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The Crown Heights Riots Defeated Mayor Dinkins . . . Will the Rage in Brooklyn to the Shooting of Kimani Gray Affect This Years Mayor's Race

NYP Uses Flatbush 2nd Night of Rage To Remind Readers of Lhota Warnings of A Backslide to the Bad Old Days of 20 Years Ago

Flashback from Flatbush(NYP Ed) Joe Lhota is warning against a backslide to the bad old days of 20 years ago, when the city was wracked with crime, chaos and other woes. The GOP mayoral hopeful fears younger folks might not remember that ugly period — to their peril. Alas, a long memory isn’t needed: This week, the city got a fresh taste of those terrible times. Hoodlums went on a rampage in East Flatbush, looting, trashing stores — and reviving fears of erstwhile lawlessness. Shopkeepers shut down early Tuesday for fear of violence, as a Post photo of Church Avenue vividly showed. Police were out in force last night and made a number of arrests. * Anger Persists After Brooklyn Killing(NYT)

In the Post, Bob McManus argues that Police Commissioner Ray Kelly should not be blamed for the police shooting death of 16-year old Kimani Gray, saying the cops were simply doing their job
Officer smashed in the face with a brick, 50 arrested in Brooklyn protest(NYP) * Blame Kimani Gray (NYP) The cops were doing their job* 3rd day of protests for NYC teen shot by police(WSJ) * Brooklyn Teen Hit by Seven Police Bullets (WSJ) * Protesters Riot In Response To Brooklyn Teenager Shot By Cops(NY1)

Stop And Frisk Policy To Be Challenged In Court On Monday(NY1) * Enraged protesters battle cops in Brooklyn streets during third night of rioting after it's revealed that 16-year-old Kimani Gray was shot in the back(NYDN) At least 18 were arrested as fights between cops and angry teens erupted in East Flatbush. Police struggled to control a furious crowd that broke away from a planned peaceful vigil.* Third Night Of Protests In Wake Of Brooklyn Police Shooting (WABC)* Dozens arrested at vigil for teen shot dead(Fox 5) * Arrests, Clashes in Third Night of Brooklyn Protests Over Police Shooting [Updated] (NY Mag)* Dozens Arrested as Protesters Clash With Cops at Rally for Slain Teen(DNAINFO) * Flatbush Community Reels after Another Night of Violence(WNYC)

OWS Riot?  Locals Are Blaming Them and Other Outside Groups
Jumaane D. Williams @JumaaneWilliams
Furious at adults from OUTSIDE the community who incite our angry young people!!! You do not help and not wanted if you bring destruction! 2:03AM says he may have been "over-abrasive in the twitter sphere" over the past few days.

Want to Bet A More Than One Mayoral Candidate Telling Councilman Williams to Try Again to Defuse the Rage in East Flatbush Before It Becomes A Mayoral Campaign Issue
  Kudos to for always showing leadership.

Community Leader Tony Tune Herbert On the East Flatbush Rage

"I am so irate right now what I witnessed last night first hand in East Flatbush has my heart in so much pain, our young people were totally agitated and misguided by outside influences who came to East Flatbush to promote their own agendas and not to speak to the issue that was on hand but to get their agenda in front of the cameras and excite our young people to create havoc, and to my fellow leaders in East Flatbush I'm calling on y'all we have to step up and denounce it now so it doesn't happen again"
Mayor Bloomberg said NYC will take "adequate precautions" to protect East Flatbush. Doesn't plan to go there: doesn't want to "inflame." Man disrupting press conf says it's an issue of nypd brutality not black on black crime * Bloomberg says he doesn't want to inflame East Flatbush(Capital)

Mother of B'klyn teen gunned down says she's 'waiting for Kimani to come home' and 'asking for justice'

Liu "Demands Answers" On Kimani Gray Shooting(NY Mag)

Jumaane Williams on Flatbush Unrest: "What Happened Here in the Past Couple Days Is Wrong"(Village Voice) "What happened here in the past couple days is wrong," Williams said. "There are people -- well-intentioned as they my be -- who are coming into the community and capitalizing on a terrible situation and making it worse."* Many Voices Call for Calm After Shooting  * Outsiders Faulted for Turmoil in East Flatbush After Police Kill Teenager (NYT)

