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Monday Holiday Weekend

Thank You
The Times acknowledges the solemnity and strangeness of the arrival of Memorial Day:
* The Post runs William Shakespeare’s St. Crispin Day speech from Henry V in honor of Memorial Day: 
* The News quotes Emerson and then writes their own Memorial Day poem in honor of the holiday: 
The dead we honor(NYP)
The debt we owe our servicemen and women (Wash Post)





No Battle of Brooklyn
Not Televised or Covered by the Main Stream Media

Results of the Reform Sellouts to Boss Seddio, No Elections
The Unlikely Borough President (City and State)
“First, President Obama got a mandate from the American people,” Liu told the cheering crowd. “Now Senator Eric Adams is going to get a mandate from the people of Brooklyn!” Yet his probable path to Brooklyn’s highest office is surprisingly winding, including stints as a registered Republican, antiestablishment gadfly and upstart challenger to a popular congressman. In May he was named as one of the elected officials who was wiretapped by then state Sen. Shirley Huntley, who was sentenced to a year in a prison for embezzling nearly $90,000 from a sham nonprofit. In 1994 he launched a challenge against then Central Brooklyn Congressman Major Owens, a well-established political figure in the borough. Though Adams was knocked off the ballot in that race, he would make headlines for criticizing Owens and former Rep. Herman Badillo. According to a 1994 story in New York magazine, Adams, then 33, did not appear to be someone who two decades later would have practically the entire political establishment at his back.
“Adams seems always on the brink of inciting controversy,” journalist Craig Horowitz wrote in New York. According to multiple published reports, Adams took aim at Badillo, a former comptroller and mayoral candidate, for having a Jewish wife. “It’s insulting to the Hispanic community that he can go to the Hispanic community for support, but he can’t go to the Hispanic community when he’s picking a wife,” Adams said at the time.  Adams now insists that the comment was a “theory” on the state of Hispanic voters at the time and not a personal opinion or criticism of Badillo and his wife. Adams also supported the anticrime tactics of the Nation of Islam and their controversial leader, Louis Farrakhan, according to several published reports. Adams’ praise of Farrakhan upset members of the Jewish community who viewed Farrakhan as an anti-Semite. In 1993 Adams blasted then Mayor David Dinkins for keeping his distance from Farrakhan.

Simon: “I’ve heard he was a registered Republican"
Brooklyn district leader Jo Anne Simon, a member of the party’s “reform” wing, did not see Adams’ party switch as an indictment of his character. “I’ve heard he was a registered Republican, but the mayor was a Democrat, and I don’t see him doing too many Democratic things,” she said. “I’m not sure what that says. It’s not a particular concern that someone has seen the light.”

There Goes the Women's Vote
A year later Adams aggressively defended fellow state Sen. Hiram Monserrate, a Queens Democrat charged with assaulting his girlfriend. Monserrate would be convicted of misdemeanor assault and sentenced to three years of probation. In 2009 the Senate voted overwhelmingly to expel Monserrate. Adams voted against immediate expulsion, though he supported a second resolution that would have ousted the senator had he lost the appeals process and his conviction been upheld.

The Wire Tape Group
An October 2011 trip Adams took to South Korea with Brooklyn State Sen. John Sampson has drawn additional scrutiny since Sampson was indicted on embezzlement charges in May. Adams, through his consultant Evan Thies, refused to provide any further details to the Times Union about the four-day trip, other than to state that it was financed with campaign and private funds. Adams also traveled with Stacey Rowland, a lobbyist for the top Albany lobbying firm Wilson Elser Moskowitz Edelman & Dicker. Filings show that Adams paid more than $3,000 for the trip out of his campaign funds. The lobbyist, according to a source, was the girlfriend of Sampson, then the Senate majority leader and the organizer of the trip.

In Ocean 11 The Rat Pack Tried to Steal From A Casino, In Albany They Tried to Steal the Entire Casino
Albany’s latest stench(NYP Ed) Reports of political rot in Albany keep a-comin’ — with revelations this week by The Post of probes of top Democrats in a sleazy deal that, by his own admission, even ensnared ex-Gov. David Paterson.For starters, the feds are investigating whether state Sens. John Sampson and Malcolm Smith and others were involved in a scheme to steer a multibillion-dollar contract to a politically juiced firm, AEG, to run a racino at Aqueduct Race Track.  Since returning to the Democratic fold, Adams has faced criticism for the role he played in the flawed bidding process to bring casino gaming to the Aqueduct Racetrack in Queens. The state Lottery Division in 2010 disqualified a winning bid from the Aqueduct Entertainment Group.

A scathing Inspector General’s report later that year would call the bidding process a “political free-for-all” in which lobbyists and campaign donations slanted the competition toward AEG. Adams, along with several other state senators, mingled with AEG lobbyists at a “victory celebration” held at the Albany home of Carl Andrews, one of the lobbyists and a former state senator, according to the report. During the bidding process Adams also received several thousand dollars in campaign donations from groups and individuals associated with AEG. How AEG was ultimately chosen, according to the report, was a “murky” business: Fisch wrote that he was given “contradictory accounts of the climax of the process by the ‘three men in a room’ and Senator Adams.” On this count Adams disagrees, arguing that Fisch “made what I’m sure was an innocent oversight in its report, which unfortunately led to misperception.”

