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Mayoral Campaign Star Chamber With Manipulators Inside NYT Outed?

The NYT Still Has the Power to Make and Break Mayors. Not Anymore Because of Their Readership, But Because of How the Group-Think Media Follows Their Lead

Why Was the Hit On Weiner Pulled? Or Who Put It on the NYT Website and What Was Their Intent?

Yesterday for a brief few minutes an article by a reporter named Barbaro was published by the NYT and then taken down.  Its headline, “For Women in Weiner Scandal, Indignity Lingers,” still appears on the Web site with a “production note” that reads: An article was posted on this page inadvertently, before it was ready for publication. The pulled Story led to stories in the Atlantic, Politico and Huffing Post. The NYT Public Editor Margaret Sullivan even publish a story about the killed story on her blog.  Sullivan said she asked politics editor, Carolyn Ryan, and Mr. Barbaro the writer of the disappearing story to comment; both referred questions to the Times spokeswoman Eileen Murphy, who said, “It was published inadvertently.  NY Magazine even wrote that Weiner Apologizes for the sexting story that was pulled.

” If the NYT were any other paper who would care if some writers and editors were playing politics while they hid behind their journalism badges.  But it this dysfunctional swamp which has become NY Politics the NYT is still look at as the adult that the rest of the media follows.  After all it was a NY Times Magazine Article written by a New York Magazine writer (strange) that restarted Weiner 2.0.  Since Sullivan blog story nothing has been written about the NYT pulled story.  NOTHING

The Times Tweets An Unfinished Weiner Story
A Secret Star Chamber Tries To Control the Mayor's Race
  1. NYT looks ready to do a Weiner sexting story: (URL: "for-women-in-weiner-scandal-indignity-lingers") * The New York Times takes down Anthony Weiner story(Politico) * The Mystery and the Agony of the New York Times' Juicy Anthony Weiner  (The Atlantic) Story. Quinn blames opponents of the E. 91st St. waste site for holding up plans to distribute trash problem fairly.
  2. . some level of irony in posting a Weiner sexting story online then deleting it

At a campaign stop in Brooklyn, Democratic mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner revealed that he had been in contact with some of the women that he sent lewd texts two years ago, but refused to elaborate on the correspondence, the Daily News reports: 

If the NYT Push For An Early Endorsement Connect to Yesterdays Pulled Story?
Tipster tells me NYT is doing endorsement interviews for NYC mayor next week; very early in cycle--possible unveiling of pick in June/July

Last time they did this was in 1977 to give Mario Cuomo a boost

Mayor Election

Thompson Front Runner for UFT Endorsement A No Show At Charter Debate

Mayoral candidates Thompson, de Blasio skip forum with charter-school parents(NYP) Two Democratic mayoral candidates battling for the endorsement of the city’s powerful teachers union were sudden no-shows last night at a forum sponsored by an organization that supports charter schools. “Boo! Boo!” screamed hundreds of parents when. * Education reformers, with their network of competitive, high-profile charter schools and wealthy supporters in the financial sector, are quietly hatching a plan to dilute the UFT’s power in this year’s NYC mayoral race. Crain’s New York Business got hold of a very bluntly-worded memo from a charter school group, addressing candidates like Speaker Chris Quinn and former Comptroller Bill Thompson. “[S]everal of the candidates—namely Quinn and Thompson—have attempted to play nicely with the UFT while not closing the door to being able to work with the education reform coalition later,” the memo says. “There has been some serious parsing of words.’”Teachers union scoffs at pro-charter electoral scheme via

Not surprising deBlasio & Thompson wud bail on charter parents. Guess they couldn't talk "tough" 2 minority parents.

