Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mayor Calls New Yorkers Wimps

Mayor Calls
New Yorkers

Bloomberg: Get Mad! Straphangers must get "mad as hell" and call state lawmakers stalling on an MTA bailout to demand they prevent the crippling ...
And He is Right . . . Why?
From True News February 17, 2009 New Yorkers Have Lost Their Anger, Soul and Cockiness The increasing power and resources of elected officials, the collapse of the political parties and the weakness of the press to pressure dysfunctional government that serves only lobbyists and their clients has created a permanent ruling class, which has extinguished the trademark New York anger and healthy skepticism that once made this city the center of the world... More
Press Wimps Also . . .
Times Editorial Late and Very Passive
Thanks a Lot, Albany New York’s state senators need to start thinking about people who require public transit to get to work and spare them from fare increases and service cuts.

Molloy: Some ideas for clueless MTA brass So now the MTA wants five bucks a day out of us to ride the subway back and forth to work, and the powers that be in Albany are letting it happen.

The City EYE ON JULY 4 CROWN OPENING: The crown of the Statue of Liberty *** GAME OVER FOR NETS' ATLANTIC YARDS: GEHRY *** Atlantic Yards project is dead, says architect *** OOPS, THE PENSIONS ARE TAXABLE *** ORIGINAL STADIUM IS GOING TO PIECE$ - Yankee Stadium will be chopped up and sold to fans *** BEATLE GAL'S BAD TRACK RECORD: Nancy Shevell showed she couldn't care less about being an MTA board member when she skipped a crucial fare-hike vote and darted off to London with her Beatle beau Paul McCartney *** BX. CHARTER GETS PUT ON PROBATION - Score one for the teachers union in its battle against kids: Though Bronx Prep Charter School students have chalked up terrific academic results, state officials nonetheless put the school on probation yesterday. Why? Because a few of its teachers are technically "uncertified." Brilliant. *** KLEIN KICKS UFT IN THE CLASS: 'WE NEED BOLD LEADERSHIP IN PUBLIC EDUCATION. YOU'RE NOT GOING TO GET THAT WITH DIVIDED AUTHORITY. THE MAYOR HAS TO BE ACCOUNTABLE.' *** MAYORAL CONTROL of SCHOOLS A WINNER IN POLL *** ACT 2 FOR OLD-TIME THEATER: RIDGEWOOD TO REOPEN *** THE CITY'S H2O-VERHAUL The city's creaky water system has entered the 21st century with wireless technology that will eventually allow homeowners to monitor their consumption four times a day *** COLUMBIA TOPS NYU Downtown schools are so last year. Columbia University has overtaken NYU as the most desirable city school among college applicants nationwide *** OLDE 'APPLE' FARM: '1ST EVER' PHOTO OF UPTOWN FOR SALE *** City to seize Vietnam Veteran's property for developer From the Juniper Berry *** Former hospital staff still without jobs From the Daily News *** Rockaway island builder donated to pols From the Daily News *** Big landlord takes hit on falling apt. rents *** Tenants facing rent de-regulation win reprieve *** Taxi Commission Says Credit Cards Help Drivers *** For Mets Fans, a Menu Beyond Peanuts and Cracker Jack *** Yankee Stadium Has a Full Plate *** Suit Challenges City Plan to Replace Three Schools *** CUNY Meets Ambitious Fund-Raising Goal 3 Years Early *** DEP floats fat raises to staffers *** Statue of Liberty will open for the public again on July 4th *** The Last El Train *** For enough cheese, Rat Island is yours *** Bloomberg’s counsel pens an op-ed calling for an end to “double-dipping” workers who collect disability pension and sue government.

Road to City Hall MIKE'S 'COLD' RETORT Mayor Bloomberg brushed off a new poll yesterday that found some New Yorkers think he's stony and unfriendly, saying "I am what I am" and that there's nothing warm and fuzzy about... *** GOP Source: George Pataki Mulling Another Go for Governor *** Bloomberg vs. Parker

Albany Gov Orders 8,900 LayoffsALBANY Gov. Paterson yesterday announced dramatic plans to lay off 8,900 state workers after public-employee unions rejected ... *** 8,900 ARE TARGETED AFTER UNIONS NIX MAJOR GIVEBACKS *** With No Union Concessions, State Plans to Cut 9,000 Jobs *** TRIAL LAWYERS' BOON - Paterson wants to hand the state's powerful trial lawyers a huge cash bonanza by rolling back a two-decades-old reform law that capped legal fees from medical-malpractice awards... *** SPITZER PROBE TO EXPOSE ALL A judge has rejected former Gov. Eliot Spitzer's attempt to keep his name out of documents related to the prostitution probe that forced him from office *** State May Lay Off 8,900 *** Weighing Paterson's Tax-Hike Choice *** Cuomo Basks in AIG Bonus Victory *** The new Paterson PR - Pataki-esque? (updated) *** NY budget deficit deepens by at least $2B *** Paterson appoints Latino to key judge seat *** State Official Rigged Civil Service Jobs, a Report Finds *** State Senate Leader Defends Action on Senator Indicted on Assault Charge *** Gonzalez: SEIU prez goes to the extreme *** Editorial: Read it and weep The Daily News' Elizabeth Benjamin got her hands on a report commissioned by then-Senate Minority Leader David Paterson in 2005. Based on staff interviews, it depicts the future governor as the indecisive head of a chaotic operation *** State leaders also announced that the deficit is now $16.2 billion; Republicans say the announcement is a setup for income tax hikes *** Even the president was outshined by Cuomo’s actions against AIG *** Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman pens an op-ed calling for trust in judges on drug reform.

