Thursday, January 15, 2009

Miracle on the Hudson


Hero Of The Hudson: Pilot Chesley B. Sullenberger

Washington HOUSE DEMS PUSH $825B STIMULUS PLAN ***In victory for Obama, Senate OKs release of remaining bailout funds *** Obama win: Senate OKs release of remaining bailout funds *** Hillary easily clears first hurdle to Sec. of State job *** A Somber Bush Says Farewell to the Nation *** We Must Investigate Bush's Imperial Presidency *** Legacy watch: George = Winston? R U Kidding? *** US AG-designee Eric Holder said waterboarding is torture *** After the committee voted, Clinton took to the Senate floor to bid her colleagues goodbye *** Clinton Bids Farewell To Senate Following Panel's Vote *** Hillary: A final "Song of Myself" *** VP-elect Joe Biden said goodbye to the Senate *** AG appointee faces Senate committee *** Obama Plans Mideast Diplomatic Offensive *** Obama's Conservative Fiscal Policy? *** A GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY TO REFORM HEALTH CARE *** Obama Pledges Entitlement Reform: President-Elect Says He'll Reshape Social Security, Medicare Programs *** Obama pitches plans to boost economy.

Obama and the Times The Times vs. Hirschorn *** 'CHEERING' AT WASHINGTON POST FOR OBAMA ARRIVAL [NOT REPORTERS]... *** Obama breaks Times tradition - Obama has yet to provide The Times with the sort of free-wheeling, pre-Inauguration interview the paper’s come to expect.

Inauguration Your guide to the historic day *** Location! Inauguration! *** Read HuffPost's Pre-Inaugural Ball BigNews Page *** The Inaugural Pregame Show *** Weekend Inaugural Events and Galas *** Obama's Chugging Into Washington *** Inaugural Freak Show *** Gay Marching Band to Join Inaugural Parade *** Washington Mobilizes 42,500-Strong Security Force for Inaugural...

Senate Campaign Home Stretch Post Editorial: TIME FOR CAROLINE *** Sen. Joe Addabbo is bucking Senate Majority Leader Malcolm Smith and introducing a bill that would require special elections to fill vacant US Senate seats.

Albany BIG FAT NO TO 'FAT TAX' *** Poll: New Yorkers Oppose "Fat Tax" 2-to-1 *** Wireless Network for Emergency Workers Is Canceled *** Lazio Said to Mull Run for Governor *** DiNapoli: $888K on hand (Updated) *** After 1PM Paterson will choose 'right after inauguration' *** Opening shot of the year over healthcare *** State leaders raising large *** Eviction PreventionImperiled By State Cut *** Assembly's New Old Rules

City Hall The Dirty Dozen List: Bloomberg announced a low-cost crackdown yesterday on quality-of-life crimes *** MARTY'S SUCH A $WEETIE - $6,000 of his campaign cash on chocolates *** A PAIN IN THE ASSESS: Market value of properties down, taxes up *** A Safety Net for Those Facing Eviction Is Itself in Peril *** Mayor’s (Fill in the Blank)-Point Plan to Achieve (Fill in Again) - selling himself *** A City Shaken, ‘Not Broken’ *** Mayor Unveils Job Initiative During State Of City Address *** Bloomberg “tamped down expectations” *** Michael Bloomberg now has a YouTube channel *** Bloomberg’s Self-Congratulatory ‘State of the City’ Conference *** With Nod to History, Bloomberg Sees Recovery *** Bloomberg '09 Is 'Active' with the BOE *** State of the City Speech's True Meaning *** City Island Gets Reprieve for Fire Unit Facing Cuts *** Last-ditch effort underway to save City Island's Ladder 53 *** Joking, but Also Jabbing, at Yankee Bond Hearing *** Budget cuts could throw city zoo staff to the lions *** Economic woes allow Bronx neighborhood's Key Food supermarket to stay *** Sales not luring shoppers back: construction, economy hurting Jamaica Center *** Study: Minorities make up 80% of those stopped and questioned by NYPD *** Mock Funeral Held For Z Train *** A City Hall spokesman says they didn’t file paperwork with the federal government to examine the term-limits extension, in part because the City’s top attorney was on vacation -LOL *** Big Egos and Ambitions Set To Collide in Prospective Race To Succeed Towns - what about Barron? After 1PM Lazio vs. Giuliani? *** Tax-Free Bonds for Yankees Pass; Thompson Votes No *** IBO Now Blogs *** Brooklyn Community Board Removal Explained *** Rockaway's Toll Wars: Back to the Future?
Wall Street Mess Citigroup Posts $8.29 Billion Loss and Will Split *** Rescue of Banks Hints at Nationalization *** Metropolitan Opera Faces Cuts, Its Leader Says *** An Economy of Faith and Trust - Times, Brooks *** How to Spend a Trillion Dollars - Michael Grunwald, Time *** Madoff's Fund May Never Have Made A Single Trade, Say Officials *** Don't Kill Bernie Madoff *** Citi Reports Loss, Splits Up Company *** Citi shareholders gird for huge losses *** J.P. Morgan posts profit, but 'disappointing' one *** BofA Takes Second Cash Bailout on $10B Merrill Loss *** Mortgage Rates Plunge to Lowest Ever *** Saks eliminates 1,100 jobs *** Robert Rubin Still Doesn't Get It *** Real estate investment company Vantage buying up buildings in Queens - using litigation to evict people *** After 1pm Circuit City closing remaining stores *** Pfizer reportedly cutting up to 2,400 more jobs *** BANK OWNED BY AMERICA; FEDS BECOME LARGEST SHAREHOLDER *** HERTZ sheds more than 4,000 jobs... *** GE CAPITAL: Up to 11,000 jobs gone...

Media Mess Twitter user becomes Flight 1549 star reporter *** NYT Reporter Resents Obama WaPo Interview, Suggests Bias *** Hollywood Reeling From DVD Slump *** Publisher provides more downsizing details *** Mediamorphoses *** The Morning View: NY Editorial Round-up *** iGov *** Magazines don’t look so slick now *** Minneapolis' STAR TRIBUNE files Chapter 11...