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A New York Perfect Economic Storm de Blasio Tax the Rich Vs Texas Rick Perry Raids New York Businesses and Jobs

Another Tail of Two Cities Which the Media Ignores

De Blasio pushes tax hike, subsidy cut | Crain's New York Business

As Texas Raids New York Businesses and Jobs
Texas, which has no state income tax and relatively loose regulations. Texas also was one of the fastest growing states last year.  "The New New York looks like a lot like the old New York." Wow, the Rick Perry radio ad on Fred's show is hard core Cuomo trolling.New York State of Mind. releases new radio ad ahead of NY visitPerry Trying To Lasso New York Jobs(YNN)

The Kingdom CYA

NYT Does A Negative Shot Against Weiner But Not the One Done and Published by Reporter Barbaro

Weiner’s Record in House: Intensity, Publicity and Limited Results(NYT)
To admirers, Anthony D. Weiner in Congress was a tireless worker on many issues; to detractors, he was ineffectual, impatient and publicity-hungry. During Anthony Weiner’s tenure in Congress he sponsored and wrote only one bill, and those who worked alongside him say he was a lawmaker with little patience for making laws and focused solely on generating attention for a mayoral run. In which a former staffer invokes * Video: Anthony Weiner's Congressional Highlights(NYT)

"The Devil Wears Prada" to describe working for Weiner * Sexting Aside, Weiner Might Have Been a Lousy Congressman (NY Mag) * Today's NYT Weiner take-down hadn't been published yet, but Weiner defended his record last night(NYO) * And reminded us of his temper too: “In 2005, he became so irritated with a staff member that he threw a salad against the wall, then left the room as the dressing slowly dripped, leaving a stain. Another time, arguing with an aide, Mr. Weiner threw his BlackBerry against a wall, then blamed the aide for the broken phone.” Anthony Weiner makes no apologies for being a hard-driving, aggressive problem solver for people. Doing your job is for squares? Weiner defends style, says studiously tending to legislation overrated * Anthony Weiner Extols His ‘Undeniable Buzz’ and Ability to ‘Make History’(NYO)
Weiner Camp Backs Away on Claim He Coined ‘Obamacare’(NYT)
How Anthony Weiner Coined The Term ‘Obamacare’(TPM)
Weiner: "I'm an impatient person…Like NYers, I don't slow down at yellow lights …If not impatient as mayor, you don't have a heartbeat."

More NYT Politics
. gets a jump on its mayoral endorsement process

The Cover Up At the NYT
The NYT Still Has the Power to Make and Break Mayors. Not Anymore Because of Their Readership, But Because of How the Group-Think Media Follows Their Lead

Why Was the Hit On Weiner Pulled? Or Who Put It on the NYT Website and What Was Their Intent?

Yesterday for a brief few minutes an article by a reporter named Barbaro was published by the NYT and then taken down.  Its headline, “For Women in Weiner Scandal, Indignity Lingers,” still appears on the Web site with a “production note” that reads: An article was posted on this page inadvertently, before it was ready for publication. The pulled Story led to stories in the Atlantic, Politico and Huffing Post. The NYT Public Editor Margaret Sullivan even publish a story about the killed story on her blog.  Sullivan said she asked politics editor, Carolyn Ryan, and Mr. Barbaro the writer of the disappearing story to comment; both referred questions to the Times spokeswoman Eileen Murphy, who said, “It was published inadvertently.  NY Magazine even wrote that Weiner Apologizes for the sexting story that was pulled.

