Tuesday, February 24, 2009

True News Daily Update

The City Milwaukee Archbishop Introduced As Cardinal Egan's Successor *** AN ENGAGING MAN OF CLOTH *** A Genial Conservative for New York’s Archdiocese *** NY now a city with too many condos from Gotham Gazette *** Illegal conversions now official *** FAT IN THE LIBRARIES (NYP Ed) *** Rail Slow Going On Subways - Forever! *** MTA Holds Monthly Meeting On Construction & Finance *** As Revenue Falls, M.T.A.’s Deficit Could Rise by $650 Million *** Subway Ridership Fell in January *** Fully automated L train hits the tracks *** MTA makes final push on Albany to pass bailout and avoid fare hikes *** MTA to cut weekend subway service - even if there is state bailout *** Bureaucrats - & class size - up sharply *** LANE LENSES TO NAB CABS *** All in the family - Gambino crime family *** Film's a love letter to South B'klyn *** Marty's Boardwalk plea - wants federal bailout.

"It's also true that it's easy to rile against the 'rich.' I saw one group wants to give affordable housing to people up to $240,000 income a year, but [at] $250,000 they're millionaires and we've got to tax 'em." - Mayor Bloomberg, calling attention recently to the hypocrisy of New York's union-front Working Families Party agitating to both extend rent regulations and drastically hike income taxes - (NYP Ed)

Road to City Hall Special Elections To Be Held Tuesday In Queens, Staten Island *** 3 elections today, but who knew? from Room Eight *** Paper ballots will be used in the 49th CD election due to the last-minute return to the ballot of John Tabacco *** Three Seats on Council to Be Filled in Elections *** Adolfo's departure creates fallout *** Jim Tedisco is being attacked for taking campaign contributions from a fallen mortgage tycoon.

Albany $410B BILL TURNS GRAPES INTO PORK *** STIMULUS GREEN-LIGHTS UPSTATE ROAD WORK *** Alt PIT proposal: middle class tax cut, rebated through debit card *** Paterson announces first stimulus-funded projects; GOP varies in response *** Cuomo wants Thain to give up bonus details *** Cuomo Has More Questions on Merrill Bonuses *** Legislators are feisty, frustrated at the budget forecast meeting *** The state announces the first stimulus projects - some legislators are concerned about transparency in the process *** State courts: Leader Lippman's Lack link *** The state Commission on Judicial Conduct proposed removing two brothers who are both judges from the bench *** Albany Dems ring dinner bell for pork despite budget gap *** A state panel proposed building a racino and hotel at Belmont Park; Paterson embraced the idea, but other legislative leaders weren't so quick to sign on *** Paterson Aide To Gov's Wife $oaking Up Raise (NYP)*** Why Paterson's Sin Taxes Are Illogical (NYM) *** Gov. David Paterson issues a proclamation to set the 20th CD special election to replace Kirsten Gillibrand. The proclamation spells her name wrong *** Paterson Tries to Look Sharp as Critics Keep Hammering *** Is Charles in charge again? Paterson bringing back O'Byrne makes no sense *** PM Paterson Is Weakest He’s Ever Been by Every Measure * Voters Rate Direction & Fiscal Condition of New York as Worst Ever * Confidence in State Leaders to Resolve Budget Crisis Erodes *** PolitickerNYBartoletti: Paterson-O'Byrne Arrangement May Be a Little Too Cute *** State grants dry up: Local nonprofits feel pinch; lawmakers blame politics *** O'Byrne Status Still Murky *** MTA Board Members Call On Albany For Bail Out *** PolitickerNY: Paterson Blames Low Poll Numbers on Ads, Senate Circus.

This is exactly what the American people rejected when they went to the polls. They sent us here to usher in a new era of responsibility in Washington, to start living within our means again and being straight with them.- President Barack Obama

Speech glimpse: hope and reality “There are two missions here,” David Axelrod says on MSNBC’s "Morning Joe."

President Obama WALL STREETER TAPPED TO GET DETROIT IN GEAR *** O'S A PRICE CHOPPER: NIXES PLAN TO SPEND $11B ON HELICOPTERS *** MICHELLE'S 'FIRST' LADY OF US: POLL *** Obama’s Mandate - Polls *** Obama pitching a broad economic case to nation *** Obama uses humor at White House summit *** Obama pledges to slash deficit - after increase... *** TAKE 3: Obama likely to name Locke to Commerce... *** Official Says Ex-Governor Is New Commerce Choice *** Obama promises outreach to GOP... *** Survey Reveals Broad Support for President *** Stanford Had Links to a Fund Run by Bidens *** Obama Calls for Fiscal Restraint *** Split Over Big Government Persists *** Obama Wants to Move the Center Left *** Obama whacks budget 'dishonesty' of Bush *** WATCH: McCain Confronts Obama About Marine One *** Business: AIG Braces For Biggest Quarterly Loss In Corporate History *** WATCH: Bank Of America Heiress Blasts Bank Leaders As 'Idiots' *** Obama Takes Shot At GOP Governors: "There's Going To Be Ample Time For Campaigns" *** Speech to Congress to be a State of the Union-lite *** Obama Goes Primetime *** Obama rips GOP govs' stimulus stance ***Obama's Moral Majority - Jonathan Haidt, Prospect Magazine *** That Can’t-Do Spirit - Bob Herbert, New York Times *** Obama Finds the Bush Center - Jonah Goldberg, Los Angeles Times *** Obama Should Rebuke Holder - Tunku Varadarajan, Forbes *** Obama Deports Winston Churchill - Frank Gaffney, Washington Times

