Sunday, March 17, 2013

True News Sunday Update

After Writing Editorial After Editorial About the Candidates Ducking the Important Economic Realities Facing the City, the NYP Today About the Campaign Tells Which Team They Root for

Crime? Charter schools? Who cares. Who do mayoral candidates root for?(NYP) For weeks, the city’s mayoral candidates have talked about everything from charter schools to the minimum wage, but one burning question has gone unanswered — Mets or Yankees? City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, the Democratic front-runner, grew  * New York's lightweight mayoral candidates - New York Post

And Today's NYP Wastes It Editorial on Attacking Bloomberg's Soda Ban 
Brittle bloombergism(NYP)Even though he’s been mayor for almost 12 years, Mike Bloomberg doesn’t consider himself a politician.Given how New York pols think, that can be a good thing. Too often, though, it leaves the mayor’s initiatives vulnerable to being shot down by a court because he has made one of his end runs around the rules.We saw that last week when a state judge threw out his limit on sugary drinks at least partly on the grounds that the decision was made by an unelected Board of Health rather than by the people acting through their elected representatives. We shed no tears here. The mayor overreached on something that made him look  ridiculous, and he paid the price.

 Liu's City Hall Kick Off
Liu's overflow crowd now gathered in City Hall Park to watch from afar, chanting "Let us in!"CM Peter Koo is here. Bx Assemb Eric Stevenson sent staff. No major union leaders. I assume the supporter with the Liu "Man of Honor" sign doesn't realize "Man of Honor" is old Sicilian term for Mafiosi *Hundreds of supporters kept outside Liu launch @ City Hall. Mad chaos for all involved. ” * Liu Announces Candidacy For Mayor (ny1) * Liu's running to the left of a liberal field: $11.50 min wage, no stop-and-frisk, moratorium on closures/colocations, end to mayoral control* RT : Liu says his mother worked in sweatshop and he joined her on "many days" speaking now. Kennedy story again. Immigrant struggle again. He knows what it's like to struggle. "We are not backing down!"  Liu says "Mayor Bloomberg and his enablers" made it harder for working and middle class and easier for "wealthiest" to leave others behind * Liu kicks off campaign to huge crowd  * The Spectacle of John Liu | The Barkan Report: * . says pollsters arent counting minorities properly. * New York - Comptroller Starts Bid To Be NYC's 1st Asian Mayor  * CM Charles Barron says: "I tried to reach him on his cell phone. I couldn't. So, I just showed up". endorsement for Mayor.* Criticizing Bloomberg, Liu Enters Race to Succeed Him(NYT)
* Liu Announces Candidacy For Mayo(NY1)

The Mayor's Race Quited Gay Protest Downplayed At This Year's Parade
No Gay Banner But You Got My Vote
Quinn can march if . . .(NYP) St. Patrick’s Day Parade Chairman John Dunleavy yesterday said he’d vote for Christine Quinn for mayor, but not let the City Council speaker march under a gay-rights banner. Dunleavy once equated letting a gay and lesbian group march to granting the Irish Prostitute Association a place in the procession.* Christine Quinn, St. Patrick's Day Parade: Speaker's Prominence Highlights Tensions Between Event, LGBT Community(Huff Post)*
How Would Mayor Christine Quinn Handle New York’s Exclusionary St. Patrick’s Day Parade? * The possibility of Quinn’s election raises the prospect of an unprecedented standoff next year with the organizers of the St. Patrick’s Day Parade if she becomes the city’s first openly gay and first female mayor. 

Twitter Founder Says He Hopes Someday To Run For New York City Mayor(WCBS)

Editorial: NYC mayoral race will be shaped by prosperity(AMNY)

de Blasio's Talking Heads
Is de Blasio trying to improve his government office or trying to improve his chances as a candidate in the Democratic race for mayor?
De Blasio ‘running-for-office’ politics(NYP) There’s a thin line between government and politics, and Public Advocate Bill de Blasio is making the most of it.After operating for nearly a year with a single press secretary, de Blasio last month decided to add a $115,000-a-year spokesman to the $85,000-a-year one he already had.Both are professionals, have the credentials for the job and are pulling in salaries well within government guidelines.

de Blasio Jewish Breakfast Responce Tweet
are this guys with or just like most guys jump around to get into pics ?
Public Advocate at the UJO food distribution in Williamsburg under Rabbi Niederman leadership

All In Carrion's Family
A Pol Who Hires His Family Before He Get Elected, Wow
Mayoral candidate Adolfo Carrion hires daughter for campaign (NYP)Mayoral candidate Adolfo Carrion paid his 23-year-old daughter more than $12,800 to work on his campaign

Catsimatidis Targets Jewish Newspapers
John Catsimatidis Showers Money on Jewish Newspapers (Barkin)
Cash money for Jewish media aw yeah

“Yes, I’m Black—Duh”(NY mag)

Bill Thompson and the strange place of race in this year’s mayor’s race.


