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The NYP Joins the Daily News in Panic About the Candidates in the Mayor's Race

Panic in the Newsrooms
NYP's Goodwin is In A Panic Because He Says Progressive Positions Work With NYC Voters

The Social Agenda Campaign 
The race is mostly about who has the most aggressive “social-justice” agenda
The left turn by the mayoral candidates is surprising because the primary was expected to be a battle for the support of government unions. But with competition stiff there, the candidates are trying to distinguish themselves by moving further and further left on other topics. Goodwin says President Obama won his second term with a borrow, tax-and-spend, class-warfare approach. He got 81 percent of the city vote, against only 18 percent for Mitt Romney, reportedly the most lopsided margin in more than 100 years. Similarly, Gov. Cuomo, who took office in 2011 promising to reduce the state tax and regulatory burden, also has veered left as he gears up for re-election next year and for a presidential run in 2016. Instead of tax cuts, he now touts New York as the nation’s most progressive state, which marks a switch of about 180 degrees.

Daily News Said Leaderless Candidates
Scary, very scary(NYDN Ed)

Seven candidates appeared at the third of the mayoral forums sponsored by the Daily News and the Metro Industrial Areas Foundation citizens group. The topic was public safety. All were advised to come prepared to explain how he or she would hold the line on crime or drive it still lower — the central duty of any mayor. All were given the opportunity to present their three most important strategies. Not one of them was convincing or spoke with a semblance of coherence or authority.* The newspaper that co-hosted a mayoral candidate forum on public safety wasn't impressed with any of the candidates' answers. [Daily News]

The Press is In A Panic Because They  Have Let New Yorkers become Ignorant on the Causes of Problems, Ignorant of Economic Realities and less angry

Quinn Supporters the NYT and NY Magazine Say There Are Good Bitches
1984 Bitching is Now Tough Talk?
Offstage, a Proudly Brash Quinn Isn’t Afraid to Let Her Fury Fly(NYT) Christine C. Quinn, the New York City Council speaker and a mayoral candidate, readily acknowledges her angry moments, which critics and even friends characterize as intense.Other people with huge tempers: Giuliani, Koch, Bill Clinton. * Christine Quinn Has an Equal Opportunity ‘Bitch Tap’(NY Mag)* NYC Council Speaker and mayoral frontrunner Chris Quinn has a reputation for flying off the handle and screaming at people – staffers, elected officials, etc. She is unapologetic about her brassy personality, and often plays it up. She downed “an Advil with a swig of Starbucks coffee” while trying to find gender-neutral ways of cutting off adversaries’ “balls,” for example. Also: “Ms. Quinn’s staff, concerned that angry tirades could be overheard by outsiders, added soundproofing to her City Hall office.”* Jackie O had sharp tongue(NYP) * A number of outlets further discussed that Times piece, with The Daily Beast, The Atlantic Wire and The American Prospect debating whether its underlying premise was fundamentally sexist, and generally concluding that it was not. And press as varied as Salon, Metro, Gothamist, New York Magazine, Capital New York and IrishCentral gave it additional ink. For what it’s worth, The Gray Lady has covered some male politicians similarly, including former Rep. Anthony Weiner and Mayor Michael Bloomberg.*  When asked whether she punished rivals, says: "Absolutely not"... "I've tried hard to bring discipline" to *. now on , talking about her temper: "I get really emotional about the work I'm doing" but "I'm not going to apologize"*One suspects there's a third council member willing to go on-the-record about CQ and retaliation too * 2 Council members describe 's retaliation against them & predict more   * Liz Crowley must have got the green light by Crowley's people to go on the record with about Quinn's vindictiveness.* NYC Council Speaker Christine Quinn doesn’t think the Times story about her “pushy and aggressive” personality was sexist. (Not everyone agrees with that).*“I have always said I’ve had a big personality, and I’ve always said I’m a pushy broad, and I’ve always said I want to get things done. And sometimes to get things done you have to be aggressive.”*Two councilmembers – Elizabeth Crowley and Peter Vallone Jr. – who have been retaliated against by Quinn spoke out about their experiences. More here.