Mayoral Campaign

Second Chance Weiner
In a private meeting with the United Federation of Teachers, Weiner told the union leaders that he would make it out of the Democratic mayoral primary and that they should endorse his candidacy in the runoff
Weiner to UFT: Runoff with me(NYP)
No one ever said Anthony Weiner lacks confidence. In a private meeting with the city’s powerful United Federation of Teachers, the mayoral candidate pronounced he would make it out of the Democratic primary into a runoff. And he boldly told the...  *The charter house rules(NYP Ed)In a normal universe, snubbing nine out of 10 voters wouldn’t be a path to victory. But New York is no normal universe. It’s a place where an endorsement from the teachers union trumps the popular will — which explains why three of the five top Democratic candidates for mayor are running away from charter schools. * EVA MOSKOWITZ: School discipline 101(NYP) Some mayoral candidates are complaining that schools are suspending students too much. I’m not so sure. My father wound up a professor of mathematics, but as a child he was sent away to reform school for hitting a classmate who called him a “dirty Jew.” Compare this to three elementary-school students at PS 194 who made a classmate perform oral sex. Their punishments: five days suspension for two of them, 10 days for the third because he’d attacked a girl before. * Weiner Supports Form of Merit Pay for Some Teachers(WSJ)
Calling New York City's compensation system for teachers "old fashioned," former U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner said Wednesday that he'd implement a form of merit pay if elected mayor. Calling New York City’s compensation system for teachers “old fashioned,” Weiner said that he’d implement a form of merit pay if elected mayor. * United Federation Of Teachers ? Yes, There's An For That H/T our

Instead of Democrat mayoral candidates vilifying Ms. Moskowitz, they shd embrace her proven methods & policies.
. cheered as he talks about building bowling alleys & movie theaters in .

Another Quinn Campaign Slush Fund
A political action committee, The Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund, paid to shuttle mayoral candidate Christine Quinn to different cities around the country, raising questions about whether she skirted campaign finance laws, The Wall Street Journal reports * Quinn Raised Money on Paid Trips(WSJ)

Black Vote Will Go to Thompson - Shocking
In the Daily News, NY1 anchor Errol Louis believes that Democratic mayoral candidate Bill Thompson will likely end up with the majority of New York City’s African-American vote, though he could face a challenge from John Liu  
Louis Wrote This Article in Response to A Really Dumb Article Publish By A Failed Candidate and and Even Worse Campaign Consultant 
Weiner , Thompson and black voters(Evan Thies, NY Daily News)

Candidates Are Starting to Trash One Another
Protesters Bring Waste Transfer Station Debate To Bronx Mayoral Forum(NY1)
Mayoral Candidates Clash Continuously at Latino Debate(NYO) At a forum in the Bronx on Wednesday, Sal Albanese accused Public Advocate Bill de Blasio of fibbing, disputing his assertion that a garbage transfer station in Red Hook was actually within “walking distance” of Mr. de Blasio’s Park Slope home. And in a rare moment in the endless parade of forums, Mr. de Blasio, actually shot back. After Ms. Quinn defended the Upper East Side station–Mr. Thompson interrupted her several times, blurting out, “this is not true” and “we can find other sites”– Mr. de Blasio took a rare shot at Mr. Thompson.

The Food Stamps
Weiner, Liu Among Politicians To Take Food Stamps Challenge(NY1)

Liu: NYC High School Selection ‘Unfair, Deeply Flawed’
. gets good response for calling for min wage above 9 an hr, 11.50

Weiner Numbers Rocketing

Elio Forcina
New internal poll Weiner numbers are rocketing. Oh no!!!! all the Hipster Cosmopolitan Republicans who made secret deals with Quinn. Now what do they do? Don't be surprised if some republicans start secretly tweeting there Weiners to Weiner.

Quinn and the Orthodox
Consultant Ezra Friedlander defended Speaker Chris Quinn to Orthodox Jews who may be skeptical of an openly-gay candidate. “There is a notion that those in public life need to mirror their constituents. This belief is a fallacy of the highest magnitude,” he argued. “Politics is not the Bais Medrash. None of the serious mayoral candidates reflect our lifestyle.” * Mayor Bloomberg Offers Not-Quite-Glowing Praise Of Potential Successor Christine Quinn

Mayor Bloomberg, Christine Quinn and the Lord Mayor of Belfast. (Photo: nycmayorsoffice)Belfast’s Lord Mayor Máirtin Ó Muilleoir Endorses Christine Quinn(NYO)
UPDATED: Mayor Bloomberg Offers Not-Quite-Glowing Praise Of Potential Successor Christine Quinn  
Joe Lhota
Joe Lhota Tells The Jewish Week: I Am My Own Man; Says He Has Evolved on Metzitzah B'peh via

Salgado Rocks
At a Mayoral Forum, Salgado Delivers a Fiery Performance (NYT)
Whoa! makes it to most popular orthodox blog in Israel - "אריק ג' סלגאדו"

Future Debates
CBS 2, WCBS 880, 1010 WINS Among Stations Chosen To Hold NYC Election Debates
View the official 2013 NYC mayoral debate schedule here
City Campaign Finance Board Sets Schedule For Debates

GOP NYC mayoral candidate John Catsimatidis has a new radio ad.

