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True News Updated 24/7 Monday Update: O'Hara and Stavisky Voting Residence Injustice While the Media looks the other way

How the Media, Pols and DA's Protect Parkside and Ignore Injustice
Why was John Kennedy O'Hara convicted for illegal voting by Brooklyn DA Joe Hynes for running for office out of his girlfriend's residence.  While Evan Stavisky gets away with being registered in Queens while he lives with his wife in Rockland County?  Lawyer O'Hara lost his law license which destroyed his life, while Stavisky makes millions with an incompetent politically connected consultant company?  Why does the press ignore this outrageous legal injustice?  They don't care and they are too dumb to understand.

True News Wags City and State

A Crack in the Journalism Blue Wall of Silence to Protect Parkside Lobbyists and Consultants and their Residency Problem

Last Thursday True News reported that Parkside Evan Stravisky was a district leader in Queens while his wife is the Democratic leader from Rockland County. Today's City and State reports the same NY's Politicals Consultant Monopoly True News has been writing about that arrangement for the past year without a single other publication or reporter picking that up until today.  What city and state left out and was it True News is that the Queens Democratic Party protect Parkside.  Why else would Rory Lancman who is running for congress hire them after they failed so badly in the Weprin campaign in the same district.  Why would the DSCC  hire them again after they were the consultants that ran the 2010 campaign where they lost their majority.

Stavisky and His Wife Elected Democratic Officials One Hour's Drive Apart
A Strategic Living Arrangement For Top Democratic Strategist(City and State).  The problem with the C&S piece was that it did not examine how their political connections to the Queens Democratic Party keeps Parksides which has lost many high profile elections (Weprin, Democratic State Senate majority) not only alive but making millions. 

Bums of the Day: True New Wags Political Bloggers
Bloggers Liz Benjamin, David Freelander give a link to the City and State Parkside resident Story but never link True News when we broke the story months ago.  In fact none of the copycat reporters  ever link or credit True News but they all copy us

NYC's  Party Machines Use the BOE to Win Elections Not to Run Elections 
Daily News Says Nassau County uses the same machines the right way, as computer
The city Board of Elections has to end its foolish method of counting votes (NYDN Ed)

Cuomo's Redistricting High Noon Close
Alan Chartock on redistricting: Some cynics think that at the last minute [Gov. Andrew Cuomo] will announce some kind of breakthrough, like a proposed constitutional amendment that would take effect 10 years from now when he won’t be around to worry about it.//I think Cuomo is sharp enough to know that such a “compromise” would ensure that his Republican friends in the state Senate will retain control of that house. Seasoned legislative reporters appear to think he will try to reach a middle ground that the Legislature can live with.//My bet is that Cuomo will do what he says and veto the bill. That will send the whole thing to a judge who will appoint a “master” to do the redistricting.  Then, of course, the next question will be, “Who gets appointed as the line drawing master?” Just remember that many judges were once politicians. There will be lots of ways to skin this cat. (Daily Freeman)

Dicker Says Silver "Poison Pilled" Teacher Evaluation Bill 

Final week of school duel(NYP) Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver reportedly slipped a “poison pill” into teacher evaluation legislation that is facing a Thursday deadline, in order to derail the bill for his teachers union allies

Will Albany Increase the Pension Debt?

State-worker unions push pension boost (NYP) Public sector unions are pushing for a series of pension sweeteners even as Gov. Andrew Cuomo tries to implement a leaner new pension tier. 