CBS Catches Up With the Weiner Poll
New Week and His Wife Huma Buy A Dog Together
Is Anthony Weiner preparing for a comeback?(CBS)

Daily News Slams Cuomo for A Possible Tax Hike Extension on the Rich
Now is not the time for Albany to extend a tax surcharge on the wealthy(NYDN Ed) Gov. Cuomo and Legislature need to keep their pledge

Budget Update
Much budget-related wheeling and dealing took place this weekend, with the governor and legislative leaders hoping for an agreement in time to start passing bills this coming week.  
The Buffalo News editorializes in support of a bottle bill expansion to generate $24 million a year for the Environmental Protection Fund. (The expansion was included in the Assembly’s one-house budget).

New Drivers License
Getting a Fake New York ID to Become Much More Difficult(NY Mag)
New York’s controvers
ial new driver’s licenses, which feature black-and-white pictures are are lauded by officials as nearly impossible to forge, debut in July.

Pressman's Journalist's  Depth Show Through Even While Covering A Parade . . . It is Journalist Era Long Gone
If Journalism Students Want to Have A Roll Model How It Is Done Look to Gabe Pressman Not the Copy Cat Reporters of This Era Who Have No Understand of the Subject or the Historical Underdanding to Put the Stroy in Context. Gabe Pressman Reports from New York City's 252nd St.Patrick's Day Parade (WNBC)


Wrights Secret Fight to Keep the BOE As Is
At a meeting last week of the Manhattan Democratic organization's executive committee, Manhattan boss Assemblyman Keith Wright told the gathering that Bloomberg was trying to take over the Board of Elections that he wanted to keep the Board just the way it is (with patronage instead of Civil Service appointments).  There was no opposition to his statement among the feckless district leaders (most were not there, but "appeared" by proxy)  Why isn’t the media covering the story?

BOE Deputy Director Calls Poll Workers Crooks
Democracy Killers the BOE and the Pols That Are Supposed to Oversee Them

Board of Elections fears poll workers would steal iPads(NYDN)

The agency floated the idea of spending $15 million to turn old voting machines into voting information kiosks. When probed why it wouldn't instead spend the money on iPads that could do perform the same tasks, a top executive admitted a fear that poll workers would steal them.

Halloran A IPad Would Be 2000% Cheeper Than Your BOE Kiosk . . . Think of the Moving Costs!
Councilman Dan Halloran asked Dawn Sandow, the Board of Election's deputy executive director why the agency didn't use iPads instead of trying to spend money on voting information kiosks. Sandow said that 'they won’t all come back, no matter what we chain it to,' suggesting poll workers might steal them.The beleaguered agency admitted as much at a City Council hearing Thursday as it floated the idea of spending $15 million to turn the city’s old and unused mechanical voting machines into information kiosks with touch screens.The transformation would cost $6,000 per machine, the board said — an estimate that prompted Councilman Dan Halloran (R-Queens) to whip out his $299 iPad.* Board Of Elections Unveils Kiosk To Help Transmission Of Voting Data(NY1)

Pot Calling the Kettle Black
It Takes A Crook to Know A Crook?
BOE History of Corruption and Incompetence Timeline(True News)

The Media Does Not Answer Why the Board Commissioner Voted for Scanner That Cannot Do the Job
From Today's WSJ
"Elections officials have said since early 2011 that the replacement of lever-based voting machines with paper ballots in 2010 will make it difficult to hold a runoff within two weeks of a primary. Runoffs between the top two finishers in citywide races are required when no candidate receives more than 40% of the vote. . .  Elections officials have said they can't count ballots, complete those steps and resolve disputes in the course of two weeks, especially if an election is close in a election that requires a runnoff." Officials See Big Hurdles to Elections(WSJ)

Expect Longer Lines Than in 2012 for Mayor's Election 
 The board plans to provide one ballot-scanner for every 2,500 eligible voters. Currently, it provides one scanner for every 1,400 voters.

City Council Planned Failure for the 2013 Elections
"They certainly didn't seem like they were necessarily going to be able to pull it off," said City Council Member Gale Brewer, an Upper West Side Democrat, after Board of Elections staffers spoke at a hearing. "It's a scary thought." Ms. Brewer wants larger changes to the city's election system, but said she expects the Legislature to approve only the addition of an extra week between the primary and a runoff, and certain procedural tweaks requested by the board. But the approach still presents hurdles. Officials would need more storage facilities and access to city buildings that serve as polling locations for longer than they're usually open. And the Board of Elections would have to decide two days after the primary which ballots to print. That could mean having to print multiple versions of the runoff ballot if the vote is close and the top two finishers aren't immediately clear.* Board Of Elections Pushes New Plan For Old Voting Machines During September Elections

Bloomberg Blames the NY Times For the BOE Selection of the Voting Machines That Do Not Work
 The mayor said on the radio this morning that it was the NY Times that is causing the voting crisis in the 2013 mayoral election.  He said for years the paper pushed against computer voting in dozens of editorals. Which he  says is causing the current voting panic.  Bloomberg said banks, Wall Street and everyone is using computers and does not understand why the BOE went to these filling in the ovals on tiny printed paper ballots. How to Trust Electronic Voting(NYT, 2009)

