Monday, December 22, 2008

Has the City Returned to the 70's Meltdown this Quickly?

Will High Costs and Taxes Cause A New Migration Out of the City - THE LIVING IS EASY AFTER LEAVING NY *** Long addicted to massive Wall Street revenues, Albany faces an agonizing withdrawal - McMahon, City Journal

Budget Meltdown Albany Ice rink closed to save $150,000 *** Proposed reduction of pension benefits for new city and state employees to save funds *** Daily News Editorial: For taxpayers, Albany must trim new public workers' retirement benefits *** Construction unions pressed to cut costs *** More Firms Cut Labor Costs Without Layoffs *** Mike Bloomberg slams council foes of 7% property tax hike - list of the 18 "no" voting council members *** City relents on child-care provider raise *** Souring economy feeds oversupply of NYC cabbies *** 7% Budget Cut Could Force Layoffs, MLC Head, Scoppetta Warn *** To make the reductions in the police force less noticeable vehicles used by traffic-enforcement agents, auxiliary police and school-safety agents are being painted to look more like cop cars *** AP Shocker: $1.6B Went To Bailed-Out Bank Executives

The State Senate Mess Gets More Confusing State Senate Republicans will try to force Democrats to take a stand against Sen.-elect Hiram Monserrate *** The Monserrate incident has now been wrapped in spin and politics over control of the State Senate - Jeff Klein planning a coup all weekend on the phone *** It was all an accident, Monserrate sez of assault - just trying to get his girlfriend off drugs *** Monserrate friends are holding a press conference today to thank the councilman for all the work he has done to fight domestic violence over the years *** Former Rep. Floyd Flake, Senate Democratic Leader and Malcolm Smith's mentor, thinks Smith "probably injured himself more than he helped himself" in trying to placate the Gang of Three *** Empty seat in senate grim prospect as election wrangling goes on

Wrong Game Plan by Kennedy's Team?
Congressman King and Ackerman lead the attack on Kennedy - wonder whose bidding they are doing? Have Kennedy consultants made a mistake in not letting Caroline be more like her father and uncle who battled the same democratic machine that is attacking her now? *** Ackerman compares Kennedy's answering questions by fax to Sara Palin *** Serrano says to pick only on the ability to raise money eliminates a minority and/or poor candidate to be considered *** Pols give 'Palin-ized' 'celebrity' Caroline Kennedy a hard time *** Caroline Kennedy Rips Page From Clinton Campaign - The Listening Tour *** Joel Klein Overstates Caroline Kennedy's Role - Barrett, Village Voice

"Caroline Kennedy says she’s a “Clinton Democrat.” This might come as a small surprise to Hillary Clinton, who stood by helplessly in the make-or-break Democratic primaries while Caroline and her Uncle Teddy grandly backed Barack Obama " Henican, Newsday *** USA Today endorses the special election idea *** New York Politics is a Family Business

Washington Obama probe clears top aide Emanuel - spoke with Blagojevich on the telephone only one time *** Hamas missiles spark Israeli threat *** Outgoing VP Dick Cheney and incoming VP Joe Biden sparred over the power of the office in separate TV appearances *** Hillary Clinton halves her campaign debt from $12 million *** Obama’s Outreach to Religious Right Somehow Not Sitting Well With Liberals

Gambling at Rick's Place, Part I
Illinois Governors on the shady side Before Blagojevic 2006:

Republican George Ryan, 74 was convicted on federal corruption charges and is serving a six-and-a-half-year prison sentence.
1987: Democrat Daniel Walker, 83, was convicted of bank fraud and perjury, charges unrelated to the governorship.
1973: Democrat Otto Kerner, who died in 1976, was convicted in 1973 of bribery and tax evasion.
1965: Republican William Stratton, who died in 2001, was acquitted of tax evasion charges. 1922: Republican Lennington Small, who died in 1936, was acquitted of embezzlement and laundering charges.

Gambling at Rick's Place, Part II
Firm Built on Madoff Ties Faces Tough Questions - secretive hedge fund portrays itself as an unwilling victim of the fraud *** Madoff Scandal Rips Apart Close World of Jewish Philanthropy *** The Angry NYER - MTA’s Budget is online: How much fraud can YOU find? Queens Feels Hit From Madoff Scheme *** Madoff scandal hurts real estate silent investors *** MADOFF'S SON IN SHOPPING GALL POSH-GIFT SPREE AMID $UFFERING *** Data shows drop in SEC criminal case referrals

Judicial Politics Paterson bemoans commission's choices for Appeals Court