Thompson and de Blasio Skip Charter School Forum Angling for UFT Endorsement
Mayoral Candidates Discuss Charter Schools At Latest Forum(NY1)  New York City Democratic mayoral candidates Bill Thompson and Bill de Blasio both decided not to attend a forum sponsored by an organization supporting charter schools, with both potentially angling for the teachers’ union endorsement, the Post writes:  *Thompson and de Blasio Ditch Charter School Forum Where Quinn Is Fawned(NYO)
* Anthony Weiner and Christine Quinn Compete for Charter School Support

A Great Photo Op
Food Stamp Mayors
Both & have pledged to live for the next week on avg budget of a person on food stamps: $1.50/meal. * Weiner goes shopping, calculates in bulk(Capital)
* What a scandal will do for you: Weiner is the most recognizable candidate in the mayor’s race. * Weiner, Liu Among Politicians To Take Food Stamps Challenge(NY1)
Liu stands his ground and Weiner impresses in charter-led mayoral forum Tuesday night

The Weiner Eclipse: In Crowded Field, He Who Cannot Be Named Is the Only One Who Can Be Named(NYO)

Sen. Chuck Schumer is backing the NYC public advocate bid of his former aide, Sen. Daniel Squadron, but another ex-staffer, Weiner, shouldn’t hold his breath.* Former Staffer Returns to Anthony Weiner’s Operation (NYO)

Surprised about Bagga, given his no comment to me and conspicuous scrubbing of Weiner's name from his LinkedIn page

Respondent in our mayoral poll: "Christine Quinn represents things that I value--she was in rehab"

Over A Year Ago Liu Called For A 911 Investigation

Liu Discoverd the City's $2 Billion 911 Mess Before the Headline Seekers
 In Wake of 911 System Glitches, Liu Calls for Audit(WSJ)
New York City's 911 call system will come under new scrutiny after City Comptroller John Liu announced on Tuesday that he will conduct an audit of the emergency network to investigate several recent crashes.* Family Of UWS Crash Victim Ariel Russo, 4, Suing City Over 911 Response Time* PIX11 takes a closer look at the anatomy of a 9-1-1 call

Jack Hidary, a wealthy tech entrepreneur with a passion for education and a background that resembles Bloomberg’s, is positioning himself to enter New York City’s mayor’s race. * There’s been a mixed response to the mayoral bid by tech and clean energy entrepreneur Jack Hidary.

forum at Hostos CC in the Bronx
to "You brought the mayor back for a third term and made it a little less bad"
getting boos and hisses over his argument against UES waste transfer station. "The Bronx and parts of Brooklyn are tired of being dumped on," says in opposition to Bill Thompson.

Who knew that discussing trash cud stir passions/provide excitement @ what was becoming a run-of-the-mill forum. Bill Thompson got drubbing.
The Staten Island Democratic Party is staying neutral in the NYC mayoral primary.

.: "I'm going to do everything I can to help make Daniel [Squadron] our next Public Advocate."

Wow. New Yorkers are really ignorant. 55% cannot name ANY candidates running for mayor. (NYO)
If people at a Starbucks in Park Slope don't know who Bill de Blasio is, who does?

 Another de Blasio Tail of Two Cities Which the Media Ignores

De Blasio pushes tax hike, subsidy cut | Crain's New York Business

Texas Raids New York Businesses and Jobs
"The New New York looks like a lot like the old New York." Wow, the Rick Perry radio ad on Fred's show is hard core Cuomo trolling.New York State of Mind. releases new radio ad ahead of NY visit. 

Corrupt Pols Fight On

Ethics Panel Fines Lopez $330,000 in Harassment Case(NYT)  The fine was the largest ever issued by the legislative panel, whose scathing report had outlined former Assemblyman Vito J. Lopez’s history of sexual harassment of female staff members. He must pay it even though he has resigned from office.  * Former Assemblyman Lopez Faces Ethics Fine(WSJ)

Pedro Continues His Long Goodbye
Disgraced ex-Sen. Pedro Espada, Jr. demanding courthouse surveillance to prove judge pressured jury  (NYDN) Espada, who is scheduled to be sentenced Friday for tax evasion and looting his nonprofit, wants to disprove Judge Frederic Block's assertion that he was not inside the Brooklyn courthouse when two jurors recall he spoke to them. Convicted former Sen. Pedro Espada Jr. is demanding a review of surveillance tapes and other records from the Brooklyn federal courthouse in order to determine presiding Judge Frederic Block’s whereabouts while a jury was deliberating his fate.

