Sunday, November 16, 2008

Obama to Bring Back Lincoln's "Team of Rivals" Cabinet

Barack Obama drops a Hillary Clinton hint on State Department

In a "60 Minutes" interview airing Sunday night amid buzz about Clinton's possible elevation to Obama's secretary of state, correspondent Steve Kroft noted that Abraham Lincoln made many former adversaries top advisers - and asked Obama if he might do the same. "Well, I tell you what, I find him a very wise man," said Obama, a Democrat who also said he'll appoint a Republican.

Abraham Lincoln, a former one-term congressman from Illinois, won the Republican presidential nomination in 1860 in a stunning upset over the party’s established leader, Senator William H. Seward of New York, who had been widely expected to win. After Lincoln was elected, he turned to Seward as his secretary of state — and the leader of a "team of rivals," which was also the title of Doris Kearns Goodwin's prize-winning 2005 book about Lincoln’s cabinet. (See the first chapter.) and more on "Team of Rivals" here

Team Michael Bloomberg in a bit of team chaos Tensions are still raw in the City Council from last month's narrow vote to extend term limits, and plunging tax revenues mean the survivors will have to run for reelection on a platform of tax hikes and budget cuts.

Michael R. Bloomberg’s plans for budget cuts and tax increases during a downturn are drawing ire. “We saved for a rainy day, but instead we are in monsoon season,”

State lawmakers could throw a roadblock into Mayor Bloomberg plan to run for a third term

Bloomie Kissing Dem Ass Mayor Bloomberg, a Democrat-turned-Republican-turned independent who has yet to say which ballot line(s) he'll seek for his 2009 re-election bid, has paid homage to two different Democratic county chairman over the past 24 hours.