 WNET Charts Their Relationship

Quinn and Bloomberg’s Roller-Coaster Relationship (WNET)



Fund Rasier Chung Seto Influence Over Liu Pushes Out Eve 

City Comptroller John Liu is losing another deputy, which sources say is a symbol of deep unhappiness in the upper ranks of his office. First Deputy Comptroller Eric Eve, who was Liu’s point man for his now-stalled pension reform plan, is leaving Feb. 24 to become a partner at communications firm RLM Finsbury. He follows former deputy Alan van Capelle, who announced his departure last summer. Two sources said Eve, like others in the office, was unhappy at the influence Liu’s closest advisor, Chung Seto, holds over the office’s operations. Spokesmen for Liu did not immediately comment. Eve will be replaced by deputy comptroller Ricardo Morales, who will be replaced in return by Valerie Budzik. (C&S) * Too-da-Liu to his No. 2 (NYDN)


Shocking TU Says the Incumbent Protection Society Draw New Districts That Benefit Themselves

Have more, get more (TU) Majority parties would benefit most from proposed new Senate, Assembly districts * Redistricting plan would widen Albany’s partisan divide (New York World)

The Oldest Profession Survives Crime Reduction

As Other Crimes Recede, Street Prostitution Keeps Its Wily Hold(NYT)





NYT Says Raise the NY Minimum Wage Cuomo Supports Senate GOP Blocking

Raise New York’s Minimum Wage(NYT Ed) It is time for New York to raise its minimum wage to $8.50 an hour from $7.25 to help more than 600,000 struggling workers. *Minimum-Wage Rolls Drive Albany Debate(WSJ) The number of workers earning minimum wage in New York has increased sharply since the start of the recession. Fueling the fight over raising the hourly minimum wage is the fact that the number of people earning that wage jumped from 6,000 in 2008 to 91,000 in 2011.* State GOP Chairman Ed Cox calls for CuomoBloomberg created in 2006 to try new approaches to battling poverty has won an award for innovation from the Harvard Kennedy School.


Candian Bacon: War on the Seneca Nation

Curtis Silva Says on His Morning Radio Show That Cuomo Should Uses The Attack on The Senator to Go To War Against the Seneca to Collect the Taxes They Owe Us

The plot thickens in the story of the fight involving Sen. Mark Grisanti and his wife at the Seneca Niagara Casino. He wants to press charges. One woman says the senator hit her husband first. Niagara Falls Police Superintendent John R. Chella: “We’re going to have to really spend some time on this.”  


DiNapoli's Cuomo Pushback

State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli continued his pushback against Cuomo by at least temporarily halting 1,755 contracts sought by various state agencies over the past year – for purchases of everything from turkey thighs by state prison cafeterias to state university sports uniforms to highway bridge parts. * Andrew Cuomo is pushing for the comptroller’s office to cut back on some of its oversight functions just as Tom DiNapoli is stopping more and more contracts from being approved.


Santorum leads Romney 39-24 ahead of Feb. 28 primary: poll(NYP)

Hospitals Demands Poor Pay the Bills

Hospitals Flout Charity Aid Law(NYT) A report says most New York medical centers are violating state rules curbing aggressive debt collections against people who cannot pay * ospitals around the state are aggressively collecting on the debt owed by indigent patients, even though state laws forbid it.

On Final Day Worshiping in Schools, Congregations Vow to Keep Fighting Ban(NYT) * Dozens Of Small NYC Churches Looking For New Homes(WCBS) * Police union demands info on 9/11 toxic debris(WABC)

Tracking terror(NYP Ed) The Post defends the NYPD’s program surveilling Muslims by arguing that the initiative led to the recent guilty plea of a New York jihadist

Barclays Center in Brooklyn will create parking and traffic problems(NYP) The concern, neighborhood residents say, is that hydraulic systems and valet service associated with stack parking slow the entry and exit of cars from the lot, potentially creating bumper-to-bumper traffic on surrounding streets and sending antsy drivers to seek the area’s few remaining curbside spaces.

Kruger Who Received $250,000 in Bribes From Ratner's Lobbyists His Support of the Project.  Says He Does Not Care About Nets Parking Problems Because He Will Be in Jail Upstate Collection His Pension for the next 10 Years

Theater's Newest Act Is HD(WSJ) The success of the Metropolitan Opera's HD broadcasts in cinemas around the world has some New York theater producers seeking similar returns. *  Report: Parking Woes Stack Up Outside New Brooklyn Arena (NY1)



‘Spaced’ out (NYP) City booting newsstand over 3 silly inches Transportation officials want to knock down a Chinatown newsstand that’s been in the same spot for 35 years — after suddenly discovering that it’s a precious 3 inches too close to the building it faces.