McDonald 180 on Matching Funds
Changing his mind for the third time, GOP NYC mayoral candidate George McDonald has decided to accept matching funds.

Rent Freeze
At Hearing, Quinn and de Blasio Advocate Rent Freeze

Candidate Thompson Presents His Own Vision For City Disaster Preps (NY1)

The Mayoral Matrix (NY World)

The Mayoral Matrix

Campaign 2013

 Democratic county officials in the Bronx reprinted some petitions, after omitting a necessary sentence. [Azi Paybarah]

Feds Stop the Frisk

Feds urge an indy stop-frisk monitor (NYP) The feds stepped into the fight over the NYPD’s “stop and frisk” policy late last night, urging a judge to appoint an independent monitor if she finds that the department has been illegally targeting minorities for the controversial crime-fighting...  *Holder cops out(NYP Ed) * U.S. Offers Conditional Support for Police Monitor in Stop-and-Frisk Case(NYT) The Justice Department strongly endorsed a monitor to oversee changes if a judge were to find the New York Police Department’s stop-and-frisk practices to be unconstitutional. * Judge Can Impose Monitor over 'Stop and Frisk': Justice Department(WSJ)  * U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder filed an eleventh hour brief in the federal stop-and-frisk trial, declaring his support for setting up a federal monitor of the New York Police Department to be appointed by the presiding judge, the Daily News writes: * NY1 Online: Bratton Talks Immigration, Inspector General Opposition * Holder mugs NYPD (NYDN Ed) * Mayor Bloomberg Slams Efforts By Justice Department to Install NYPD Monitor (NYO)
Bloomberg Calls Court Monitor for Police a ‘Terrible Idea’(NYT)

I must've lived in bubble bc NYPD haven't disrespected me in my 55yrs. Been stopped a few times, questioned each stop, no problems.
Brooklyn DA

Several Murder Confessions Taken by Brooklyn Detective Have Similar Language(NYT) Several statements from suspects in murder cases investigated by Louis Scarcella, a retired detective now facing scrutiny, used the phrases, “I was there,” or “you got it right.” * Brooklyn Prosecutor to Testify in Suit Against Him Amid Re-election Bid(NYT) Charles J. Hynes, the Brooklyn district attorney, must testify under oath about allegations of misconduct in his office, just weeks before the Democratic primary, a judge ruled.   * Judge Orders That District Attorney Hynes Be Deposed in Case Alleging Misconduct(WSJ)
* Brooklyn DA Hynes to be deposed in $150M wrongful conviction (NYDN)
Arab-American Democratic Club of New York backs for reelection  
Brooklyn D.A. Charles Hynes Faces Questions About Hiring Reluctant Witness in Murder Case (Village Voice)

Hynes and Boss Seddio Say It Is A Bold Face Lie That They Signed Off For Using Parolees In Their Campaign
District Leader Claims Hynes and Seddio Signed Off On Parolees Campaigning For Community Service(City and State) According to a Democratic district leader in Brooklyn, that is the message Kings County District Attorney Charles “Joe” Hynes and Kings County Democratic Party boss Frank Seddio are conveying in one assembly district to parolees seeking a way to fulfill community service. “[The parolees] are participating in the campaigns across the 57th Assembly District,” said Renee Collymore, the Kings County Democratic Party treasurer and female leader in the district. “This includes all the [Brooklyn Democratic Party] endorsed candidates—[Bill] Thompson, Charles Hynes, Scott Stringer, Tish James and Eric Adams. They are door knocking, canvassing, leafleting, train stops and the like.”