Vegas is calling him(Queens Crap)

From the NY Post: He may have crapped out at his fraud trial, but a crooked fund-raiser for embattled city Comptroller John Liu has a shot at hitting the jackpot in Las Vegas. Xing Wu “Oliver” Pan yesterday won permission to spend eight days in Sin City before he gets sentenced for trying to scam the city’s Campaign Finance Board into matching funds from straw donors. Manhattan federal Judge Richard Sullivan granted Pan’s request to jet out to the gambling mecca from July 28 through Aug. 5 after neither prosecutors nor his pretrial-services officer raised an objection. Court papers say Pan, a real-estate developer from New Jersey, is heading west for unspecified “business purposes,” and defense lawyer Irwin Rochman refused to elaborate on the reason for the trip.

A Conversation With: U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara(NYT)

Members Will Never Read the Final Budget

Remember When the Press Attacked 3 Men in A Room, Now With Our Lowing Of Standards It Not Only Accepted, Its Work Congratulated in TV Ads

Three Men in a Room(2011, NYT)

24 March 1998, New York (NY) Times, “Budget Groundwork Finishes Early in Albany” by Richard Perez-Pena, pg. B8:  Mr. Bruno and Mr. SIlver are sensitive to criticism that the Capitol’s three-men-in-a-room style of resolving differences is dysfunctional, as is the Legislature itself.  *

26 March 1998, New York (NY) Times, “Albany’s Open Budget Talks Make History in Fits and Starts” by Richard Perez-Pena, pg. B1:
The Assembly Speaker, Sheldon Silver, a Democrat of Manhattan, referred to the oft-derided tradition in which the leaders of the two houses and the Governor meet privately to decide every important question. “I hope that the conference committee approach we initiate today is the beginning of the end of ‘three-men-in-a-room’ budget-making,” he said. 

27 June 2002, New York (NY) Times, “Lawmaking: A Monopoly of 3 in Abany” by Joyce Purnick, pg. B1:  Ms. Krueger’s little list underscores an intractable Albany reality: how the governor and two legislative leaders (those celebrated “three men in a room") control their domain. 

Cuomo said that he is nearing an agreement with legislative leaders over several key looming issues, and threatened to establish a commission under the Moreland Act to investigate corruption in the Legislature, Gannett reports: * New York pols’ public financing debate heats up(NYDN)


New Plans for Casinos in the Catskills(NYT)
Foxwoods’ owners announced an accord with a developer, and other groups want to build projects, but all require a change in the Constitution.Three casino developers announced their intentions to build brand new casinos in the Catskill mountains to help revive the Catskills’ resort economy, though all three plans would require a change in the State Constitution to allow casino gambling * In the Times Union, David Dresser, the former Ovid town supervisor in Seneca County, writes that the casino agreement reached between the Oneida Indian Nation and Cuomo should include 25 percent of slots revenue for the state:  Cuomo’s gaming proposal would give new casinos a competitive advantage over existing sites, New York’s racetrack casino owners say. * David Dresser, the former Ovid town supervisor in Seneca County, says the casino agreement reached between the Oneida Indian Nation and Cuomo should include 25 percent of slots revenue for the state. “New York state doesn’t need to get into the gambling business,” says the Utica Observer-Dispatch.

