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As Cast Goes to the Jury It is High Noon For John Liu Mayoral Campaign

Press Gives Liu Room

Fraud Trial of Ex-Aides to John C. Liu Goes to Jury (NYT)
Defense in Fraud Trial Blames Failed U.S. Effort to Charge Liu
Since Liu took heat for defending and said he was proud his current campaign worker Sharon Lee on the day his former key aide may have talked her way into criminal charges yesterday by admitting under oath that she offered to illegally fund donations to his mayoral campaign, not on reporter has asked him a question about developments at the trial. Not even after the U.S. Attorney accused Liu of knowing what is going on.
 Feds Give Closing Arguments In Case Against Former Liu Campaign Treasurer, Fundraiser(NY1)
Liu Is Prominent Figure in Closing Argument at Ex-Aides’ Trial(NYT)
A federal prosecutor told the jury that John C. Liu, a Democratic candidate for mayor, had to have been aware of a scheme to use straw donors for Mr. Liu’s campaign. 

US Attorney Liu Knew
Feds Give Closing Arguments In Case Against Former Liu Campaign Treasurer, Fundraiser(NY1)
“When I say it’s your event, John Liu knows what that means. He knows that it’s your money,” Manhattan US Attorney Justin Anderson said, quoting from a transcript of a recording that FBI agent John Chiue made
Liu was in the ‘know’ (NYP)  City Comptroller John Liu had to know that crooked cash was being funneled into his mayoral campaign through the illegal use of “straw donors,” a prosecutor insisted yesterday.

WOR Gambling "How Does John Liu Stay Out of Jail"
Manhattan US Attorney Justin Anderson told jurors that secret recordings by an undercover FBI agent prove that Liu fund-raiser Xing Wu “Oliver” Pan used “code words” to inform the Queens Democrat that $16,000 in contributions were actually made by the agent, who called himself “Richard Kong.”“You know from the assurances that Mr. Pan gave ‘Richard’ . . . that it would defeat the whole purpose of the straw-donor scheme if the candidate doesn’t know where the money’s coming from,” Anderson told the jury.

Baldeo Uses Liu's Trail As Practice

Albert Baldeo who is awaiting Trial for Also Using Straw Donors in His Campaign Has Been At John Liu's Entire Trial. All Day, Every Day

Baldeo is Going to Every Trial Including the Salem Witch Trials
Campaign 2013

de Blasio Has Been Negative Against Quinn for Months
NYT Says He Has Gone Negative to Block Weiner
NYT Reporter Kate Taylor using false facts to fit a contrived story line

With Democratic Mayoral Field in Flux, de Blasio Assails Quinn
Bill de Blasio has gone sharply negative in his bid for mayor, as if trying to establish his position as Christine C. Quinn’s chief liberal challenger before Anthony D. Weiner usurps that role.

Daily News Says Weiner is Running Away From Answering if He is Running
The Daily News has a more lighthearted cover focused on whether former Rep. Anthony Weiner will get into the mayoral race. Also, this: Wearing an orange jersey with the No. 1 and the necessary pads and safety gear, Weiner darted off the ice, and a teammate — who reeked of beer and claimed to be a doctor — confronted a reporter asking questions and pushed her out of the way.”

Daily News Says Weiner Positioning Himself?
Really after yesterday NYT Lobbyists Hit

Former Rep. Anthony Weiner is positioning himself to enter the mayoral race despite insistence that he has not made a final decision, while other candidates are operating under the assumption that he is running, the Daily News reports: * Weiner Lands Consultant Work As He Mulls Mayoral Candidacy(NY1) * Weiner is off his game – his hockey game, that is.* On Anthony Weiner's schedule are three important dates: May 15 (must disclose his campaign financial activity); June 10 (must declare his candidacy to get matching funds); July 11 (must file petitions). [Jonathan Lemire] * Jimmy Fallon weighs the pros and cons of Anthony Weiner running for mayor * Who is the real Anthony Weiner?(Salon) He's played the role of Ed Koch-like moderate and Alan Grayson-like liberal. Which will we see next? (UPDATE)