Since Hynes holds some sway over the parolees there is the question of parolees being coerced
George Arzt, the spokesperson for both Hynes and Seddio called Collymore’s allegations a “bald-faced lie.” “Completely false, fallacious, incorrect, wrong, fictitious, fabricated and invented,” wrote Arzt. “The DA fervently rejects any assertion that either he or his campaign gave a green light to Renee Collymore to use parolees for any purpose. In addition, [in regard to] Frank Seddio, your allegation was the first time he heard anything about this.” Shortly after Arzt was called for comment, Collymore texted this newspaper multiple times with messages including “I need City & State to hold off” and “Changes are being made.”

The Real Prosecutor

A Conversation With: U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara(NYT)

Another JCOPE Cover Up

JCOPE Lopez Silver Cover Up Continues
The Joint Commission on Public Ethics has rejected requests for additional documents in the Vito Lopez sexual harassment case, saying that the materials are not subject to the Freedom of Information Law, the Times Union writes: 

JCOPE isn't subject to FOIL, and won't release transcripts of its contact with (by )
has rejected a Times Union request for additional records on the Vito Lopez case — including a full transcript of Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver’s statements to investigators and vote tallies of any commission votes that may have authorized or blocked any formal judgment of whether the speaker violated state law.

  • CB1 chairman to step down1 hr 50 mins ago
    The chairman of Community Board 1 in Williamsburg — long linked to disgraced pol Vito Lopez — is leaving the powerful neighborhood position. Vito Lopez ally Chris Olechowski won’t seek new term as Community Board 1 leader

Silver Hush Fund Lawsuit
Silver Sued To Recoup $103K Settlement(YNN)
Albany activist suing Silver for $103K sex harassment suit(NYP)

$$$$ to Silver
Speaker Silver's law firm awarded $2.6 million of taxpayer money in legal settlement 
The Riverdale Press: "State Democrats...are wrong if they believe their glaring hypocrisy will go unnoticed."  The same legislators supporting new laws to protect women’s rights in the workplace  — including stronger penalties for sexual harassment — are shielding those same harassers and their enablers in the Assembly.  Despite the public outrage, most Assembly members have been silent on the issue. Do they see no harm in doling out taxpayer’s hush money to protect a colleague? Do they believe Mr. Silver’s apology is adequate? Or are they afraid to go against the powerful leader of their legislative body? "Mr. Dinowitz should have to answer why he — an avowed reformer — is protecting an enabler of sexual harassment."
NYS Government
.: Is Cuomo really pushing?
Blake Zeff doesn’t think much of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s repeatedly promises to push for public campaign financing. 

Peace Bridge
A bill dissolving the controversial Peace Bridge Authority passed through the State Legislature overwhelmingly, which Gov. Cuomo hopes will pressure the Canadians to resolve the dispute over improving the bridge, The Buffalo News reports * Escalating an increasingly bitter conflict between New York and Canada, the Legislature approved a measure that could lead to the dissolution of a binational agency that runs a bridge linking Buffalo and Fort Erie, Ontario. 

Showing a keen sense of history, Cuomo makes peace with the Indians as he girds for battle with Canada.

Campaign Finance
After talking about publicly financing campaigns, why did Andrew Cuomo wait till the closing days of this legislative session to introduce a bill on it? [Blake Zeff]*  Gov. makes Hail Mary play forelections reform (NY World) * Salon’s Blake Zeff accused Gov. Andrew Cuomo of only pretending to want campaign finance reform. “What’s a guy to do? For the New York governor, it looks like it’s persuade the pro-reform crowd that you really want to pass the bill — while quietly refusing to spend any capital on it… and ensuring its demise,” he sharply contended. * Pass Cuomo's plan to fight corruption (Queens Chronicle)

Gov. makes Hail Mary play for elections reform
Gov. makes Hail Mary play for elections reform
Cuomo appeared on the verge of settling a dispute with the Seneca Indian Nation over casino exclusivity, ensuring that the state will receive over $600 million in revenue-sharing funds withheld from the tribe, the Times Union reports * Top Seneca Nation and Cuomo administration officials huddled into the night Wednesday in hopes of forging a deal to end a years-long $600 million dispute that could keep the tribe from facing any new casino competition in Western New York. With just five session days left before the Legislature breaks for the year, Cuomo is considering a change to his casino proposal that would increase the potential number of casinos in upstate from three to four. * Seneca Tribe Reaches Deal With Cuomo on Gambling(NYT)

