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Bloomberg says public must rise up to fight wave of corruption As He Tries to Cover his Tracks of Buying GOP and IP Ballot Lines

 “This one’s for Preet Bharara!. Send the robber barons straight to hell.”Bruce Springsteen
High noon for Sheriff PreetHigh noon for Sheriff Preet (NYP) He was Born to Run! Manhattan federal prosecutor Preet Bharara was at a Bruce Springsteen concert last October when the Boss called out to him. “This one’s for Preet Bharara!” Springsteen shouted, before singing,  “Send the robber barons straight to hell.” “So here we go again. This is getting to be something of a habit,” Bharara said as he announced the charges against Stevenson. Since taking the helm of the Southern District in 2009, Bharara has gone from hardly pronounceable name to sheriff of Wall Street to albatross of Albany.* Busting New York politicians is like busting the mob, but for less cash(NYDN)

A Reporter Goes Delusional To Protect Bloomberg From Corruption Charges of Buying GOP and IP Ballot Lines for 12 Years
NYP Reporter David Seifman in deep depression for losing his pal and source Vinny Tabone who helped him get John Haggerty Now tells up that Bloomberg is no longer funding the city's GOP because of corruption.  BS the Mayor no long need to buy the GOP's Ballot Line!

If Seifman Saying That Bloomberg is Just Discovering That the Independence Party is A Scam Cult? That is why he stop funding it?  
Scandal-stung GOP loses out on Bloomy bucks(NYP)Republican Party leaders enmeshed in a corruption scandal are about to get another kick in the stomach: Mayor Bloomberg isn’t going to fund the local GOP county committees anymore.  Bloomberg is by far the single largest campaign contributor to the five borough committees. Records show the mayor has lavished $665,000 on the local GOP since 2009, when he received the green light to run on its line for a third term even after dumping his Republican voter registration to become an independent. The state Independence Party, for example, hasn’t received a dime from the mayor since 2009. Bloomberg used the party as a vehicle to deliver $1.1 million to consultant John Haggerty for a poll-watching operation. Haggerty is now serving time for stealing most of the money.

Catsimatidis Continues the Bloomberg Tradition of Buying the GOP Line 
One possible white knight is billionaire John Catsimatidis, who is running for mayor on the GOP line and has been generous to many politicians over the years. Records show he and his firms have ponied up $311,700 to the local GOP since 2009, or less than half what Bloomberg has provided.

Wine company 'buys' NY bill - that could cost you $7 a bottle!(NYP)  State Sen. Jeff Klein’s campaign cup is spilling over with $33,000 in cash from a national wine distributor that would almost singularly benefit from a bill the Bronx lawmaker authored. But Klein’s re-election war chest is growing at the expense of small merchants and wine-loving consumers in New York, who could end up paying an extra $7 per bottle, critics charge. mpire Merchants LLC is pushing a measure that would require all wine to be warehoused in New York for at least one day before being sold in local stores. Empire has poured more than $500,000 over the last eight years into the coffers of Gov. Cuomo, state Senate co-leader Dean Skelos, Assembly Speaker Shelly Silver and other key lawmakers. Critics say the measure would destroy Empire’s small- and mid-size local competitors, which store their vino in cheaper New Jersey warehouses. Empire and two of its executives have given Cuomo $68,800 since 2009, records show. State Sen. Jose Peralta, the bill’s co-sponsor, got $2,500 from the wholesaler.

Empire Merchants LLC and its execs gave key pols campaign cash over the past four years.
* Gov. Cuomo: $69,800 * State Sen. Jeff Klein: $33,000 * Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver: $7,500 * Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos: $3,500 * Independent Democratic Conference: $3,500 * State Sen. Jose Peralta: $2,500

Daily News Says Release the JCOPE Report . . . A Corruption Investigation Blocking the Report Release Allows Vito Lopez to Run for City Council
Public has to see how ethics panel judged pervy Vito Lopez(NYDN)
Staten Island DA Dan Donovan must end his bar on releasing report. While asserting that he suffers from brain tumors, Vito Lopez has filed papers signaling that he may run for City Council rather than continue as a pariah in the Assembly. An unlikely party is enabling Lopez to pursue his dreams of redemption: Staten Island District Attorney Dan Donovan.

DECEIT BY THE TWEET: Politicians acted like saints on social media as they allegedly hatched bribe plots(NYDN)

Castro the MOLE who Forged Petitions
Castro forged papers (NYP) Voter fraud was one of ex-Bronx Assemblyman Nelson Castro’s tricks for gaining power, court papers obtained by The Post show. Castro schemed to illegally register dozens of voters in his district ahead of the election that sent him to Albany and  and forged signatures on petitions to earlier seek office as a district leader.