Is the NYT Embarrassed At What They Did?
This is the Last Story the NYT Wrote About the BOE 
Date November 6, 2012 Chaos at New York City Polls Amid New Rules and Voting Machines(NYT)

Sex, Money and Boyland

Update Boyland Free Lawyer II
Brooklyn Assemblyman eligible for court-appointed lawyerNYDN)
After a three-month standoff, Assemb. William Boyland on Friday got Brooklyn U.S. District Judge Sandra Townes to restore what she took away in December -- his right to a taxpayer-funded lawyer for his bribery and extortion conspiracy case. Boyland was given a free lawyer when he was charged in Brooklyn in November, 2011. But a year later, Townes ordered him to hire his own lawyer -- citing his Assembly salary, a house, and rent payments he received. But since then, Boyland had appeared repeatedly in court on his own, saying the legal retainers were too high and his finances were eroding. In February, the state Comptroller suspended Boyland's right to receive "per diem" payments for time spent in Albany representing his Brooklyn legislative district because he had failed to pay back $67,000 in improper past charges. On Friday, citing monthly costs that now include $675 for travel, $665 for lodging and $250 for meals among other changed circumstances, Townes relented and restored his right to a court-paid lawyer.

Boyland Aide the "Corruption Was Titillating Made Me Hot"
Boyland Aide Sings on Bribe Schemes

Pol bitten by rat (NYP)A former senior staffer for Assemblyman William Boyland Jr. yesterday claimed the lawmaker orchestrated a scheme to take bribes in exchange for political favors. In bombshell testimony, Ry-ann Hermon, who served as the Brooklyn Democrat’s chief of staff, said Boyland directed her to help set up several cash-for-influence deals — including one with a planned payout of a quarter-million dollars.

William Boyland's corrupt aid cheered when Boyland walked not she finaly tells truth he is a crook
Hermon documented their partnership in Brooklyn federal court as she copped to six federal crimes herself. Hermon, who left Boyland’s staff in January 2012, told a judge the lawmaker had promised to help people he thought were out-of-state businessmen buy a former hospital for $8 million, renovate it with a state grant, and sell it to a Boyland-controlled nonprofit for $15 million. The aide detailed other scams involving offers to cut red tape for carnival operators who wanted to run fun fairs in the city. Hermon had confided the corruption was titillating.Mr. Boyland scheduled again to ask the court for a lawyer today, but with a $79,500/year + per diem State Assembly salary…

Campaign 2013

Quinn Leads in Fund Rasing
Mayoral Hopefuls Detail Funding(WSJ)* Two candidates for New York City mayor, Democrat Christine Quinn and Republican John Catsimatidis, both spent nearly a quarter of a million dollars during the two-month fundraising period that ended Monday * Quinn Leads Democratic Mayor Candidates In Latest Fundraising Numbers

Pataki Endorses Catsimatidis in Race for Mayor(NYT)* Pataki backs Catsimatidis for NYC mayor(NYDN) * Former Gov Pataki and former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who didn’t always see eye-to-eye when they were in office, are now backing opposing candidates in the GOP NYC mayoral primary.* Catsimatidis’ expenditures included $23,000 to the Queens GOP, which came after the party’s official endorsement of his candidacy.* Pataki Endorses Catsimatidis, But Not to Spite Giuliani(NY Mag)

On Sunday at 3:00 p.m., Comptroller John Liu will officially launch his mayoral campaign on the steps of City Hall, as per a media advisory–likely with a huge crowd if Politicker’s sources are correct. Mr. Liu will further supplement the announcement with a hectic, 14-hour day of campaigning that will “span five boroughs,” 8 a.m. until 10 p.m.In other news, Mr. Liu took a decidedly skeptical approach to the police department’s handling of the Kimani Gray shooting. “This incident needs to be fully and publicly investigated,” Mr. Liu told New York Magazine yesterday afternoon. “We cannot rely on the quick reassurances that officers acted within guidelines when there are many unanswered questions.” Rivals Bill de Blasio and Christine Quinn were more tempered and critical of the rioters.

Last week, Queens City Council candidate Austin Shafran made news for maxing out in his eligibility for public matching funds after just 40 days of fundraising. Now he has pulled ahead of the entire field of candidates running in the 19th District, including incumbent City Councilman Dan Halloran, according to the most recent campaign filings. Shafran, a Democrat, has raised $58,802 thus far, more than any of his opponents over the last two months. In fact, Shafran’s haul during the last filing period is more than the $40,013 raised cumulatively by the other five candidates in the race during the same time frame. Halloran, a Republican, raised $16,755 since the last filing. Shafran faces former Assemblyman John Duane, community activist Paul Graziano, attorney Paul Vallone and Democratic State Committeeman Matthew Silverstein in the Democratic primary. Duane raised the second-most of the Democratic candidates in this filing period with $9,190.(City and State)

Quinn leads Democratic mayoral candidates in fundraisin(NYDN) * Quinn Leads Democrats in Fund-Raising for 2013 Campaign(NYP)

Micah Kellner Raises Over $123,000(NYO)

"$340,000 Over Past Two Months"-- camp releases his latest filing .

