Sunday, February 8, 2009

City Hall RAGING PENSION FIRE: EXPLOSION IN DISABILITIES ROCKS CITY RETIREE BUDGET *** SALVATION EYED FOR 4 SCHOOLS *** Mayor and Bishop Propose a Plan to Save Schools *** Hizzoner answers prayers 4 Catholic schools may win reprieve *** Typical DEP incompetence From the Staten Island Advance*** Bye, bye bodegas - economy *** You Try to Live on 500K in This Town *** Queens hospitals to file for bankruptcy *** NY Botanical Garden project delayed *** Developer pulls plug on 2nd midtown tower *** Inflation: Sky's the Limit: How much are medical costs increasing in the New York area? *** 2500 jobs at stake as Queens hospitals set to close ***Lisberg: Real estate board is hammerin' for old tax breaks *** NYPD stops thousands of minorities, few are charged *** Mayor's Order Encourages Developers to Violate the Law (addendum) *** Parents question mayor’s math - on education ccomplishments *** Obama grassroots: First try a bust? *** The Spymaster of New York: David Cohen and the NYPD are pioneering a new way of fighting terrorism *** NY Fashion Week To Trim Down.

Albany NEW WORLD OF 'WASTE': HARD-UP NY HEAPS $$ ON HENRY HUDSON FETE *** New York's GOP urges Giuliani to help them rebound *** No Gay Marriage Bill This Year, Smith Says *** Larissa MacFarquhar: Caroline Kennedy’s unable to be in the Senate today. - New Yorker

Press Protects Lobbyists, Consultants Esp. The Parkside Group ***Parkside Candidates Connor, Crowley and Gennaro spend almost $1 Million and All Lose - A history of The Parkside Group *** Padavan victory statement slams Parkside.

Washington ANGRY GOP LETS OFF $TEAM-ULUS *** Competing stimulus bills divide Congress *** Obama urges Senate to move on stimulus *** Congress Is Divided Over Competing Stimulus Bills *** Obama and Senate Republicans bicker... *** Pols should be sure it's pork before they chop! *** ‘Put This Plan in Motion,’ Obama Urges Lawmakers *** Beyond the Banks: Middle East - Friedman, Times *** Potomac’s Postpartisan Depression - Dowd, Times *** Summers Crafts Broad Economic Role *** Biden Signals Firm Russia Stance *** President Says Plan Needed to Avoid 'National Catastrophe'... *** What Was Left Out Of Senate Stimulus Deal *** Politics: GOP Senators Face Party's Wrath For Supporting Stimulus *** How Congress Trumps Darwin - George Will, Indianapolis Star *** Here's a Stimulus: Educate Lawmakers! - Steven Pearlstein, Wash Post *** The Quickie Honeymoon *** Senator: Talk Radio Hearings Could Be On The Way... DNEd: Congress must finally fulfill America's obligation to the forgotten victims of September 11th *** New G.O.P. Chairman Defends Payment to Sister *** Sarah Palin: What I've Learned *** Daly: What they can learn from President Roosevelt *** Groups Lobby Against Cuts to Stimulus Bill *** Senators pressure Pelosi on stimulus *** Dems target Republicans who voted no on stimulus *** Geithner postpones unveiling TARP plan *** Saturday Night Live - bailout video *** The President's Mayor: Daley the Younger says charter schools keep the system honest *** Activists Say Madoff Should Be Behind Bars *** Geithner: Banks Must Help Homeowners for Aid.

International NATO commander: Raids Imminent On Afghan Drug Lords *** U.S.-Mexico Border is Under Siege - Tom Miller, Washington Post ***VP Biden's Remarks at Munich Secuity Conference - Joe Biden *** Containing the Nuclear Fire - Henry Kissinger, International Herald Tribune *** Biden's talks tough for nuke-fan Iran *** Bishop refuses to recant Holocaust denial *** Russia's Ivanov lauds Biden remarks **** MN Sec. on MN U.S. Senate Recount *** Why Somalia Matters *** Yemen Said to Free 170 Al Qaeda Suspects *** Getting Real In Afghanistan.

Job Approval Rating - Real Clear Politics
Obama Approve 61.6% Disapprove 24.4
Congress Approve 27% Disapprove 63%

Wall Street IN THE 'BERN' CENTER: LI APT. COMPLEX ROCKED BY MADOFF *** BusinessWATCH: 90-Year-Old Madoff Victim Forced To Return To Work *** In Florida, Despair and Foreclosures *** For Bank of America and Merrill, Love Was Blind *** In World of High-Glamour, Low-Pay Jobs, the Recession Has Its Bright Spots *** When Diners Pick Up Stakes, and Vintage New York Is Lost *** NYTimes Ed: Bank Bailout, Redux *** Ireland's Boom Falls Hard in Global Crisis *** Cap Won't Hold Back Street's Big Dogs *** Job Scams: Recession Turns Ugly *** Icahn: Return Capitalism to Its Roots *** Newsweek: Why Our Economy Will Increasingly Look European *** Revenge of the Tax Code - Chris Edwards, Washington Post *** Tremendous Skepticism, But It Must Be Tried - Michael Hirsh, Newsweek *** Senate Approves Foreclosure Amendment - Wall Street Journal *** Updating Schumer: On Wall Street bonuses, housing *** The real problem in the unemployment figures *** The $64 Billion Tax Break NYT and Post downplay the Senate stimulus bill’s upper-middle class tax break *** Campaign Desk, Transparency See-Through Stimulus Is Capitol Hill writing a transparent recovery? *** Wall Street’s $18.4 Billion Bonus Bonanza - Vanity Fair *** Wall Street: Profiles in Panic *** Jeffrey Toobin on Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s replacement - New Yorker *** Obama Needs to Get Outside the Beltway To pass his stimulus plan, the president has relied mainly on an inside game. But what about the people? - Mother Jones *** Phil and Me (Video) Ex-Senator Phil Gramm finally addressed whether his legislation helped cause the financial crisis. MoJo's Washington bureau chief was there to burst his bubble- Mother Jones *** Stimulus, Compromised i The Nation *** Insider McAuliffe in Virginia Governor Race.

National Papers Feds Slam Nursing Homes for '1-Star' Care - Chicago Sun Times *** Neighborhood has 50 Madoff tales, each sad - One Northwest Broward neighborhood offers case study in how authorities say Bernard Madoff used friends and family in a $50 billion swindle - Miami Herald *** Why We Just Can't Trust Dodd Stunning Blunder Just Another Strand In Web Of Explanations of Countrywide VIP treatment.

Media Mess 525 magazines died in 2008 *** Newspapers rewrite the future *** A Spurned Spielberg Seeks Pact at Disney *** One more kick in the kidneys for papers: The end of legal ads *** Media Stocks: The State of the Top 13*** Bill Keller Responds to Time's Cover Story: What About a Voluntary Pay Model? *** Is There Life After Newspapers? *** Jill Lepore: The day the newspaper died. - the New Yorker