Media is Silent On Want It Wants Cuomo to Do?
The Media Demanded That A Black Mayor Do Something
Dirty pols sink Andy(NYP)Even before the smoke clears, it is certain that the sordid revelations damaged Cuomo’s presidential quest. You can’t become president, or even a nominee, if you are tagged with presiding over America’s capital of corruption. Preet Bharara knew Albany was rotten, saying early on that corruption exceeded that of the notorious Tammany machine and “would make Boss Tweed blush.” Yet Cuomo repeatedly backed down from promised reforms, trading them for agreement on budget and policy issues. In one giddy moment, he bizarrely declared that New York “has the best legislative body in the nation.” That quote alone would make a great ad for an opponent.* . to DN & Post reporters on corruption: "You want to fix it? Stop just writing stories about it and do something."

Sunday NYT Still No Editorial On NY Pol Corruption Arrests. But on Saturday They Did Have An Editorial on French Corruption

The Silent Spring of the NYT

A Tax Scandal Adds to French Malaise(NYT Ed) What happened to those promises of clean government and economic


 Newsday Editorial: End party tyranny of New York elections
In New York, it's difficult to get on the ballot without the support of a party leader. Lacking that support means braving a petition process that works against newcomers, who tend to lack money and staff. If you are a registered member of a different party, it's even more difficult. The convoluted rules for granting a certificate to nonmembers like Smith to run on another party's ballot line are set out in the Wilson-Pakula Act of 1947 -- a minefield party leaders use to get things in return.State Sen. Malcolm Smith, a Queens Democrat, was accused last week of plotting to bribe Republican Party leaders in New York City for their permission to run for mayor as a Republican. The case is shocking in its brazenness, but it also highlights a system that enables bad behavior. No laws can stop wrongdoers. But the state's election system, beyond encouraging illegal manipulation, allows legal maneuvering that is almost as bad. In 2009, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg traversed this process legally and got permission to run again on the Republican line for re-election. Bloomberg had changed his registration from Republican to independent in 2007, but the more than $3 million he has donated to state and county Republican groups since 2000 smoothed his way.* The “Albany Madness” bracket, in which you decide which elected official is most corrupt, is open for voting.

True News Wags Cuomo and the Media On the Moreland Act

Why Doesn't Bloomberg Use His Department of Investigation to Go After the Party Bosses and Board of Elections Which the Same Party Leaders Control?

Why Did Bloomberg Wait for 12 Years to Tell Truth
He Put Up His Money to Buy the Party Bosses and Their Ballot Lines Why Doesn't Bloomberg He Spend to Get Rid of Them?
 I don't think it can get any worse': Bloomberg says public must rise up to fight wave of corruption(NYDN)The mayor said on his radio show that the political system is ‘like the school system that's designed for the people who work there and not for the people they are supposed to help.’The only way to stop the spate of crooked pols and fix New York's “broken” political system is a public uprising against greedy party bosses, Mayor Bloomberg said Friday on his radio show.“I don't think it can get any worse," the mayor told WOR-AM host John Gambling. "You have to have a revolution among voters."

Emperor Bloomberg 
Fingers Cuomo

Bloomberg blasts Albany corruption, said most pols would never get hired in private sector(NYP) * Mayor Bloomberg Tees Off, Hints Gov. Cuomo Partly To Blame For Circus In Albany(WCBS) * Bloomberg on Cuomo's messages of necessity(as in rushed gun law.)“The answer is they don’t want anybody to see it.''(Drudge)* Michael Goodwin: “You can’t become president, or even a nominee, if you are tagged with presiding over America’s capital of corruption.”

Bloomberg: NY Elected Officials' Dumb and Dumber
Bloomberg inept elected officials would have a hard time staying in office if they faced real challengers and weren’t protected by party bosses. Many politicians wouldn't cut it in the private sector because they aren't smart enough, but the party chooses them to run because they follow orders, he said.

Carl Kruger Was Pick By Brooklyn Boss Clarence Norman to Run In A Special Election for State Senate . . .  Both Went to Jail

Party Bosses Pick Most Elected Officials
“They literally say, ‘This one’s going to run for this; this one’s going to run for that,’ ” the mayor said. “There’s no contest. They [candidates] are virtually appointed. The number of times there is a real competition is so slim.” "This is a party-run system .. The people they pick are based on loyalty (to the party)," he said.

Citizens Union released a report today that shows that 1 in 4 legislators were first elected in a special election. That means that they managed to get into office outside of the normal democratic process. That really means the are picked by the corrupt county Leaders
 revival? In France?