Despite the senator’s unconventional history and rumors of wrongdoing, the son of the congressman whom he attempted to unseat two decades ago says he thinks Adams is now qualified to be Brooklyn’s next borough president. “I believe he wants to do really good work, and I think he’s committed to that,” said Chris Owens, a Democratic district leader in Brooklyn. “I am shocked he has no opposition, but I’m also very pleased. There’s long been talk of having a black borough president, so for him to essentially walk into the position is amazing.” * Senator mum on junket questions (TU)

Albany Vito Lopez Fallout

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver Future Still Up In The Air: Daily News Sources

Assembly Democrats privately fear fallout of retaining Sheldon Silver as speaker amid sexual harassment scandal(NYDN) After two investigations found that he mishandled complaints against former Assemblyman Vito Lopez, Dems publicly supported him. Many still think he will stick around, but fears are growing that he will become a campaign issue for them.  With No Heir Apparent To Sheldon Silver, Some NY Assembly Members Stand Above Others * Assembly Speaker Silver's power still reigns Albany (LoHud) * Phil Reisman: There's a reason voters are cynical about Albany (LoHud) * NYS Conservative Party chairman Mike Long supports for lawmakers. With No Heir Apparent To Sheldon Silver, Some NY Assembly Members Stand Above Others(NYDN)
Think I've read this story in News or Post 2 or 3 times a year since 2000.

Albany Lobbyists Barons
Lobbyists NY New Permanent Government
Gov-linked lobbyist the wife of the party (NYP) The wife of a top aide to Gov. Cuomo has been quietly hired by one of New York’s most aggressive lobbying and public-relations firms, which is now advertising her connections to Cuomo on its Web site. Karen Hinton — married to State Operations Director Howard Glaser, one of the governor’s oldest friends and a key figure in Cuomo’s high-stakes efforts to legalize casino gambling, bring a new power utility to Long Island, and finalize a decision on hydrofracking for natural gas — is a “managing director” at Mercury Public Affairs, which was founded by several former aides and advisers to Republican former Gov. George Pataki.

It is Time for An Update On NY's Permanent Government


Mayor Race

NY Mag Chris Makes Predictions That Will Never Come True

Hot Dog Days (NY Mag)
With Weiner in, Quinn drifting, Liu seething, and Thompson and De Blasio dueling, the campaign is about to get warm. for now, weiner helps quinn: "denies her rivals the spotlight…& it takes more time off the clock." (1) Anthony Weiner will own June. (2) The labor unions will flex their muscle. (3) The non-Quinns will attack one another. (4) The candidates will get thinner.  (5) John Liu will spontaneously combust. *  "Could a Mayor Weiner Pose a Threat to New York City Security?" (American Thinker) * What being a mayoral frontrunner may mean just a few months later(NYT) * Anthony Weiner’s comeback ranks among some of the greatest(WPIX)The Anthony Weiner Show Does Memorial Day in Queens (NYO) * Mixed Views on Anthony Weiner Displayed on Dov Hikind’s Radio Show(NYO)
* Education Advocates Slam Christine Quinn for Dropping Out of Debate(NYO)

UFT On Picking Winners
 RT “: “We don’t pick winners, we make them,”--'s Mulgrew. cc:

Last time UFT picked a winner: 89. “: “We don’t pick winners, we make them,”--'s Mulgrew. cc:

While New York makes a prediction or two on the mayoral race. Here’s one for Comptroller John Liu: “(5) John Liu will spontaneously combust. A recent, typical itinerary: up before dawn to read; deliver son to school; eight hours in the comptroller’s office; four campaign stops, dashing from the West Village to Bay Ridge to Sunnyside to Howard Beach for a church pastor’s anniversary banquet that ends after 11 p.m.”

Campaign 2013

Councilman Leroy Comrie. (Photo: Facebook)Leroy Comrie Considering Dropping Out of Borough Presidents Race(NYO)
Bike Share Opening Day

They Are Rolling
NY Post escalates #bikeshare war NYC’s bike-share program, the culmination of Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s transportation legacy that includes more than 350 miles of bike lanes in the city, beginsWell, that was fast! First cycle stolen(NYP)
 The bike-share program rode into trouble last night before it was even launched — when someone stole one of the bikes as it was being delivered to a Manhattan rack, police said. * Bloomy high on Citi Bike(NYDN) * Lower E. Side bicycle shop owner fears Citi Bike share program NYP)
* Brooklyn Heights is up in arms over Citi Bike racks(Brooklyn Paper)

Out for a First Spin: City’s Bike Share Program Begins(NYT)* New Yorkers took 5,411 trips with an average ride of 20+ minutes by 5 pm on opening day of :
Out for a First Spin: City’s Bike Share Program Begins(NYT)
The map can help: RT : Our map is down for a bit we're working to get it back up as soon as we can.*  Lower E. Side bicycle shop owner fears Citi Bike share program will run him out of business(NYP)

Cuomo At War With Canada

Never trusted them. RT The Cuomo administration girds for battle against an unexpected enemy: Canada.

