Friday, November 14, 2008

Will Obama Pick Hillary? Who Will Be NY Next Jr. Senator?

Political speculation is fun but very rarely accurate. Who out there last year predicted President Obama. Buzz post Hillary and more buzz.

E. J. McMahon: New York State’s Fiscal Reckoning -Long addicted to massive Wall Street revenues, Albany faces an agonizing withdrawal.

Brooklyn Paper says Marty Markowitz doesn’t need a 74-person staff to do his job.

Signs that Thompson Will Run for Mayor

Twenty-nine members of the City Council voted yesterday to over-rule 586,890 New Yorkers who, in a referendum, had rejected an earlier proposal by the Council to lengthen their eligibility from two terms to three.

Assemblyman Ruben Diaz is fairly confident that he and his fellow Rainbow Rebels would succeed in taking over the leadership of the Bronx Democratic County Committee when the Committee meets on Sunday at the Utopia Paradise Theatre.