What Part of ‘Stimulus’ Don’t They Get? The Republican Party seems more interested in ideological warfare than in working on policies that get the country back on track. (NYT Ed)

Congress HILL'S BILL BACKS GILL *** LI POL KING: GITMO LIKE CLUB MED *** Lawmakers seek new gov't agency for food safety *** Out of Congress and still out of work *** Senate to take test vote on Solis *** Room for Debate Bipartisanship *** Stimulus Is Early Focus in New York House Race *** The Filibuster Myth: Dems Can't Make Republicans Talk All Night *** NY Senators to GOP governors: Give us your cash! *** Senator apologizes over Ginsburg cancer comments *** House Unveils New Spending Bill *** Can the GOP Comeback In The Northeast? - Stuart Rothenberg, Roll Call *** CBC to Obama: Don't forget us *** Inside the Hoyer-Cantor feud *** Did Senate leaders blow it on Burris? *** Rove skips House Judiciary deposition.

National DC optimistic about getting the vote *** Budget Spurs Move to Amend Calif. Law *** In Arizona, a Paradise Found and Lost *** 'A Chicago Tea Party' - Chicago Tribune Ed *** The Media's Inept Coverage of Race Issues - Walkerdev, CFLF *** Arnold - a loner inside GOP.

Wall Street Mess CITI'S PARSONS SPOTTED AT WHITE HOUSE *** AIG Seeks More US Funds As Record Loss Looms... *** Battle over UBS secret accounts to take months... *** Advisers readying bankruptcy financing for automakers... *** AMERICAN EXPRESS paying card holders to close their accounts... *** John Thain Refuses to Reveal the Information *** It’s 1997 All Over Again *** Top Freak-outs of the Financial Crisis *** Nationalization As 'American As Apple Pie' *** Citi bondholders await their fate *** JPMorgan cuts dividend to a nickel *** Major stock indexes fall to 1997 levels *** AIG evaluates new funding with NY Fed *** Barneys facing an inventory pinch *** U.S. Pressed to Add Billions to Bailouts *** A 3rd Rescue Would Give U.S. 40% of Citigroup *** Home Depot Cites Store Closings in Posting a Loss *** U.A.W. Agrees to Concessions at Ford *** UBS May Face Trial on U.S. Demand for Clients’ Names *** TVs for Eco-Minded Couch Potatoes *** Furloughs Hit the White-Collar Set *** AIG Seeks to Ease Bailout Terms *** Time for a Showdown With Switzerland *** Inching Closer to Nationalization Slate's Today's Papers *** Judge: Ex-Merrill Lynch CEO Must Answer Questions *** Investors might have to repay 'false' Madoff profits *** AmEx: Pay up & get $300 *** Dow falls to '97 level *** AG presses ex-Merrill Lynch CEO on bonus details *** Treasury's Unreality Show - Wall Street Journal Ed *** Nationalize Banks? We Already Have - David Knowles, Political Machine *** The Disastrous Formula That Killed Wall Street - Felix Salmon, Wired *** U.S. Banks, and the Big Global Screwup - Terence Corcoran, National Post *** Dollar Is the 'Looker' Among Ugly Currencies - Michael Sesit, Bloomberg *** Yap trap: Pols talk, markets dive *** PM TARGET profit falls 41%...MACY'S reports 59% drop...OFFICE DEPOT shows $1.5B loss... *** Consumer Confidence Hits New Low *** Bernanke: Recession Should End This Year.

International Obama to meet with Japan Prime Minister Tara Aso *** Asia Follows Wall St.’s Downward Slump *** Across Atlantic, Echoes in R.B.S.’s Lifeline *** U.S. to Give $900 Million in Gaza Aid, Officials Say *** Hillary Clinton to pledge $900M in aid to Gaza *** Hillary's Silence on Chinese Human Rights - Washington Post *** As It Falters, Eastern Europe Raises Risks *** Clooney: Obama Told Me He Will Appoint A High-Level Darfur Envoy *** Looted Iraq Museum Reopens *** North Korea Prepares Satellite *** Nuclear Iran? Decision Time is Here - Gideon Rachman, Financial Times *** The War on Terror Goes On - David Aaronovitch, Times of London *** Pakistan's Extremist Triumph - Ahmed Rashid , Los Angeles Times *** Empty Rhetoric about Human Rights - Anne Applebaum, Washington Post *** Three envoys, three titles - Ben Smith, Politico

Health Care Health care costs to top $8,000 per person *** Medicaid $ flows, Obama says use it to prevent cuts *** Government Intrusion in Health Care? Bring It On *** Obama Is Asked to Reappoint Ground Zero Health Official *** Obama: $15B from stimulus for Medicaid *** Health Care to Bankrupt US? *** Obama Announces $15B for State Medicaid Programs *** Obama announces health care summit.

Media STATEMENT FROM RUPERT MURDOCH - that cartoon *** President Peter Chernin to leave Murdoch's NEWS CORP.... *** The Right to Offend Is Sacred *** Sharpton Calls For FCC To Investigate Post's Owner *** Murdoch Back in Charge *** Chimp Writes NY Post Editor's Obit *** Murdoch apologizes for chimp cartoon *** BY MICHAEL WOLFF *** Oops! The Media Tweeted *** « Back to the grid Next story *** Tracking Washington's Twitterati *** At Times 'Hack Day,' Geeks Are Invited to Make a Newspaper Work on the Web *** PM MURDOCH WARNS: NATIONS WILL BE REDEFINED, FUTURES ALTERED *** NEWSPAPERS TO GET TAXPAYER $$ FOR 'INTERNET TRAINING' *** Murdoch Issues Apology Over Post Cartoon; Sharpton Continues Call For Boycott.