Speed Cameras
A bill is under consideration in Albany sponsored by Senate Independent Democratic Conference Leader Jeff Klein which would enact a pilot program for speeding cameras in New York City, a top legislative priority of Bloomberg’s, NY1 reports:

Managers Pay
The state's exempt managers want their pay set by a commission — just like judges (by ) The state’s “management/confidential” employees hope a proposal to create a special salary commission will secure broad-based raises they haven’t seen since the waning days of Gov. David Paterson’s administration.

Women's groups, Cuomo to tweak abortion bill, quell 'partial-birth' concerns - Albany Watch
The language clarification not dissimilar to Cuomo's last-minute tweak in 2011 to the same-sex marriage law  
Restore Developmentally Disabled Cuts
Assembly And Senate To Restore $90M In OPWDD Cuts
Cuomo Agrees Not to Lower Pay Rates for Groups That Serve Disabled(NYT)

Old Voting Machines
. calls on to veto legislation to bring back lever machines. Says new technology works fine; problem is .

Taxi Expansion Better Meters
NYC distributes first “green” taxi licenses for upper Manhattan and outer-borough pickups(NYP)
A beaming Bronx livery driver yesterday became the very first “green” cabby in city history. Wilfredo Reynoso was the first of three drivers to get approval and pay $1,500 for his permit to pick up street hails only in the outer boroughs and upper...  

Health Care

Even as Mayor Bloomberg’s large-soda ban faces an uncertain future, he is moving ahead with the next target on his do-not-sell list — styrofoam.

NYCHA Cuts and Layoffs

The New York City Housing Authority plans to layoff employees, freeze hiring and consider employee furloughs as the cash-strapped agency deals with further budget reductions due to the sequester, or federal government spending cuts. The New York City Housing Authority plans to lay off employees and freeze hiring, while some 92,000 residents could see rents jump between $27 and $72 per month because of further budget reductions from the federal sequester * NYCHA Eyes Layoffs, Possible Furloughs To Offset Budget Cuts(NY1) NYCHA chairman John Rhea says they did signal to council that sequestration cuts would have devastation impact on public housing. About 250 layoffs will come from people who work at NYCHA senior and community centers. The other 250 will be administrative employees.
 NYCHA plan calls for closing its 69 community centers and 37 senior centers. But some may be operated by other city agencies. CM Robert Jackson predicts many Section 8 recipients will be homeless if rents go up by an average of $57 per month, as NYCHA says they will.: "Where is our mayor? Where is our governor?" Says these cuts are about something bigger-the future of country.
NYCHA Budget Cuts Could Lead To 500 Jobs Cut, Section 8 Rent Hikes 
NYCHA Budget Cuts Could Lead To 500 Jobs Lost, Section 8 (NY1)


Bloomberg Storm Plan Praised, but Faces Obstacles(NYT)
The projects in Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg’s proposal face numerous hurdles before they can become a part of New York’s landscape and shoreline, officials and experts said. Bloomberg’s $20 billion plan to protect New York City against climate change faces numerous obstacles before it can be implemented, with no guarantee that his successor will see the plan through
The Storm, Next Time(NYT) Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s proposals to buttress New York City gives his successor a good starting point. The Times applauds Bloomberg’s proposal to protect New York City against climate change, calling it “not perfect” but a solid starting point for the next mayor: Bloomberg More Convinced Now About Components Of Long-Term Storm Plan Than In Past(NY1)
Bloomberg Proposes Revising Building Code to Prepare for Severe Weather (NYT)

NYU Power Over Morality

NYU booting blind dissident Chen Guangcheng amid Shanghai expansion: sources(NYP)
Nyu isn’t letting a pesky thing like human rights stand in the way of its expansion in China. The university has booted a blind Chinese political dissident from its campus under pressure from the..