GOP Debate

Republican Mayoral Candidates Turn On Each Other In Debate(NY1)
In a Republican mayoral debate in Brooklyn last night, the candidates took a break from attacking their Democratic rivals and instead threw sarcastic retorts and mocked each other.
The Brooklyn Young Republican Club, which found itself at the center of an outburst from John Catsimatidis  Sunday, penned a letter thanking him for attending: “While the press corps certainly delivered some excitement and New York attitude to sleepy Monday morning news readers with their reporting, the meeting and discussion consisted of far more than a few sparks.”* John Catsimatidis suggested Joe Lhota might raise taxes, since he raised fares at the M.T.A. [David Seifman]

It’s a tough Village Voice cover story for Speaker Chris Quinn today: “Are the LGBT anti-Quinn activists holding her to a higher standard because she’s one of their own? ‘Almost all the vocal opponents of Christine Quinn are gay,’ [JoeMyGod blogger] Jervis says. ‘They’re saying, ‘My idol has disappointed me.’ We hold ourselves to higher standards, so we feel doubly betrayed.’”*
Council schedules paid sick leave vote 
Lhota Fare Hikes Albany Fault
attacks MTA fare hikes – which he oversaw – as "outrageous" (and blames them on Albany) * At a contentious GOP mayoral candidate forum, Lhota went after Bloomberg for his Sandy response, and other contenders went after Lhota.  

Speakers Race
Speaker’s Race Looms Large as Melissa Mark-Viverito Seeks Re-Election
Vito Lopez Cover Up

Who Pushed JCOPE's Button?
Hint: 2 days after gov pushed out of 1600
JCOPE Pressures Legislative Ethics Commission and DA Donovan to Release Vito Report
Will Release the Report on May 21st If Nobody Else Does
The Joint Commission on Public Ethics said it will disclose its report on allegations of sexual harassment by Assemblyman Vito Lopez if the Legislature and a special prosecutor fail to do so shortly.  JCOPE threatens to release "Substantial Basis Investigation Report" (presumably on Vito Lopez) if Legislative Ethics Commission doesn't.  JCOPE pressures Sp. Prosecutor Donovan in probe, saying it will release Vito Lopez report 'in its entirety' in May.
* JCOPE To Legislative Ethics: You Release That Lopez Report, Or We Will(YNN)
* JCOPE tries to get Donovan, leg ethics off the dime (TU)
JCOPE Says It Will Release Vito Lopez Report Regardless of DA (NYDN)
Lopez sexual harassment report to be released, NY ethics (Newsday)
NY ethics board: Lopez sex report will be public — eventually(Brooklyn Daily Eagle
Ethics Panel, Upset by Delay, Vows to Release Report on Lopez(NYT)
JCOPE members, frustrated that their report examining allegations of sexual harassment by Assemblyman Vito Lopez has not been released to the public, say they will disclose it themselves on May 21 if the Legislature and prosecutors fail to do so shortly.

Vito Lopez Rules

The Council District Vito Lopez Is Running in Is Mostly Hispanic Daily News Is Wrong When It Says the District is Also Strong Hadidic
The Council District Has Been Well Served By Lopez's None Profit Government Funded Politico Machine The Bushwick Senior Citizens Council
Vito Lopez remains a formidable candidate with strong  Hispanic and Hasidic support for his Council bid (NYDN)  Still, opponent Antonio Reynoso has landed all major union endorsements and big name political support. "Satmar Grand Rabbi Zalman Leib Teitelbaum is Aseemblyman Vito Lopez 's boy"

Albany Hush Fund Cover Up, Press Containment Timeline 


True News (The Bund): Vito Lopez Uses Government Funds to Run ...

