Saturday, February 21, 2009

Weekend True News - Updated All Weekend Long

$45B IN SPENDING - more than any other state - yet its residents receive just average health care. The state's Medicaid bill dwarfs the $34 billion spent by California - which has more than double New York's population - and is almost three times as much as Texas. Paterson, defended his plan to shift more Medicaid dollars from costly facility beds to preventive care - and blasted the health-care lobby for lying about the plan in TV ads. *** Study: N.Y. Spends The Most For Average Quality Health Care.

Assembly GOV CRACKS OPEN DOOR TO TAXING THE RICH *** Albany, Don’t Bank on the Feds (NYT Ed) *** Paterson Admits He Ordered Staff To Deny Kennedy Was Top Choice

The City BLOOMY'S 2ND ALERT ON NJ BIZ POACHERS *** New Jersey Takes Another Run at a Major New York Employer *** Financial Problems Close Sports Museum *** Subway and Bus Ridership Sets Record *** NYC Food Co-Op May Ban Israeli Products To Protest Gaza Actions... *** L Subway Line To Be Run By Computers *** L of a change as computer goes on track *** Oh, how that empty (store) feeling hurts - Queens feeling empty *** Hit show Fringe relocates to Vancouver *** Majority of nonprofit theaters cutting back *** TLC HAILS CAB-CALLS FOR DISABLED *** RAIL GOOD: TRANSIT RIDERS UP 3%

Road to City Hall MIKE SKIPS WHITE HOUSE STIMU-LESSON *** Suffering homeowners saw no humor in Mayor's jokes *** NYers can't find alternative to mayor

President Obama WHERE'S THE BEEF FROM, ASKS O *** BILL TO O: BE 'CHEER'LEADER: URGES HAPPIER ATTITUDE ON ECON PUSH *** Obama nixes plan to tax motorists on mileage *** Analysis: Obama plans eclipsing New Deal spending *** Obama: tax cuts will be felt by April 1 *** Obama Pledges to Seek Deficit Cuts *** Critique of Housing Plan Draws Quick White House Offensive *** Video: Santelli's rant on CNBC *** President tries to halt talk of bank nationalization... *** 'Stock Market Gives Obama's First Month An 'F''... *** New plan may tax U.S. drivers for every mile traveled, says Transportation Secretary Roy LaHood *** Hillary: China talks can't be tied to human rights *** BusinessObama Adviser Volcker: Economic Crisis May Be Worse Than Great Depression *** Obama: Tax Cuts Will Be Felt By April 1

Congress AP Interview: Reid pushing for climate change bill *** THE INFLUENCE GAME: Stimulus still aiding K Street *** Senator Gillibrand may like guns, but she's no straight shooter - NYP Ed *** Burris remains the junior US senator from Illinois, though the odds of him keeping a job he has held for just five weeks are shrinking rapidly - NYP Ed *** Schumer: Maybe I am for nationalization *** Video: Chuck and Jesus *** Blog: Jesus + Chuck = Anti-Semitism??? *** Gillibrand on LI: Against high property taxes *** Dodd's big mouth: Connecticut senator should do the stock market a favor and keep his trap shut *** Franken: "We're Going To Win Soon"

U.S. Chicago Links Street Cameras to Its 911 Network *** The California Budget Crisis May Yield Sea Change in Election Politics *** Drought to cut off federal water to California farms...

International Clinton assures China on investments in US *** China Starts Investing Globally *** Netanyahu will form new government... *** Swiss giant UBS to release thousands *** George Clooney visits Darfur refugees *** WorldIran Blocks Websites Supporting Reformist Candidate Khatami

Wall Street Mess THREADBARE FAIR: GARMENT JOB HUNT IS GRIM *** MADOFF DIDN'T INVEST ONE DOLLAR FOR 13 YEARS *** Career Options for Ex-Wall Street Workers *** Bleak Job Picture Is Another Side of Fashion *** Fraud Case Shakes a Billionaire’s Caribbean Realm *** Growing Worry on Rescue Takes a Toll on Banks
More Customers Give Up the Cellphone Contract *** Saab in Bankruptcy Filing; G.M. Seeks More Aid *** 6 Governors May Reject Portions of Stimulus *** Mining Company to Cut 19,000 Jobs *** Chip Maker’s Units File for Chapter 11 *** SOROS: ECONOMIC TURBULENCE WORSE THAN GREAT DEPRESSION... *** Fears for BofA and CITI rattle markets... *** GM shares hit 74-year low... *** Baseball stars' funds frozen in latest big banking scam *** Mortgage bailout war of words: Obama aide slams pundit *** ACORN digs in to keep owners in their homes... *** Debate rages on mortgage plan *** Pfizer lowers amount of execs' severance payou... *** Harvard Scrambling To Pay Its Bills *** GreenElectric Cars Get Boost From Stimulus *** DOJ: Nigerian Scammed Citibank Out of $27 Million *** Madoff Never Made Supposed Investments *** Madoff investors burned for 13 years

Media Spike Lee wants boycott of NY Post *** Spike Lee Calls Post Cartoon "An Insult To Everybody" *** Mayor Michael Bloomberg launches drive to help TV, print and Internet media *** Conan Ends 16-Year "Late Night" In NYC *** ComedyLate Night Jokes Of The Week *** MediaWATCH Ann Coulter: Chris Matthews Wants To Have Sex With Obama