The Moreland Commission Option 
Campaign Reform and Corruption
Cuomo Pushes Legislators on Elections Financing(NYT)
Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo acknowledged that the measure was a long shot in the waning days of this year’s legislative session. Cuomo laid out his campaign finance reform plan and offered legislators a choice: Pass it or risk investigation by a Moreland Act Commission. “As I’ve said repeatedly, either the Legislature will pass a piece of legislation that cleans up Albany or I’ll do it on my own,” Cuomo promised.*Senate Bill Would Address ‘Ghost’ Campaign Accounts(YNN) * Bill Samuels will blame Cuomo if campaign finance reform fails this session.

Divorce Laws
Legislator Seeks to Fix New York State's Divorce Laws(WSJ)  A bill introduced Tuesday would overhaul New York's alimony laws, including setting new formulas to determine the length and amount of post-divorce awards, and abolishing an unusual legal precedent that treats professional degrees as marital assets. Just three years after New York passed sweeping changes to its matrimonial laws, Assemblywoman Amy Paulin has proposed an overhaul of its alimony guidelines, including setting new formulas to determine the length and amount of post-divorce awards.

Tax Free
Opponents of Cuomo’s Tax Free NY initiative questioned whether the proposal to allow a 10-year tax holiday for businesses on State University land would encourage fracking groups to set up shop on college campuses, the Times Union reports * Cuomo said recent ads by Texas Gov. Rick Perry to lure businesses away from New York underscore the need for his Tax Free-NY plan. Opponents of the NY SAFE Act rallied again yesterday in West Capitol Park, although their numbers didn’t come close to the size of the crowd that assembled there earlier this year to protest the gun control law.

Left-leaning critics of Cuomo's tax free zones wondered if it would permit tax free (by ) * Could Cuomo’s proposal to let new businesses enjoy a 10-year tax holiday if they locate on SUNY land mean that someone could start fracking tax free for natural gas on a campus?

Medicaid Fraud
New York State Gets $2.5 Million in Medicaid Fraud Case(NYP)
A Bronx nursing home operator died in custody, but through her estate, she is still making amends for cheating the health program.

The Assembly passed the “rape is rape” bill. The Senate has approved a different version.
Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, under fire for his mishandling of the Vito Lopez sexual harassment scandal, touted the bill’s passage.

Traffic Cameras
A slimmed-down version of the NYC speed camera bill has a shot at passage before the session ends.

Is Andrea Stewart-Cousins pulling the strings in Albany?

Teflon BOE

City Council: Don't Reform the Board of Election Change the Runoff
 A new bill will be proposed today in the New York City Council that would eliminate runoff elections entirely, in favor of instant runoffs where voters would rank their preferred candidates in a primary election, the Daily News reports: * The Assembly has passed a bill to allow New York City to use lever voting machines for the mayoral primary and runoff and to delay the runoff until Oct 1. *  Deal Between New York Assembly And Senate On Lever Voting Machines Elusive

 NYC: Wrong Voting Machines Because of Pay to Play Bribery

Another Cover Up
BOE Untouchables
BOE officials have said since early 2011 that the replacement of lever-based voting machines with paper ballots in 2010 will make it difficult to hold a runoff within two weeks of a primary. The board says it will be a tall order to count the votes and reprogram the machines for any runoffs two weeks later. Under state law, runoffs are required for any race in which no candidate receives at least 40%. Why did they buy scanner that cannot do the job.Voting Machine Smack-Down: Lobbyists Brawl(Village Voice) Today BOE officials are in Albany to try to work out a voting plan for this year. State lawmakers might pass a law to hold any runoffs three weeks after the initial vote, after refusing to dramatically reshape the election calendar by moving the primaries to June.