11PM Update Protesters clash with cops over Brooklyn police shooting(WABC)
Campaign 2013

Lhota Comeback . . . Will the GOP Leaders Cool on Catsimatidis?
After a week of GOP Leaders Dumping Lhota for John Catsimatidis $$$ Lhota $$$ Haul and the Flatbush Rage Puts His Campaign Back on Track
Lhota Makes a Strong Start in Fund-Raising(NYT)Joseph J. Lhota, a Republican, has begun to dispel worries that he could not mount a candidacy capable of keeping pace with his better-established rivals. * Cash Flows to a GOP Hopeful(WSJ) Despite being a late entry into the mayoral race, Republican New York City mayoral candidate Joe Lhota has raised $720,000 since mid-January, a pace of about $100,000 per week that exceeds any of his Democratic rivals * Campaign Cash Flows In Fast For Lhota, Source Says(NY1) * No candidate in the past two mayoral races has raised as much as Lhota did during the same period, though he didn’t bring in the $1 million some backers optimistically predicted.* Emma Bloomberg donated $1,000 to * Joe Lhota pulled in an impressive fundraising haul, including a contribution from Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s daughter, Emma Bloomberg. GOP rival John Catsimatidis, as he is wont to do, provided some fun quotes on the matter. “When an insurance company hires you to sell life insurance, you sell it to your families, your parents, and then what do you do next month?” Mr. Catsimatidis argued. While Councilman Eric Ulrich may have indicated his own preferred candidate by labeling Mr. Lhota’s numbers as “impressive” in the same piece.* Yes, Emma Bloomberg donated money to Joe Lhota, who once called her dad an "idiot." [Margaret Hartmann]

While the Mayor Candidates Have Not Comments On the Rage in East Flatbush They Have Commented on 

Most Mayoral Candidates Say They Wouldn't Pursue Soda Ban If Elected(NY1)

Education Reform Bus
Traveling Bus Exhibit Has Mayoral Hopefuls "Get On Board" With Education Reform * A pro-Bloomberg education group attacked Democratic mayoral candidate Bill Thompson. [Azi Paybarah] * The United Federation of Teachers wants the next mayor to undo mayoral control. [Yoav Gonen and Carl Campanile]

Common Cause Organizes A Hit On on Quinn
Thirty New York City Council members have signed on to a scathing letter from good-government group Common Cause that slams Council Speaker Christine Quinn for blocking a vote for three years on paid sick leave, the New York Post writes: * According to Bloomberg’s 2009 campaign manager Bradley Tusk, state election law makes creating an effective super PAC in the NYC mayoral election difficult if not impossible. . raised $510k this filing period, spent $240k, $5.5 million cash on hand.

Fake Quinn Blog
Whoever created the spoof site to mock Council Speaker Christine Quinn certainly generated plenty of press, not only on this blog, but the Associated Press, DNAinfo, WNYC, Crain’s New York, the New York Daily News, New York Post and Capital New York, among others. Yet no one seemed to get much closer to who was behind the hoax. “We provide anonymous hosting, so our clients are not required to give us any information about who they are,” a worker for the Panama-based company hosting the site told DNAinfo. 
Pataki Endorses Catsimatidis for Mayor (NYT)

Liu says no campaign "can defend themselves against an undercover agent that is intent on deceiving." (Capital) * Wannabe doing an copy cat 5 borough roll out of his on Sunday.

Catsimatidis has spent $300K on mayoral race this year 
Ex-New York Gov. George Pataki: “ has the skills, the vision and the courage needed to lead New York City."  * Pataki backs Catsimatidis for NYC mayor(NYDN)

A heartfelt thanks to those who in the last 2 weeks gave or pledged more than $250,000 to help – AC

What Kind of City After Bloomberg?
Draft tingling for mayor(NYP) Yes, Tingling would probably be horrified at the thought. But the best way to think of his ruling is as the start of the debate over what kind of city New Yorkers really want in the post-Bloomberg years. Bloombergism has come to stand for a combination of high-handedness and sanctimony not seen under other mayors. Who can imagine Mayor Bloomberg approaching voters and even thinking to ask, “How’m I doing?”