Ticket Tax

Today's NY Post reports that 20% to 30% of all parking tickets dished out in NYC are given to transportation companies like UPS and FedEx
Tix ‘deliver’ megabucks to city (NYP) FedEx and UPS have racked up a combined $2.8 million in city parking tickets in just the first three months of this year.* City set to collect $550 million in parking tickets this(NYDN)

Broadway Down

NOT SO GREAT WHITE WAY: Broadway sees 6% drop in attendance from last year as average ticket prices climb to $101(NYDN)

More Corruption

Feds Put More Heat on Sampson to Make A Deal Open Up Serial Corruption At Carl Kruger's Planning Board 18
Shakedowns Is the Business of Community Board 18th Where the Head of Kruger's Mob Still Rules

What the Daily News uncovered today is how elected officials used Carl Kruger's planning board in Brooklyn to make money
Daily News EXCLUSIVE: FBI investigating retainer fees charged by Sen. John Sampson to businessmen

When constituents and others asked the Brooklyn state senator for help, he allegedly made them hire him on as their lawyer, charging fees of $10,000. Sampson was busted on unrelated charges of embezzling $440,000 in escrow funds to finance a campaign run in 2005. When some people sought the help of Brooklyn state Sen. John Sampson, he allegedly demanded that they hire him as their lawyer. The FBI is investigating whether Sampson broke the law by seeking and receiving retainer fees from at least two businessmen who sought his assistance in dealing with the government, the Daily News has learned.

Sampson Makes $$$ Off Opposing One of Planning Board 18 Shakedowns
One of those questioned by the FBI, sources say, is Brooklyn auto dealer Lilaahar (Sammy) Bical, owner of Kristal Auto Mall, one of the biggest Cadillac dealers on the East Coast. Last year the FBI confronted Bical about Sampson’s role in helping him eliminate hurdles blocking Bical’s plan to buy a city-owned plot on Flatbush Ave. near the Belt Parkway.  Bical wanted the land to expand his dealership. * Four Sparrows Development Nixed Under Shadow Of Corruption The project was mentioned during conversation recorded by the FBI between Kruger and developer Aaron Malinsky, who was trying to get state funds directed towards the project. Though the project isn’t included in the indictment, prosecutors say Kruger received at least $1 million in bribes from developers – including co-defendant Malinsky – and others seeking the pols help. In the conversations recorded by the FBI, Forest City veep Bruce Bender tried to get Kruger to steer $2 million to the Four Sparrows project, but instead settled for $500,000 to a project near Prospect Park.

Bonnie Turano and Clyde Kruger
Turano Named in the Kruger Indictment Is Still Planning Board 18 Manager, Was the One Blocking Auto Dealer Lilaahar Bical, Sampson Client

It is clear from the guilty plea of Kruger and his lobbyist Lipsky that Planning Board 18 manager Dorothy Turano was deeply involved in the Kruger corruption.  Yet astonishly she still remains as chairman of that board to this day.  Dorothy Turano, Kruger's longtime companion, chief political partner and beneficiary, mother of his alleged domestic partner, and district manager of CB 18 for 22 years, has, at least so far, remains untouched.  When questions were raised about her connections to the Kruger corruption Seddio cursed out the questioner.  

The Planning Board 18th Shake Down Is Their Mission
The federal complaint states that another developer had put proposed a supermarket and home improvement store at the Canarsie Plaza site in 2004, but Turano shot it down, claiming, “Decisions are not made in this community unless they are presented to elected officials.”

Michael Turano's mother, Community Board 18 District Manager Dorothy Turano, in 2001 opposed a proposed new mall at Belt Parkway and Flatbush Avenue--apparently the source of the now-standalone Toys 'R' Us--but later expressed support for the Four Sparrows project as a whole but opposed a Wal-Mart. She was thus in congruence with Malinsky and Kruger.  Dorothy Turano, long described as Kruger's companion but now thought by some to have been a "beard," was not charged.  The Kruger federal complaint states that another developer had put proposed a supermarket and home improvement store at the Canarsie Plaza site in 2004, but Turano shot it down, claiming, “Decisions are not made in this community unless they are presented to elected officials.”
 A year later, Turano recommended that the board approve Malinsky’s proposal to build a shopping center at the site, which is now anchored by a BJ’s. Two weeks later, Malinsky sent $5,000 to the bogus company run by Turano’s son, the federal complaint states. Turano, who lives in a gaudy, $2 million home the feds say Kruger paid for with his bribe money, has been beside the disgraced legislator as he rose from Community Board 18 to the state senate. *  The Rise of Dorothy Turano(Bay Ridge Journal) * The House Of Horrors, Starring Sen.Kruger, District Manager Dorothy Turano

Brooklyn Daily Said In January 2012
Turano, who lives in a gaudy, $2 million home the feds say Kruger paid for with his bribe money, has been beside the disgraced legislator as he rose from Community Board 18 to the state senate.  Nothing Has Happen

The Kruger Crime Family
The New York Times reported 3/20/11 on the curious relationship between Kruger and the Turano family, Mr. Kruger vaulted the Turanos into his spheres of power and influence, prosecutors say, landing Dorothy a plum job and, later, funneling hundreds of thousands of dollars into her sons’ bank accounts to finance a $200,000 Bentley and pay down a $1.2 million mortgage. The Turanos, in turn, provided the senator companionship, and prosecutors say the brothers helped conceal his growing payoffs from lobbyists and corporations.