How Do I Join?
WATCH: Israeli army chiefs red-faced by new racy video just days after recruits posted cheeky pics online(NYP)  Half-naked Israeli female recruits have been exposed again after racy footage emerged showing them pole dancing around a rifle. Three women are seen gyrating around the assault weapon - one of whom is dressed in just a G-string and vest, according... 


WATCH: Chris Christie Slow Jams the News(NYP)
 Chris Christie acquired some new nicknames Wednesday. The Love Gov. CC. Christie Kreme, a... 
Rupert Murdoch Files For Divorce. (NYO)

She’s Back: Sarah Palin Rejoins Fox News As Contributor


Details: Syrian regime used chemical weapons against opposition
State Department has hired agents with criminal records, memo reveals(NYP)
WASHINGTON — The State Department has hired an alarming number of law-enforcement agents with criminal or checkered backgrounds because of a flawed hiring process, a stunning memo
obtained by The...
Syria Has Used Chemical Arms on Rebels, U.S. and Allies Find(NYT)

The weird and wacky posts of Edward Snowden: The NSA leaker once bragged of sex marathons and the joys of 'post-coital Krispy Kremes' long before he exposed top secret docs and fled the country
The Revenge of Magic Mike(NYT)
Hell hath no fury like a billionaire scorned. Just look at what a certain mayor has planned for four senators who voted against his gun bill.
Edward Snowden Was a Rebel With a Thumb Drive(NY Mag)
Dark Money Politics(NYT)
he Senate Armed Services Committee rejected Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand’s effort to put prosecutors in charge of sexual assault cases in the military, as the panel’s chairman and other key senators voiced opposition to taking the prosecutorial power out of the chain of command
How corrupt are we willing to allow our campaign finance system to become?

Booker, in Senate Race, Will Try to Match His Reputation(NYT)

NSA Chief: Data Halted Terror Threats - Sanger, Savage & Schmidt, NYT
Best Case Against NSA? Lois Lerner & Ilk - George Will, Washington Post
The Geeks Who Leak - Michael Scherer, Time
The Sum of All Fears - Daniel Henninger, Wall Street Journal
A New Balance Toward Liberty - E.J. Dionne, Washington Post
The Left's Phony Defense of Freedom - David Harsanyi, Human Events
Can Rubio Seduce His Fellow Republicans? - Margaret Carlson, Bloomberg
Rubio Either a Fool or Playing the GOP for One - Erick Erickson, Red State
3 Signs the GOP Learned Nothing From 2012 - Josh Kraushaar, Natl Jrnl
Can Bubba Rescue the Democrats Again? - Margery Eagan, Boston Herald
ObamaCare Rate Shock Hits Ohio - Philip Klein, Washington Examiner
Obama Guesses His Way to Trillions in HC Savings - Ezra Klein, Bloomberg
Time to Play Supreme Court Bingo - Sean Trende, RealClearPolitics
Facebook's Been Invading Your Privacy for Years - M. Daly, Daily Beast
Endless War's Pinup Girl - Christopher Orlet, The American Spectator
John Oliver Tears Into Media’s Superficial Snowden Coverage, Mocks ‘Frat House’ Joe Scarborough

Conflicts Abound w/Ties Between Media & Obama Admin - Paul Farhi, WP
Stop Apologizing for What Makes America Great - Roger Ailes, FOX News
Obama Job Approval: FOX News: 44% | Gallup: 45% | RCP Avg: 46.4%
Obamacare? We were just leaving … (Politico)
Snowden Is No Hero - Boston Herald
If Obama Really Wanted NSA Debate, He Could Have Had It - USA Today
Should the Government Know Less Than Google? - The Economist
Tweet This: Hillary Scandals Explode - Investor's Business Daily
Obama's CIA pick used to run 'Erotica Nights' readings after dropping out of grad school
 President Obama's choice for the number two position at the CIA will be the highest ranking woman to ever serve in the CIA -- and she used to own a bookstore that featured regular erotica readings....
Journalists And The Obama Staffers Who Are Related To Them(Huff Post)
So Long, Privacy - Ronald Brownstein, National Journal
Republicans Must Step Up on Immigration - Rep. Luis Gutierrez, Huff Post
The Immigration Bill Is a Scam - Kurt Schlichter, Townhall
Obama's Credibility Gap & the 2014 Midterms - Karl Rove, Wall St. Journal
Trent Franks & the Manly Republicans - Dana Milbank, Washington Post
Why I Heckled Bill Maher - Ron Futrell, The Daily Caller
Wall Street Cooking Up Another Financial Crisis - Peter Morici, CNBC
Republicans Overconfident ObamaCare Will Fail - Jon Chait, NY Magazine
The Reality of Feel-Good Government - James Bovard, Wall Street Journal
Glenn Greenwald & the Anti-American Tradition - Adam Levick, PJ Media

