Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Today's Revolt
By the Gang of 3
Fought on the Blogs
Hour by Hour

The Politicker: 3:29pm - Horner: Espada Should Have Known Better *** The Daily Politics: 4:35pm - No Lu-Lu, But Lots Of Power (Maybe) *** New York Times' City Room: 4:56 - Is the State Senate Leadership Deal Falling Apart? *** The Politicker: 5:05pm - Senate Leadership Roles (and Perks) Still Unclear *** The Daily Politics: 5:35pm - Senate Deal Crumbles, 'No One Is Happy *** Albany Times Union: 7:01p - Smith’s deal down the drain? *** The Politicker: 7:24pm - Malcolm Smith's Recipe for Chaos *** The Albany Project: 10:51pm - "Gang Of Three" Deal Falling Apart; Might Be A Dead Deal

Albany Insider "You Cannot Govern Like This" were in a political media guerrilla war *** Smith Suspends Negotiations willing to go back as minority leader
Blagojevich on Obama's Senate Seat:
“It is a bleeping (fucking) valuable thing… you just don’t give it away for nothing” I got this thing and it is golden . . . I not going to give this up for (Fucking) nothing"

Pay to Play Chicago: Obama’s Senate Seat for Sale? *** Illinois Governor in Corruption Scandal *** 11/05/08 Video of Gov. Blagojevich: Obama Senate Seat Plans *** Two days ago Jackson Jr. talks to Chicago gov about Obama seat *** Justice Department Briefing on Blagojevich Investigation *** Recordings stun political analysts with profanity, threats and demands *** Feds: Governor tried to get journalists fired *** Blagojevich Campaign Donor Pleads Guilty *** Feds indict insider in Blagojevich probe on October 30, 2008 *** Video of Governor Blagojevich at the Democratic Convention *** Obama must explain Blago ties *** GOP ridicules President-elect Barack Obama over Blagojevich scandal *** Obama must explain Blago ties *** Federal prosecutors insisted there's no evidence Obama was involved in the political mess in his home state

Pay to Play *New York *Albany *City Hall * Spitzer * NYU Report on Play to Pay * Report Tries to Measure Extent of 'Pay to Play' in '05 Campaign

The U. S, Attorney that brought down Spitzer ignored years of chicanery on Wall Street. So how did he pull down a multi-million dollar job in private practice? *** In Deutsche bank blaze, DA to charge mob-tied subcontractor John Galt Corp. with manslaughter *** MIKE EYES DA DEAL ON DEUTSCHE: "There may have been some negligence" *** Deutsche fire families outraged at DA as government agencies are not charged ***3 AT DMV WHO MADE TRAFFIC-TIX DISAPPEAR FOR $$$ BUSTED - Mom and Son fix team held*** FBI investigating DEP *** House Ethics Panel Expands Rangel Inquiry *** Village Voice: Watchdog? Has Congress Forgotten Ed Towns' Past? *** NY Lawmaker Probes Public Funding of Mets, Yankees *** Panel eyes Rangel link to oil exec

Who is Watching the Judges: Judge-elect Nora Anderson to face campaign finance charge *** Prosecutors Target a Brand-New Judge *** A history of the corrupt Surrogate Court system from the days of Tammany Hall that even Senator Robert Kennedy could not clean up *** A deeper look at the charges against Anderson and the corruption of the Surrogate Court ***Judge Lopez Torres v. NYS Board of Elections *** Federal Judge Gleenson on how judges are made by the bosses in New York *** 2005 NYC Comptroller Audit on Surrogate Court *** Brooklyn Surrogate Feinberg Removed ***Jack Newfield on New York's Court Corruption *** Jimmy Bresland on the Brooklyn Surrogate Court
West Bronx Blog: Adolfo Watch new HUD boss? *** The Villager: Gerson says he’s running; Chin, Gleason still are, too *** SI Live: 'Thank you' brunch for Staten Island's Fossella a hard sell *** Thompson hits the Web in mayoral run vs. Mike Bloomberg *** Silly Season as Fran "the Nanny"Dresner and Randi Weingarten enters Senate ring *** Mayor Bloomberg's former top aide and current campaign manager, Bradley Tusk, was a top advisor to Blagojevich *** Kennedy Denies Lobbying Paterson to Help His Niece *** The Post wants another Sen. Pothole *** A Marist poll shows AG Andrew Cuomo and Caroline Kennedy in a dead heat for Hillary Clinton's Senate seat *** A different poll shows Kennedy way out ahead of Cuomo (44-23) among Democrats *** Republican U.S. Rep. Peter King is preparing to run for the seat in 2010

Albany - NY Post Editorial: Hey, Patrick Fitzgerald: When you finish cleaning up Crook County, how about flying over to Albany and flipping over a few rocks? *** A key adviser to former Gov. Eliot Spitzer during the Dirty Tricks Scandal has resigned as Gov. Paterson's deputy secretary

The City's Financial Meltdown: $104+ METROCARD: LOOMING WITHOUT MTA BAILOUT ***MTA asks for shared sacrifice - but squanders its assets *** Raising Hell over cross bay bridge toll *** City University of NY hiking tuition 15% *** The Angry New Yorker Blog: Gee, What a Surprise. Stadium Costs keep Climbing *** Is it the End for Wall St.? *** Surge In Unemployed Forces NY Agency to Hire Staff *** Economic woes heavy toll on Broadway, final curtain is coming down on 15 shows in the next six weeks *** Queens Gezette: Is Mayor Headed For Bitter Defeat On Willets Pt. Plan? *** Workers win: Bank of America to give credit to Chicago plant *** New Jersey lures Hunts Point market *** Ax tax cut or cut jobs, Mike Bloomberg warns *** New seats for Bronx schools missing from budget *** White House, Democrats reach tentative agreement on $15 billion auto bailout bill *** WHEEL DEAL TO RESCUE BIG 3

Health Care: Staten Island medical center gets more time to pay off $21M debt *** Hospitals, union come up with budget plan to cut the state's projected $15 billion budget deficit *** Cancer to pass heart disease as No. 1 killer

Media Death Watch cont. . .
Economic slump prompts NFL to cut staff *** MySpace teams up with Google to connect more users *** Queens Crap: Community Newspaper Group Moves to MetroTech' Ratnerville *** Bragged Chicago Tribune agreed to fire top editorial writers in exchange for $100 million in state aid