Sampson and Kruger Were Not the Only One Shaking Down in Planning Board 18, the Feds Say Turano and Boss Seddio How Their Own BJ Deal Going

Turano Changed Her Vote On Which Big Box Store She Wanted in Canarsie Plaza

From her perch at the community board, prosecutors suggest, Dorothy might have played her own small part in the Kruger corruption. The federal complaint states that another developer had put proposed a supermarket and home improvement store at the Canarsie Plaza site in 2004, but Turano shot it down, claiming, “Decisions are not made in this community unless they are presented to elected officials.”

Some Box Stores Are More Acceptable to the Community.  Why Dorothy?

 After rejecting plans for a retail development at a vacant site in 2004, Dorothy and the board approved a similar proposal in March 2007. Within a few weeks, a developer Aaron Malinsky involved in the proposal began sending checks totaling $472,500 to Michael’s (Dorothy son) bank accounts. The Feds say a check was even delivered to Kruger house where Dorothy and her sons lived with the state senator.  In 2004 Seddio represented small businesses at Canarsie Plaza who opposed building a Home Depot on that site.   In 2007 he worked for and pushed for BJs according to Fertig.  The district manager Turano is featured prominently in the criminal complaint, where FBI investigators accuse her of advocating for developer Aaron Malinsky’s Canarsie Plaza, a project that Kruger was getting paid to promote.

The Brooklyn Boss Wants A BJ
In 2007 when a BJ was chosen for that site with a different developer (the developer who the indictment said sent checks to Turaino house) Frank Seddio small business group changed their mind and accepted BJ’s at Canarsie Plaza.  The Feds say Kruger partner Michael Dorothy son was delivered the bribe money shortly after the vote Fidler’s decision not to call for Turano’s ouster could provide an opportunity for further attacks by his GOP opponents, but Storobin has not returned a request for comment on Turano’s situation * Dorothy Turano, Kruger ally and partner, ducks and weaves at CB18 meeting Once the meeting ended, a beefy board member flanked Turano as local powerbroker Frank Seddio, who was Community Board 18’s district manager before becoming an Assemblyman, surrogate court judge and democratic district leader, led her to his car.  * “I don’t know what will happen with Carl Kruger but anytime I have dealt with him he has been an honest broker,” Seddio said, adding that he would not turn his back on Kruger now. I stand on the belief that you stand by your friends. If that is something that would hurt me so be it. I am not going to shrink away from people that I have a relationship with just because some one made an allegation.” * Fidler Staying Out Of Fight Over Kruger Companion [UPDATED ... * Brooklyn Gothic: State Senator Carl Kruger And His Surrogate 

Dorothy Turano Cover Up
 There is a lot to be learned by investigating how Seddio used the machine and government to make $$$ and remain in power in a community with dramatic racial change and his loss of ability to deliver the vote. Moderator Mark Fertig asked Seddio and the other candidates running for city council before Fidler lost his senate race, if Planning Board 18 manager Dorothy Turano should be fired because of her involvement in the Kruger scandal.  Seddio did not only answer the question but he called Fertig a very inappropriate name.It is clear from the guilty plea of Kruger and his lobbyist Lipsky that Planning Board 18 manager Dorothy Turano was deeply involved in the Kruger corruption.  Yet astonishly she still remains as chairman of that board.  In 2007 when a BJ was chosen for that site with a different developer (the developer who the indictment (charges later drop) sent checks to Turaino house.  Frank Seddio small business group changed their mind and accepted BJ’s at Canarsie Plaza.  The Feds say Kruger partner Michael Dorothy son was delivered the bribe money shortly after the vote. * Dorothy Turano, Kruger ally and partner, ducks and weaves at CB18 meeting (NYP)

Sampson (Senator #1) Ratner and Walmart 
Still, another look at the complaint suggests some shocking--at least to those who believe what they learned in civics class--behavior from a Senate staffer, apparently at the behest of "Senate Leader #1."
Who's that? Apparently Senator John Sampson (as identified in news coverage), who has had supporters use Forest City Ratner offices for a fundraiser.

Walmart hopes to build its first city store in Sen. John Sampson's district (NYP)
Community Board 18 is hoping to rekindle public interest in the project with a new plan that still includes the auto mall and marina expansion. * New Flatbush Ave shopping center could fit Walmart • The Brooklyn ...(Brooklyn Paper) * Forest City Ratner project in Mill Basin, touched by corruption indictment, "has been withdrawn;" indicted developer had role in City Point, whose lead developer didn't pay bribes but made gifts to Markowitz charities(Atlantic Yard Review)

Everyone Goes the Jail and Teflon Ratner Their Beneficiary Keeps Making Money
 But he faced opposition from some local politicians, including then-Sen. Carl Kruger (D-Brooklyn), who was trying to help developer Bruce Ratner build a shopping mall on the same property (Kruger was later indicted in an unrelated case and is now in prison). Seeking help, Bical turned to Sampson. The senator requested a $10,000 “retainer fee” up front, and Bical wrote the check, sources say. Soon after, Sampson arranged a sit-down with Bloomberg administration officials at City Hall. * Ratner is a common theme in pol corruption cases, columnist says(The Real Deal) * A Developer Between Legal Clouds (Powel, NYT)

 Sampson Liquor Store
Last week the FBI also questioned the owner of a liquor store on Fulton Ave. in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, about Sampson’s financial ties to the establishment, sources told The News.
The partner, Jaichand Singh, was secretly recorded by the bureau discussing the store’s finances, the sources said.  Sampson listed himself as a “shareholder” in the store, Gateway Wines & Spirits, on his 2011 financial disclosure form. Yet Sampson is not listed as a principal on Gateway’s state liquor license.

