Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Historic First-Ever Online Election in New York

Historic First-Ever Online Election in New York
An Answer to Falling Voter Participation in NY

New York City is about to embark on an historic and pioneering expedition in the Internet age. The first ever Internet election held completely online, is about to take place in our great city. Held by the Board of Education, it is the election that will determine who will have a voice in the future of our children’s education here in New York.

In this groundbreaking effort, New York City public school parents will vote online to elect over 300 of their peers to serve in parental advisory boards throughout NYC school districts, representing the needs of their children and communities. The Community and Citywide Education Council (CEC) elections will be held in April and the candidate application deadline is March 19. Unless significant steps are taken by community activists like yourself to spread the word and recruit candidates, a number of schools and neighborhoods across New York may go unrepresented.

The history of Internet voting is short. In March of 2000 the Arizona Democratic Party held the first binding primary election that allowed voters the choice of casting a legal vote over the Internet. It was used again in 2004 when the Federal voting assistance program (through the SERVE initiative) allowed Uniformed Services Members and US citizens living overseas to vote online from anywhere in the world.

Here at ChangeNYC.Org we have been strong advocates for Internet elections in the belief that they will further grassroots Democracy in our city and in our country. WHY: We can think of no better reason to get involved than that of our children’s education and the very future of New York City. We urge you to run for these seats and claim your voice.

The application deadline is Thursday, March 19th
Let’s set an example for our children and utilize our great and powerful Democracy to improve their lives. Please go to: PowertotheParents.org and apply today!

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