Thanks to Hollywood film tax credit (/div>they're remaking "King Rat" starring Nelson Castro. Preet Bharara is executive producer

“Go take a look at a legislator and see who his or her employees are,” he said. “Most of it is not done based on open competitions where you go out and say, ‘Let’s find the best and the brightest.’ ”
The Boyland Dynasty
To top off his fusillade, Bloomberg complained about the political dynasties that block others from getting into office. “What I love is you see these families, one after another after another,” he said. “Sometimes, they don’t even change the literature.”* Belated Boyland filings show she outraised Montgomery, used same firm as Ratner(Atlantic Yards Report)

Unequal Corruption
What About the Bloomberg and Quinn Circus In City Hall?
***Bloomberg downplays slush fund scandal, May 2, 2008  

Assistant HPD Commissioner Arrested in $2
Million Bribery Scheme ...(2011)

Here We Go Again

Feds put senator’s ‘pork’ on the grill (NYP) The FBI has been questioning people about state Sen. Adriano Espaillat and his funding of community groups in upper Manhattan, sources told The Post yesterday.

Weiner eye on mayor bid: sources (NYP) Former Rep. Anthony Weiner is laying the groundwork for a political comeback, possibly as a startling addition to this year’s mayoral race, sources said yesterday.

True News 
Wags Cuomo and the Media On the Moreland Act
Saturday Sources tell  Cuomo is contemplating a Moreland Act commission to investigate Albany corruption.

Bharara Has Become Judge Seabury Now It is Time for the Governor to Use the Moreland Act
Our Broken Democracy
To Governor Cuomo 

New York Needs A Moreland Commission to Restore to Democracy

Campaign finance reform will no longer fix with is wrong with New York's government.  As U.S. Attorney have already proven in this sick political culture of  New York, our elected officials are criminally selling their vote and and corruption public financing of campaigns.  We need an ongoing commission for at least 5 years that will put our political system on trial. Get the bottom of this criminal Albany's conspiracy and jail those who have taken advantage of their position.  These bums have gamed out political system to the point that no one reform will change New York's criminal  political culture.   In the 1930's the Seabury commission exposed judges, attorneys, police and bail bondsmen who extort money from defendants facing trial.  The people of the state of New York have the same rights to have a commission to expose this generations political culture of corruption.  Everyone in government is trying to find a way to go around, ignore or find some public relations way to keep the criminal system in place.  Bharara calls that strategy Groundhog day.  A band aid will not fix this.  Organize crime elected officials are a cancer that is destroying our democracy.

New Yorkers Have A Right to A Corruption Free Government 

New York Needs A New Moreland Commission
The Moreland Act was passed by the New York Legislature and signed into law in 1907. It was introduced by Sherman Moreland who was the Republican leader of the legislature. The act allows the governor, in person or through one or more persons appointed by the Governor, to examine management and affairs of any department, board, bureau or commission in the state. Investigators could interview witnesses, administer oaths, hold hearings, and seize any material deemed relevant to the investigator's case. New Yorkers are continuing to lose faith in their state government and elected officials. Voter turnout is half of what it was 25 years ago.  The public has come to the conclusion that the corruption will continue no matter who they vote for.  The governor cannot continue to claim New York is better off today than it has been in years until he exercises his power for the Moreland Commission and rids the Capitol of these corrupt politicians. It is time to drain the swamp of these corrupt politicians.

Back-slapping Politician Actually Checking for Wire?
Fundamentally lousy(NYDN Ed)
Judging by his resigned acceptance of political corruption in New York, Gov. Cuomo is being swallowed by the dark side. He chalked up state Sen. Malcolm Smith’s plot to buy a spot on the mayoral election ballot to the ebb and flow of inevitable personal frailties. “People do stupid things, frankly. People do illegal things. People in power abuse power. It’s part of the human condition,” the governor said, employing a cliche to divert attention from the seamy truth that surrounds him.

Albany's Criminal Class

Corruption Updates
U.S. Attorney Added Staff to Fight Corruption(NYT)
More prosecutors focused on political corruption and the use of more aggressive tactics may have helped lead to recent arrests 0f lawmakers accused in bribery cases.
A New Era in Political Corruption(NYT) New York’s recent corruption scandals shatter our confidence that taking money was the one thing politicians know how to do well. 
Steak for Two, Please, With a Side of Bribes(NYT)

