Saturday, March 7, 2009

True News - Updated All Weekend

“The Democratic Party is weak in New York City — and it has no way to control people” said H. Carl McCall, a former Democratic state comptroller who ran for governor in 2002. “There is no loyalty and there are no sanctions for being disloyal.” *** New York Needs A Sun Burn *** Organized Crime Politics Part 2 *** Organized Crime Politics Part 1
NY's Falling Voter Participation *** Tammany’s Ballot Control Again and Again *** The Real Campaign is to Suppress Challengers.

The Road to City Hall The city Campaign Finance Board is looking into some contributions Rep. Anthony Weiner's mayoral campaign received from a model-studded fund-raiser *** FUROR OVER BOGUS BALLOTS *** Democrats Agonize but Go Work for Bloomberg *** The Manhattan GOP, which could make or break Bloomberg's bid for the Republican ballot line, won't likely vote for several weeks *** Bloomberg's Golden Republican *** Sunday Votes Counted in Staten Island Race *** Slush fund keeps former councilman in the money from the NY Post *** Lisbeg: Mayor Mike's playing union card *** A candidate for controller challenges the old ethnic alliances Louis DN *** Intrigue in Queens - Borough President *** Liu Adds Name To Comptroller Race

The City DON'T HIKE DISABLED FARES: POLS *** MIKE RIPS STIM '$TIFF' *** SPARE THE WEALTH: MAYOR: RICH TAX WOULD SOCK THE POOR *** Mayor Bloomberg: 'We love the rich people' *** Port Authority, City Reach Crane Safety Agreement *** ‘Mafia Cops’ Get Life, and Their Pensions *** Art Galleries With Less of a Profit Motive Flourish in Brooklyn *** Brooklyn Establishes Real Estate Crime Unit *** Looking for Bottom in N.Y. Real Estate *** Manhattan Republicans Draw Out the Bloomberg Suspense *** NYC is Not So Manly *** Council Groups Don't Meet New Standards, Don't Get Funds *** Queens Courier vs. DOB *** From the Queens Courier *** NYC hemorrhaging jobs From Crain's *** Columbia may break its promise to restaurant From The Real Deal *** DOB statement re: online building plans *** Midtown office tower sold at deep discount *** Group seeks $57M in stimulus funds for Pier 40... *** MTA rescue express: Bailout possible by Monday *** Oops! City loses Social Security numbers *** Bam's gifts to British PM Brown leave Brits aghast ***PMTN Are New Yorkers Satisfied? That Depends *** Yanks Claim Witch Hunt as Pols Try to Mandate Cheap Tix *** Queens pols slam plan for East River bridge tolls *** The Answer to Our Question About NYC Density Destiny Is National News *** Sunday TIX'ED-OFF BUSTS SOAR - traffic agent assults *** DISABLED FIRE RETIREES JOIN 100G+ CLUB: OT-PADDED GOLDEN YEARS ***
: ERROR-PRONE DOCS TOP NYC MALPRACTICE ROLLS *** Sunday MTA HURTS OUR UNION TALKS: MIKE *** Looking for Bottom in N.Y. Real Estate*** The inside story from Morgenthau *** Debate over gas storage station off Rockaways ***Go ahead, shake up MTA, mayor says *** Homes Hit Auction Block At Javits Center *** MEGA-AUCTION TO HAMMER IT 'HOME': CITY'S BIGGEST-EVER FORECLOSE FIRE SALE *** Bloomberg Touts Report On City Health *** Queens Youth Center Faces Funding Shortfall

Albany 'ROCKY' BUDGET: SENATE POWER PLAY: TIE DRUG LAWS TO $$ VOTE *** Senate will fold Rocky drug law reform into budget proposal *** Little Impact Is Foreseen Over Change for Emissions *** A Need to Clear the Air *** Gov. David Paterson’s willingness to listen to only one side when deciding to reopen rules on a pact to reduce greenhouse gas emissions raises serious questions about the way he makes decisions - NYT Ed *** Cuomo Fights Bank of America Over Testimony *** NY Senate Republicans propose budget alternative *** Bigger, Better Bottle Bill Hearing *** Bennett steps down as Regents chancellor *** Tax the rich and teachers too? *** State’s shrinking pension fund making riskier bets *** Paterson downplays his clean-air position *** MTA rescue express *** BofA threatens ex-worker with suit over Cuomo bonus probe *** Smith's Rocky road: Sen. Dems punt on drug laws *** Bonus Buster Andrew Cuomo Will Not Be Stymied *** The Economy Slides Toward 1982 *** Madoff May Have Stolen Less Than Thought *** Obama's Mortgage Plan Is What We Need - Governor David Paterson, WSJ *** Richard Lipsky takes on the liquor store lobby ***PMTN Obama: Endure, Find Opportunity in Time of Crisis *** Sunday THE KING OF FLOP: GOV FACES DOOM AFTER YEAR OF FIASCOS *** Old pro Silver runs power rings around newbie Smith *** MTA rescue express *** Hard-hit New York State may ax veteran school drug counselors *** Editorial: Make a stand, Malcolm 0n MTA aide - DNEd