Pols in China Train Students to Do High Tech Jobs . . .  As High Tech Jobs in Brooklyn Beg for Qualified Workers Our Pols Sit on Their Brains

Tech wreck (NYP) DUMBO jobs go begging amid biz boom Despite 9 percent of New Yorkers’ being unemployed, according to the state Labor Department, the growing tech industry in DUMBO, the small, affluent waterfront corridor between the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges, can’t find enough qualified workers.

Ellis Island Museum to Cover Immigration Before and After, Not Just Those Who Arrive on the Island

On Ellis Island, Examining Those Who Arrived Before and After(NYT) The Ellis Island Immigration Museum is expanding its scope to include all immigrants, not just who arrived on the island.


Plans for Military-like security at WTC

PA super gizmos(NYP)  Port Authority brass are secretly planning to deploy military-grade technology to keep the new World Trade Center safe from terrorism once it’s completed,




NYPD’s ithief buster(NYP) The NYPD is teaching its officers to use the Find My iPhone application to track down stolen Apple smartphones

 WTC 'cocktail' on his uniform(NYDN) Cancer-causing toxins have been found on the uniform worn by a cop who survived being buried in World Trade Center debris on 9/11. * Officer Cancer Deaths At Ground Zero(Fox 5)


Tabloid War Turns Into A Criminal Investigation

London Hacking Scandal Crosses the Pond
NYP and Daily News Entwined

A print out from a 2008 email found in an empty office in a sealed carton has not only put Murdoch company in crisis but has raised question about the Daily News's new editor and chief because of his ties to the deepening hacking scandal.  And We still do not know if any hacking whet on in America.

Will the Email Crack James Murdoch Cover Up?
The email sent by the Daily News' Colin Myler who in 2008 worked for New of the World warned James Murdoch that that voice-mail hacking at the paper was endemic.  News Corp have has told the media and the London courts that the emails were lost when the company upgraded it computer storage systems.  Others have said that company was involved in a cover up to protect Murdoch son James who is expected to take over the company one day.  Yesterday Rupert Murdoch left his Twittering to head to London with his crisis management lawyer Joel Klein to try to put out the fire after Scotland Yard arrested 8 more of his reporters for hacking. Hacking Cases Focus on Memo to a Murdoch(NYT) * Rupert Murdoch's Flagship Tabloid The Sun in Crisis After Phone Hacking Arrests (The Daily Beast)

Daily News' Zuckerman Caught In A Hack
When Daily News owner Zuckerman hired Colin Myler he thought he pull one off on his main competition the Post. What the owner in fact did by hiring someone so involved in Murdoch hacking scandal was endanger the creditability of his own media empire.  The Myler email to James Murdoch proves the new editor of the Daily News was working for Murdoch's News of the World which the company was covering up and making payoff to victims to contain a cover up to protect James Murdoch job and future leadership of News Corp.

Front page NYT story about James Murdoch will move case in UK more than same news in British papers 

NYP: de Blasio is A Sneaker With Bundler Problems

Mayor-bid $ecrets (NYP) Ratner pals’ mystery cash

Post: Ratner bundled contributions for de Blasio, but both made efforts to downplay it(Atlantic Yards Review)

Cuomo 30 Day Deadline is Almost Up on Teacher Evaluations

Time’s (Almost) up!(NYP Ed) It will be 30 days on Thursday since Gov. Cuomo warned that he would draft his own system to root out bad teachers if the state Education Department and teachers unions didn’t make a deal on substantive reform within a month.