 The New Tammany Hall Gangs of New York

Malcolm the Butcher
Never mind Bronx Assemblyman Eric Stevenson — yesterday, US Attorney Preet Bharara virtually indicted New York’s entire Legislature. “What does it say about the culture and . . . our system of government when officials are aware of criminal conduct around them, and they remain silent?” he asked. Bharara cast doubt on the legitimacy of virtually all of New York’s laws, questioning how many bills “were born of bribery.”The Daily News writes that many New York politicians, upstate and downstate, are to blame for enabling a culture of corruption, including Bloomberg, state legislative leaders and several mayoral candidates, Welcome to the new Albany. “Assume every conversation you have is taped,” an unnamed assemblyman told the Daily News. “If you didn’t assume it was before, now you’ve got to assume it is.” While Bronx Assemblyman Michael Benedetto said, “You become a little paranoid … You think: ‘Did I ever say anything, even in jest to anybody?’ I quickly combed my mind and said, no.”* "At a recent Bruce Springsteen concert, the Boss shouted, 'This is for Preet Bharara!'"(Wash Post) * Preet Week(YNN) * Bribed for so little (NYP)Our pols just don’t cost much

The Good and the Bad

PREET BHARARA: Deafening Silence From Albany Pols

Bronx pol accused of accepting bribes to introduce legislation in Albany(NYP)The Bronx Arrests: NY’s Corruption Nightmare(NYP) * High-Profile Political Arrests Revive Talk Of Albany's "Culture Of Corruption"(NY1) * Preet Bharara, New Sheriff of Albany, Eyed for Higher Office(DNAINFO)

 Former Bronx Assemblyman Michael Benjamin compares US Attorney Preet Bharara to “a modern-day Shiva striking down the sociopathic klepticians who have wormed their way into the Legislature and City Hall.”* Shiva - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia



In the span of 72 hours, Bharara and the FBI have netted a state senator, two assemblymen, a city councilman and two suburban village officials.
Mark Twain and Preet Bharara have something in common. More than a century ago, Twain famously proclaimed that America had no native criminal class, except for Congress. Bharara also sees a native criminal class, though today’s bunks in Albany.Michael Goodwin New York is shamed ‘Capitol’ of corruption(NYP) * See-No-Evil Albany(NYP Ed) Newsday applauds U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara for his willingness to stand up and fight corruption in New York, and urges the governor and state legislative legislative leaders to follow his example * NY1 Online: U.S. Attorney Announces Political Bribery Arrests 4/4/13 * Daily News argues corrupt NY pols saw lots of green lights from political leader(NYDN)* A spokesperson for US Attorney Preet Bharara said he “ thinks he has the best job in the world and has no plans to run for political office.”

If You See A Pol Do A Crime Call 1-800- BHARARA

US Attorney Bharara takedowns and damning conclusions shame not only the crooks, but also Gov. Cuomo and legislative leaders Sheldon Silver and Dean Skelos. The nicest thing that can be said about them is that public integrity is not high on their list of priorities.  “Too many people looked the other way,” Bharara said.
Blame the Voters
They are not the only ones wearing blinders, of course. Albany couldn’t be so crooked if the public revolted against it. Instead, voters keep electing the same bums year after year. By one count, more legislators get indicted than defeated at the polls. Bharara was absolutely right yesterday: “The people of New York should be more than disappointed; they should be angry.”

 How A Bill Becomes Law in Albany

How to Buy a Bill in New York Politics: Steak, Envelopes of Cash, and Death Threats(NY Mag)

 A Rainbow of Corruption
In the last decade, 35 state officials have been arrested. The Hall of Shame includes Republicans and Democrats, blacks, whites, Asians and Hispanics, men and women, and crooks from upstate, the ’burbs and the five boroughs.* The Post’s Michael Benjamin notes that his tenure as a Bronx assemblyman was bookended by scandal and corruption, first by Assemblywoman Gloria Davis and now by Assemblyman Eric Stevenson: *  Mayor: Bribery Arrests Further Highlight System's Flaws(NY1)

Write your own ‘buy’-laws: pol (NYP) The stench from Albany’s toxic sewer of corruption grew worse yesterday when a Bronx assemblyman was charged with selling legislation to crooked businessmen — and was caught on wiretaps letting them tailor it to their needs, authorities. Owing to the cooperation of fellow Assemblyman Nelson Castro, Bronx Assemblyman Eric Stevenson was charged with accepting more than $22,000 in bribes to help developers open adult day care centers in his district. * Assemblyman Gets Bribery Charge(WSJ)* Read the complaint

EXCLUSIVE: Assemblyman Stevenson needs God to save him from corruption charges, says he ‘was reading the bible’ when busted for taking bribe * Allegations Shed Light on GOP Party in Bronx * Bronx Assemblyman Charged In Alleged Bribery Scheme, Fellow Lawmaker Resigns(NY1) * Bribable bill writer Assemblyman Eric Stevenson: “I just need you to tell me what they want. We prepare the bill…You can write down the language, basically what you want.” * Stevenson was freed on $250,000 bond yesterday afternoon after a hearing with his four co-defendants in Manhattan Federal Court. “I’m all right,” he declared.* “I feel that I’m innocent and I will prove it,” Stevenson insisted.* Disgraced Assemblyman Eric Stevenson was a staffer for City Council Speaker Christine Quinn(NYDN) * A state assemblyman is vowing to fight charges that he accepted $20,000 in bribes