Corrupt Lobbyists Unstoppable

Legislators and lobbyists "connected at the hip"

From the Daily News: A growing trend in the state capital is raising alarms for ethics watchdogs: political consultants who work to elect lawmakers, then turn around and lobby them on behalf of private clients. At least two dozen political consulting firms are also registered lobbyists with the state, according to an analysis done for the Daily News by the New York Public Interest Research Group.
Those 29 firms were paid a combined $5.1 million for election work in 2011 and 2012, the analysis shows. When the campaigns were over, they descended on the Legislature as part of the $200 billion annual lobbying culture. “It’s one more way that legislators and lobbyists are often connected at the hip,” said NYPIRG’s Bill Mahoney. He suggested state leaders consider barring the practice as they negotiate a possible campaign finance reform package. “Many of these lobbyists who are helping elected officials win these seats turn around then tell them how to vote on specific bills,” Mahoney said. “It’s an area they should at least look at.” No one has played the dual role better than the Parkside Group, a consulting firm with close ties to Senate Democrats. Parkside took in $2.77 million from campaigns the past two years and $1.8 million in lobbying fees last year alone. One senator Parkside represents is Queens Democrat Toby Stavisky, the mother of Parkside partner Evan Stavisky and ranking minority member of the Senate Higher Education Committee. An ethics ruling allows Stavisky’s firm to lobby his mom, but not him personally. “We are proud of the work we do for a variety of clients and we pride ourselves on upholding the highest standards of ethical conduct in all of our activities,” Evan Stavisky said. Parkside is not alone. The Advance Group, the Mirram Group and Mercury Public Affairs are among other notable groups that play both roles.

Parkside and All Lobbyists Cause the Corruption and Get Away With It

The Parkside Organized Crime Monopoly(True News)

More Lobbyist Corruption(True News)





Greenfield Has A Pen Name

How A Pol Manipulates the Media
Greenfield a Yeshiva World News blogger who goes by the name of Dov Gordon


Crook Pig Halloran Out

Oh, Danny Boy Won't Run Again for Council

Embattled Councilman Dan Halloran Won't Seek Re-Election (NYO)* Disgraced City Councilman Dan Halloran will not seek re-election(NYP)
Queens Sen. James Sanders is hosting an event entitled “Attack on Black Leaders: Corruption or Conspiracy?”

Bloomberg Blows

Targets pols, Times for ‘deadly’ stance
Mayor Uses the Death of Alphonza Bryant to Prove His Point
Bloomberg warned that appointing an inspector general to oversee the NYPD could undermine the city’s fight against terrorism, and pushed back against banning racial profiling as well. Election year politics that puts political correct 1st over public safety
Mike: Stop-and-frisk haters doom kids like this(NYP)
Mayor Bloomberg yesterday cited the senseless murder of an innocent Bronx teen in launching his fiercest attack yet on the Democrats seeking to succeed him who refuse to admit that stop-and-frisk works.   Hizzoner also lashed out at The New York Times and civil-rights groups during an emotional, 22-minute address to NYPD brass at Police Headquarters.

The Tabloids Tout Bloomberg’s Times Tirade(NYO)
“Last week, a Bronx resident named Alphonza Bryant was shot and killed while standing with friends near his home. He was 17. Like most murder victims in our city, he was a minority,” a frustrated Bloomberg told the crowd, which included Police Commissioner Ray Kelly. As Bloomberg observed, despite making this America’s “safest big city,” the NYPD is “under attack, probably because this is an election year.” The speaker’s trying to shore up her left flank by letting the two bills proceed to a vote. Does anyone think she’d be a mayor who’d defend cops and back the commissioner as forcefully and consistently as Bloomberg? * The Daily News defends the New York Police Department and Mayor Bloomberg from criticism over the controversial stop-and-frisk policing practice * 13 Years After His Father’s Killing, a Bronx Teenager Meets the Same Fate(NYT) Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg cited Alphonza Bryant III’s killing to point out the impact of illegal guns and the value of the Police Department’s stop-and-frisk tactic.