President Obama STEM STUDY BOO$T: O UNDOES W. VETO *** Stem-cell policy change liberating to researchers *** Obama Set to Reverse Bush’s Stem-Cell Restrictions *** BAM'S BEAR OF A START - stock market falls *** Obama: Crisis is time of `great opportunity' ***Health overhaul could stall over government role *** Obama on stimulus: 'I know we did the right thing' *** Bam's gifts to British PM Brown leave Brits aghast *** Bam's gifts to Brown fall flat *** London aghast at President Obama *** Gingrich hints at 2012 presidential run *** People dying for jobs - except at Treasury Dept. *** Cybersecurity Chief Resigns *** Obama Puts Defense Industry on Notice *** Attacks on Obama Get Hysterical - Bob Herbert, New York Times *** George W. Obama? - Jackson Diehl, Washington Post *** Biden's Speech to the AFL-CIO Executive Committee - Joe Biden *** PMTN PoliticsObama Chides Holder For Calling America "Nation Of Cowards" Over Race *** Lobbyists slipping into Obama administration *** Photos of the 2008 Campaign *** The Private Equity Death Watch - Wolff VF *** Obama Rebuts AG's Race Comment *** Obama: Crisis = "Great Opportunity" -video *** Sunday NYT SUNDAY: Obama can not assure economy will grow again by end of year; Urges Americans not to 'stuff money in mattresses'... *** White House Missing from Funding Bill Debate *** Obama discusses Holder's 'cowards' remark *** Obama: Don't fear the future *** Obama Considering Afghanistan Options *** Obama nominates 3 to key Treasury Department posts *** Obama: US should reach out to Taliban moderates *** Obama: Time of crisis can be 'great opportunity' *** Analysis: Obama's ambitious plans raise questions *** Obama Turkey visit to focus on Iraq, Afghanistan *** Obama Ponders Outreach to Elements of the Taliban (NYT) *** U.S. To Cut Iraq Troops by 12,000 in Six Months *** Let's make the best of it, Obama tells Americans *** Bam's gifts to Brown fall flat *** PAPER: Obama to bring Cuba in from the cold; Ready to ease restrictions on travel, trade... ***

Congress Top House Republican Pushes Spending Freeze... *** Minnesota Supremes rule: No Senate certificate for Franken... *** NY'S SENATORS REFUSE TO 'VOUCH' FOR PUPILS *** $TALLED POLS OK STOPGAP*** For McCain, a Dual Role, Center Stage *** Congress Passes Stopgap Bill To Avoid Shutdown *** Firms Fight Bill to Ease Unionization *** Obama's Mortgage Plan Is What We Need - Governor David Paterson, WSJ *** Let The Inquisition Start With Frank - Investor's Business Daily ***PMTN GOP Gunning for Reid in 2010 *** Democrats Rap Limbaugh for Remarks On Kennedy *** Senate Bill Aims to Outlaw Voter Suppression Tactic *** Will Specter Switch Parties? *** IL Prosecutor Ramps Up Perjury Investigation Of Burris *** Sunday Pelosi, Reid learn about life in Obama's shadow *** Big Pharma’s Top Lobbyist Said What? *** Senate Republicans Block Omnibus Spending Measure Over Earmarks *** G.O.P. Senators Say Some Big Banks Can Be Allowed to Fail *** Orszag: Pork-laden bills 'will not happen'

International Clinton meets with Turkish leaders *** Britain Will Get up to 75% Stake in Lloyds *** Hil presses 'reset button' during Russia nukes talks *** Woman in Saudi Arabia arrested for driving *** China's Soaring Lending Stands Out *** Think Twice on Persecuting Bashir - P. Stares & A. Noyes, Newsweek *** Pakistan Is Living in Denial - Azeem Ibrahim, Middle East Times *** Britain Needs a New Left - Neal Lawson & John Harris, New Statesman *** World Recovery Up to China, U.S. - Robert Zoellick & Justin Yifu Lin, WaPo *** Afghan President Agrees To Delay Election *** Clinton Talks Fashion Sense, Falling In Love With Bill On Turkish TV *** Clinton: Obama to Visit Turkey *** The Collapse of Iceland’s Economy *** Sunday Watching Darfuris Die *** IRAN TEST FIRES NEW LONG-RANGE MISSILE *** Olmert: No peace without dividing Jerusalem ... *** Radio Netherlands begins week devoted to Zimbabwe *** Pope to Visit Middle East in May *** Dissident I.R.A. Faction Claims Responsibility for Shooting of Soldiers *** A.I.G., Where Taxpayers’ Dollars Go to Die *** TIME: Iraq's Unspeakable Crime: Mothers Pimping Their Daughters

