Monday, February 9, 2009

City Hall MTA Turns Its 'Eyes' To Bus Route *** Middle class faces crappy commute *** City floats less-restrictive development rules *** Lisberg: Real estate board is hammerin' for old tax breaks *** City Eyes Ban On Toxic Turf *** FDNY DISABILITY PAY CAUSE FOR ALARM: POL *** CITY DAS PLEAD NOT 'GILT'Y - cutbacks on new hires *** NYC high schoolers not prepared for real tests From the Daily News *** Some Tenants Face an Unfamiliar Squeeze on Their Pocketbooks: An Electric Bill *** Final nails in coffin for city welfare burial fund *** At City’s Synthetic Fields, High Lead Levels Fuel Debate *** DN Ed: Bloomberg: Trim health, pension costs now *** DN Ed: Ram this one through: Fordham University has plans to create a jewel of a campus on itsLincoln Center property - and the city government must get foursquarebehind this project *** ATLANTIC YARDS BIG WANTS PORK PIE *** New Deal Architecture Faces Bulldozer *** Jan. spike in NYC foreclosures spares some areas *** D.C. vs. NYC: Has the balance of power (and the high spirits) really shifted southward? We polled 50 New Yorkers and 50 District denizens to find out *** Bloody mob chop shop could become school bus depot *** The Norwood News declares itself "and many Bronxites" to be 'tired of this crap" about the new Yankee stadium and calls for the project to get underway already.

Road to City Hall Republicans Dancing for Higher Price OLD PALS STILL GOP'D OFF AT MIKE *** Mayor Bloomberg to GOP: Miss me, baby? *** GOP's losses just might save party, says Lazio *** Avella attacks mayor over budget proposal. Dumb Press Release of the Day: Councilman Dan Garodnick wants to replace horse-drawn carriages with electric replicas of the Model T. (NY pol thinks thousands losing their jobs and home not important as long as he gets his name in the paper) *** Mark Green Crashes the Public Advocate Race *** Lappin, So Far, Not Deterred By Green *** De Blasio Welcomes His 'Friend' Mark Green

Albany NYPost Ed: YOU HURT, THEY PROSPER *** Tax Hike 'Threat To State's Recovery' *** UNIONS INFLICTING LABOR PAIN ON GOV *** PATERSON'S MOTLEY CREW ALL AT SEA *** Benjamin: Paterson stands aside as staffers collide *** Jim Odato writes that the Senate Dems are trying to get the GOP’s Senate Finance staff to help them, but they’ve refused *** Gov. David Paterson’s budget cuts a program to help save the state money in healthcare costs *** Nursing home officials say the cuts from last week are more than the state estimates *** Times Ed: Rockefeller Laws: An End in Sight *** DN Ed: Fox in the chicken coop Staten Island state Sen. Diane Savino was elected by the people to fight for the people, but she is carrying water for the most powerful interest group in Albany: public employee unions *** State GOP conference one of gloom and doom *** Governor's budget to bludgeon arts funding *** Paterson said that he would veto a tax increase on high-income earners--if it came before sufficient spending cuts were made *** PM On Utility Regulators, It's 'Same Old, Same Old' *** Lippman: Hacks, cronies, and Shelly's guy

NY Senate Some in Kirsten Gillibrand’s former Congressional seat are upset over the new Senator’s recent change in positions *** Gillibrand is a “maybe” on a proposed bill to end the appointment senate vacancies *** To Some in Gillibrand’s Old District, Her Evolution Is a Betrayal *** Video: King on Gillibrand