New York City's Board GoodFellas Gang
While the Daily News Has Gone After the Problems at the BOE Only True News Has Explained Why Nothing Every Changes With Who Runs the Board Organize Crime Mob   No reform in sight for bumbling NYC Board of Elections(NYDN) There are already several red flags emerging at the agency for this year’s citywide mayoral election. The board last week warned it might not be able to conduct runoffs two weeks after the Sept. 10 primaries. The board’s top job has been vacant for years, after Executive Director George Gonzalez was fired in 2010 for ballot

  BOE History of Corruption and Incompetence Timeline(True News) More

Brooklyn DA

For Hynes, District Attorney Since 1990, Publicity and Campaign Rivals(NYT)
Charles J. Hynes, nearly a fixture in the Brooklyn district attorney’s office, is being challenged amid a stream of bad publicity. Brooklyn DA Hynes must show up for deposition in lawsuit against him weeks before reelection primary: A...

The 2001 Mayoral Election

WATCH: Documentary On The '9/11 Election' Re-Released(Huff  Post)


Shelter From the Next Storm
Mike: NYC to become a $19B storm shelter(NYP)
Mayor Bloomberg plans to spend a massive sum during his last six months in office to protect the city from the devastating impacts of another major hurricane, including building flood walls, levees and dunes — and elevating an entire neighborhood..

Bloomberg's Brilliant, Radical $20 Billion Waterfront Defense Plan(NY mag).* Bloomberg Outlines $20 Billion Storm Protection Plan(NYT) Bloomberg unveiled a far-reaching proposal that included building a network of barriers, fortifying the power grid and retrofitting older buildings. Bloomberg announced a plan to protect New York City from the threat of rising sea levels brought about by climate change by building an extensive network of flood walls, levees, and bulkheads that will cost roughly $20 billion* 



Pricey private school teacher asked teen students to write first-person suicide notes
Young teens at a pricey Upper West Side private school were asked to write first-person suicide notes — a macabre assignment that some of their parents have blasted as “inappropriate.” The English...* Upper West Side Teacher Has Teens Write Suicide Notes for Homework(NY mag)

Ex-principal of sex assault school has new gig(NYDN)A principal who was reassigned after reportedly letting kids run wild at a hellish Harlem elementary school still earns her six-figure salary as an assistant principal at another school, the Daily News 

Private NY schools push for lower power bills 
Private schools are making a push for the same cheap electricity enjoyed by New York City schools.

confirms Bronx High school of Science principal to retire but it was planned, unrelated to hazing scandal "
Health Care

Judges sour on soda ban(NYP)
A four-person appeals panel bombarded city lawyers yesterday with questions about loopholes in Mayor Bloomberg’s controversial plan to ban large sugary drinks. “Why the limits on some [drinks] and not others?” asked Appellate Division Justice Dianne Renwick. * City Argues to Overturn Ruling That Prevented Limits on Sugary Drinks(NYT) * City Appeals Ruling Preventing Large Sugary Drink Ban(NY1)

Eateries’ grade suit vs. ‘C’ity(NYP)
Bike Share

Bike-Share Effort Draws Riders and Hits Snags(NYT)
More than 170,000 trips have been taken with the program, but it has been troubled by more growing pains than the Bloomberg administration cares to quantify.
DOT Officials Stand By Citi Bike Program Despite Some Beginning Glitches
East Village's Citi Bike Stations Are Often Empty(DNAINFO)

SI Library

Staten Island Community Gets Back Its Library, Much Improved(NYP)
The Stapleton branch got a 7,000-square-foot addition and now has reading rooms, computer access and a community room. It also has an orphaned teddy bear in need of a name.


'LOOKING DOWN ON THE POOR': NYC quietly shows off plans to build luxury towers that will dwarf nearby public housing and will literally leave residents in the shadows by blocking out their sunlight
$ky high cost of towers to NYCHA residents(NYDN)THE CITY Housing Authority’s plan to lease public land for luxury housing gives new meaning to the phrase “looking down on the poor.” Without fanfare, NYCHA quietly released drawings for the first time 

Graffiti Mailbox Fix

Mailbox makeovers(NYP)
US Postal Service workers pay no attention when graffiti vandals deface mailboxes, but when someone goes to clean them up, then they take action, Brooklyn Heights residents complain.  An anonymous neighbor took it upon himself to repaint vandalized...  