Bill Thompson "Welcomes" Chris Quinn To NYC Mayor's Race With Digs On ...Bill Thompson "Welcomes" Chris Quinn To NYC Mayor's Race With Digs On Schools, Sick Leave(NYDN)
* Democratic NYC mayoral hopeful Bill Thompson posted a web video “welcoming” frontrunner/NYC Council Speaker Christine Quinn to the race.


Weiner Running?
Poll position: Weiner's spending on surveys shows he may be mounting comeback(NYP)Former Rep. Anthony Weiner spent $106,500 on polling this month. (Perhaps he is mulling a comeback after all?)* Weiner says he has “nothing more to report beyond what I reported” (in his campaign filing).* Poll position: Weiner's spending on surveys shows he may(NYP) * Weiner Funds Used for Poll, Research Data(WSJ) * It's Not Clear Why Anthony Weiner Spent $54,000 on Polling(NY Mag)

Bill Thompson and John Liu stock up for the mayor's race 

Race For GOP Mayoral Nod Shaping Up As Clash Of Titans — Lhota Vs. Catsimatidis(WCBS)

. loaned himself almost 15k

De Blasio takes swipe at Quinn for not passing sick leave(NYDN)

True News to John Liu: "You Have More Balls Then We Though" (in a nice way)
Liu's Answer: "I Still Have One Ball Left"
Liu says he'll announce for mayor today. "Keep on praying for me because I could sure use it"
Undeterred by Inquiry, a Mayoral Hopeful Forges Ahead(NYT)
On Sunday, John C. Liu plans to announce his candidacy for mayor — a seemingly quixotic bid, given fraud charges against two associates, but one that he insists is still winnable.* Campaign is ‘Liu’$ing momentum(NYP)The federal investigation into his fund-raising practices finally got to embattled city Comptroller John Liu Liu, who is formally announcing his candidacy for mayor tomorrow, reported taking in just $105,775 for his campaign over the last two months. That’s a fifth as much as front-runner Christine Quinn and less than the $164,053 that unknown long shot Erik Salgado got.

George McDonald: Fight Over NYC Giving Limits "Devastating" My Mayor's Race Fundraising(NYDN)

Latest fundraising numbers show having a very difficult time keeping up w/ Public Advocate rivals

Adolfo Carrion, Jr. (), net contributions from 1/12/13-3/11/13: $45,822 * GOP NYC mayoral candidate Adolfo Carrion paid his 23-year-old daughter more than $12,800 to work on his campaign.  * Carrion boasted this week of getting more than $250,000 in campaign donations and pledges, but just shy of $46,000 actually materialized in his filing.


NY1 Name Change to 
Sell Cable Subscriptions

Corporate Lobbyist News #1
NY1 Main Mission is to Sell Cable Not to Inform the Community As Jefferson Had Hoped the Press Would
Time Warner Cable makes move to rename NY1 (NYDN) so viewers know it's an exclusive news channel Market research has shown that viewers are not aware that NY1 is owned and only broadcast on Time Warner Cable, says TWC spokeswoman Amy Summers. The move to rename the channel will reinforce that if subscribers change to Verizon or satellite, they lose their beloved New York news. New name is TWC News* Time Warner Cable to screw with NY1 because it's Time Warner Cable.(NT Mag) * A New Name for NY1? A Rebranding Move Is Met With Anger

Brooklyn Rage Day 5

Update Rallies continue over shooting of Kimani Gray(WABC)
2 NYPD Officers Who Shot Teen Had Faced Lawsuits(WNBC)

School sends letter to parents praising Brooklyn teen killed by cops(nyp)

Kimani Gray showed his 'tough' side online - but also had big goals(NYP)
Calls for Calm After Shooting(WSJ)Community leaders, elected officials and the family of a 16-year old boy shot and killed by police in Brooklyn last weekend appealed for calm Thursday as authorities investigated the fatal encounter. Outsiders Faulted for Unrest in Brooklyn(NYT) Leaders in East Flatbush are pleading for calm a day after a vigil for Kimani Gray turned chaotic, the most sustained turmoil in three consecutive days of protests.* Jumaane Williams on Flatbush Unrest: "What Happened Here in the Past Couple Days Is Wrong"(Village Voice) "What happened here in the past couple days is wrong," Williams said. "There are people -- well-intentioned as they my be -- who are coming into the community and capitalizing on a terrible situation and making it worse." * Outsiders Faulted for Turmoil in East Flatbush After Police Kill Teenager (NYT) While local Councilman Jumaane Williams held press conference and declared, “There are people — well-intentioned as they may be — that are coming into the community and capitalizing on a terrible situation and making it worse. … This is about inciting and igniting 60, 70, 80 15-and 16-year-olds who have justified anger, and taking them — without any training, without any strategy, without discussing with them what will happen if they get arrested — and taking them on a march that is dangerous and destructive.”