Will Reporters Question the Mayoral Candidates About Bloomberg Statements Beyond Their Calling the Mayor Racist . . .  Don't Count On It

For 11 Years Bloomberg Pay Off Party Leaders and Pay to Play with Councilmembers and Now He Says the System is A Mess?
Après Mike, le déluge(NYP)
Then there’s the council. Whatever you think of Quinn, she’s likely to be replaced by a more liberal speaker leading a far more liberal council. If you think its mischief will stop with paid sick leave and an IG for the cops, you’re dreaming. * Breathing fire at the hypocrites(Goodman, NYP)  Bloomberg yesterday laid bare the cheap politics, stunning hypocrisy and sheer idiocy dominating the race to succeed him.* Critics of Police Would Make New Yorkers Less Safe, Bloomberg Says(NYT) * Mayor Strong Defends Police Tactics(WSJ) * Bloomberg Fulminates Against 'Finger Pointing' Critics(WSJ) * NYPD "Under Attack" By Politically Motivated, Mayor Says(NY1)

Jenaii Van Doten was grateful —Bloomberg let the world know her son Alphonza Bryant was senselessly murdered, and even chastised some news organizations for not covering the shooting
Mayor's Unexpected Tribute Welcomed by Mom of Slain Bronx Teen(DNAINFO)
* Bloomberg takes aim at “Stop and Frisk” critics(WPIX)*Staten Island Council delegation reacts to NYPD oversight(SI Advance) * Detroit Mayor David Bing didn’t take kindly to Bloomberg’s use of his city’s struggle with violence to illustrate how well NYC is doing during a speech on public safety.* And Mayor Michael Bloomberg didn’t give a heads up to a slain teen’s family before using his death to defend NYPD tactics. His mother “was shocked — she had not heard from the mayor or his aides, either after the shooting or before the speech. But she was also grateful — he let the world know her son was senselessly murdered, and even chastised some news organizations for not covering the shooting.”* NY1 Online: Mayoral Candidate Albanese Supports Stop-And-Frisk

Rudy Moves NYT Targets Him

NYT writes that Giuliani’s support of his former deputy Joe Lhota for mayor comes with the baggage of Giuliani’s unsavory record on certain topics

Bloomberg Calls NYT Racist and Rudy is Freaking Out the NYT?
With a Friend Like Rudy(NYT Ed) Former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani is actually hurting, not helping, the Lhota campaign with all his talk of trampling the Constitution. Giuliani said the Democratic mayoral contenders “have never really held a job…like our President.”

Quinn Loses the Council

Councilmembers Not Supporting Quinn See Their Opportunity
Speaker Quinn's Grip on City Council Begins to Slip(WSJ)
Christine Quinn's control over New York City's legislative branch is facing unprecedented challenges as emboldened City Council members sense political opportunity in the speaker's quest to be mayor.* Quinn’s control over New York City’s legislative branch is facing unprecedented challenges as emboldened City Council members sense political opportunity in her quest to be mayor.

Cuomo After 1600

Election Reform Spin
Cuomo quickly released a second bill to combat political corruption, including a repeal of the Wilson-Pakula Act, while lawmakers and the attorney general also touted anti-corruption efforts, the Times-Union reports: * NY Governor Andrew Cuomo urging teens to vote(NYDN) The governor’s election reform package includes a measure that urges teens as young as 16 to “preregister” to vote.
State Assembly Wants To Bring Early Voting To New York(NY1)* The state’s Attorney General and Assembly Speaker have proposed an early voting system for New York that they say can improve voter participation and democracy.* Recent Scandals Seem To Heighten Urgency To Reform State Campaign Finance System (NY1)

Cuomo Vs Dicker?

