Monday, November 5, 2018

Democratic Senate and Big Money PAY RAISE


 Brooklyn Lentol keeps legislativ stipend as Codes Committee chair, raising colleagues' eyebrows "Why Codes? Why not Education or Health? They are pretty important committees. It makes no sense," said one legislative insider.

Brooklyn Assemblyman Lentol keeps extra legislative pay, raising colleagues' eyebrows


Here's how much New York lawmakers make on the side

  Let's get real-the 'state' aka Guv Cuomo whose mothers' milk campaign financing in corrupt Albany paid by real estate developer pals (same 4 BDB) -is the same Guv assigning ''Opportunity Zone" $$$ fast tracking gentrification. No heroes here! BS self-dealing

Republicans went from a one-seat advantage in the State Senate to a 15-seat minority

Albany's first order of business post-election is pay hikes(NYP)



Real Estate Group Steps Up Donations to New York Democrats

Real estate interests hedge their bets by boosting support of state Senate Democrats as debate over rent regulations looms and some see a ‘blue wave’
With a legislative debate over rent regulations looming in New York, real estate interests are hedging their bets in the closely divided state Senate, boosting their contributions to Democrats who are bullish that a blue wave will sweep them into control of the upper chamber.

Elder care facilities have donated thousands to Letitia James' campaign


The NYP War On the Glenwood Money . . . How Real Estate and Union Money Runs NY's Politics and Causes Corruption 


Real Estate $$$ In Politics LLCs


REBNY greased the skids?
Through its political action committee, REBNY has contributed $236,750 this year to Democrats, up from $57,000 in the 2016 cycle, according to the Wall Street Journal. While that increased, its donations to Republican committees dipped, but still remained higher, at $372,850, compared to $485,200 in 2016.
“Nothing is so black and white that we would say we’re one way or another,” REBNY’s president John Banks told the outlet. “Obviously if this blue wa...
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Real Estate Developers, Tax Breakes and Politics, 421-a 


How Real Estate $$$ Corruption Government and Politics Silver Skelos Indictment

Simcha Felder will have to take a backseat among the Democrats(nyp)

“In the 2018 midterms, the largest recipient of big tech’s largesse, ActBlue, a fundraising platform for progressive candidates, collected nearly $1bn.”

FYI, most of $ donated in campaigns in NYC comes from wealthy zip codes. Seattle’s Democracy Vouchers program has increased participation from people of color, & working class. Do u think NYCHA would be such a mess if tenants were a source of campaign $?
Here are primary beneficiaries of NYC campaign finance law: well connected incumbents, lobbyists & developers who have wealthy friends & can bundle $. The losers are working class people, grass roots candidates. Bottom line, a big win for political class.