Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The City Sully Rewarded With Useless Key, Boring-Sounding Book *** Has New York Lost Its Edge? *** Middle Class Blues In A City Of Extremes *** Permanent closure for Ladder 53 *** Queens fifth most expensive spot in nation; Report *** A Step to Protect the Fulton Fish Market's Old Home *** CLASS-LESS SNOBS: DUMB IDEA FOR RICH-KID HS SCRAPPED *** Atlantic Yards Project Gets Lobby Boost Despite Opposition *** MTA spellers way off-off Broadway *** Roosevelt Islanders About to Get Zapped by High Con Ed Bills *** BATTERY PARK FORT-TUNE $6 million in bailout funds *** Developers want 421-a to come back from the Daily News *** Day care closures have parents waiting, worrying *** LIC building that once made auto products to become new movie studio *** 40 years ago, snow caught Queens - and Lindsay - by surprise *** City yields ground on crumb rubber in turf wars *** PM NYPD Forced To Cut 2010 Police Class *** Queens Hospitals To Begin Limiting Patients

Using Fluff To Spin the Press - Not addressing the serious problems at hand.
VAN GOGHING YOUR WAY: MTA *** From Bloomy with love: Safe Valentine's sex.

Road to City Hall Bloomy working weekends as campaign season approaches *** TOP 10 OTHER THINGS MAYOR BLOOMBERG THINKS MIGHT CAUSE RIOTS IN THE STREETS Yoda, R8ny *** 2009 Michael R. Bloomberg mayoral campaign relationship map ... *** Bloomberg Likely to Run for Re-Election as an Independent Candidate *** Financing New York's Elections *** NYP Ed INSIDE PENSION BLOAT -Fire Dept *** Dousing Fire Out: COMMISH IN PENSION CRACKDOWN *** Mayor Mike Bloomberg lays out plan for New York City budget By Michael Bloomberg

Albany Gay-Marriage Advocates Still Scrambling After Malcolm Smith Flub *** Gay marriage spin *** Governor's Non-Appointments to PSC Disappoint *** Paterson: Acampora reappointed to PSC *** Paterson Re-Appoints to PSC, Good-Government Group Unhappy *** 3 CONSERVATIVE CHEERS FOR CUOMO *** Wine wars heating up *** 'Millionaire's tax' may sock lower The millionaire's tax could end up hitting a lot of people who don't rake in seven-figure incomes, Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver said Monday *** Albany must not get addicted to Washington's rescue cash *** Pataki Patronage Inc.--Still in Business *** Another WTF Moment from the Brennan Center *** Play It Again, Shel *** Plan to Raise Taxes on the Rich Is Gaining Momentum *** SUNY Chancellor to Build a Strategy by Consensus *** Cuomo pitches 'C' line his bill: Narrow talk, wide buzz *** Cuomo Adds Fuel To Speculation Fire *** Alan Chartock thinks "now is the time to put your money on the table" in Paterson vs. Cuomo 2010 *** Lippman: Hacks, cronies, and Shelly's guy *** Paterson said that he would veto a tax increase on high-income earners--if it came before sufficient spending cuts were made *** PolitickerNYMark Green Crashes the Public Advocate Race *** Lappin, So Far, Not Deterred By Green *** De Blasio Welcomes His 'Friend' Mark Green *** On Utility Regulators, It's 'Same Old, Same Old'

Gillibrand On Guns
Weird NYT Gillibrand story *** Gillibrand Talks to Students About Guns *** Gillibrand and Guns *** FLIP-FLOPPING WITH KIRSTEN *** GILLY: I'M NO FLIP-FLOPPER *** Gillibrand Vows To Help End Gun Violence *** Gillibrand Says D’Amato Isn’t in the Picture *** New York - Barrett: Gillibrand and Paterson - The D'Amato ... *** Who Is That Republican Beside Mrs. Clinton’s Successor? - NYTimes.com *** Kirsten Gillibrand: New York's Next Senator *** Sen. Gillibrand continues her makeover *** Pro-gun pol visits school of slain teen *** Daly: Grim reality in Brooklyn *** GOPer King sez Gillibrand flip-flops.

Gillibrand Press Release announced on October 6th 2008 that she received the endorsement of the National Rifle Association. Had a 100% voting record with the NRA, and an “A” lifetime rating by the organization. Gillibrand is one of only two New York Democrats on the federal level endorsed by the NRA.

“As a strong supporter of the Second Amendment, it is a privilege to have the endorsement of the NRA and the support of Upstate New York’s gun owners and hunters,” said Gillibrand. “I come from a family of hunters, and preserving this strong Upstate tradition is a priority of mine in Congress. I will continue to oppose legislation that will restrict the rights of responsible gun owners and I will continue to advocate for policies that will keep our rivers, land and air clean, so that future generations can enjoy hunting and wildlife in our region.”

