Media Public Provides Giggles; Bloggers Get the Book Deal *** With Oprah Onboard, Twitter Grows *** The New York Post Will Include News From the Jerusalem Post *** Google Kicks Ass - Chris Thompson, Slate *** YouTube Boosts Movies, TV Show Lineup In Studio Deal *** NBC Universal Earnings Drop 45 Percent In Q1 *** Sunday *** WEB SOCIAL STUDIES MARKETERS GO TO WHERE PEOPLE MEET *** WENNER'S HEART LEAVES SAN FRAN The venerable San Francisco office of Rolling Stone will close, leaving the music and culture magazine without a Bay Area presence for the first time since the21-year-old Jann Wenner started the *** FEDS TO TAX WEB TO BOLSTER STATE REVENUES *** Oprah Tweeted, and the World’s Largest Newsprint Maker Filed for Bankruptcy *** Scottish Singer Storms the Web *** John Goodman Returns to Stage ***
Journalism's Savior? Why Steven Brill believes his new company can save American media *** The 10 Most Endangered Newspapers in America 24/7 Wall St. has created a list of the 10 major daily papers that are most likely to either fold or shut their print operations and only publish online *** MTV Ditches Rich-Kid Shows for Do-Good Obama Era *** Twitter GuysSee Revolutionin the Making 'We want to have as large an impact as impossible' *** Twitter jumps the shark *** Did You Know That An Important Newspaper Movie Is In Theaters, This Weekend? *** CNN the Latest Corporate Thug to Use Copyright As a Weapon to Eliminate Embarrassing Clips from YouTube. “ *** Why Did the New York Times Ignore the Ratner-ACORN Loan? *** NewBizNews: Paid content models *** Oprah, Kutcher mark Twitter 'turning point' *** NPR Will Now Hunt Down Bill O'Reilly Like a Dog and MAKE Him Answer Questions