DSCC Tainted $$$
Dems’ ‘tainted’ money(NYP)
The state Senate’s Democratic fund-raising machine has sucked in more than $400,000 in contributions from senators who have been indicted or are being investigated — and it hasn’t returned a dime. The biggest contributor, John Sampson — who was indicted two weeks ago on obstruction of justice and embezzlement charges — pumped nearly $350,000 into the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee through his re-election committee from January 2011 to January 2013. “There should be an investigation,” demanded a Senate Republican. “The money that’s going into the DSCC definitely has to be questioned.” Embattled state sens. José Peralta, Velmanette Montgomery and Eric Adams have funneled more than $70,000 to the DSCC.

In Albany A Bribe Is A Fee If You Are A Lawyer
In New York, it's OK to practice law and be a member of the state Legislature(NYDN)

Since the state’s Legislature is a part-time job, elected officials who are lawyers can practice law while they simultaneously enact laws. Albany’s two top leaders — Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos (R-L.I.) and Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver (D-Manhattan) — are lawyers, and within the Senate alone, nearly one third of its members are also lawyers. * Despite scandal, Vito Lopez left positive legacy in Staten Island judicial politics via

  1. IDC State Senate leader, Jeff Klein wasn't cited in sidebar story. Over 50 lawyers "moonlight" as state lawmakers.* Klein, law partner tag-team to score big on appointments  Courthouse Patronage: Third in a series(Riverdale Press)
The Weiner Campaign Plan  

Weiner Campaign Going Rogue and Around the Tabloids

Update: Weiner disses old nabe(NYDN)
Mayoral hopeful Anthony Weiner yesterday stiffed Forest Hills voters — the very constituents who elected him to his ill-fated seat in Congress. Weiner failed to show up at the neighborhood’s big Memorial Day parade, causing residents to question whether they would support him — a potential blunder that gave an edge to his chief rival, Council Speaker Christine Quinn, who did attend. * Mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner compared his faith to a navigation system in a car whose owner took a wrong turn and needs to “recalculate” in his first visit to a church this campaign, the News reports:

Going Rogue and 
Smart Politics

“Adding stops to his day on the fly will be the rule rather than the exception during this campaign,” 
                              Weiner Campaign Spokesperson 

Weiner Brings A Washington Trick to NY, Go Around the Attacking Media
Weiner goes around the Tabloids who have been hitting him with dick jokes to the local papers
“You can just as easily talk to the New York Post but this is much more fruitful” Anthony Weiner to “He struck me as a somewhat different Anthony Weiner than I’m used to seeing,” said Chronicle editor-in-chief Peter Mastrosimone. “He was less aggressive and more contrite.” 

NYP Starts the Mud Fight With An Anonymous Campaign Consultant of A Weiner Rival
No-Wein situation (NYP)Rivals: Gov dig is ‘gold’
“Cuomo said it was a joke and we have to take it at that . . . and voters should take it for themselves,” Weiner said yesterday after a meeting with the Queens Chronicle editorial board. The Queens paper was one of several in his old congressional district that Weiner schmoozed with yesterday. * Weiner Visits Old Congressional District On His Campaign's Second Day(NY1) * While lawmakers fought for sick 9/11 workers bill, Weiner sat on sidelines: pols(NYDN) * Readers sound off on Anthony Weiner and bike share(NYDN) * Cuomo on NYC Mayoral Race: “Shame On Us” if We Elect Anthony ... (Town Hall)Campaign site for NY mayor chooses wrong city (Jerusalem Post) * Who’s screwed by Weiner’s entry(NYP) Bill Thompson is the Democrat voted most likely to benefit from Weiner’s unlikely candidacy. He’s the only African-American contender, and there’s not much chance of black voters suddenly jumping ship for a flawed white candidate. * Senator clams up about 's race for mayor. A lot of "no comments" are on the way(Wash Post) * Schumer Refuses to Endorse Protege

Weiner is trying to re-run his 2005, somewhat below-the-radar strategy. I think - I THINK - that will be harder this time. As Weiner speaks, man in the audience mutters, "Bill Thompson shoulda been here."

