Wednesday, December 24, 2008

New York Times, Friedman

OBAMA WILL USE ABE'S BIBLE FOR INAUGURAL *** Historian sees lessons, Lincoln parallels for Obama *** Joe Klein: Obama's Team of Rivals *** Obama has said he admires Doris Kearns Goodwin's wonderful Lincoln biography, Team of Rivals. "He talks about it all the time," says a top aide. He is particularly intrigued by the notion that Lincoln assembled all the Republicans who had run against him for President in his war Cabinet, some of whom disagreed with him vehemently and persistently. "The lesson is to not let your ego or grudges get in the way of hiring absolutely the best people," Obama said

It's A Wonderful Mortgage Crisis

Back to Pottersville
$1.4 BILLION MADOFF FUND LOSER KILLS HIMSELF BY WRIST-SLASH IN MAD AVE. OFFICE *** SUBPRIME CRISIS KILLS VENERABLE LAW FIRM *** Daily News Editorial Bush's pardon of Brooklyn mortgage shark smacks of political favoritism *** Where did all of Bernard Madoff's money go? *** Who are the Madoffs? *** BUDGET TAX PUT$ FISHERMAN ON HOOK *** MTA took $500M hit in Wall St. meltdown

No Holiday Time Out: Wheels Keep Spinning Round and Round
Master Spin Mayor Taps Old Antagonist to Spin for his Reelection Campaign

Crime Report Spin
Queens Crap NYC Murder Rate Up 5% in 2008 *** Post GOOD, BAD AND UGLY IN CITY CRIME STATS *** Times Police Project Credited With Cutting Crime in Tough Precincts *** Daily News NYPD statistics show slight rise in robberies, murders in 2008 WABC NYC crime rate rises, but remains low

Where is Albany and Council Deutsche Bank Outrage?
Where are the legislative investigations and council hearings? Not even a peep from those running to replace our term extended city leaders about the mob involvement that led to the deaths. It is unfortunate that leaders in the city think the public is fooled by meaningless press conferences about the high price of corn flakes.

CIVIL LAWSUITS WILL FORCE CITY BIGS FACE DEUTSCHE GRILL *** 'Buck stops with me' in Deutsche blaze, not Scoppetta, Bloomberg insists
Dumb Press Conference Councilman: Ban Vendors on Court

The Tag Team Spin Attack Against Kennedy
Silver yesterday strongly suggested that Gov. Paterson reject Caroline Kennedy - because she might be more loyal to Bloomberg than to the governor *** Kennedy's more than her name Senate full of political legacies *** Caroline Kennedy: The $100M Woman *** Gov. David Paterson is reportedly frustrated with the air of inevitability surrounding Caroline Kennedy's non-campaign for Senate and feels he's being boxed in.

State Senate Mess WFP canvasser in Hunts Point soliciting signatures to get Pedro Espada and Ruben Diaz to support a Democratic majority in the state Senate - West Bronx Blog *** The Gang of Three - Bay Ridge Journal *** Sabini who left off to give Monserrate the State Senate seat in the majority Latino district is given some work

Washington FRANKEN COLEMAN ON HOLD 'TIL '09 *** SI GUY GUILTY OF 'HEZ TV' HELP *** Rudy Giuliani thinks Blagojevich has to resign *** Obama Report Outlines Talks on Senate Seat

Media Meltdown Newspapers In Their Last Throes - Joshing Politics