Pentagon Papers Leaker: Snowden 'Made The Right Choice'

Mayor Bloomberg's Revenge - Gail Collins, New York Times
California Pension Crisis to Get Worse - Elizabeth MacDonald, FOX Business
Sen. Chuck Schumer doesn’t believe Mayor Bloomberg’s gun control ads targeting senators who voted against a background check provision are effective.
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said he expressed his displeasure with Bloomberg in a phone call this week over his plan to target Democratic senators who voted “no.”
Michele Bachmann: If ‘Amnesty’ Passes, We’ll Never Again See Another GOP President (VIDEO)
Democrats Quietly Renew Push for Gun Control Measures(NYT)
Another Politician’s Teenage Son Used Twitter to Offend Everyone(NY Mag)

Law and Order

Mother to Sue New York City in Crash That Killed 4-Year-Old Girl(NYT)
Sofia Russo said that the death of her daughter, Ariel, could have been prevented if there had not been a delay in dispatching an emergency vehicle to the accident site. * Lawsuit Planned Over Response To Fatal UWS Crash(NY1)

Brownsville mom finds gun in son's room, turns it over to community leaders(NYDN)

The mother, who asked not to be identified, gave the weapon to activists Tony Herbert and Anthony Newerls, who then turned it over to police. Despite potential retaliation for handing it in, Newerls said the woman's actions likely saved lives.
Two teens shot outside Brownsville's Howard Houses(NYDN)

'I DIDN'T DO THAT!' Crazed 'Killer Nanny' accused of killing two young UWS kids in her care says 'someone else' did it in EXCLUSIVE jailhouse interview(NYDN)

Suspect’s mom in cop siege(NYP)
The defiant mother of a man wanted in connection with the murder of a Pace University student refused to let the NYPD into her Manhattan apartment yesterday — and after a six-hour standoff it turned out he wasn’t even home. That sent Warrant Squad...* Standoff Ends After Police Discover Suspect Was Not There(NYT) * Standoff Fizzles After Police Find Suspect Absent WSJ)

Man refuses to testify against woman who allegedly shot him — so he can marry her(NYP)
This Brooklyn couple is ready to take another shot . . . at love. Randolph Costa says he’s still too enamored of his girlfriend to testify against her at her Brooklyn criminal trial — although she...

Killer mob rat’s 12-yr. jail shock (NYP) A mobster who thought that turning rat would win him a pass for a 1996 murder got a big surprise at his sentencing yesterday: 12 years in the slammer. Turncoat Gambino family associate David D’Arpino’s parents erupted in fury after Brooklyn federal... 
NYPD: Suspect Followed, Robbed 92-Year-Old Chelsea Man
Feds net $8M in Bronx heroin bust(NYP)
Arrested After His Vulgar Response to Traffic Ticket, Man Files Suit(NYT)
'I was a hero': BK dad says he was protecting his family when he shot assault rifle at a group of teens(NYP)
Bank robbery suspect arrested near Lincoln Tunnel(WABC)
Bowie kid-pix cop sues (NYP) A former NYPD detective tossed from the force for keeping naked photos of a rape victim in 2008 — who happened to be rocker David Bowie’s stepdaughter — is now suing the NYPD for back pay and full retirement benefits.  Richard Vecchio, a married...
Police Agencies Are Assembling Records of DNA(NYT)
Midtown Bank Robbery Suspect Nabbed Near Lincoln Tunnel (WCBS)
Trial for thug accused of shooting cop in head postponed(NYP)