GOP $$$
The NYC GOP is essentially financially kept afloat by two men: Bloomberg and . Like Newt's campaign was kept alive by Adelson.* Catsimatidis doles out cash to Queens GOP

NY1 Online: Menin Makes Her Case for Manhattan B.P.(NY1)

Public Advicate
Reshma Saujani, a candidate for New York City public advocate, raised $223,000 in the latest filing period, according to her campaign. That exceeds the $183,000 that state Sen. Daniel Squadron reported, making this the second consecutive filing period that Saujani has out-raised her opponents. She raised $494,374 in the last filing period, and has spent $184,414 so far, leaving her with $798,497 on hand. “I’m humbled by the continuing support of New Yorkers and the growing momentum of our campaign to become the next public advocate,” Saujani said.  Another public advocate candidate, Councilwoman Letitia James, has lagged behind Squadron and Saujani in fund-raising. 

TOO EARLY FOR QUEENS BP BETS: In the race to be the next borough president of Queens, the candidates have clear strengths and weaknesses but it's too early to guess which one will win, writes Bruce Gyory(City and State) * . announces he has raised $$110,106 this filing period for Queens BP

Speakers Race
Councilwoman Mark Weprin seems to be taking his speakership bid seriously, at least as far as his campaign’s generosity is concerned; his committee recently gave $1,000 campaign contributions to seven Council candidates: Vanessa Gibson, Alan Maisel, Micah Kellner, Rafael Espinal, Vinnie GentileCosta Constantinides and Mark Levine. The first four are sitting Assembly members, the fifth is a sitting councilman facing a Republican opponent, and the last two are establishment-friendly district leaders. All are early favorites in their races.

24-Year-Old Council Candidate Collecting Money and Endorsements(NYO

Rangel: I’m Not Focused On 2014(YNN)

Soda Decision Likely Before

Soda Appeal Ruling Likely Before Bloomberg's Term Ends
City soda-battle win(NYP)The city caught a break yesterday when the Appellate Division agreed to hear arguments in the soda wars before it recesses for the summer.Mayor Bloomberg is racing the clock to overturn a lower-court decision blocking the Health Department from implementing regulations restricting sugary-drink sizes to 16 ounces in restaurants and other food establishments. By making room on its calendar to take the case in June, the five-judge appeals panel would probably issue a decision before year’s end.

Political Corruption

Feds Second Case Against Boyland Different
After losing the first trial against Boyland the feds turn his chief of staff against him for the second trial. The plea by Ry-Ann Hermon, Assemblyman William F. Boyland Jr.’s former chief of staff, may lead to new evidence against Mr. Boyland.

Former chief of staff for embattled Assemblyman Boyland to plead guilty to corruption charges Embattled state Assemblyman William Boyland’s ex-chief of staff is expected to plead guilty tomorrow to political corruption charges connected to her legislative work. Ry-Ann Hermon was charged with bribery and conspiracy in December 2011 and is...*Assemblyman’s Ex-Aide Is Said to Plan Guilty Plea(NYT)

Vito Lopez Is Missing In AlbanyIn Body And Name(NYDN)

Board of Elections

says city budget "sets this agency up for failure" in conducting 2013 elections. Another election day debacle to come?NYC Bd of Elxns testifies that current budget proposal sets it 'up for failure' to run 3, possibly 4, elections this budget year* Councilman Halloran: new voting machines "for the record, suck...lever machines are something I wish for." * These machines would cost $6000 each. pulls out his iPad, which he says was $299 and can do basically the same stuff.* Board Of Elections Unveils Kiosk To Help Transmission Of Voting Data (NY1)
* Embattled NYC Board of Elections thinks clunkier equipment's better... because it fears workers would steal iPads(NYDN)

Senate Coalition Crack

Over Minimum Wage But They Need Each Other to Surrive
Cracks are beginning to show in the state Senate’s coalition leadership over the proposed minimum wage increase, with Sen. Jeff Klein favoring a hike and Sen. Dean Skelos calling it a potential job-killer, the Times-Union writes: *Spending Agreement Possible Today On Budget, Silver Says(YNN) * Wage Advocates Pressure IDC(YNN) * Cuomo: Senate Coalition Working(YNN)