Ma: ‘Angel’ slain by cops was unarmed (NYP) “He wasn’t everybody’s angel, but he was my angel.” The mother of the Brooklyn teen killed by cops admitted that her son was no innocent — but said he was hardly the gun-toting gang-banger authorities described.* Mother Of Brooklyn Teen Shot By Police Speaks Out* In Harm's Way: Remembering the Life of Kimani Gray(WNYC)

Mayoral Candidates On the Rage
A test for New York(NYP) Will pols stand with the rioters? The test is of the mayoral candidates. The temptation for them is either to set themselves up against the police to get attention and win liberal approbation or to be wishy-washy — because they recognize the importance of what the NYPD does in preserving public order and saving thousands of lives, but don’t want to become targets of ideological opportunity for race-baiters and race-guilters. The Post’s John Podhoretz writes that the police shooting of 16-year old Kimani Gray in Brooklyn and subsequent riots will test the resolve of many different groups, including community leaders, the police, and mayoral candidates* Liu "Demands Answers" On Kimani Gray Shooting(NY Mag)

NYS Government

Quick Budget Will Increase Cuomo Lagging Poll Numbers. There Will Be and On-Time Budget
Cuomo, Legislature eye 3rd straight on-time budget(Fox 5)* Cuomo, Legislature eye 3rd straight on-time budget

Budget Talks Intensify(WSJ) * Sources say that all sides—a coalition group in the Senate, Assembly Democrats, and Gov. Cuomo—are negotiating a package of tax cuts to be included in the final budget, including an income tax break and a boost to the child tax credit, The Buffalo News writes
Lawmakers are on track to adopt a $136.5 billion budget plan before the end of next week, though some issues still need to be sorted out such as a proposed hike to the minimum wage. A deal could be announced on Sunday or Monday, the Times-Union reports:  * State Lawmakers Say Budget Still On Pace To Pass Early (NY1)* Budget talks include a possible second extension of the so-called millionaires tax to avoid dealing with the controversial issue in the 2014 election cycle.* The leaders and Cuomo are also negotiating a package of income tax breaks aimed at middle-class New Yorkers and are closing in on plans to hike the state tax deduction for household dependents and boost the child tax credit. This could signal a minimum wage deal.* Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver said budget bills could be printed this weekend, allowing three days of public view before the first voting next week. Cuomo threw cold water on the idea that a budget deal could be struck before the weekend arrives. (In other words, sometime today, though he is planning to meet with leaders in NYC).* Partnership For NYC: Don’t Extend PIT Surcharge(YNN) * The UFC has a new estimate that claims legalizing the controversial sport would mean $100 million in economic benefits over the next two years.* Cuomo, legislature hope to keep tax on high-earners tax(NYDN)

 Open Government
At some agencies, state workers are instructed not to answer reporters’ questions and must inform a press officer “immediately” if an inquiry is made, according to employee handbooks. Sixty-nine local governments plan to upload public data onto Cuomo’s “Open NY” transparency site, which officially launched this week.

Movie Welfare
The NY Post does not approve of the half billion dollars worth of “welfare” New York State is handing over to the makers of “Spider Man 2″ in exchange for an agreement to film here.

Pot Bust
State assemblyman busted for pot possession(NYP)
Assemblyman Steve Katz, busted for marijuana possession earlier this week, voted "no" medical marijuana last year. And who can forget the attack video that ended with a super tight shot of Assemblyman Steve Katz's hairy ear?(Capital)), sexual harassment suit against biz () * Not long before his pot bust, Katz declared he would flout Cuomo's gun law: * Katz Speaks After Busted For Pot Possession(YNN) * Katz Mailer Decried Youth Drunk Driving, Drugs(YNN) *After he was busted for marijuana possession and speeding, Assemblyman Steve Katz reported to work in Albany as if nothing had happened, and didn’t mention his arrest to Minority Leader Brian Kolb. Katz’s challenger in the 2012 Republican primary, Dario Gristina, called on the assemblyman to resign: “This is not the behavior you would expect from an elected official, especially from a conservative county like ours.”The Buffalo News chalks Katz’s arrest up to “bad Buffalo Bills’ karma.”* Assemblyman Charged With Marijuana Possession(NYT)
* Assemblyman Is Charged With Marijuana Possession(NYP) * Politician Ticketed For Pot(YNN) * NY Assemblyman Who Voted Against Legalizing Medical Marijuana (WCBS)

Cuomo Drafts Communications Director From Attorney General’s Staff(NYT)

The Poor
Gouging the Poor in New York(NYT Ed) Bills that would allow check-cashing stores to enter the lending business and be exempt from the usury law are a bad idea.

NYC Government
NYCHA chairman grilled on housing leasing plan(NYDN) * NYCHA Plan to Build Market-Rate Housing Leaves Harlem Residents Skeptical(dnainfo)
Park Cops
New Park officers may be patrolling by July(NYDN)

 Private City Pensions

Your money, their pockets(NYP Ed) Four years later, the city’s still paying — though this month, Budget Director Mark Page announced that the city was suspending payments to the Cultural Institutions Retirement System on the grounds that it had been overbilled. The deal dates back to 1962. Under Mayor Robert Wagner, the city agreed to cover salaries and pensions for thousands of workers at private cultural institutions that also get city funding.