National AP Source: Prosecutor seeking FBI tapes of Burris *** CIA Destroyed 12 Harsh Interrogation Videotapes *** Party In Turmoil: More RNC Members Voice Concerns About Steele *** Calif. court decides fate of Prop. 8 *** The GOP's Limbaugh Dilemma *** Stimulus Sparks Fights in States *** Massachusetts considers video slot parlors... *** Border lawmakers fear extent of drug-cartel violence *** D.C. vote bill gives hope to Puerto Rico proponents *** Minn. Gov. Pawlenty: GOP must modernize to win back electorate *** FANNIE MAE AND FINANCIAL DEREGULATION: A reminder of how things were, as compared to the revisionist history being peddled now *** Siegelman Appeal: Court Reverses Two Counts But Upholds Others *** Sunday Steele Boos G.O.P. When He Isn’t Cheering *** Op-Classic, 1992: Firing Up the G.O.P. *** Rush is (talking) head of the GOP *** Budget war can really smart, Colin tells Hil *** Sexy Image Hurts Vegas as Companies Back Off *** Politico: Bobby Jindal's 'Kenneth The Page' Problem *** Steele and the Near-Sighted Elephant Herd *** Healthcare system pinched by nursing shortage; 116,000 hospital nurse positions unfilled... *** New Ad Hits GOPers On Budget: Who Are You With? Rush Or America? *** A Promising Convergence on Health *** The plight of young, uninsured Americans *** Gingrich Piles On Rush: Hoping For Obama's Failure Is "Irrational" *** Steele: "I"m Trying To Move An Elephant That's Become Mired In Its Own Muck"

Wall Street Mess GET SET TO ROT, BERNIE: WAIVES GRAND JURY AS FEDS EYE GUILTY PLEA *** Plea Deal Could Be In The Works For Bernard Madoff *** GM shares hit lowest point in 75 years... *** Trump luxury resort folds, leaving buyers strapped... *** UNEMPLOYMENT HITS HIGHEST LEVEL SINCE '83 *** Employment Picture Worsens... *** Top House Republican Pushes Spending Freeze... *** Huge layoffs push joblessness toward double digits *** Job Losses Hint at Vast Remaking of Economy *** Madoff Is Expected to Plead Guilty on Thursday *** When Jobs Go Missing - NYT Ed *** A Gloomy Outlook for Home Sales’ Big Season *** BusinessNew NY Fed Chief Slams Bankers Over 'Self-Interest' *** BusinessAnn Taylor To Shutter 163 Stores By 2010 *** Cash pours into the big banks—except Citi *** BofA to ex-worker: talk bonuses with Cuomo and we'll sue *** U.S. unemployment hits 25-year high *** Nation's unemployment rate rises to 8.1% *** 'Rebalancing' Portfolio Is Tough Ride *** The Global Economy Unravels - Michael Auslin & Desmond Lachman, Forbes *** Recession Strips Men and Women Bare - Janice Turner, Times of London *** Ohio school gets 700 applicants -- for one janitorial job! *** Kerry: 'Animal House' Party Days Are Over for Banks... *** PMTN Flower Shows Wilt Under Recession *** Trade Associations Hit Hard by the Recession *** Hedge-Fund Time Bomb *** America Needs to Cancel Its Debt *** Vanity Fair’s Recession Archive *** Wall Street: Profiles in Panic *** The Death of Planet Finance *** Blogging the Stimulus New Yorker *** Banking on Bankers *** Sunday AUTHORS IN A 'HEDGE' ROW
SOCIALITE WAR OVER 'RIP-OFF' *** Common Sense in Lending Congress should strengthen protections for borrowers and outlaw the deceptive practices that were used to lure people into loans that they could never hope to pay back - NYT Ed ***An Auto Show Opens in Denial *** Pressure Rises on Banks to Take Aid From Britain *** Madoff Investors Prepare for Court Confrontation *** When Economy Bottoms Out, How Will We Know? *** Who Got AIG's Bailout Billions? *** World's Biggest Banks to Meet In London *** MySpace now offering... a credit card? *** Bernie the graverobber *** The Next Hit: New Wave Of Federally-Backed Mortgages Go Bad Without A Single Payment *** Night of the Living Dead Banks *** Jon Stewart rips financial networks *** Spiritually Rethinking the Economy *** Geithner, alone and working night and day... *** World Bank Says Global Economy Will Shrink in ’09

Media Mess CBS may have to borrow to pay off maturing debt... *** James Bellows, Who Promoted New Journalism, Dies at 86 *** PoliticsLimbaugh: Kennedy Will Be Dead By The Time Health Care Bill Passes *** Washington is crazy for Twitter *** When the End Is Not the End *** PMTN Sacramento Bee Staffers Approve Pay Cuts *** How Silicon Valley Can Help Save Newspapers *** Mother Jones Magazine Tests Nonprofit Model's Strength In Recession *** Fox News CEO Aims To Challenge Obama "Until The Last Shot Is Fired" *** Facebook Founder Unmasked on Twitter *** WATCH: Maddow Interviews Greg Mitchell About Future Of Newspapers *** Limbaugh's Audience Size? It's Largely Up in the Air *** Plight of Ethnic Media Examined at City Council Hearing *** Is the Gray Lady Going Tabloid? *** Newspapers Are A Lot More Than Just The News