Councilman busted in bribery probe was flogged by leaders of his heathen religion(NYP)



Malcolm in the Muddle (NY Mag) In Albany’s long-running sitcom, a new episode

Wow The FBI Had A Mole in Albany for 4 Years
Castro wore wire to save his own skin (NYP) State legislators better watch their back: Bronx Assemblyman Nelson Castro has been wearing a wire. In a bombshell indictment handed down by the feds, it emerged that Castro — who resigned yesterday — was a key witness in the sting operation against..* In 2nd Alleged Bribe Scheme, a Legislator Was in on the Case(NYT) * Before winning office, Castro had a criminal record that led to him working with federal prosecutors as an undercover informant to catch corrupt politicians, the New York Daily News’ Juan Gonzalez reports: * Castro agreed to resign once his cooperation led to an arrest; he announced his departure yesterday afternoon. * Nelson Castro's revelation shocks state pols (NYDN)

 No Shame Smith I Am Not Leaving

Until I Make A Deal to Rat In Return for A Reduced Sentence

Malcolm refuses to quit (NYP) Disgraced state Sen. Malcolm Smith does not plan to step down even though feds say they caught him on tape scheming to pay off pols to get on the mayoral ticket.  “He’s not resigning,” his attorney, Gerald Shargel. * Spring Valley Mayor Noramie Jasmin and deputy Joseph Desmaret likely will not resign unless they are convicted of selling votes to an undercover FBI agent posing as a real estate developer, The Journal News reports:  * Alleged Smith, Halloran Bribery Case Also Impacting Rockland County(NY1) * The Buffalo News says Smith should “more than consider” resigning in the wake of his scandal, and calls for more oversight in Albany.* 16m
Bronx GOP Chairman Jay Savino, who was arrested on bribery charges, is expected to resign today, a person familiar with the matter said. * Looks like Dan Halloran deleted a bunch of stories on his Facebook wall after his arrest * Bloomberg Blames Both Parties For Albany Corruption(YNN)

New GOP Bronx Chair Used to work at the BOE
After accepting the resignation of Chairman Jay Savino, the Bronx County GOP unanimously voted to elect John M. Greaney to fill out the remainder of former Chairman Savino’s unexpired term.

House of Albany Tumblr
Corruption Tax
Albany’s transactional crimes impose a corruption tax on New York. Everybody pays it.
Bronx Assemblyman Eric Stevenson allegedly paved the way for a taxpayer-funded adult day-care center by pushing buildings inspectors and Con Ed. Stevenson also drummed up customers among elderly constituents and even submitted legislation to block any competitors. 

What Did Stern Get for His $100,000 to Schneiderman?
Attorney General Eric Schneiderman will donate $100,000 in contributions from two donors tied to briber Moses Stern, who is involved in the federal bribery case with New York City officials, The Journal News writes* Attorney General Will Donate Cash Linked to Bribery Plot to Charity(DNAINFO)

NYT Enables the Corruption

The NYT Down Plays the Corrupt Scandal
Has A better front page placement for an article attacking Majora Carter who earned fame and fortune as an environmental activist fighting for the South Bronx, for supporting relocating Fresh Direct in the Bronx.
The NYT did not do an editorial supporting the efforts of corruption fighter US Attorney Bharara. Both the Daily New and NYP do

Campaign 2013

Mayoral hopeful Joe Lhota attacks fellow candidate Christine Quinn for 'corruption' oversight(NYP)

NY1 Online: Lhota Discusses Alleged GOP Bribery ScandalGOP Mayoral candidate Joe Lhota commented on the various scandals on Road to City Hall last night. “It’s really unfortunate that it’s the situation we’re in,” he said. “They got so used to the largess given by Mayor Bloomberg that they want it to continue. They never asked me and they know better than to ask me. Because my integrity is such that if they ever did, I’d be at the U.S. Attorney’s office in a matter of seconds.” * Lhota Calls For NYC Ethics Reform (NY1)

The Anti Gay Candidate for Mayor
Rabbi Yehuda Levin, famous for blaming natural disasters on gay rights legislation, has a mayoral candidate: Rev. Erick Salgado. Rabbi Levin was at Mr. Salgado’s campaign kickoff yesterday, where he stated his support. “I’m thrilled to be here and I am a soldier in the army,” he said. “In this late stage of the devolving of the culture, especially in New York, that we can have religious people, family values people from all backgrounds coming together. Hashem is giving us an opportunity to push back, and there is a place from him to really win.”* Sen. Ruben Diaz Sr. called on “people who fear God” to support his preferred candidate in the NYC mayor’s race: Conservative Democrat Erick Salgado.