City’s Sheltering of Out-of-Town Homeless, and Mayor’s Remark, Stir Debate(NYT)

Fraud Soccer Stadium

How phony park groups, the press and elected officials are conspiring to develop FMCP(Queens Crap)

You may have read in various articles that representatives from New Yorkers for Parks have been testifying at Community Board meetings against the USTA plan to expand inside Flushing Meadows-Corona Park and have been working with Council Member Julissa Ferreras and other elected officials to come up with "concessions" from the USTA in exchange for their alienation of public parkland.  Who are "New Yorkers for Parks" and should we trust them?

Holly Leicht
Holly Leicht:Before becoming Executive Director of NY4P in March 2011, Holly served under Bloomberg as Deputy Commissioner for Development at the New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD), Prior to joining HPD, she was a Director at the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation, another so called public/private slush fund.Up until now, this community/advocacy group associated with FMCP has not been going after some of the key people who are hurting the efforts to protect the park.  Let's examine why. More


Albany Education Politics the Connected Union and the Rich
UFT bids to expel mayoral control(NYP)
Bloomberg said the NYC school system was a “disgrace” before mayoral control, which the UFT has proposed rolling back.* Teachers union: Curtail mayoral control of NYC schools(NYP) * Bloomberg, UFT At Odds Over Mayoral Control Of Schools(NY1)
UFT proposes stripping mayor's control of schools(NYDN)

Mayor’s ‘control’ freakout at UFT (NYP) Mayor Bloomberg came down hard on the teachers union’s plan to water down mayoral control of schools by effectively reviving a version of the old, dysfunctional Board of Education.  “When they ran the school system, it was a disgrace,” he said* Bloomberg, UFT At Odds Over Mayoral Control Of Schools(NY1) * Teachers union boss' dream of schools without mayoral control would be the city's nightmare (NYDN ed) Michael Mulgrew's power play in Albany seeks to roll back critical reforms

Leave It to the NYT To Explaine Away Selling Libraries and Schools to Developers to Same Them
Saving Schools and Libraries by Giving Up the Land They Sit On(NYT)

New York’s Education Deficit(NYT Ed) School aid is skewed to help districts of politically powerful legislators. It should be changed to spread more money to impoverished areas.* Parents Call On Charter Schools To Reform Management Of Special Needs Students(NY1)  

School Closed
Students defend failing Bread and Roses High School but blame their classmates for phaseout; 'The teachers do everything they can,' said one, 'but if we don’t care this is what happens.'(NYDN)Bread and Roses was one of three uptown public schools slated for phaseout by the Panel for Educational Policy this week, along with the Choir Academy of Harlem and J.H.S. 013 Jackie Robinson. MS 45/STARS Prep Academy, a Grade 6 to 8 school in East Harlem, will close at the end of the school year.
Update Party on, Bx. teens! (NYP) Prom threat nixed

Bronx HS principal's bizarre threat to cancel prom(NYP)  She’s the Prom Killer. A no-frills high-school principal has canceled prom for her Bronx school’s entire senior class unless they magically achieve a 100 percent graduation rate

Slap at charter-school discipline(NYP)

State Senate Republicans are promoting a state budget measure that would require New York City to offer busing for all private students in classes taught after 4 p.m., with most of those students attending yeshivas, the Daily News reports:  * Lawmakers Quietly Talk Yeshiva Busing Expansion Over Mayor Bloomberg Objections(NYDN)

Dip in blacks and Hispanics qualifying for NYC specialized high schools(NYP)

Bronx school principal’s movie role as gun-slinging gangsta alarms parents(NYP)

No-confidence vote for NYU president Sexton(NYDN)

Nine High Schools, One Roof(NYT)


Bloomberg Welcomes Big Container of a Different Variety(NYT)


I-Team: Lady Liberty Workers Frustrated by Delays(NBC)
Capturing the Stories of a Hurricane’s Survivors(NYT) Mary Anne Trasciatti, a professor of rhetoric at Hofstra University who has lived in Long Beach since 2000, is collecting oral histories of Hurricane Sandy’s impact on the area. * Cuomo: Banks release $112M to Sandy victims(WSJ) * Rockaway Beach's Giving Truck(WSJ) * HUD Pledges More Support To Protect Sandy Homeowners(WSJ) * Bloomberg to Offer Own Sandy Buy-Out Plan, with a Twist(WNYC) Could Lead to Rebuilding on Flood Plain Even After Homeowner Sells Out

Another Hospital Will Closed for Developers

Open Meeting Law Violated Hospital Closure Delayed
Judge rules that SUNY Downstate plans to close LICH halted. More soon on Judge rules keep LICH open for now. State officials broke Open Meetings Law. * Judge Rules Against SUNY Trustees in Their Vote to Shutter Long Island College Hospital * Closing of NYC hospital still on hold(WSJ) * Court Allows LICH To Remain Open, Rules Decision To Close Violated The Law(NY1)
* Lifeline continues: Judge grants Long Island College Hospital (NYDN)
SUNY hearing in Westchester w/o reasonable opp for testimony is slap in the face    * State Senator Upset With Location Of SUNY Vote On LICH Closure(NY1)

Second opinion: State now admits LICH real estate was on the table(Brooklyn Paper) 
Senior moment: Activist claims LICH can be saved by letting old folks move in(Brooklyn Paper)

Bronx Court Favor Klein and Landlords

Landlords Win In Court
Report Says Bronx Rent Disputes Favor Landlords(NYT) Tenant advocates charge that the heavy caseload in the borough, which handles more than 85,000 housing court cases a year, limits tenants’ access to resources and legal guidance.

