Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Madoff Hardtime?

Will Madoff's Enablers Get Hard Time?

Prosecutors Seek to Jail Madoff *** Madoff Tries To Stay Out Of Jail As Probe Widens *** Madoff’s Lawyers Fight Effort to Jail Him *** Why is Bernie Madoff Not in Jail? *** Lawyer says Madoff cooperating with probes *** Madoff did more harm with a pen than with a gun -- South Florida ... *** Plan in the works to help nonprofits hurt by Madoff ***

SEC's Madoff Probe: How Much Blame Does It Deserve? *** Madoff Misled SEC in '06, Got Off - *** Harry Markopolos Whistleblower Extraordinaire *** The Madoff Case: Another Black Eye for the SEC *** Congress Blasts SEC for Missing Madoff *** Madoff and Company Spent Nearly $1 Million on Washington Influence.

Wall Street Mess Bailout Update: $279 Billion to 284 Firms *** The City has drastically revised its Red Hook waterfront plans. Brooklyn Eagle *** India's Madoff? Satyam Scandal Rocks Outsourcing Industry *** Aged Madoff Investors Wonder About the Rest of Their Days *** Feds Want Bernie In Can For Clamming Up *** Madoff's mailings got feds railing *** Pension Losses Will Devour Corporate Earnings *** Deficits? That's the ticket! *** NY Times Reports the Banks Say They Will Hoard their Bailout Cash-Loot *** China may balk at buying more US debt... *** Budget deficit to hit $1.2 trillion *** Picture of the Day - Weimar Republic *** Just as Obama begins, huge deficit could hamper plans


Albany Paterson Says "The State of Our State is Perilous" *** Paterson calls for 'shared sacrifice' *** Governor Says New York Is in a Perilous Situation - bank closures, massive job losses and stock market "collapses that have destabilized our credit system" in a way not seen since the Depression *** Governor David Paterson first State of the State Address - read the full speech here - audio of the speech *** Union, municipal leaders fear governor's call for 'shared sacrifice' *** Public employees oppose plan to lag pay, surrender wage hike *** As the Democrats settled into the majority in the State Senate for the first time since 1965 on Wednesday, many of them seemed to be in a state of disbelief *** Role Reversal in the Senate, and Emotions Run High *** ‘Gang of Three’ welcomes back the wayward fourth *** End of Long Island's short Senate dominance marked *** Democrats' rule of Senate raises downstate clout *** DEFIANT HIRAM JOINS SENATE ***New senator sworn in despite assault charges.


How the Editorial Boards Covered Paterson's SoS NY Times Editorial: Moving Forward in Hard Times Arguing that this is the wrong time to hunker down and accomplish nothing, Gov. David Paterson of New York has presented a low-budget wish list that is full of compelling new ideas. Post Editorial: PATERSON PUNTS AGAIN *** WRONG ADDRESS, GOV: DULL SPEECH BLOWS SHOT AT $ERIOUS CHANGE - Dicker *** Editorial Daily News: Editorials: Dud on arrival *** The Morning View: NY Editorial Round-up - Newsday *** Paterson speech fails to excite Capitol.

Press Campaigns for Kennedy Caroline’s Quiet Rebound - New York *** MAUREEN DOWD - Sweet on Caroline *** HILLARY POWWOWS WITH KERRY AHEAD OF HEARING *** Caroline Kennedy won't attend the Rev. Al Sharpton's MLK birthday celebration due to an "unfortunate scheduling conflict," but AG Andrew Cuomo will be there *** When two dynasties go to war … *** Caroline Kennedy, elitist?

City Hall Update Council Mandates Reporting of Race in Police Shootings *** Mayor Mike and the Yanks: City Hall gift-wraps another present for baseball's richest team - Voice, Robbins *** COPS LOOSEN UP ON PETTY CRIME *** Wi-Fi unplugged in city parks *** Deal for Wireless Access in City Parks Collapses *** Pol may quit race after bus kills boy *** Yankees swing for bling in new plan *** Perk jerk turns in MTA pass *** I'll ride it out on just 275G a year - MTA boss *** NYC aims to compete with Vegas as wedding hot spot *** Oddo will support Staten Island BP Molinaro's re-election bid *** CON ED EYES NEW $5 JOLT *** Con Ed Rate Increase Moves Forward *** Add Adolfo Carrion to the list of candidates to replace Sen. Hillary Clinton.

Washington Burris is the perfect Senate candidate - Chicago Tribune *** Democrats misstepped in handling Burris matter *** EM-BURRIS-ED SENATE DEMS NOW WELCOME TAINTED PICK *** Democrats Retreat on Burris *** 39, 41, 42, 43, 44 Have Lunch at the White House *** Rare kegs of Hop Obama ale on tap for inauguration *** Harry Reid: 'I Don't Work For Obama' *** Obama Convenes with the League of Living Presidents *** BAM & W. MEET & EAT WITH THE 3 EX-CHIEFS *** Why the Mess Obama Inherits Might Be His Greatest Opportunity *** Hard Work Ahead in Obama’s First 100 Days *** OBAMA WARNING ON SOCIAL SECURITY.... *** Obama says he'll fight to keep his BlackBerry *** Confirmation Hearings Schedule *** Why the Panetta Pick Shouldn't Spook Langley *** What the Panetta appointment means *** Obama to outlaw pork?

Media Mess Google CEO Eric Schmidt wishes he could rescue newspapers *** Internet overtakes newspapers as primary source of news *** LOSS FOR YEAR AT WORLD'S TOP MEDIA COMPANY... *** Among the nineteen Forbes staffers who lost their jobs yesterday was media reporter James Abels. [FishbowlNY/Mediabistro] *** Fifty-year Village Voice veteran Nat Hentoff penned his final column yesterday, and he says he’s never lost his “sense of rage.” But he’s not directing that rage at the Voice. [VV] *** Larry Flynt Request $5B Porn Bailout *** Reporting From Gaza, This Is Joe the Plumber.