CBS anchor snubs sex scoop(NYP)
CBS anchor Scott Pelley was furious after John Miller’s scoop about the State Department sex scandal broke not on his “CBS Evening News,” but early Monday on “This Morning” hosted by Charlie Rose, Gayle King and Norah O’Donnell, network sources tell Page Six CBS Evening News Anchor Goes Off On NY Post Reporter: 'You Wouldn't Last Ten Seconds At CBS'

CBS anchor Scott Pelley has a meltdown during a call with : 'You wouldn't last ten seconds at CBS News'

David Seifman to be named political editor of ‘New York Post’(Capital)

MSNBC Mistaken History: Segregationist George Wallace Was A Republican? (UPDATED)

A prison ‘life’ for the leaker(NYP)
Surveillance: A Threat to Democracy(NYT Ed)
Security can be achieved by less-intrusive or sweeping means, without trampling on democratic freedoms and basic rights.* NYCLU Joins Lawsuit Against NSA Data Surveillance(NY1)
A Little Birdie Told Me(Doed, NYT)
Will she tweet? Will she run? Will she get overshadowed by Benghazi and cavorting security details? TBD . . Surveillance: Snowden Doesn’t Rise to Traitor(NYT Ed) Edward Snowden’s leaks do not amount to treason, but he is likely going to be headed to jail regardless.
N.S.A. Leaker Vows to Fight Extradition From Hong Kong(NYT)
Journalists who report on national security leaks should be punished, Rep. Peter King said.
CBS News' John Miller: WaPo in talks with U.S. govt over leaked NSA slides; Guardian 'less so'

Bloomberg Goes After Gun Dems

Bloomberg Asks Donors to Shut Wallets Over Senators’ Gun Votes
Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg of New York will urge major Democratic donors not to aid four Democratic senators who helped block a bill on background checks. * EXCLUSIVE:
New bill would stamp out 3-D guns(NYDN) * Bloomberg Will Have His Revenge on Democrats Who Blocked the Gun Bill(NY Mag)
Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand’s crusade to put the military’s sexual-assault cases in the hands of an independent prosecutor was stopped in its tracks yesterday by a fellow Democrat: Senate Armed Services Committee Chair Carl Levin, who’s siding with military brass opposed to the measure.
Absurdities of ObamaCare and the IRS - Kathleen Parker, Washington Post
Blowing a Whistle - Thomas Friedman, New York Times
Silicon Valley Is More Involved Than You Think - Michael Hirsh, Atlantic
The Fuse Has Been Lit - Patrick Caddell, Big Government
Legalization, Yes. Citizenship, No - Ross Baker, USA Today
Obama: Moment Is Now for Immigration Reform - Caitlin Huey-Burns, RCP
The Immigration Bill Is a Complete Disaster - Daniel Horowitz, RedState
Have Hillary and Barry Swapped Places? - Maureen Dowd, New York Times
Hillary's Twitter Distr@ct Act - Michael Goodwin, New York Post
Unions' Choice on Primary Will Aid Booker - Scott Conroy, RealClearPolitics
What to Make of a Global Warming Plateau - Justin Gillis, New York Times
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How to Increase the Crime Rate Nationwide - Heather Mac Donald, WSJ
Retirement Will Kill You - Peter Orszag, Bloomberg
NSA Snooping: Majority of Americans Believe What? - David Kirby, Cato
Doug Bailey: Old Pro and Modern Innovator - Lou Cannon, RealClearPolitics
Video Highlights: Krauthammer | Reid | Paul | Menendez | More
Obama Underscores Sense of Urgency on Immigration - Tampa Bay Times
Senate Passes a Bad Farm Bill - Chicago Tribune
How to Attract Private Investment in Clean Energy - Bloomberg
Gabriel Gomez for Senate - Boston Herald
Mayors Against Illegal Guns, the gun control group founded by Michael Bloomberg, will embark on a 100-day, 25-state bus tour to push for new gun laws.
Rep. Peter King Calls For Arrest Of Glenn Greenwald: Freedom Of Press ‘Cherished,’ But ‘No Right Is Absolute’
Immigration Bill Will Fix Our Broken System - Sen. Charles Schumer
Republicans Are Crazy to Pass Schumer's Bill - Mickey Kaus, Daily Caller
Are Obama's Scandals Hurting Markey? - Jonathan Tobin, Commentary
Liberals Have Run Out of Patience - Molly Ball, The Atlantic
Washington's Leadership Crisis - Sen. Tom Coburn, RealClearPolitics
Libertarians: Still a Cult - Michael Lind, Salon
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ObamaCare Math Won't Add Up - Debra Saunders, San Francisco Chronicle
Rick Perry's War on the Blue States - Elise Hu, NPR
NSA Chief: Surveillance Stopped 'Dozens' of Plots
Edward Snowden Drops More Bombshells(Huff Post)