Klein Bags Bronx Court Apointments
Klein, law partner tag-team to score big on court appointments(The Riverdale Press)
Bronx state Sen. Jeff Klein has done well in politics, rising this year to become one of Albany’s top kingmakers. He’s also done well in the often politically influenced world of court appointments. State court records show that Mr. Klein and a longtime law partner who has doubled as his legislative aide have been among the biggest winners when it comes to legal fees earned from judicial designations. Records show that since June 2003, when reforms aimed at limiting the appointments of politically tied officials were implemented, Mr. Klein and his law partner, Dominick Calderoni, have earned nearly $730,000 in fees for work performed as court-appointed fiduciaries.

Cancled Marathon

Road Runners Facing More Difficulty 4 Months After Marathon Uproar(NYT)


Five escalators out of service at Grand Central (NYP)Commuters at Grand Central are going nowhere fast. Five escalators at the terminal are out of service, forcing some Metro-North Railroad riders to go through a cardio workout just to leave the station. Three of the broken escalators are in the.

is onboard every bus in the . Every route in real time.

Donohue: MetroCard malfunctioning? Tough luck(NYDN)

NYC Population Up

For the first time since 1950, more people are moving into NYC than leaving, propelling the city’s population to a record-high 8.3 million people as of July 2012. Every borough saw its ranks grow

Census records show more people are moving to NYC(NYP)New York's Boom Time(WSJ)More people are moving into New York than leaving it for the first time since 1950, according to the latest U.S. Census Bureau data* Mayor Reports More People Are Moving Into NYC Than Moving Away(NY1) * NYC population at all time high!(NYDN)
Broome County lost more of its residents between 2010 and 2012 than any other county in the state.  


Disapproval. (Photo: Getty)Bloomberg Slams ‘Anti-Bloomberg’ Mississippi’s Obesity Rate(NYO)
* Mayor Bloomberg called Mississippi fat* NYC appeals judge's sugary drink ruling

Koch St Patrick's Sweater

The back story of the fisherman’s sweater former NYC Mayor Ed Koch traditionally wore to march in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

Old NYC Neighborhood

[image]MacDougal Defines Old City Neighborhood (WSJ)If visitors on lower MacDougal Street can't put their finger on which neighborhood they are in, it's probably because the tiny block is its own particular microcosm of old New York

Churchill in New York

67 years ago today WNYC covered the reception for Winston Churchill at City Hall.

Cuomo on the Pope

Cuomo declined to join his father and sister in criticizing the new pope, but said “all Cuomos are entitled to their own opinions.”* The governor called Pope Francis’ life story “inspirational” and “praiseworthy.”


 carney lee Jay Carney Snarks At Fox News Host: 'If You Did A Little Reporting, You'd Know...'


News Of The World Hacking: UK Police Investigating 600 New Allegations(Huff Post)

Ann Curry blames NBC for making Matt Lauer a ‘diva’: report(NYP)



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Paul Wins CPAC Straw Poll(hUFF pOST)
Conservative Rockstar Ben Carson Excites CPAC Crowd With 2016 Talk(hUFF pOST)


Adviser Is Worldly at 35, and Shaping Obama’s Voice(NYT)
Senate Democrats Finally Take a Stand(NYT)

DC probes NYU loan arrangers (NYP) In this Washington probe, no loan will go unturned. Senate investigators may be done with Jack Lew, who’s already settling in to his job as treasury secretary — but now they’re training their sights on NYU, demanding the school cough up details onMenendez’s crony-island slap(NYP)
Talks Open Window for Deficit Deal(WSJ)maher Maher Defends Iraq War, Bush: 'It's A Country That's Standing, I Thought It Wouldn't Be'

Lady Liberty Gulp
 Sarah Palin Holding a Big Gulp Is the New Statue of Liberty (NY Mag)
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Seoul crushers (NYP) North Korea threatened to snuff out the South Korean prime minister yesterday and warned residents of a South-controlled archipelago to evacuate — because “nuclear war may break out.” 

Palin lampoons Bloomberg’s large-soda ban at CPAC(NYP)
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 Get Ready for the Obama Israel and Iran
Obama Says Iran Nuclear Weapon to Take Year or More(NYT)
Obama Sets Timeline on Iran Bomb(WSJ)

Republican Ohio Sen. Rob Portman, a potential VP candidate in 2012, has had a change of heart on gay marriage and now supports it. He also revealed his 25-year-old son is gay.*
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Wall Street

Artful dodger (NYP)There is a break in the dark clouds hanging over Steve Cohen’s hedge-fund empire.  Cohen’s SAC Capital Advisors agreed to pay nearly $616 million — including a record fine — to settle two separate insider-trading cases brought by the Securities and... *SAC Hit With Record Insider Penalty(WSJ)
Senate Slams Bank Over 'Whale'(NYT) J.P. Morgan brushed off internal warnings and misled regulators and investors about the scope of losses on its "London whale" trades last year, according to a scathing Senate report.