Espada Still Sucking $$$ Out of His Health Clinic

Espada a mooch to the very end(NYP) Still $queezing Bx. clinic The former state senator, about to face trial on charges of looting the clinics, continues to show up at the Bronx facilities — and collect his outsize salary — despite a judge’s stern suggestion to stay away


Archbishop attacks Obama's birth-control compromise as not enough(NYP) * Bishops Reject White House’s New Plan on Contraception(NYT)

How Court Ordered Guardians Rip Off Judge Philips and the Slave Theater and Got Away With it

Tug of War Over a Civil Rights Legacy(NYT) The Slave Theater in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, once a hub of civil rights activity, is mired in a bitter battle over ownership rights. Clarence Hardy, the self-proclaimed chief of the Slave Theater in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, said Judge John L. Phillips Jr., the former owner of the neighborhood landmark, wanted him to occupy the theater. * Slave Theater could be sold to pay judge’s ‘debts’ (Brooklyn Paper) * JUDGE JOHN L. PHILLIPS - JUSTICE HAS NOT BEEN SERVED * Guardians of Retired Judge Accused of Lax Accounting and Improprieties(NYT)


MTA Union Says Raid the Health Care Fund to Pay For Our Raises and Restore Services

Union says MTA's sitting on a fortune, can afford raises(NYDN) by tapping an obscure health care fund to cover future health care costs


Schneiderman's Deal

Whether $26B mortgage settlement will work is anyone’s guess (NYDN Ed) New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman must spend his share wisely * Too Many Unanswered Questions in Foreclosure Deal - New York Times * Hold the Applause on the Mortgage Deal - Gretchen Morgenson, NY Times

 Primary Day Politics 

  Speaker Silver announces legislation to move the state primary to June 26, upping ante in disagreement w/ . * Silver: "There is no good reason why our local gov'ts should be asked to spend an extra $50M to hold three primary elections in one year."* As expected, Senate Republicans are not on board with Speaker Sheldon Silver’s primary date bill.  Cuomo on primary date: "Right now I'm trying to see if the Assembly can work it out with the Senate."

Pols Leave Office and Keep Spending

Politicos leave, but keep their accounts (poughkeepsiejournal)






Dumb Down Local News Makes Millions on PAC and Other Special Interests Spending

Keeping the Public Uninformed While Racking In the Millions

Local News which is mainly weather, traffic, cooking and dog segments is making millions in lobbyists spending.  Cuomo and his supporters spent over $10 million last year to gain public support to push through his agenda. Union and business interest like the pro fracking interest are also spending millions on ads to local stations.  All this money is coming in as local news dumbs down.  It is not a secret that TV and radio stations rely on the local newspaper for most of their hard news. So those "rip and read" broadcasters have offered their views much less hard news as newspaper staffs shrivel amid the draconian layoffs caused by the internet and the recession? Local TV stations stand to profit from boom in super-PAC spending (The Hill) * Local News Dumb Down Journalism (True News) 


Jefferson Informed Citizens Need for A Democracy                        "An enlightened citizenry is indispensable for the proper functioning of a republic. Self-government is not possible unless the citizens are educated sufficiently to enable them to exercise oversight." Thomas Jefferson

Jefferson Explains How Tyranny Develops

"God forbid we should ever be twenty years without such a rebellion. The people cannot be all, and always, well informed. The part which is wrong will be discontented, in proportion to the importance of the facts they misconceive. 

If they remain quiet under such misconceptions, it is lethargy, the forerunner of death to the public liberty. ... And what country can preserve its liberties, if its rulers are not warned from time to time, that this people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right as to the facts, pardon and pacify them. What signify a few lives lost in a century or two? The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time, with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure." * The new boundaries for state Senate and Assembly districts proposed by LATFOR would increase the number of seats held by the majority parties in both chambers. From 32 to 34 for the Senate GOP, and from 98 to 102 for the Assembly Democrats.



A School Cheats and Still Fails To Be Closed 
Cheat probe hits school to be shuttered(NYDN) 3 teachers at the Manhattan Theatre Lab High School being investigated

Church Vs. State  Dozens Of City Churches Hold Final Services In Public School Buildings(NY1) * More than 50 churches in New York City held their final services in public school buildings after the Legislature failed to reach a compromise.

NYP Takes Credit for finally evict teaching perv Alan Rosenfeld

Good riddance, creep (NYP Ed)



The Greatest Voice of All R.I.P.