Washington BAM 'HOUSE CALLS' HOME PARTIES PUSH STIMULUS *** Obama seeks grass-roots support for stimulus *** Already Back on the Trail, Now to Sell a Stimulus Plan *** The President is a Conciliator and a Fighter - E.J. Dionne, Washington Post *** Obama is a Novice - and it Shows - Toby Harnden, Daily Telegraph *** Obama Already Back on the Trail - Jeff Zeleny, New York Times *** What Will Obama Learn from the Stimulus Saga? - Michael Duffy, Time *** Obama Caves to the Destructive Center - Paul Krugman, New York Times *** Why I Supported the Stimulus - Senator Arlen Specter, Washington Post *** Shaky stimulus plan set to pass Senate with just 3 from GOP *** WHO GETS WHAT: Billions to colleges and students *** RE$CUE ROLLOUT DELAYED PUT OFF FOR BILL PUSH *** U.S. Bank Bailout to Rely in Part on Private Money *** Bailout Plan May Use Private Bank *** Summers: Bush tax cuts must be repealed *** Summers: Bush tax cuts must be repealed *** Boehner: Obama’s stimulus ‘won’t work’ *** Hutchison: I’d fight Obama’s plan *** Zandi: U.S. must deal with debt aggressively *** Lawmakers clash over banking system *** Reworked stimulus better than no bill? *** Education Spending 'Crucial,' Summers Says *** WATCH: Economic Panel Debates Stimulus *** FTN: McCain: Stimulus Bill "Generational Theft" *** Polls show support for stimulus has slipped *** What got cut from the stimulus bill *** TV SoundOff: Sunday Talking Heads *** NY Times Ed: Angelo Who? Senator Christopher Dodd needs to give a better account of the V.I.P. mortgage loans extended to him by Angelo Mozilo, a key player in the subprime mortgage crisis *** Lessons Learned from FDR's '100 Days' - Lanny Davis, Washington Times *** Obama Meets The Press, But Cautiously - Howard Kurtz, Washington Post *** Obama Sets More Modest Goals For Afghanistan *** OBAMA VS. THE ATOMIC AXIS OF EVIL *** Anti-war lawmakers worry over plan for Afghanistan *** U.S. to Target Afghan Drug Trade *** France Seeks Bigger Role in NATO

Congress Rep. Artur Davis To Run For Alabama Governor *** RNC chief: Payments to sister's firm appropriate *** GOP seeking to end ban on some donation limits *** Michael Steele's Bad Math *** The 5 Most Important Elections of 2009 *** Unions Step Up Fight for Solis *** Democrats Confident on Stimulus Vote *** Peanut Case Shows Holes in Safety Net *** Mapping a Global Plan for Car Charging Stations

National Papers Percentage of Dallas-area homes in foreclosure rises - Dallas Morning News *** For Kirkwood shooting victim, gun control takes on new meaning - survivors of the Kirkwood city council meeting attacks in 2008 - St Louis Post Dispatch *** We think: Other states don't let lawmakers double-dip, neither should Florida - Orlando Sentinel *** Housing prices becoming affordable again - Miami Herald

International What does 2009 hold for Iraq? *** Ex-Leader of Iran Announces Candidacy *** North Korea is calling, Mr. President - Washington Post Ed *** Campaign of Hate: Anti-Semitism Thrives Under Chavez - Miami Herald Ed *** Iran's China Option - Roger Cohen, New York Times *** Netanyahu: the Golan Heights 'will remain in our hands' *** 170 al-Qaida suspects released after signing pledges against terrorism

Wall Street Mess L.A. Mayor: Congress Can't 'Dillydally' With Stimulus *** Indiana mayor says he'd put stimulus money to good use *** Even Wal-Mart Is Hurting As Discounters Face Tough Year *** Wells Fargo Takes Out Full-Page NYT Ad To Slam Press Accounts Of Junkets As "Nonsense" *** 'DIRTY' DEEDING: EMBATTLED EXECS HAND SWANKY PADS TO WIVES *** Nissan to Cut 20,000 Jobs *** Why Analysts Keep Telling Investors to Buy *** Business Trip, or Just a Junket? It Matters Lately *** It's a Recession, Not a 'Catastrophe' - Alan Reynolds, New York Post *** The Bailout Isn't a Morality Play - Robert Samuelson, Newsweek *** Salary Caps Miss Some Big Time Appointees - Washington Times *** Why Deflation Is Such an Economic Threat - Joshua Rosner, New Republic *** Job Indices Down, Stock Markets Up? - Larry Kudlow, RealClearMarkets *** When Will It Be Safe to Rejoin the Stock Market? - John Wasik, Bloomberg *** Wall St. Bonuses Good *** Starbucks Plans Discount Deals *** Who Will Lead the Recovery? *** Dire Times For California Economy *** NYC, London vie for the bottom *** Not all pork is bad *** 'Enough to pay off more than 90% of the nation's home mortgages'... *** 'Enough to pay off more than 90% of the nation's home mortgages'... *** SEC's Top Enforcer Leaving In Wake Of Madoff Fiasco *** Chuck and the bailout: Saving a failed status quo? *** PM Geithner's Plan Faulted for Lack of Detail; Dow Off 4.6%

Media Mess How Tweet It Is Sure, the Twitter guys still have no idea how to make money off their fabulous invention. But for now they are living in a dreamworld of infinite possibilities, maybe the last one on Earth *** Resilient Strategy for Times Despite Toll of a Recession *** A Good Week For the Elite Media - Francis Wilkinson, The Week *** Media Is Pretending This Isn't Happening *** Political Comedy: The 'This Week' Funnies *** WALT DISNEY STUDIOS, DREAMWORKS reach deal...