Public Financing No Cure 4 Crooks

Bloomberg and Skelos Use Crook Smiths' Attempt To Game the City Public Funding System to Oppose State Public Financing System

But Read Reason It To Allow Bloomberg $$$ and Skelos to Keep the Dems From Taking Over the Senate
Public elex funding no cure for crooks: MikePublic elex funding no cure for crooks: Mike (NYP) The crooks running rampant in Albany won’t change their ways if the state institutes taxpayer funding for election campaigns, Mayor Bloomberg said yesterday. His stance placed him in direct conflict with Gov. Cuomo, who has pledged to enact just... A recipe for political corruption(TU) By DEAN SKELOS, Commentary * Cuomo to End Session with Fundraiser Featuring $50,000 Chair Tickets(WSJ)

Debate About Silver's Future
Voting Back To the Future

State Could Bring Back Old Lever Machines For Mayoral Runoff(NY1)

BOE: Wrong Voting Machines For Runoff Because of Pay to Play Bribery(True News)

BOE Voted for a Voter Scanner That Cannot Do the Job. Why?
Poll: Democratic Runoff Likely in Mayor's Race(WSJ)
Christine Quinn's lead in the race for the Democratic nomination for New York City mayor continued to slide, with it looking increasingly unlikely she, or any candidate, will win the primary without a runoff, a poll released Wednesday showed.

Freedom of the Press

Judge Rejects Bid to Delay CBS' Airing of 'Brooklyn D.A.'
DA foe faces TV reality in court (NYP)  A Manhattan judge yesterday tossed a last-ditch effort by Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes’ political adversary to block next Tuesday’s premiere of a CBS reality show about the DA. Justice Paul Wooten denied an injunction brought by Abe George, a Democrat.. “A national audience has no idea who Charles Hynes is,” insisted Susan Zirinsky, the reality show’s executive producer, in court yesterday. Instead, she said the borough of Brooklyn was the show’s true hero.* 'DA' Show Will Go On(WSJ) A judge ruled that a television series about Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes's office can air, turning down the legal challenge of a political opponent who said the show is "reality TV" that violates state campaign finance law.* Judge Says Reality Show About Brooklyn DA's Office Can Go On(NY1) * New Evidence Could Harm Case Against Abuse Whistleblower (Jewish Week)
Emergence of tape suggests friends of convicted child molester pressured a witness to fabricate claims about Sam Kellner.* Television Review: ‘Brooklyn DA’ Begins on Tuesday on CBS (NYT)
Never a Crime-Free Moment
A six-part series exploring the Brooklyn district attorney’s office has been challenged in court as a September primary for the job of district attorney approaches.

‘Bad bust’ cop defense (NYP)  He allegedly browbeat witnesses and railroaded suspects, but the retired Brooklyn homicide detective with 50 cases now under review insists he did nothing wrong — and that a killer has been freed. “I’m standing up for myself because it’s the...
GOP Ads War Coming

GOP Mayoral Foes Catsimatidis, Lhota Taking to Airwaves(WSJ)
John Catsimatidis and Joe Lhota To Launch T.V. Campaign Ads* New York's Republican Mayoral Candidates Will Introduce Themselves on TV Soon(NY Mag)* GOP mayoral candidate oozes condescension. Urges rival to run for lower office instead. * The GOP candidates for NYC mayor will spend millions of dollars in TV ads just to win a few hundred thousand votes to secure nomination.

A Stop Weiner Movement?

Testing the waters? Mystery poll asks if voters support Ray Kelly for mayor — though aide says the NYPD commish was not behind survey
Sources said state GOP Chairman Ed Cox is part of the push. Kelly maintained that he has no plans to enter politics.(NYP)
Report: Kelly Camp Denies Plans For Mayoral Bid, Phone Poll Remains Shrouded In Mystery (WCBS)

Ray Kelly great public servant. Only hope of averting disaster for NY. Look at alternatives lining up to bankrupt city , hobble cops, etc.

A Stop Weiner Movement?
Despite/because of A Weiner's entry into the race, a giant # of NYC elites are desperate for a savior candidate including

Mayoral Campaign

Labor Split
"the labor movement is hopelessly splintered" in mayor's race, says cc

Catsimatidis Releases First TV Ad In Mayor's Race: Republican candidate John Catsimatidis released a...

Cynthia Nixon, on Stage as a Celebrity Activist(NYT)

Ms. Nixon is campaigning heavily for Bill de Blasio in his effort to become New York’s next mayor, just one of many choices that demonstrate her independent judgment.

The race to Gracie Mansion (Daily Kos)




In Earlier Mayoral Races, Lessons but Little Direction(NYT)

Weiner vs. Quinn: New York City's TMI Primary (The Atlantic)The battle for City Hall will test how much New Yorkers can tolerate knowing about their political leaders. Weiner's sexting, Quinn's bulimia, de Blasio's ex-lesbian wife. The Altantic on NYC's "TMI Primary":

Ready to Roll

Update For Bloomberg and Bike-Sharing Program, the Big Moment Arrives(NYT)
Questions and Answers on Citi Bike(NYT)
What New Yorkers Need to Know about New Bike Share(WSJ)

Bikes For City Bike Sharing Program Begin To Appear In Manhattan(NY1)

The Citi Bikes Are Here in Brooklyn Heights!  
* Bike sharing program begins Monday(WABC)