Term Limits Attack
In latest fundraising email, attacks for helping to over turn term limits

Political Committees
GOP NYC mayoral hopeful John Catsimatidis on donating heavily to supportive political committees: “If it’s legal, it’s not unethical.” (His rival, Joe Lhota, disagrees)

Billionaire to Upend Race for Recchia’s Seat(Barkan)

Political Corruption

Is the 4th Amigos Going  Also?
Sen. Diaz aide sentenced to two-to-six years in prison for embezzling $560K (NYP) A top aide to Bronx state Sen. Ruben Diaz will be doing hard time for embezzling more than a half-million dollars from two charitable groups founded by Diaz * At the same rally, State Senator Rubén Díaz Sr. said the latest corruption scandal is because New Yorkers keep electing politicians that have no fear of god. “You have to elect god-fearing people,” he explained. “When you are a god-fearing people, there is no pressure that will make you change your mind, there is no money that will buy you. There is no threat that will make you change your mind when you’re god-fearing.”

Jimmy Meng is halfway home(Queens Crap)

From the Queens Courier:Disgraced ex-Assemblymember Jimmy Meng is halfway through his one month sentence, according to the Federal Bureau of Prisons. The 69-year-old father of Congressmember Grace Meng has served two weeks so far in the low-to-minimum security Federal Correctional Institution (FCI) at Fort Dix, New Jersey. He is slated to be released April 18.Following his prison sentence, Meng will serve four months of house arrest and two years of probation. He was also ordered to pay $30,000 in fines and serve 750 hours of community service.

Is Vito Lopez Taking About Sexual Harassment Record?
"He has no record." Assemblyman Vito Lopez on his likely rival

Show Me the Money Before Public Financing
Cash for crooks (NYP Ed)Attorney General Eric Schneiderman backs the changes anyway. Even so, we suspect he’ll be quiet for a while — for he took more than $100,000 from the same fishy donors who were backing Halloran.Schneiderman says he’ll give that money to charity, but it doesn’t wash his hands of this affair. He took advantage of the system to raise nearly $3 million for himself under Albany’s currently high donation limits — and now wants to cap donations before political challengers can raise as much.The AG says he wants “justice.” But he plainly wanted the money first.

Public Health 

Pass on the pastry (NYP) A trendy West Village restaurant has a new item on its dessert menu to go along with the apple strudel and pumpkin cheesecake — hepatitis A. Diners who ate dessert at Alta Restaurant on West 10th Street near Sixth Avenue between March 23 and April 2..* Hepatitis Alert for Restaurant’s Diners(NYT)* NYC Health Dept. Warns Of Potential Hepatitis A Exposure(WCBS)

 Hospital Closing
Hamill: Long Island College Hospital is on its last leg(NYDN)

Brooklyn Still Tops In Murder

Brooklyn Still the City's Murder Capital
Bloody Brooklyn (NYP) It may be full of hipsters and tiger moms — but Brooklyn is still the city’s bloodiest borough. Although the borough boasts some of the most expensive real estate, 36 percent of the city’s 420 murders in 2012 took place there,

Less Guns In NYC
Worth the frisk as gun teens plummet: mayor mayor(NYP) Alongside relatives of murder victims, Mayor Bloomberg said NYPD policies, including stop-and-frisk, helped bring the percentage of teens who admit to carrying a handgun to a decade-long low*The Damage Wrought by the Gun Lobby(NYT Ed) * CDC: Percentage Of NYC Teens Carrying Guns At All-Time Low(NY1) * Jacobi trauma surgeon urges gun control laws and social (NYDN) * Gun Control Laws, Rumors Have Ammo Flying Off Store She(WCBS) * Sen. Chuck Schumer has gone from Republican killer to Republican whisperer, especially when it comes to gun control, on which Majority Leader Harry Reid has given him enormous leeway* Mayor Bloomberg met Cleopatra Cowley-Pendleton and Nathaniel A. Pendleton Sr., whose 15-year-old daughter Hadiya was shot and killed in Chicago a week after performing at Obama’s inauguration, before announcing the city’s historically low murder rates.* Gun enthusiasts fearful of new weapon controls and alarmed by rumors of government hoarding are buying bullets practically by the bushel, making it hard for stores nationwide to keep shelves stocked and even putting a pinch on some local law enforcement departments.* Adam Lanza’s Gun Dealer Loses License * Mayor Bloomberg’s gun control group, Mayors Against Illegal Guns, is planning national events on April 13 in at least two dozen states.* Jake Tapper thinks Obama and Bloomberg would be more effective gun control advocates if they knew more about the weapons they’re trying to ban.* The Connecticut gun store responsible for firearms used in the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School is no longer licensed to sell after an ATF investigation.


