Friday, February 20, 2009

Cartoon: Not the First Time

Not the First Time

This New York Post flyer caused a racial incident and criminal investigation after it was distributed in white neighborhoods in Brooklyn during the Democratic Primary runoff in 2001.

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Organizing on the internet National Action Network calls people to the rally at the Post HQ *** Facebook BOYCOTT THE RACIST NEW YORK POST! has was started two days ago and already has 500 members as of 9AM *** NY'rs Rally in Protest of NYPost Cartoon Tomorrow Noon; Read Rev. Sharpton's Statement *** Sharpton Spanks the Monkey Cartoon - Blogrunner ***

The City BX. BEEP GOES TO WASHINGTON *** MIKE TAKES A BIG DIG AT 2ND AVE. SUBWAY - destroying every business on Second Avenue *** FED BONU$ FOR CITY ED. 'INNOVATION' *** NYU Students Barricaded Up To Protest Budget... *** Cops, crowd scuffle outside NYU student protest *** Man Claims Racial Profiling In Subway Search *** Massive Cutter Head Poised to Drill Tunnel for 7 Train Extension *** Judge Upholds City Ban on Section 8 Rent Bias *** M.T.A. Plan for Revenue Draws Host of Critics *** NYC Transit tests three-door bus in Bronx *** New Education Secretary Visits Brooklyn School *** Podcast: Census Expert Down for the Count *** MTA denies money to Ratner *** Marty wants stim cash for Atlantic Yards *** City layoffs first hurdle for new prez of DC37 local *** Citigroup gave $$ to signers of Mets' stadium letter [Spin Cycle] *** TIGHTER BELT$ AT FASHION WEEK *** The Park Slope Food Co-op considers banning some food from Israel to protest that governent policy.

Road to City Hall Bloomberg Efforts Support From Controversial Party Line *** Political Parties Don't Want Bloomberg Back *** Carrión’s White House Appointment Creates a Job Opportunity *** Pedro Espada, John Catsimatidis trade barbs *** Even Despot Gets Message Mayor Missed *** Brooklyn Papers hits David Yassky and others over a crackdown on news boxes, which, ironically, the newspaper doesn’t have *** In Howard Beach, City Council candidate Geraldine Chappey evades questions, and gets testy with the audience *** Queens Chronicle Endorsement — Eric Ulrich for City Council *** In Jackson Heights, City Council candidate Julissa Ferreras said she’s had little contact with her former boss, Hiram Monserrate, who she’s trying to replace *** Blues for Mayor Bloomberg? Approval Rating Drops 7 Percentage Points - Marist Poll

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It appears that Iran has walked right up to the threshold of having enough low enriched uranium to provide enough raw material for a single bomb.- Peter Zimmerman, a former chief scientist of the US Arms Control and Disarmament Agency

All of my Swiss banker and lawyer friends have conveyed the same message: That is, one of disbelief and confusion. - William M. Sharp, a Florida tax attorney.

Wall Street Mess INSIDE $10M MORTGAGE SCAM: EXPLOITED LOOSE LOANS THAT KILLED ECONOMY *** US wants Swiss bank UBS to identify tax dodgers *** Swiss bank UBS caves on secrecy to out cheats *** FBI tracks down Texas financier in fraud case *** Cuomo To Grill BofA Boss Lewis *** Madoff Ensnares NYSE Staffer *** 70% of Santander Clients Take Madoff Settlement *** Secret Storm Over UBS *** FEDS ACCUSE UBS BANK OF HELPING TAXPAYERS GO OFFSHORE; 52,000 CUSTOMERS HID ACCOUNTS... *** Bank secrecy threatened... *** UBS Pressed for 52,000 Names in 2nd Inquiry *** Dow at 6-Year-Low *** U.S. Tries a Trillion-Dollar Key for Locked Lending *** Charities Now Seek Bankruptcy Protection *** Newly Poor Swell Lines at Food Banks *** 4 Indicted in $10 Million Subprime Mortgage Fraud *** Its Muscle Car Glory Faded, Pontiac Shrivels Up *** Is Bankruptcy the Answer for Automakers? *** Avon restructures, freezes hiring *** Dow Industrials Close at New Bear Low *** Policing TARP Proves Tricky *** Gas Demand Edges Up *** The Hamptons Half-Price Sale *** Google Shareholders Lose That Loving Feeling *** Jobless Hit With Bank Fees On Benefits *** Debate rages on mortgage plan *** ACORN digs in to keep owners in their homes *** Gonzalez: Union fighting over bank *** The case for the mortgage bailout *** The case against the mortgage bailout *** SC Rep: Opposition to stimulus is slap in face *** Upside-Down Economics - Michael Kinsley, Washington Post *** Money for Idiots - David Brooks, New York Times *** Tracking the Stimulus *** Stanford's Alleged Drug Ties *** Can’t Pay or Won’t Pay? The Debate Over Foreclosures - The Economist *** Flying Blind on the Stimulus - Michael Smerconish, Philadelphia Daily News *** Interview with Larry Summers - The NewsHour *** Bernanke on Fed Policies to Ease Credit - Ben Bernanke *** In Budget Deal, California Shuts $41 Billion Gap *** Bank of America's CEO is subpoenaed *** Time: In tough times, tailors and cobblers thrive