Monday, November 17, 2008

Paterson and Top 2 Legislators Fail to Agree on Cuts

A CLEARLY frustrated Gov. Paterson is making it clear that he won't be at fault if tomorrow's "emergency" session of the Legislature fails to adopt his plan to slash state spending by $2 billion in order to control the ballooning deficit. and here

Advisors to President-elect Barack Obama are reviewing Bill Clinton's finances and activities to see if they would preclude his wife's appointment to Obama's cabinet.

Gov. Paterson will not appoint himself New York's new senator if Hillary Rodham Clinton becomes Barack Obama's secretary of state, The Post has learned.

Rep. Nydia Velazquez is front-runner for Senate seat if Hillary takes Cabinet job

Rudy Giuliani yesterday said that he would consider running for governor and that he had not ruled out a second attempt at the presidency. and here

Bobby Kennedy's dream of a black president comes true after four decades

Gay marriage backers rally in Manhattan, other cities

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Washington Square Park
NY City Council Speaker Christine Quinn came out “harshly” against Mayor Bloomberg’s plan to cut back $400 property tax rebates for homeowners and “overhaul” senior centers. . . “It’s like professional wrestling,” said one council member. “They [Mayor Bloomberg and Christine Quinn] arrange the moves in private and play them out in public so that people come out and say, ‘She’s so tough.’ ”

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Will Bloomberg Run as a Democratic

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