NYP Blasts Quinn for Avoiding Public Safety in Speech

Quinn: The Bad Cop

The not-so-mighty Quinn(NYP) The NYP criticized the speaker for her recent  low-key admonishment of the NYPD’s controversial stop-and-frisk policy.  The paper says the controversial police has cleared thousands of guns from city streets and has kept people alive.

The Wedding Candidate

The Politics of One Gay Marriage (NY Magazine) Quinn’s calculus. Christine Quinn is the early favorite in the 2013 mayor’s race, so her State of the City speech this week drew extra media scrutiny. But that will be dwarfed by the attention paid to the next big event in the City Council speaker’s life. “The wedding,” groans a strategist for a mayoral rival. “The Times will do a front-page story about her shopping for dresses. The other papers will write about the guest list, the honeymoon. It will be huge, and there’s nothing we can do to compete with it.”

The Gun is in the Mailbox

In a Mailbox: A Shared Gun, Just for the Asking(NYT) Community guns, hidden away and shared by groups of people who use them when needed, then return them, appear to be on the rise in New York, the police say.

Comptroller Liu Continues To Court Donors Despite Investigation Into Campaign Account(NY1)


Senator and His Wife Punched

NY State Sen. Grisanti, wife 'beaten' by Seneca nation businessmen (NYP) "You haven't done anything for us," another source said Grisanti was told. The senator then was punched in the back of the head. When Maria came to her husband's aid, at least one of the women began beating her. Indian whomp-’em (NYP)Renegades ‘ambush’ upstate pol and wife * State Senator From Buffalo Injured in Confrontation at Casino (NYT)

Education War Continues

School protesters’ destructive din (NYDN Ed) Parents, students drowned out at PEP meeting on closings by rowdy crowd *  School closings not exactly open-and-shut cases(NYP) After voting to shutter 23 struggling schools, the city’s Department of Education is only now launching what it refers to as “targeted action plans” to help the schools improve, The Post has learned.*Parents, Politicians Question Education Dept. Over Recent(WCBS) * Mike fails to get it(NYP)  Only 26 percent of New Yorkers approve of Mayor Bloomberg’s handling of public schools, while 61 percent disapprove.

Rubber roomer retires (NYP) Caved to Post pressure * Dean of the ‘rubber room’ retires at last Teacher Alan Rosenfeld (NYDN)


A Lobbyist Ordered By the Court To Spill  Beans on AEG

Lobbyist loses racino bet (NYP)  Lobbyist Carl Andrews will have to spill the beans about his role in the rigged selection of his client AEG’s bid to run a multibillion-dollar racino at Aqueduct Racetrack, the state’s highest court ruled yesterday.

More on AEG

Is Spano Plea Connected to Ratner Lobbyist Corruption Trial Starting Next Week? 

Another Corrupt Lobbyists Former Elected Official

A former State Senator turned lobbyist pleaded guilty to a felony today. *  Don’t worry, he can still lobby. * Ex-Westchester Senator Admits Tax Obstruction * Ex-Politician Pleads Guilty in Taxes Case(WSJ)

Maybe A Connect to Second Forest City Ratner Trial

Bruce Bender Leaves Forest City Surrounded By Corruption and Right Before Another Bribe Trial Involving the Company

Yonkers pol Nick Spano to plead guilty to tax evasion; brother Mike, now mayor, served as FCR agent on Ridge Hill; did Nick have a Ridge Hill connection? (Atlantic Yard Report) * Media Black Out Shake Up At Forest City Ratner Surrounded in Kruger Corruption(True News) * Times columnist Michael Powell  pointed out the developer is involved in two federal indictments. Powell wrote, "The Brooklyn and Yonkers cases are not simply about wayward politicians. The cases share an intriguing tie to the developer Bruce Ratner, who in project after project deploys lobbyists and politicians to change zoning ordinances and chase down rich packets of subsidies." * Forest City executive in charge of Ridge Hill, and his successor, both leave company within one year (Atlantic Yard Review)

True News Has Been Asking Where the Bribe Money in Both the Cases Involving Ratner Came From?