Judging the Judges Chief Judge Nominee Draws on Administrative Skill (NYT) *** Lippman: Hacks, cronies, and Shelly's guy (Newsday) *** Justice is Blindsided - Shelly Silver games Governor Paterson to get his childhood pal the state's top courts jobBy Wayne Barrett (Voice)

President “The Overlap Is 90-Plus Percent”- That was Larry Summers’ argument for why we shouldn’t worry too much about the differences between the House and Senate stimulus bills *** Obama Warns Of 'Lost Decade' *** Transcript: First primetime news conference *** Bam set to do 'Whatever it takes' *** The President Paints a Bleak Economic Picture - Josh Gerstein, Politico *** The Chess Master - Bob Herbert, New York Times *** Obama Gets Tough on GOP Today's Papers *** Bailout Plan To Impose New Rules On Banks - MSNBC *** Geithner Said to Have Prevailed on the Bailout *** Obama Says Failing to Act Could Lead to a ‘Catastrophe’ *** Taking on Critics, Obama Puts Aside Talk of Unity *** NYT Ed: A Better Stimulus Bill ***A Better Stimulus Bill *** BAM BITES BACK OVER PORK: DEFENDS DEMS' STYMIED STIMULUS *** Revised bank bailout to buy some bad assets *** Why Obama Wants Control of the Census - John Fund, Wall Street Journal *** Census Power Grab May Violate Constitution - Michael Barone, TJ Street *** The President Ran His First Prime-time Press Conference Like A Grad-school Seminar. - Slate *** Blogging the News Conference *** Liberal radio host snags front row seat at press conference... *** Obama Takes Questions From HuffPost And Helen Thomas *** Obama Team Sells the Stimulus *** Health Care Nationalization in Stimulus - Kim Priestap, Wizbang

Congress ABC NEWS: EXCLUSIVE: FBI Raided Lobbying Firm Connected to Murtha ***
Lobby Firm With Close Ties to Murtha Raided *** Obama's Republican Hit List *** How Scary Is Nancy Pelosi’s Graph? *** It's the Corruption, Stupid *** Street Talk: Lobbying Is Still a Game Dominated by the Young *** Kennedy Returns to Work to Vote on Stimulus *** Only Three Republicans Support the Stimulus *** Obama's Bipartisanship Means Agreeing with Him - David Keene, The Hill *** Congress Misreads Public Anger at Wall Street - Caroline Baum, Bloomberg *** Roll Over the Republicans - Eugene Robinson, Washington Post *** GOP Moderates See Benefits of Opposing Obama - CQ Politics *** Meet the Most Powerful New Gang: Why Sens. Collins, Snowe, and Specter can do whatever they want.in America *** New Senator Vows to New Yorkers to Take Wider View on Gun Issues *** Gillibrand Says D’Amato Isn’t in the Picture *** Chuck TV: What's wrong with a little pork? *** VIDEO: Schumer: The American People Don't Care About Pork Projects In Stimulus...

Wall Street Mess States Face Budget Pain *** Geithner: Banks Must Modify Loans *** DOLLAR MEALS: MCDONALD's January sales up 7.1%... *** New York City's garment industry sees opportunity amid the pain *** Coney Island hopes rezoning will give economy a jolt *** George Packer looks at Florida’s real-estate woes, with photographs *** How Could 9,000 Business Reporters Blow It? *** The New Establishment *** UBS Cuts Jobs After $7 Billion Loss *** A Proposal to Shore Up Banks With Pension Funds *** Losses Mount on Credit Cards for Retailers *** GOLDEN TIME FOR 'ARCHE$' *** MADOFF SETTLES WITH SEC *** SEC, Madoff agree to settle civil fraud case *** SEC, Madoff agree to settle civil case *** Stimulus: A History of Folly - James Glassman, Commentary *** It's the Bank Bill That Really Matters - Brian Wesbury & Bob Stein, Forbes *** Up Next for Bankers: A Flogging - Andrew Ross Sorkin, New York Times ***Greed Is Good, but Pay Cuts Are Better - David Weidner, MarketWatch *** Why New York Needs Wall Street Bonuses *** Real Time Econ: How Will We Gauge Success? *** Banks Subject To 'Stress Test' *** UBS Posts $6.9 Billion Quarterly Loss *** Schwarzenegger sues to furlough more Calif workers... *** BusinessGM To Slash 10,000 Jobs, Cut Management Pay By 10%

International ISRAEL HEADED 'RIGHT' IN ELEX *** Israelis Vote in Tight Race for Parliament *** Iran Offers ‘Dialogue With Respect’ With U.S. *** OPEC Nations Delay Drilling Projects *** The Taliban in Pakistan Are Raising U.S. Fears *** Only Obama Offers Change for Israel - Gideon Rachman, Financial Times *** A Race Against Time in Afghanistan - Sen. John Kerry, Washington Post *** North Korea is calling, Mr. President - Washington Post *** Belfast Enviro Chief Bans Climate Ads *** Europe Listens Cautiously to Obama *** Support Ehud Barak - Jeff Barak, Jerusalem Post *** It's Time To Arrest Mugabe By Christopher Hitchens *** Link to Pearl slay in beheading of Polish geologist ***
Holocaust-Denying Bishop Sacked.

Press Obama Works the Press - Kurtz, Washington Post *** Can journalism go with the flow? The U.S. Senate will decide in the next few days whether to pass a law safeguarding the right of journalists flow? - Buzzmachine *** The Times on the Times *** The Media Is Looking for a Rich Husband *** New England Newspapers Inc. Turns to Furloughs *** Cablevision Writes Down Value of Newsday Media Group *** Reporters Behaving Badly A look back at the most cringe-worthy media moments of the 2008 campaign *** to protect their sources- Gabe Pressman *** You Can’t Sell News by the Slice.

Media Mess Amazon in Big Push for New Kindle Model - Book reader *** Newsweek Plans Makeover To Fit A Smaller Audience *** NY Times: Why Television Is An Old Media Medium That Still Shines *** Media Battle Over Sullenberger Access Extends To Broadway *** Consumer mags' newsstand sales plunge 11% *** WNBC Staffers Toast Their Former Colleagues at 'Severance-Fest 2009'.