Retired FDNY dispatcher shares racial hate on his blog(NYP)


Breaking up big busing(New York World)

Veteran yellow bus drivers are back to work after a painful strike — with bleaker prospects. New bids for city contracts make good on Mayor Bloomberg's promise that companies can deliver kids to school more cheaply, and that's bad news for the city's biggest operator and the men and women behind the wheel.

 Bronx Lacks Computers
Computers, Internet access lacking in Bronx homes(NYDN)

Blight Block

Renovations and Hope on a Block Once Marked by Blight(NYT) Side Street: The transformation of five buildings on Kelly Street in the South Bronx is almost impossible to believe.

NYC Pushes Out Middle Class

City Urges 5.6% Water Rate Increase(WSJ)

Priest Hits NYC Ticket Tax
Twitter priest blasts Mike’s ‘false profits’ (NYP) A priest at a beloved Brooklyn church used Twitter as his pulpit to blast the FDNY’s ticket-writing inspectors for taking part in a Mayor Bloomberg “scam.”   Father Michael Gelfant, the cigar-chomping pastor of St. Finbar Roman Catholic Church in...

WTC Remains

New Efforts to Sift for 9/11 Remains(WSJ) Workers are again searching debris from the World Trade Center to find human fragments to identify from the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001, with only 1,119 of the 2,753 victims identified* The Times’ Jim Dwyer speaks with two 9/11 widows who are hoping that a new effort to sift through the remains of victims of the terrorist attack will uncover the remains of their husbands * 39 WTC body fragments found(NYP) * The Search for 9/11 Remains Goes On(NYT)
* LOOK: Beastie Boy Serves Up Meals To Hurricane Sandy Victims(Huff Post)


Post-Sandy Coney Island Construction Unnerves Residents(NBC)* Nassau County DA Kathleen Rice has expanded an investigation into how county officials entered into emergency contracts with companies doing cleanup work after superstorm Sandy. New York Aquarium in Coney Island set for partial reopening May 25, almost seven months after Hurric(NYP)* Brooklyn Tenants Forced To Use Stairs Since Sandy File NY1) * Brighton Beach rebuilding noise(Fox 5)* Breach Through Fire Island Also Divides Opinions(NYT)
* SI Homeowners Impacted By Sandy Attend Informational Fo (NY1)

Corrupt Newspaper

Nussbaum in, Schenkler out at Tribune?(Queens Crap)


Where is Schenkler? Completely eradicated from the current Tribune masthead. No trace. No "Not 4 Publication". No nothing. Gone. Into the void? Nussie is in charge? Whore ads still being published. What does this portend? What is going on?

Met's No Free Ride

Fee? What fee? : The Met denies hiding free entry option from visitors(NYP)


Screen Shot 2013-04-05 at 11.49.32 AM Best Late Night Clips Of The Week: Leno, Fallon And The Tonight Show Shakeup

Jon Stewart Tears Apart CNN: Neither Left Nor Right, But On A ‘Steady Spiral Downward’

rodman un SNL's Kim Jong Un 'Evolves' On Same-Sex Marriage, Takes Advice From The Real Dennis Rodman

In your facelift, LA!(NYP) In the 40 years since Johnny Carson hijacked “The Tonight Show” from Rockefeller Center to... 


Tax Lobby Builds Ties to Chairman of Finance Panel(NYT)

US diplomat killed in Afghan attack was State Dept. up-and-comer(NYP)Can We Get Hillary Without the Foolery?(NYT)
How We’ve Wasted Our Timeout(NYT)

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$14M set for Hill’s new book(NYP)
John Avlon says Hillary Clinton “has transformed herself from a polarizing political figure into an icon for feminists around the world,” and could surf that wave to the White House.

Wall Street

Man vs. machine (NYP) Massive fraud in the high-speed trading markets is escaping detection because regulators and exchanges are dithering on a powerful supercomputer to uncover the scams,
Law and Order

New York's top cop Ray Kelly on fighting crime and fighting off critics of a basic police tool: stopping suspicious characters and checking for weapons.