Law and Order

Cops prove their ‘medal’(NYP)
A Bronx cop who was shot in the chest last year but still managed to chase down and kill a mugging suspect was presented with the NYPD’s Medal of Honor yesterday.  “It was an amazing feeling; it was surreal,” Detective Ivan Marcano said of the award...

Obama Administration Takes Sides on Stop and Frisk
The Obama administration is siding against the NYPD in the ongoing debate over stop-and-frisk.
EXCLUSIVE: Stop-and-frisk sensation — Attorney General may ask judge to monitor the NYPD 
* Obama administration takes side against NYPD in stop-and-frisk; outside monitor possible

The Post touts The Manhattan Institute’s blueprint for a post-Bloomberg New York, which includes a focus on pro-active policing, alternatives to a failing public school system, and an overhaul of the tax code:
Standoff Ends After Police Discover Suspect Was Not There(NYT)
Ex-boyfriend faces murder charges in death of prom queen gunned down in her bed after refusing to invite him to dance

90G jewel thief hits Tiffany  (NYP) A dapper thief made a fast break from Tiffany after swiping two necklaces worth $90,000 from a counter at the jeweler's flagship store on Fifth Avenue. The crook, clad in a suit and tie and swinging an umbrella in his hand, asked to see two...  * Mayor's Long-Term Storm Prep Plan Heavy On Barriers(NY1) * Necklaces Valued At Nearly $100,000 Stolen From Tiffany’s (WCBS)

Kelly praises woman who tracked down father’s alleged killer (NYP)  Police Commissioner Ray Kelly yesterday praised the woman whose tireless social-media search led to the arrest of the man who allegedly killed her father in 1986. Justo Santos was captured by authorities in Miami and charged with the murder of José...* NYC woman's Internet research helps find suspect in dad's …11 hrs ago

‘Sesame Street’ to teach kids about when Mommy goes to prison(NYP)
It’s brought to you by the letter P — for prison. PBS’s “Sesame Street” is moving from ABCs and counting numbers to offering its young viewers a bigger lesson in life: how to cope when Mommy or Daddy...

Pal of slain Sylvie Cachay says beau had threatened to kill her (NYP)  He had threatened to kill her before. Layabout stoner Nicholas Brooks got so enraged during arguments with swimsuit-designer girlfriend Sylvie Cachay that he would erupt into death threats, one of Cachay’s girlfriends testified yesterday. “She told...
Suspect in 2010 Killing Barricades Himself in Manhattan Apartment

Feds hack-attacked Qaeda’s online mag (NYP) US intelligence officials hacked a prominent al Qaeda online magazine to disrupt communications to followers, authorities said.  The operation succeeded in temporarily thwarting publication of al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula’s English-language May..

BOB McMANUS: Terror & surveillance(NYP Ed)
Boston Not much remains along Boston’s Boylston Street to recall.