“Fred was writing the book on how Cuomo was a new kind of Democrat,” says one political insider. “It is entirely possible that Cuomo offered up his book to kill Dicker’s. This is like watching a ruptured marriage. It’s a divorce playing out in the papers.” * Andrew Cuomo Explains His Presidential-Sounding Book(NYO)

Cuomo Got the Con Ed Bastards

They almost pulled it off. Four top Con Ed officials tried to pocket $614,000 in bonuses for work during Superstorm Sandy.
Zapped Con Ed execs return bonuses (NYP) ALBANY — Under continued pressure from Gov. Cuomo, three more top execs at Con Edison agreed to relinquish hefty bonuses as the state launched a probe into the payouts. * Con Ed’s ‘shocking’ bonuses(NYP) * Cuomo Asks Con Ed to Freeze Bonuses for Top Executives(NYT) * ConEd Bonuses Are Returned(WSJ)  *  Con Edison CEO Kevin Burke and other senior executives agreed to return bonuses paid to them in wake of Superstorm Sandy after Cuomo called for the state to investigate the bonuses, the Journal writes: 
* Con Ed execs return bonuses(WPIX)

The amount of overtime clocked by state employees is rising at a steady clip, and CSEA blames Cuomo.  

Clergy, faith leaders and Democratic state Assembly members called on lawmakers to uphold the state ban against mixed-martial arts. 

A plan to permit seven non-Indian casinos in New York was the major topic of discussion during about 90 minutes of closed-door talks last night between Cuomo and legislative leaders at the Capitol. *  Cuomo open to pushing casino referendum to 2014
* Cuomo Says NYC Vote A ‘Major Issue’ On Casino Approval(YNN)

NYS Senate Co-Leader Dean Skelos: Abortion Law Changes Completely Off The Table  

Fracking Not On Table In Current Economic Development Talks, Cuomo Says

Business and Taxes
Unshackle Upstate Executive Director Brian Sampson says many business owners find the Cuomo administration’s “New New York” commercials “very frustrating.” 


Garden’-variety: Queens school goes all-vegetarian, in a first(NYP)
Queens Public School Becomes First In City To Go Vegetarian(NY1)

The Post’s Michael Benjamin calls New York City public school advocate Leonie Haimson a “hypocrite” for not sending her own child to public school and for advocating a pro-union agenda

An advocate & a hypocrite(NYP)  Fake ‘public school parent’
To her chagrin, Leonie Haimson was outed last month as a fake public-school parent by the Web site Gotham Schools. Cornered, she confirmed that she’d enrolled her youngest school-aged child in a private high school last year. Her supporters went ballistic, attacking the Gotham Schools reporter for doing his job.  For more than a decade, Haimson has presented herself as the voice of public-school parents. She’s the one-woman band behind the group Class Size Matters, pushing relentlessly for more money for the schools to make classes smaller.

Thanks to increasing pension costs, the average school district tax limit – once touted as a 2 percent cap – has increased this year to 4.6 percent because of a jump in teacher pension contributions.

Weingarten Making the Media Tour Against Testing

Union Chief Recommends Delay in Use of Test Scores(NYT)
Randi Weingarten, the president of the American Federation of Teachers, said educators needed a year to master a new curriculum before schools should be held accountable for results.
NY1 Online: AFT President Calls For Delay On Testing Consequences

Common Core standards facing criticism(Fox 5)
Taxi Apps

Update Judge Blocks Taxi-Hailing App

Company’s App Can Now Be Used to Hail Yellow Cabs in City
One week after a lawsuit by livery and black-car operators challenging the use of such apps was dismissed, the Uber company said its service was available.
Uber app unveiled to hail New York taxis(NYDN)

Health Care

20130501_124402 (1)Tobacco Retailers Rage Against ‘Houdini’ Mayor Michael Bloomberg(NYO)

State officials issue formal call for hospital operator to take over Long Island College Hospital 



The Rent is What?