SAC Settles Insider Trading Charges for $614 Million(NYT) Two affiliates of the giant hedge fund built by Steven A. Cohen, SAC Capital, agreed to a settlement the Securities and Exchange Commission said was the biggest ever for such cases.

U.S. Looked at Bribery Claims Involving Wall Street Journal


Upstate man is 1st arrested under NY's new gun-control SAFE Act(NYP)Undercover Inquiry Leads Gun Shows to Tighten Checks(NYT) New York State’s attorney general brokered a deal on new rules after an operation in which agents were able to buy weapons without any screening. Gun show operators in New York have agreed to new procedures to ensure that criminal and mental health background checks are conducted of buyers, after undercover agents from the Attorney General’s office bought weapons at gun shows without any screening * Partisan Politics and Gun Violence(NYT Ed) * Violent Offenders Database Adds To State Gun Bill Debate(NY1) * Most N.Y. Gun Shows to Take Steps on Background Checks(NYT)* Mayors Against Illegal Guns is expanding its staff in a number of states, bringing on field organizers and staffers to press members of Congress in advance of voting on gun control legislation.

Law and Order

Peeping Tom cop busted using surveillance camera to watch his 21-year-old female neighbor(NYDN)
WATCH: Man fights for life after Brooklyn deli shooting(nyp)
Man clings to life after drunk fires at Brooklyn bodega and returns for a second attack(NYDN) *
Police Search For Suspect In Shooting Outside Brooklyn Deli (NY1)

Harlem 9-year-old goes on a joyride - and his dad gets busted(NYP)

Turkish officials: Suspect detained over Staten Island woman's death(NYP)
Turkish Authorities Detain Man in Death of Tourist From Staten Island(NYT)
Police Search For Suspect In Connection With Manhattan Armed Robberies (NY1)

Trial to Start in Class Suit on Stop-and-Frisk Tactic(NYT)

Driver busted after hit-run kills cabbie on Grand Central Parkway(NYP)

Brawley in bid to block pay grab (NYP) Tawana Brawley’s defenders are demanding the state attorney general block the seizing of her wages — 25 years after she falsely accused a man of rape. In a letter to Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, disgraced lawyer Alton Maddox argues that
4 off-duty NYPD busted amid St. Patty's weekend hijinks(NYDN)

NYPD cops ordered to run criminal checks on domestic-abuse victims(NYP) Women who report domestic violence are exposing themselves to arrest under a new NYPD directive that orders cops to run criminal checks on the accused and the accuser

As Drug Routes Shift, a Meth Trail Leads to Chinatown(NYT) An unsealed indictment offered new details about an investigation involving nearly $200,000 worth of crystal methamphetamine and low-level dealers’ easy access to Mexican suppliers.

The Times’ Jim Dwyer meets with former Manhattan District Attorney Robert Morgenthau to discuss his appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court to take up the controversial case of a death row inmate

Homeless man steals iPhone from 3-year-old boy in Greenwich Village: police(NYP)
Man charged in Queens murders, brush fire due in cour(WABC)
Images released of suspects in violent Brooklyn cell phone (WABC)
Gang sold weed in Sour Power candy wrappers at Harlem bodega: cops(NYP)
Female officer pushed down stairs by suspect(WABC)
18 Accused of Selling Pot, Crack in Candy Wrappers(NBC)
Criminal Lawyer Is Barred From Working in U.S. Court(NYT)
Ex-Detective Gets 3 to 9 Years in Prison for D.W.I. Crash That Killed a Woman(NYT)
FedEx to Pay City $2.4 Million in Cigarette-Tax Settlement(NYT)

Cannibal wife, tot at play(NYP)
Fatal hit-run bum had lucky legal breaks(NYDN)

 Cop breaks leg after suspect pushes her down stairs(NYDN)
Police Officer Thrown Down Stairwell in Queens(NBC)
Senior citizen sought by cops in gold-chain jewelry store (NYDN)

Divorce lawyer’s baggage (NYP) Disgraced divorce lawyer Dominic Barbara was arrested for allegedly stealing a woman’s purse from a posh Long Island store.

Terrorism TSA

 ‘Fake bomb’ heat on TSA(NYP) * The TSA bombs(NYP Ed)

CYRUS R. VANCE JR.: Stopping terror the New York way(NYP)

Plotter: No more Mr. Bad Guy (NYP) I’m actually a nice guy, an Algerian terrorist insisted as he was sentenced yesterday to 10 years in prison for plotting to blow up some city synagogues and churches. “I was taught by my parents to respect all people,” claimed Ahmed Ferhani,* Synagogue Plotter Gets Prison Term(WSJ)  * Man Sentenced To 10 Years In Synagogue Bomb Plot(NY1)
Algerian sentenced to 10 years in prison for NYC synagogue terror plot(NYP)
10-Year Term in Synagogue-Bomb Plot(NYT)