Klein Bags Court Apointments
Klein, law partner tag-team to score big on court appointments(The Riverdale Press)
Bronx state Sen. Jeff Klein has done well in politics, rising this year to become one of Albany’s top kingmakers. He’s also done well in the often politically influenced world of court appointments. State court records show that Mr. Klein and a longtime law partner who has doubled as his legislative aide have been among the biggest winners when it comes to legal fees earned from judicial designations. Records show that since June 2003, when reforms aimed at limiting the appointments of politically tied officials were implemented, Mr. Klein and his law partner, Dominick Calderoni, have earned nearly $730,000 in fees for work performed as court-appointed fiduciaries.

 A state Supreme Court judge denied a motion for a preliminary injunction against the state’s new gun control law, after a group of more than 1,200 Second Amendment supporters sued on the grounds that it was unconstitutional, the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle reports: * AG Eric Schneiderman: “There are multiple lawsuits challenging the SAFE Act on numerous grounds, and our office will continue to fervently defend the protections embodied in the law.” New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman announced a deal to ensure background checks at 80 percent of the gun shows in New York. [Thomas Kaplan]

As You Wish: An Early Budget?(YNN)
No getaway day for you, state senators.
The MTA lockbox brokered by the governor in 2011 turns out to be just as meaningless as transit advocates feared.

NYC Government 
NY1 Exclusive: Audit Finds Wasteful Spending At Sanitation Sites
City Council Members Support Plan For Cameras To Detect Speeding Drivers(NY1)
Newsday pushes Gov. Cuomo to shepherd mandate relief into law to help distressed governments burdened by pension costs and other expenses:

Six leading financial companies have bowed to pressure from the New York City’s Comptroller’s office to broaden their clawback policies to cover more executives, increase disclosures or add potential triggers.

How Does A Cities Population Go Up At the Same Time Unemployment Goes Up?
Maybe Just Fixing the Census Undercount?

Brooklyn beats out Manhattan in population boom (NYP)More people are moving to NYC than are moving out for the first time since before 1950, according to City Hall, citing census data.  "People vote with their feet," Mayor Bloomberg said, touting NYC population . In the end, that's all that matters, he said. * NYC Population Highest Ever; More People Moving Into City Than Out For First Time Since 1950s (Huff Post)*

Jobs Bill Law
Council Overrides Mayor's Veto On Job Seekers Protection Bill: Overriding a mayoral veto, the City Coun... 

Parents Call On Charter Schools To Reform Management Of Special Needs Students(NY1)
Teacher's union takes aim at Bloomberg's control of public schools(NYP)

At a Beach Club, a Battle to Rebuild After the Storm(NYT)The Silver Gull Beach Club, which was featured in the film “The Flamingo Kid,” is hoping to open by Memorial Day, despite a stop-work order issued on the club’s main cluster of damaged cabanas. * The Fire Island Blues(WSJ) Four months after superstorm Sandy, many Fire Island walkways remain buried in sand, and water pools in summer bungalows by the Great South Bay and in wrecked houses along the Atlantic Ocean.* Schumer: Feds Will Foot Beach Restoration Projects(NY1)

State seeks federal aid for Sandyvictims left short by insurance(NY World) Request to federal government comes as part of proposal for spending $1.7 billion on storm recovery * I-Team: Lady Liberty Workers Frustrated by Delays(NBC)

New World Pope

Humble Argentine priest's low-profile path to become Pope Francis(NYP) * Meet the Pope(NYP Ed) * New Pope Shifts Church Center of Gravity(NYT)* A Conservative With a Common Touch(NYT)   *  FiveThirtyEight: Advantages in an Older Pope(NYT) *Catholic Church Looks to New World(WSJ) * Dolan Rises—Just Not to Pope(WSJ)* Meet Pope Francis(NY Mag)Twenty-five things worth knowing about the new head of the Catholic Church.