Who Paid the Elected Officials Kruger and Annabi?

Lobbyist Richard Lipsky pleads guilty to bribing crooked pol Carl Kruger (NYP) Lipsky bribed Kruger for $250,000 and was caught during an FBI raid with $100,000 in his apartment.  The FBI and U.S. Attorney says former Yonkers City Councilwoman Sandy Annabi  was birbed $160,000 to change her votes on to Yonkers Forest City Ratner Ridge Hill project. 

We Know What Was In It For Kruger Did Pols Get Gifts?

In 2006 No Land Grab Asked 1) Why are South Brooklyn politicos Kruger, Golden, Fidler and Nelson big on Atlantic Yards? Like, what's in it for them?

Facebook Site Slam Post for ID’ing her

Kelly gal pals (NYP)  The woman who accused “Good Day New York” co-anchor Greg Kelly of rape stepped out last night with her boyfriend for an evening stroll — as her defenders took to the Internet to blast The Post for identifying her. The NY Post is under fire for naming “Good Day NY” co-chost Greg Kelly’s accuser, putting her picture on its front page and calling her a “rape beauty.” The Facebook page has over 400 likes * Facebook Page Defends Accuser of Police Commissioner's Son(NYT)

Giants Car Tag Upsets Groups Still Waiting for Their Own(NYT)

Another Cutback Delay for 20 Quest To Build the Moynihan Station 

New Setback for Moynihan Station Plans(WSJ) State and federal officials wary about mounting costs plan to scale back the first segment of work for the future Moynihan Station, the latest setback for an ambitious project almost two decades in the making.




Mike defends 1 WTC $1B overrun(NYP)* Getting to the root of Port Authority cost overruns (NYDN Ed) Cuomo, Christie must knock heads at WTC

Monday Update 

Romney Runs as an Outsider but Makes Room for Lobbyists(NYP) * Mitt Romney is planning to roll out a new tax plan. * Obama Budget Previews Election Battle - Hennessey & Parsons, LA Times * Here Comes Obama's Magic Budget - Joseph Curl, Washington Times * Obama Looking Good, But Storm Clouds Ahead - John Heilemann, NY Mag * Romney Touts His Bay State Record - Robert Costa, National Review * Time for a Romneycare Mea Culpa - Milton Wolf, Washington Times * Obama's Unnecessary Culture War - E.J. Dionne, Washington Post * How Rough It's Gotten for Romney - Steve Kornacki, Salon * Mitt Has 3 Weeks Left to Close the Deal - Jed Babbin, American Spectator

Sunday Update Election 2012

Romney’s Path to ‘Pro-Life’ Position on Abortion(NYT) * Romney Wins Caucuses in Maine(WSJ) * Palin Hints at Romney Flaws(WSJ) * Should the GOP Just Sit 2012 Out? - Thomas Friedman, New York Times * Pennsylvania Still a Tall Order for Obama - Salena Zito, Pittsburgh T-R *Romney Seeks to Reassure Conservatives - Dan Balz, Washington Post *  Problems Loom as Mitt Stops the Bleeding - Jonathan Tobin, Commentary * Obama Sets Contraception Trap for Right - Andrew Sullivan, Newsweek * Santorum unconcerned by Sat. losses, suggests Romney paid for CPAC votes(NYP) * Santorum on the Defensive Over Gender Remarks(NYT) * For Gingrich, Choice Between Wooing Voters or Donors(NYT)* Obama's Fight With Church Will Backfire - Mary Kate Cary, US News & WR * Republicans united on goal — beat Obama — divided on how to get there (Wash post)

Election 2012: Maine Saturday

Revised Birth Control Mandate Not An Instant Sell For Dolan(NY1) * Santorum cleans up with $1M in donations(NYP) * Obama Budget Bets Other Concerns Will Trump Deficit(NYT) * The Freedom to Choose Birth Control(NYT Ed) * CPAC 'severely' conflicted over Mitt Romney (Politico) * Catholic bishops group denounces contraception compromise(CNN) * Michael Tomasky: Contraception Storm Shows Obama Fumbling Politically (The Daily Beast)