The Rent Is Too Damn High, But It's About to Get a Whole Lot Higher
NYC rent board proposes hikes of 3 to 6%
NYC rent board proposes hikes of 3 to 6%(Fox 5)

Boston Bombers

Breaking 3 More Arrests in Boston Bombing
David Abel at Boston Globe reports that the suspects arrested for harboring Boston Marathon bombing suspects were college students  

RT : NBC's Pete Williams: 3 arrested have been under FBI surveillance for about 10 days; likely took stuff out of dorm room 
College pals in custody, helped Dzhokhar after Boston blast - not part of terror attack: report(NYP)
Updated: 3 charged with hindering investigation of Boston bombing
U.S. Detains 3 in Connection With Boston Bombings(NYT)
Hurricane Sandy evacuees granted extension on city hotel program (SI Advance)
Saudis’ Boston warning (NYP) Saudi Arabian officials gave the United States a written warning about Boston bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev months before the attack, a new report says.
WATCH: Boston carjacking victim speaks - how he managed to escape (CBS)

BOMBSHELL: Saudi Arabia warned the United States IN WRITING about Tamerlan Tsarnaev in 2012, and rejected his ...(Daily Mail)


Report Cites Large Release of Sewage From Hurricane Sandy(NYT)
Over 10 billion gallons were sent into waterways, with 94 percent flowing into rivers, canals and bays in New York and New Jersey, Climate Central said in a report.

Storm Effort Causes a Rift in a Shifting Occupy Movement(NYT)
The movement won accolades for its hurricane recovery efforts, but some members say it has strayed from its core message of income inequality.

Home sweet home: Developmentally disabled residents displaced(NYDN)
Gov. Christie calls 'BS' on dune opponents(Fox 5)
Sixteen workers in New York and New Jersey died in the perilous conditions during and after Sandy, federal officials revealed.
Fight for Sandy shelter unfolds in court(NY World)


amNY writes that the Metropolitan Transportation Authority should put its $40 million surplus towards bettering its commuter service on the subways and commuter rails:
* The defining reaction to Cuomo’s nomination of Thomas Prendergast, a career public-transit officer, to lead the MTA has been one of elation. (He was runner-up to Joe Lhota in 2011).
Subway Delays Were Up in 2012, a Group Finds(NYT)


No human remains found in Park Pl. alley with plane part(NYP) 4m

No Human Remains Found in New Search Near Ground Zero 
JUST IN: Search concludes at site of 9/11 plane debris in NYC; no human remains recovered -

Pay Walls Boost Some Newspaper Circs... 

NBC News: Shriver to Return as Special Anchor 

Disgraced ex-anchor launches profanity-laced tirade against Conn. reporter
 Raging, unemployed anchorman Rob Morrison unloaded on his local newspaper yesterday, ripping the publication for disclosing details of his on-going, domestic-violence case.
Studios Fret That New York’s Gun Laws Could Hamper Film Production(NYT)

Twitter Wants To Get More Journalists On Twitter
Obama bristles at suggestion he’s out of steam(NYP)