The Bronx is No Longer Burning

Fewer People Are Abandoning the Bronx, Census Data Show(NYT)Not only did the borough’s total population increase, but more people moved there in the year ended July 1, 2012, than left, according to the latest estimates.New census figures revealed that for the first time in decades, more people moved to the Bronx than left, with the borough’s population rising and a net gain in migration of 115, compared to previous annual losses that were regularly in the thousands

Bushwick A Tourist Spot

Come see exciting – er, Bushwick? (NYP) Forget Times Square and the Empire State Building. For a real New York experience, tourists should hop on the J, M, Z or L train — to Bushwick!  The city yesterday unveiled a new push to get tourists to visit “outer-borough destinations,”

NYC's cruise passenger totals down 9%(NYDN)
Jacob Riis Park 
New concessions could put Jamaica Bay on the map(NYDN)Visitors to Jacob Riis Park could soon enjoy tasty gourmet treats similar to ones that have made Rockaway Beach a food-lovers destination in recent years.

Much Needed Decent

We need one of these for every Queens CB(Queens Crap

From DNA Info:
Will the real Queens Community Board 1 please stand up?

A mock website surfaced recently that looks to be the actual site for Astoria's CB1 — except that it's loaded with satirical digs at the board, painting its members as elitist and out of touch with the rest of the neighborhood. "Queens Community Board 1 is proud to represent the interests of business and property owners," the "About" page of the phony site reads. "We have a certain amount of clout with elected officials and city agencies," another page says, before adding that the board's role is to "provide helpful cover to local elected officials when they take positions at odds with the majority of people in the community."The fake page lists a number of the CB's most contentious past issues as "accomplishments" — including votes against a pedestrian plaza on Newtown Avenue and a bike corral at the Queens Kickshaw restaurant — and criticizes the board as favoring the interests of drivers, developers and property owners.

Fake community board website stirs up touchy issues in western(NYDN)

Which Developers?

Is the NYT in the Bag for On This?
Madison Square Garden’s Overreach(NYT Ed) In order to replace the dismal and inadequate Pennsylvania Station, the massive sports arena should not be given a new lease. It should move.

  • Barbs for Midtown PlanCity Council Member Daniel Garodnick wants the city to study adding residential towers to its plan for redoing the area around Grand Central Terminal.
  • Hudson Square Nears Rezoning Manhattan's Hudson Square neighborhood took a step closer to getting a face-lift Wednesday as the City Council modified a plan to rezone the area.

Another Hospital Closed for Developers

BREAKING: Judge rules that SUNY Downstate plans to close LICH halted. More soon on
Breaking: Judge rules keep LICH open for now. State officials broke Open Meetings Law. 

Queens Political Corruption

Electeds participating in legalized theft(Queens Crap)

Letter to the Editor (Queens Chronicle):I do not understand what has happened in the “city so nice they named it twice.” We used to be a city of people who stood up for what was what and made no bones about it. When did that change? Now here in Queens we have our elected “representatives” (I use the term lightly) selling out the very people they swore to represent. There are three large projects undergoing public review, which would significantly sacrifice acreage of parkland within Flushing Meadows Corona Park. Yet several elected officials are on board with the developers. They are in effect speaking for the developers instead of their constituents. They tell us that the theft being perpetrated upon all of us is exactly what we need and want. They speak of “public-private partnerships.” They speak of the wretched conditions of Flushing Meadows Corona Park, yet they do not speak of their incompetence, inability or unwillingness to fund the very same park.


MTA’s “Bus Time” program delayed by four months(NYDN)
The Day of the Dolphin

Some finny business in East River (NYP) New York really does attract all manner of tourists. A playful bottlenose dolphin was spotted splashing around the East River between 94th and 103rd streets yesterday.* Upon Closer Inspection, East River Dolphin Might Not Be Totally Healthy(NY Mag)

Spider Man and the Jews

Hasidic Leaders Fight 'Culturally Insensitive' Passover 'Spider-Man' Shoot(DNAINFO)


NY1 Name Change to Sell Cable Subscriptions

Time Warner Cable makes move to rename NY1 (NYDN) so viewers know it's an exclusive news channel
Market research has shown that viewers are not aware that NY1 is owned and only broadcast on Time Warner Cable, says TWC spokeswoman Amy Summers. The move to rename the channel will reinforce that if subscribers change to Verizon or satellite, they lose their beloved New York news.