Secrets of a Pollster Stan Greenberg, who polled for Bill Clinton, Nelson Mandela, Ehud Barak and Tony Blair, says that the best leaders learn from their crashes, adjust, persist and succeed Friedman, NYT

President Obama OBAMA: WE MUST LASSO WALL STREET: MAKES PITCH FOR NEW REGULATORY POWER *** Obama to critics: I'll bend, but not break *** Analysis: Teleprompter telegraphs Obama caution *** FACT CHECK: Obama having it both ways on economy? *** White House steps up anti-cartel fight on border *** 'War on Terror' Over ... Sort of *** Nominee For Tarp Is Out *** In a Volatile Time, Obama Strikes a New Tone for Crisis *** Behind the Scenes A lot of hard work goes into a presidential news conference *** OBAMA DITCHES TELEPROMPTER FOR GIANT TV MONITOR... *** Obama skips major papers: No NYT, WASHPOST, WSJ, USATODAY... *** MediaKurtz: Media Harder On Obama This Time *** Should White House Employees Keep Their Bailout Bonuses? *** Obama Global Op-Ed Appears In Over 30 Papers Worldwide *** Obama Preaches Patience *** Obama as Secretive as Bush? *** Madoff secretary moved up...big time Annette Bongiorno, the longtime aide to Bernie Madoff went from middle-class Howard Beach to high-falutin' Boca Raton while signing up friends and families for her boss' Ponzi scheme *** Site for Bernie vics offers Web of relief *** Liesman: Bam's plan is same old plot with better ending It's deja vu all over again. Five months ago, Congress gave then-Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson what most thought was a $700 billion check to buy the toxic assets from the nation's banks as part of the Troubled Asset Relief Program *** Obama Links Budget Plan to Recovery *** What Obama Said and What He Meant - Harris & Martin, Politico *** Populism, Paranoia, and President Obama - George Packer, New Yorker *** What if Obama Only Makes it Worse? - John Ibbitson, Globe & Mail *** Obama's Primetime Press Conference - The White House

Op-Ed: A.I.G., I Quit! A letter to Edward M. Liddy from an executive in the company’s financial products unit.

Wall Street Mess Geithner, Bernanke want executive pay standards *** Officials seek new power over financial companies *** Nobel Laureates Trash Plan For Toxic Assets *** Tim And Ben: Deputize Us *** A FASHION WEDGIE: SHORT-PANTS DESIGNER FIGHTS TO STAY OUT OF BANKRUPTCY *** TREASURY'S PLAN TOXIC FOR MARTS *** DOUBLE-DIPPERS CITI, BOFA BUYING BACK LAUNDERED LOANS AT LOWER RATES *** You Wouldn't Like Bernanke When He's Angry *** Bankrupt 1-800-Mattress plans merger with Slee... *** U.S. Plan Seeking Expanded Power in Seizing Firms *** Top Hedge Fund Managers Do Well in a Down Year *** JPMorgan's Jets The bank says it will wait until government funds are repaid before replacing two corporate planes *** World’s Airlines Are Said to Be Facing Heavy Losses in ’09 *** A Hollywood Pitch: Bring the Junkets Back *** Trading Fees Cut for Stock Exchanges *** Civil War: Angry Execs Slam Anti-Wall-Street Rhetoric ***
AIG's London Holdouts
*** Will AIG Villain Testify? *** Bernanke, Geithner Seek More Power *** On Wall Street, Talk of Trust and Civil War *** Volcker Says China Chose to Buy Dollars *** Toxic Assets Were Hidden Assets *** Developers Scale Back Luxury Projects *** Wall Street's Love-Hate for Treasury Plan - Jon Birger, Fortune *** Rescuing Banks, Again - Chicago Tribune *** Reality Check on Federal Deficit Forecasts - Philadelphia Inquirer *** Goldman Sachs: Masters of the Bailout - Washington Examiner *** Chairman Bernanke's Testimony on AIG - Ben Bernanke *** Larry Summers on the Plan for Bad Assets - The NewsHour *** A Successful Bank Rescue is Still Far Away - Martin Wolf, Financial Times

International Narco wars loom over Clinton agenda in Mexico *** Hillary Aide Half-Assed 'Reset' Button Research *** Next Foreign Crisis Could Be Next Door - Drug violence, the recession and immigration are some of the issues straining U.S.-Mexican relations *** European Bank Resists Printing Money *** YouTube Blocked in China, Google Says *** I.M.F. Approves Romanian Rescue *** German Retailer Expected to Buy Music Download Firm *** Weak Pound Pushes Up Prices in Britain *** BANK OF ENGLAND WARNS PRIME MINISTER: STOP THE SPENDING! *** Labor Joins Israeli Coalition *** N. Korea Warns U.N. on Sanctions ***Israel's Labor, Netanyahu Set Coalition *** Pension Glut Fuels Crisis in Hungary *** HSBC May Cut 1,200 U.K. Jobs *** Iran's Problem: The Great Satan Turns on Charm - David Blair, Telegraph *** A Killer Forces a Choice in Darfur - Michael Gerson, Washington Post