Monday, December 1, 2008

International hot spots will test Hillary Clinton's cool *** Video of Hillary at Bosnia Airport *** Rabbi's pal heard voice of evil on phone during Mumbai massacre

Gang of Three Talks Tough-talking Brooklyn Sen. Carl Kruger, in a private meeting with Skelos (R-Nassau), declared: "I'm not going to put my balls on the table to buy into a Republican coalition with you as the leader. Paterson has told Kruger Skelos - no way, no how *** Skielos will call Senate back to pass with will amount to "one house" budget cuts, Assembly has no plans to meet *** Senate meeting will serve as a chance to hand out some gifts to friends as they tidy a list of nominees for state appointments *** Talks on future Senate leadership *** Bruno probe sees a flurry: Federal prosecutors said to have sent out several subpoenas recently

City's Economy
Shocking News to New York's Legislatures
City has less money than it thought: Force to return 800 million in overpaid business taxes
Tourists buying Slows Down *** SPIKE IN CITY WELFARE ROLLS *** Bronx water-filtration plant doubles in costs *** City's Budget Gap Analysis

NY Post Editorial: DON'T CUT COPS *** 1990 Mayor Dinkins Says He Favors Special Fund to Hire Police to stop the high crime rate *** Gov. Paterson and state legislative leaders have a stark choice to make on metropolitan area transit *** Map of Parking Tax: Block by Block *** Venezuela Chávez Again Seeks to End Term Limits

Nation's Economy
Green-collar movement is doomed to fail if it remains a vague slogan that offers all things to all people *** Not leaving on a jet plane yet: GM board reviews new turnaround plan for bailout *** Burning Down His House: Is Lehman CEO Dick Fuld the true villain in the collapse of Wall Street, or is he being sacrificed for the sins of his peers?

Video: Baiting Obama in Georgia
Using Headline Buzz
Councilmen Eric Gioia and Simcha Felder want city agencies to save money by using tap water instead of bottled *** Following the death of a WalMart worker on Black Friday, Coucilman Jim Gennaro said it's time for retailers to be "mandated" to take "common-sense precautions." *** Charles Schumer plans to propose legislation that would limit service fees and keep the cards from expiring for at least five years.