Saturday, December 6, 2008

Return to Camelot

Caroline Kennedy has spoken to Gov. Paterson about the Senate seat - She is interested

Politics and Government
Albany - State Senator-Elect Owes Thousands in Fines *** Daily News Editorial: Don't expect reform in Albany*** Albany Dems riled by Gang-of-3 power play *** Senate Deal Teetering On The Edge *** Monserrate The Odd Man Out *** Albany fully funds empty prisons upstate because they mean jobs to Republican senators

City Hall - City strong-armed Mets, too *** Mob-tied Brooklyn restaurateur avoids jail with help from Marty Markowitz

Congress $$$ will take auto deal to Bush *** 533,000 workers got pink slips in November *** MORTGAGE 'FALL BEHINDS' REACH AN ALL-TIME HIGH

Ravitch the author of the MTA's bailout plan Friday blasted critics for acting like "a fairy godmother" will rescue the transit system without taxes, tolls and fare hikes *** Council Is Set to Consider Increases in Hotel and Property Taxes *** The MTA and TWU play hardball on cutbacks as the union's mid-January contract expiration nears

Barney Frank after years of pushing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to make reckless loans attacks CEOs of the big three auto industry for their mismanagement *** Media attacks Wall Street CEOs for high salaries as workers get layoff - CH. 4 AXES BIG ON-AIR NAMES

Palin and Mike Huckabee lead the list of 2012 GOP presidential contenders