Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Insane Government Hurts Everyone

Disconnected Spin

Hurts City
Insane claims by Queens Borough President about the economy reported by press as true

Helen Marshall knows that when you are guaranteed reelection without a challenge and the press does not hold you to any standard of reality, you can say any nonsense a publicist writes and get it published in the City's newspapers. When the press behaves like parrots they not only allow the elected officials to escape blame, they destroy themselves and the City by not allowing the public a voice to induce politicians to come up with real plans to rebuild the City’s economic base, beyond  political spin. Like an old fashion pressure-cooker, you need to allow the system to correct itself or the anger and hurt with nowhere to go, will blow it apart.

The reality that the City has relied too much on Wall Street for its financial base is never ever discussed or acted on in a way that might correct the problem. The spinning press will help incumbents win reelection in 2009, but will not be able to reduce the growing anger by the public about how they have been hurt by their leaders. The anger at Madoff not being locked up and the anger the public displayed last night at the MTA fare increase hearing, is only the beginning of the type of sentiment that will cause people and businesses to leave the city in droves if the public feels that it is not being addressed beyond political spin and condescension by electeds. We need leadership to change the way this city operates. Obama will give us that leadership on Tuesday to begin repairing our country. Spin will not repair the damage done to this city by election officials who have wantonly used and destroyed this, our economic powerhouse that past generations of New Yorkers have built.

More on the Press Reporting on Marshall’s State of the Borough Speech
"By turns a campaigner, cheerleader and comforter, Queens Borough President Helen Marshall tried Tuesday to soothe fears of a crippling, close-to-home financial crisis in her annual State of the Borough address." - Daily News

“We can create jobs, we can build housing and we can boost businesses. Naysayers beware, we will move forward,” Helen Marshall, Queens BP

Marshall has offered up false hope by claiming that there would be no cutbacks in city services. She has even claimed that the city has the resources to reduce fire response times, oppose changes to Meals on Wheels to reduce costs, oppose any cutbacks in senior services and add more bus routes in Eastern Queens. She will be reelected this year without a primary. She may not even have a general election challenge.


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