Head case(NYP)
New York’s ambitious bike-share program launches this Memorial Day weekend. It’s a joyrider’s dream . . . but one thing’s missing: There are 6,000 bicycles for rent but no bike helmets at the rental kiosks. Looks like a public-health crisis in the making, and one perfect for Mayor Bloomberg. But Mike’s not interested in forcing bikers to wear helmets. To the contrary, he opposes legislation requiring riders to use that all-important safety gear. What happened to our nanny-in-chief? * Bikes rack up protests(NYP) *  Is the Citi Bike program necessary? Social Bicycle offers (WABC) * Bulky Blue Citi Bikes Roll Into New York Ahead of Memorial Day Launch(DNAINFO)

Artful bike-share protest in Soho (NYP) Protests against Citi Bike moved into high gear yesterday.  Soho residents rallied at Petrosino Square, demanding the removal of a 43-cycle station that replaced a public art space in the tiny park in the square. Dozens of people held signs and...* The Daily News editorial board calls for systematic tracking and sharing of Citi Bike's vital signs:

City Beaches Back

City beaches are back! (NYP) Seven months after being pummeled by Hurricane Sandy, Coney...  * All of City’s Public Swimming Beaches to Reopen by Memorial Day(NYT) * SI Beaches Reopen For Memorial Day Weekend After Post-Sandy Cleanup(NY1) * City's Beach Season Off To Rainy Start(NY1)

Welcome Back

The Jersey Shore New Couple

Christie snipes at ‘Snooki’ (NYP)  Snooki and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie went toe to toe on the Jersey Shore yesterday during a Memorial Day weekend media blitz to showcase the area’s recovery from Hurricane Sandy.   Christie frequently slams “Jersey Shore” — and the wild antics... * As Boozy Invaders Hit Beach, Hamptons Sound Snooki Alert(NYT)

Spider Fees

Police and fire constitute the bulk of about $334,000 in reimbursable expenses incurred by the city during the filming of “The Amazing Spider-Man 2.”

Harlem Gentrification

As Tourists Come and Go, Harlem Churches Lose a 10% Lifeblood(NYT)
At the heart of the struggle for the churches is a contradiction: As Harlem’s fortunes rise, tithing — the traditional source of the churches’ money — is fading away.


Tuition Protesters Still in Top Office at Cooper Union
Since May 8, students have used the room to spread word about their rebellion against charging undergraduate tuition, eat catered meals and entertain visits from activists.

Let them pray (NYDN)
Bloomberg and Walcott should stop trying block worship in rented school space
Horace Mann Sorry Horace Mann School apologizes for decades of sexual abuse(NYP) * Horace Mann Apologizes for Abuse but Won’t Start New Inquiry(NYT) * Bronx Prep School Leaders Apologize For Sex Abuse Scandal(NY1)
A Hospital's Future

Perspective: The fate of the Cobble Hill hospital lies in the hands of one person — Gov. Cuomo — says our reporter

Never Forget

A Tradition of Sacrifice, From Yorktown to Ramadi(WSJ)

Obama Praises Troops, Laments Most Americans’ Isolation From Sacrifice Of War On Memorial Day

Monday Update
Donald Trump has spent more than $1 million on electoral research for a potential presidential run in 2016.
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Groups Flagged by I.R.S. Tested Political Limits on Tax Status(NYT)
Partisan Gridlock Thwarts Effort to Alter Health Law(NYT)


The Debt We Owe Our Servicemen and Women - Washington Post
Easter in Korea, 1951 - Wall Street Journal

'A' Is for 'Apple' and 'Avoidance' - New York Times
Now the Gibson Guitar Raids Make Sense - Investor's

A walk through hell (NYP)  A somber President Obama toured the wreckage of tornado-ravaged Moore, Okla., yesterday, walking past piles of rubble and debris that were once part of a tidy suburb.  Six days after the twister, Obama examined the deadly destruction, which included...
 Cardinal Timothy Dolan has led the fight against a birth control provision of the new health care law while the archdiocese has been quietly paying for contraception services for unionized workers for over a decade, the Times writes:
McCain Travels to Syria to Meet With Anti-Assad Forces(NYT)

Receding Role of U.S. Poses Risk to Stability of Pakistan(NYT)
In Afghanistan, U.S. Forces Take Step Back(NYT)
Can 44 Subtract 43 From the Equation?(Dowd, NYT)
Unlike the Obama DOJ, the Bush DOJ "openly" requested NYT phone records after Al Qaeda leak: (NYT)
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Brooklyn Man Charged With Murdering His Ex's Boyfriend
Walsh: Attorney general is Obama's alter-ego, so his fall would be a defeat and an insult(NYP)


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Dole: 'I doubt' I could make it in today's GOP ((Politico)
Rep. Peter King on "This Week" objects to Obama's "moral tone." Morality, apparently, has no place in discussions of how we wage war.
CBS’ Bob Schieffer Shreds Obama: ‘President Needs To Rethink His Entire Communications Policy’ (VIDEO)
Sen. Chuck Schumer is becoming the broker and dealmaker on immigration reform, which would create a path of citizenship for 11 million immigrants, when the bill comes to a vote early next month, the News writes:

‘Holder’ing the bag (NYP) WASHINGTON — Attorney General Eric Holder’s fingerprints are all over an FBI warrant that authorized snooping on Fox News reporter James Rosen, the Justice Department confirmed yesterday. The FBI warrant that sought Rosen’s private e-mails as part...  MSNBC Guest Skewers White House: They Have This Attitude They Don’t Have To Answer Questions From Journalists (VIDEO)
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Judge Orders Arpaio to Stop Profiling 
The latest blog from : How not to handle the scandals
Hagel tells West Point cadets they must stamp out scourge of sex assault in military
Manhattan Teen Charged With City's Latest Alleged Anti-Gay Bias Attack  
Democrats as lost in own way as Republicans? : Where money talks (Wash Post)

Law and Order

Sen. Chuck Schumer will join NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly at a press conference today to press the National Parks Service to reverse its decision to move security screenings for Statue of Liberty visitors from Manhattan to Ellis Island.

