Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Barrons of ENY

Making History Together

The Barrons of East New York

Meet City Councilman Charles Barron and Assemblywoman Inez Barron, the first husband and wife to be elected to public office at the same time in New York City. We all know Charles as a passionate voice for his community and one who owns many controversial sound bites in the New York media. What is less known about the East New York leader is his outstanding skill as a politician. Last year while he was collecting as many member items for his community legitimately as the speaker was from the slush fund, he managed to engineer his wife Inez's victory over County, Congressman Towns and machine boss Vito Lopez's candidate Earl Williams.

This week Inez Barron replaces Diane Gordon who was convicted last year of receiving a bribe for offering to help a developer acquire a parcel of city-owned land in her district, in exchange for a free house in a gated community in Queens. Inez is a former teacher, principal and vice president of a non profit that worked to empower people by developing leadership skills.

The media has both helped and hurt Charles by its coverage of him. His controversial statements in the media give him bargaining power in the backrooms of the council. However, by limiting it's coverage of Barron to his headline grabbing statements without telling his complete story, the media has limited his appeal and acceptance, preventing his popularity from growing to a wider cross-section of the public.

The Untold Barron Story
Besides missing the fact that Charles and Inez are the first husband and wife to serve in elective office at the same time, the press has never done a complete analysis of one of the most complicated and interText Coloresting politicians in our city. If they did, they would find that even the hard core New York Post readers were moved when he stood up to power and gave passionate speeches against the extension of term limits. He has supported and spoken out in advocacy of many other moral causes that would impress even those who oppose him because of his public image. The press has also missed the fact that Charles Barron the former Black Panther activist and close ally of the Rev. Al Sharpton, has used his skills to become the political boss of East New York.

The fact that the press misses the real story of Charles Barron can be explained by an addiction to one liners and sound bites that is all too common in today's media. What is not so easy to understand is the inexplicable fact that the media has never featured the story of the first husband and wife office holders in New York. At a recent holiday party for district leader Olanike "Ola" Alabi with both Barrons in attendance, Brooklyn election attorney Mitch Alter was overheard saying that if Charles and Inez were white they'd be on the cover of New York Magazine and Vanity Fair with photographs by Annie Leibovitz. If the court challenge to the term limits extension fails and the U.S. Justice Department OKs the extension, look for Charles to run for reelection to the council and then look out Towns.

Term Limits Get Reprise, This Time in Court
The group challenging an extension of term limits argued their cases before federal judge Charles Sifton Monday. (the only daily paper to cover this story was the Times)

“A term-limited mayor and a term-limited City Council majority made a conscious choice out of naked incumbent protection to vote themselves the opportunity for a third term,”
Randy Mastro, lawyer for the plaintiff
"We’re talking about different interests,” said Judge Sifton, whose ruling will essentially decide the makeup of the citywide ballot. “It’s difficult to convert into some common denominator.”

One primary issue in the lawsuit filed by the challengers is whether the law extending term limits violated the voters’ constitutional rights to free speech, by annulling a decision they had endorsed at the polls, and their due process, by giving two-term incumbents an unfair advantage over challengers. Kitzinger the attorney for the city apparently hoped to discredit some of the lawsuit’s other claims, including one that called it a conflict of interest for politicians to vote on a law expanding their own time in office. Judge Sifton said he would have a written decision as soon as possible. Lawyers opposed to the extension are hopeful that could happen in the next few weeks in time for the term limits question to go on the ballot later this spring.

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