There's a divide at NBC: some believe Matt Lauer can recover, while others believe his reputation is irreparable. (NYT) * Matt Lauer's Popularity Reportedly In The Cellar(Huff Post)

RT : MSNBC source on new 8 pm show: "it looks like it will be Chris Hayes."

Piers Morgan's former deputy editor arrested on suspicion of phone hacking(Huff Post)

 hayes maddow Conservatives Should Worry About Addition Of Hayes To MSNBC's Prime Time Lineup * MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, who has been a vocal critic of Cuomo’s from time to time, is moving to the 8 p.m. weeknights spot. (He‘s replacing outgoing host Ed Schultz). 

Alt Institution Newpaper Dies
Alt-Weekly Boston Phoenix Closing 
: Thank you Boston. Good night and good luck. 
Boston Phoenix Shutting Down(Huff Post)

Owner’s Wife Ivanka Trump and Other Family Friends Make N.Y. Observer Power List(NY Mag)


U.S. General Puts Troops in Afghanistan on Security Alert(NYT)
Clamor to Be Spared the Pain as Budget Cuts Descend(NYT)
Obama’s Israel Itinerary Receives Scrutiny(NYT)
Obama Treads Carefully on Deficit(WSJ)
Capital: Baby Steps on Deficit Fix(Capital)
House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, former first lady Betty Ford and horse racing’s most successful female jockey, Julie Krone, are among this year’s inductees into the National Women’s Hall of Fame in Seneca Falls.
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How Francis Can Transform the Church - John Moody, FOX News
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Party-Line Vote in Senate Panel for Ban on Assault Weapons(NYT)
Lawmakers dispute the implications of a new report for possible labor secretary nominee Tom Perez:(Politico)
A nasty ending to House Democrats' meeting with Obama, reports:
A US Senate committee approved an assault weapons ban on a party-line vote that signaled how difficult it will be for the proposal to survive in the full Senate. 

The Contest Over the Real Economic Problem - Robert Reich, Huff Post
Obama Tries to Blow Past Deficit, Voters Disagree - Chris Stirewalt, FOX
Paul Ryan's Budget Is a Firing Offense - David Rothkopf, CNN
Obama's Second Term Troubles Have Begun - Peter Wehner, Commentary
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Woodward's Truths Versus Sullivan's Smears - John Nolte, Breitbart
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Grand jury in Miami investigating New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez, people familiar with the probe say. (Wash Post)
Report: Federal Grand Jury Investigating NJ Sen. Menend (WABC)
Breaking CNN EXCLUSIVE: Sen. Rob Portman reverses position on gay marraige in intv w/.  

Wall Street

Warnings Amid JPMorgan Loss Were Ignored, Inquiry Finds(NYT)

Law and Order

Fatal hit-run bum had lucky legal breaks(NYDN)
Daily News Editorial Board with its take on yesterday 's scoop--harsh but fair criticism of judge and bail system:

Jurors Hear Man Confess to Killing a Therapist(NYT) The confession by David Tarloff was played at his trial in the 2008 killing of Kathryn Faughey, an Upper East Side psychologist.

Defense in Cannibal Case Faces Next Steps(NYT) Lawyers for Gilberto Valle, 28, who faces a possible life sentence, declined to detail their strategy, but said they intended to vigorously pursue their client’s postconviction options.* As If Case Wasn’t Horrifying Enough, Cannibal Cop Prosecutor Brought Up Plane Hijacking(NY Mag)

Driver Indicted in Crash That Killed Expectant Couple(NYT)* Suspected Driver Indicted for Fleeing Deadly Brooklyn Crash (WSJ)* Suspect Indicted In Connection With Fatal Brooklyn Hit-And-Run(NY1) * Driver in Fatal Williamsburg Crash Indicted for Fleeing Scene, DA Says(DNAINFO)


Man With Stun Gun in His Carry-On Bag Is Arrested at Kennedy Airport(NYT)
Stun-Gun in Breach at JFK(WSJ)
Man arrested at JFK with stun gun(NYDN)
‘Bomber’ botch gets the TSA-OK(NYP)