TALLY UPDATE WSJ: "Obama Retreats..." NYT: "Obama Adjusts..." WaPo: "Obama Shifts..." On contraception

Mormons likely to play influential role in Saturday’s Nevada GOP caucuses(Denver Post)Obama, GOP spar over economy in weekly addresses(CNN)* Santorum polls closer to Obama than Mitt(NYDN) * The GOP's Anger Management Problem - Dana Milbank, Washington Post * The Long and Winding Republican Road - William Kristol, Weekly Standard * Obama's Contraception Fig Leaf - Ruth Marcus, Washington Post * Blunder Reveals Obama True Thinking - Rex Murphy, National Post * Low Turnout and the Big Tune-Out - Peggy Noonan, Wall Street Journal * Romney Tries to Woo Conservatives at CPAC - Shear & Eckholm, NY Times * Catholic tribalism and the contraceptive flap(Slate) *Romney Wins Caucuses in Maine(NYT) * Palin Says G.O.P. Shouldn’t Hurry (NYT)

Breaking 4:20PM Romney wins The Washington Times/CPAC Straw Poll(Washington Times)

Breaking 6:25PM Mitt Romney wins Maine Republican caucuses - state GOP chair Romney edges past Paul in Maine caucuses, 39% to 36%… 


Mitt Romney Appears On SNL To Reassure Voters That He’s Doing Very Well


Bill Maher: Republicans Divide Americans Into ‘The Heartland And… The Rest Of The Country’


More MF Money Missing

MF Global trustee raises tally of missing funds to $1.6B(NYP)



Sunday Shows Overwhelmingly White And Male: Study(Huff Post)

5 employees of The Sun newspaper among 8 arrested by British police in connection with investigation into illegal payments to police 

Staff at The Sun Tabloid Arrested in Bribe Inquiry (NYT) News. Corp said in a statement that police had searched the homes and offices of the five members of staff at the tabloid, long regarded regarded as the jewel in the crown of Rupert Murdoch's British media empire. 30 Murdoch employees arrested so far...and quite a few more left to throw under the bus* Rupert Murdoch Reportedly Flying To London After Eight More Arrested In Tabloid Bribery Scandal(Huff Post) * Murdoch Heads to Sun Offices (The Daily Beast) * Hacking Cases Focus on Memo to a Murdoch(NYT)

Daddy goes home (NYP) * Shot cop goes home from hospital(NYDN)

 Pressure Mounts As Bronx DA Investigates Shooting Of Unarmed Man, Police Beating(NY1) * Bronx Vigil for Ramarley Graham(Fox 5)



Evasion of the baby-snatcher (NYP) Folks outraged at 10-year plea deal * Guilty Plea in ’87 Kidnapping May Bring Life Sentence(NYT) * Guilty Plea in 1987 Kidnapping(WSJ) * Woman Charged In Harlem Baby's 1987 Kidnapping Pleads Guilty(NY1)

 Law and Order

Watch surveillance video that exposed false arrest by NYPD cop(NYP) * Sanitation worker arrested in iPad theft(NYDN) * 4 hurt as stolen truck crashes on E. Side(NYP) * Brooklyn store owner fights off shoplifter(WABC) * Brooklyn DA will not charge mom of Coney Island baby(WABC) *Police Charge Two Suspects In Theft Of DEP Truck(NY1)

Monday Update Police Union Official's Son Arrested in Shooting(WSJ) * Marine guns for justice(NYP) * Teen stabbed to death in Williamsburg(WABC) * Hit-And-Run Driver Kills Woman In The Bronx (NY1)


Police Seek Suspects In Harlem Bowling Alley Burglary(NY1)

Prison for Father Who Lied About Terror Plot(NYT) * Father Of Confessed Subway Bomb Plotter Receives Prison Sentence(NY1)

Playboy gal sues cops over takedown(NYP)


A Tale of Desperation and Restraining Orders(NYT)