Bottoms Up, Lame Duck(Dowd, NYT)
The president wants to build a permission structure for Congress when he needs to build a playpen. 
Bottoms Up, Lame Duck - Maureen Dowd, New York Times
Obama: Second Term Agenda Still on Track - Alexis Simendinger, RCP
How the Sequester Backfired on Democrats - Debra Saunders, SF Chronicle
How Van Halen Explains the U.S. Government - Ezra Klein, Bloomberg
The Sixth Year Myth - Sean Trende, RealClearPolitics
ayotte Daughter Of Newtown Victim Confronts Sen. Ayotte At Town Hall Over Gun Vote
Obama Loses Control of His Agenda - Dana Milbank, Washington Post
Glitches & Bumps Won't Doom ObamaCare - Margot Sanger-Katz, Natl Jrnl
Train Wreck Ahead - John Stossel, FOX Business
Will ObamaCare Be a Major Issue in 2014? - Greg Sargent, Washington Post
Imperiled Dems Follow Their Own Playbooks - Caitlin Huey-Burns, RCP
Perils of a Politically Correct Military - Wesley Pruden, Washington Times
Gitmo Is a Stain on Our Country - Joe Nocera, New York Times
Is Thinking Obsolete? - Thomas Sowell, Investor's Business Daily
Book: Obama Surrounds Self With "Idolizers" - Paul Bedard, DC Examiner
Three New Facts About the Tea Party - Abby Rapoport, American Prospect
It's a 401(k) World - Thomas Friedman, New York Times
States Can Save Taxpayers $609 Billion - Christina Corieri, Wall St Journal
Video Highlights: Obama | Krauthammer | Gore | RubioJason Collins
Jon Stewart Mercilessly Slams Syria ‘Red Line,’ GOP Hawks: Did You Learn Nothing From Iraq?
Erasing the Stain of Guantanamo - Los Angeles Times
Obama's 2nd Term Shaping Up as a Train Wreck - Washington Examiner
Virginia's Deepening Scandal - Washington Post
Jason Collins: Lying No Longer the Game Plan - Philadelphia Inquirer
Hillary Clinton will be the honoree at a June event hosted by Citizens United for Research in Epilepsy, a group founded by President Barack Obama’s recently departed top strategist, David Axelrod.

Cops searching for 2 teens in granny jewelry snatch(NYP)Massachusetts Democratic Rep. Edward Markey and Republican former Navy SEAL Gabriel Gomez won their party primaries yesterday, setting up a race between a 36-year veteran of Washington politics and a political newcomer for the U.S. Senate seat formerly held by John Kerry.

Law and Order

Cuomo’s latest nominee to New York’s top court, Sheila Abdus-Salaam, was approved unanimously by the state Senate Judiciary Committee in a hearing that ended with a standing ovation.

Man Charged With Allegedly Drugging, Raping Woman In Manhattan Hotel(Ny1)

Video released in violent Brooklyn subway attack(WABC)

Body Found in Missing Queens Man’s Yard, Thanks to Nosy Neighbor(NY Mag)
Staten Islander stabbed to death by older brother in Brooklyn(SI Advance)
Body Is Found Buried at Queens Apartment Building(NYT)
NYC police find body buried in apartment backyard(WSJ)
Police Trying To Identify Buried Body Found In Queens(NY1)
Body Found Buried In Missing Man’s Backyard In Ridgewood(WCBS)
In Misdemeanor Cases, Long Waits for Elusive Trials(NYT)
Suspect robs chains off of 93-year-old woman(WABC)

Orthodox Jewish man gets five years for raping Brooklyn boy(NYP)

Suffocated man's girlfriend's son confesses to killing(NYP)

Those accused of minor offenses in the Bronx face such hardship in pursuit of a hearing that it’s often easiest to accept a plea deal.
Brother kills brother in Brooklyn: cops(NYDN)

Mother, Boyfriend Face Charges In Connection With 3-Year-Old Girl's Death(Ny1)

Fired cop sues, says he's no pimp(NYDN)

Federal Suit Claims Police Distort Marijuana Searches to Create Misdemeanors(NYT)

Man wrongly imprisoned for 22 years finds it hard to adjust to a free life(NYP)
 David Ranta spent 22 years in prison for a murder he didn’t commit — and now the Brooklyn dad is struggling to adapt to the fast-paced world of 2013. “I feel like I’ve been dropped onto another..
Daniel Paguay gets 25 years for raping, stabbing mother(NYDN)

Bronx mom, boyfriend arrested in death of her daughter(NYDN)Busted Russian mob-run poker ring linked to 2012 murder-suicide (NYDN)
Victim stayed for breakfast with ‘rapist’ (NYP)  A Columbia University dental student told cops she was drugged and raped at the Ritz-Carlton hotel by a man she met online — even though the two had breakfast together before she reported the alleged attack