'They are always at risk': Families cry out why as cases of 4 oldest homicide victims in 2012 remain a mystery(NYDN)

3rd Conviction in Robbery That Left Officer Dead(NYT)
The conviction of Nelson Morales was the third to result from the shooting death of Officer Peter J. Figoski in 2011.

EXCLUSIVE: New Yorkers send in thousands of pictures of annoyances and lawbreakers to 311 complaint hot line
New York City EMT fingered for murder after wife found dead in 2008 house fire

Thousands Mourn 14-Year-Old Girl Shot Dead on City Bus in Queens

Tears for bus-slay victim, 14 (NYP) The best friend of the Queens teen shot dead on a city bus collapsed into tears at her funeral yesterday. “I’m gonna really miss you baby, but I’m gonna hold [your] mama strong,” sobbed Shaquana Almonds, 16.

‘I didn’t forget where I came from’: 50 Cent says he paid for horse and carriage that carried casket of Queens teen shot to death on a city bus to her funeral(NYDN)

A line stretched around the block, as...* Recalling a Girl, 14, Laughing, Before She Was Shot on a Bus(NYT) *Police Release 16-Year-Old Being Questioned In Connection With Queens Teen's Murder(NY1) * Teen questioned in Queens bus shooting released

Tot Tossed From Stroller After Botched Robbery in Bed-Stuy, Police Say(DNAINFO)

17-Year-Old Queens Teen Caught With Loaded Gun in Pants, Police Say (DNAINFO)
Man Shot to Death in The Bronx (DNAINFO)

Amanda Bynes is a brat gone bong-kers, and it's time for her to get help - or get locked up(NYP)

Rev warns teens against revenge for D'aja: "God made you in his image, not to be a corner warmer or a sneaker pimp." (NYDN)

 Brownstone Brooklyn's $1 stickup guy(NYDN)
* Video Captures Men Attacking Teen With Baseball Bat in (NBC)
Kid busted in $1 muggings (NYP) Police nabbed a freckle-faced teen terror yesterday who allegedly was sticking up boys for single dollar bills in Carroll Gardens. The bully allegedly began his spree Monday when he approached a 12-year-old at about 7:20 a.m. near Court Street and...
15-Year-Old Arrested For Mugging Carroll Gardens Teens For $1 Bills

Street violence and social media collide as gangs start (NYDN)
2 Arrested In Bedford-Stuyvesant Gun, Drug Bust - CBS Local

Cab ride from hell(NYP Ed)

Sister of high-ranking Asian diplomat busted for 'shoplifting'; family goes berserk
Chinese takeout (NYP) The sister of a high-ranking Chinese diplomat was busted for alleged shoplifting from the Herald Square Macy’s — and her well-connected family caused a huge scene trying to get her out of police custody,
NYPD Searching For Man Accused Of Brooklyn Subway Sex Assault
2-Year-Old Injured During Attempted Robbery in Brooklyn(NBC)
Crooked doc gets 8 years (NYP)  A doctor at the heart of the massive LIRR “gravy train” scandal was sentenced to eight years in federal prison yesterday for the audacious $1 billion pension scam — which the judge condemned as “a large pool of corruption.” Dr. Peter Ajemian, 63,.* Doctor Gets Eight Years in L.I.R.R. Fraud Scheme(NYT)
B’klyn drug and gun raid(NYP)
2 Arrested In Bedford-Stuyvesant Gun, Drug Bust(WCBS)
Teen arrested for having illegal handgun(NYP)
Police collared a teen for an illegal handgun during a police stop in Jamaica, authorities said. Plainclothes cops spotted Nicholas Morris, 17,..
Suspect In Queens Kidnapping: 'I Made A Mistake': NEW YORK -- A man charged in the brazen abduction and brutal...

Far Rockaway, NY - Beating of Orthodox Jewish Man Caught on Video

B'klyn man accused of killing businessman who dated his ex (NYP) A businessman whose body was found in an upstate ditch after a date with a Brooklyn woman he’d met online was killed by her ex-boyfriend, authorities charged yesterday.  Mikhail Chernyaev, of Brighton Beach, was arrested and charged with second...

In letter to feds, Kelly raises specter of terror attac(NYDN)


Kenya: UK soldier killing suspect arrested in 2010(NYP)

Fears of a copycat: Uniformed French soldier is stabbed in throat outside Paris(NYP)
3 more suspects arrested in London in brutal killing of British soldier. (CNN)
Protesters Call for Muslims to Leave U.K. (Daily Beast)
Friend of suspect in London terror attack arrested, being questioned by police