NYPD searching for gunman in fatal Bronx shooting(WABC)
Police searching for Washington Heights burglary suspec (WABC)
NY man charged in thefts of silver ice buckets(Fox 5)
31-Year-Old Woman Stabbed to Death in Brooklyn(NBC)
Police: Man Stabbed Girlfriend To Death In Brooklyn Before (NY1)
WATCH: Video shows Washington Heights cat burglar fleeing(NYP)
 Drug lord shapes up (NYP) A drug kingpin who controlled a multimillion-dollar cocaine empire in Queens that was so lucrative his lifestyle became the stuff of rap lyrics and street legend, is now in the midst of a senior moment.
Back-Alley Burglar Used Fire Escapes To Sneak Into Victims' Homes (NY1)

TENSE THREE HOURS: NYC drug bust erupts in heated standoff between cops in riot gear and residents outraged over alleged pattern of police brutality
Cuomo Picks Judge in City to Fill Spot at Top Court(NYT)
Gov ‘courts’ NY history(NYP) ALBANY — Gov. Cuomo’s nominee for New York’s highest court would become the first African-American woman on the seven-member Court of Appeals if confirmed by the state Senate.Justice Sheila Abdus-Salaam
Man charged with subway attack out on bail(WABC)
Jury Still Out on Killer of Psychologist(NYT)
5 Women, 1 Man Arrested After Cops Find High-Powered Firearms (WCBS)
Man charged with subway attack out on bail(WABC)

Blind vagrant 'hoodwinked' Brooklyn homeowner with the same name(NYP)
* Dupe’s ‘I’ll do it again’ He’s a mogul in his own mind!  The blind vagrant who landed in jail last week for trying to steal a Brooklyn building from a man with the same exact name will likely use the ruse again.

Search warrant for drugs leads to gun bust(NYDN)* 5 Women, 1 Man Arrested After Cops Find High-Powered Firearms(WCBS)
Man who decapitated common-law wife sentenced 18 years to (NYDN)
Gotti’s last hit (NYP) A reputed Gambino crime-family associate was charged yesterday with taking part in the last rubout believed ordered by the late mob boss John Gotti. Ex-con Daniel Fama, 48, was allegedly part of the hit team that gunned down demolition contractor...

Mom in dark as B’klyn crash toddler dies(NYP)

Butcher guilty – & poor juror needs a shrink (NYP) The Brooklyn carpenter who admitted to chopping his roommate into tiny pieces was convicted of murder yesterday by a panel of disgusted jurors who deliberated just 15 minutes before coming to a verdict. Russian immigrant Sergey Mamonov, 51,
New York Is Shelving Its Prison Law Libraries(WSJ)New York has decided that the law library is an unaffordable luxury. 
Man arrested in violent NYC subway attack(WSJ)
Ketchup attack(NYP)
Man Sought In Ketchup Bottle Attack At Manhattan Diner (NY1)
Man Cuts Woman With Bottle in Bias Attack: Police(NBC)
Police Seek Brooklyn Laundromat Groper(NBC)

Fraternity ‘thug’ slapped with 10 charges (NYP) The frat boy accused of violently mugging a woman in a Brooklyn subway station was charged with 10 assault and robbery-related charges yesterday after he was caught with an envelope of cash that belonged to the woman* Fraternity ‘thug’ slapped with 10 charges(NYP)
UWS Nanny Charged In Kids' Slay Fit For Trial(NY1)

Facebook Gangs
Gang-bangers’ ‘tweet’ sorrow (NYP) These gang-bangers love social media — and so do the cops who busted them.  East Harlem has been cleared of 63 dangerous gangsters who openly incriminated themselves in slang-filled, misspelled postings on Twitter, FaceBook and YouTube* 63 Gang Members Indicted in East Harlem Shootings(NYT) * Dozens Arrested in Manhattan Gang Takedown(WSJ)
Late in October 2009, a gunman killed 19-year-old John Williams with a single shot to the back of the head following a fight outside an East Harlem housing project.* Manhattan Gang Roundup Ends In Dozens Of Arrests(NY1)Social media breeding anti-social behavior on streets(NYDN)

an fatally knifes girlfriend, then stabs self in Brooklyn: police sources(NYP)

'Killer' nanny found fit to stand trial in brutal slashing deaths of 2 tots in her care(NYP) * Nanny Charged in 2 Killings Is Found Mentally Fit for Trial(NYT)
* ‘Killer Nanny’ Yoselyn Ortega mentally fit to stand tri (NYDN)

Feds and cops bust up heroin crew based in Bedford Park(NYDN)*
Man accused of sneaking into NYC jails(Fox 5)
Nutty cop impersonator 'felt nice' sneaking into jails(NYDN)
Question Lingers as Man Is Sentenced in Fatal Fire(NYT) * Man Convicted Of Setting Fatal Brooklyn Apartment Fire Gets 25 Years To Life(NY1)

TLC didn’t call 911 for dying cabbie for 7 minutes(NYDN)

Cops arrest ex-con in rape spree(NYDN)


TSA blunder at Kennedy (NYP) Blundering TSA workers allegedly let a JFK Airport worker who didn’t have a boarding pass get on a jet to Florida without being screened
Airline worker avoids security, boards flight at JFK9(NYDN)*

Airline Worker Arrested After Bypassing Security, Boarding (NBC)