People who think this story is good, or OK, for Chris Quinn are nuts. Now temperament is an NYT-sanctioned issue.

Business Leaders Also in A Panic
Pressure by de Blasio and the Unions Making Quinn Flip Flop on Sick Pay
Quinn Is Said to Be in Talks Over Sick Time(NYT) After three years of resistance, New York City Council speaker Christine C. Quinn is changing course on mandating compensated sick days for many employees.* Council Speaker Christine Quinn is engaging in negotiations over paid sick leave with 32BJ SEIU and 1199 SEIU, both undecided in the mayor's race, while cutting out the Working Families Party, Crain's Insider reports * Sources: Deadline Set For Compromise On Paid Sick Leave Bill(NY1) * With Quinn hammering out paid-sick leave legislation with supporters, small business chambers of commerce are now trying to win concessions in hopes of making the final potential legislation more palatable.

de Blasio Charges Quinn With Watering Down Sick Pay
Public Advocate Bill de Blasio did more than comment on Speaker Christine Quinn‘s aggressive personality yesterday, he also released a report warning about the potential watering-down of the Council’s paid sick day legislation, echoing 1199 SEIU, one of the unions reportedly in paid sick day negotiations with Ms. Quinn. In an email to Mr. de Blasio’s supporters, former ACORN head Bertha Lewis further declared, “Water is for plants, not true progressive values.”
Enough with the wait. Enough with the compromise. Enough with the diluting. Bring to a vote. #OneCity

Goodwin: The Campaign Has Made the Cops A Punching Bag
Kelly: NYPD monitor would imperil lives (NYP) Handcuffing the NYPD with a new oversight agency could “ultimately make the city unsafe,” Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said yesterday. Count Mayor Bloomberg among those distressed at the radical turn. On Monday, he said it was “depressing” and yesterday added to his criticism, saying the crime decline “is the foundation for all the other progress New York has made,” and those gains “are not an accident.” 
 3 Officers, Prolific at Stops, Will Get Say at Trial(NYT) Pretrial testimony from the Brooklyn officers sheds light on their decisions in stop-question-and-frisk encounters. * Bloomberg has openly questioned the ability of the mayoral candidates to fight crime in New York City and differs with them on the NYPD’s stop-and-frisk tactics, The Wall Street Journal writes:    * NYPD's Kelly on Inspector General: 'Real Cause for Concern' (WSJ)* Bloomberg Attacks Mayoral Candidates on Crime(WSJ) * Kelly Slams Proposed NYPD Oversight Post(NY1)
* Police Commissioner Ray Kelly speaks out against proposed (NYDN) * NYC Police Commissioner Ray Kelly says Quinn’s idea of implementing a NYPD Inspector General to monitor policies could “make the city unsafe.”* Meanwhile, Mr. Thompson reportedly said he wants an inspector general “who would report to the commissioner,” a position Councilman Brad Lander called “ridiculous” and “absurd.”* Memo Reveals NYPD Change To How Stop-And-Frisks Are Documented (NY1)
Joe Lhota, seeking to draw sharp contrast with the Democratic field, sends out an email on public safety stances:

Isn't that the function of the Mayor with EFFECTIVE oversight by the City Council? A Department of Second Guessing is unneeded.* Expanded story: Bill Thompson again reaches for middle ground, this time on NYPD Inspector General:
de Blasio Aide Tweeded: F--K the Police
The Post caught Kicy Motley, the volunteer director of de Blasio’s campaign, tweeting “F--k. The. Police” and calling America a “racist, imperialist country.” The only cop she praised was Chris Dorner, a murderous ex-LAPD officer killed in a shootout.

NYPD Inspector General Fall Out and Change
New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn’s proposal for an inspector general to oversee the police department has jeopardized Quinn’s chances of landing the endorsement of the United Uniformed Employees Coalition in her mayoral campaign, the New York Post learns:  In Reversal, Liu Opposes Inspector General for NYPD (WSJ)The Daily News applauds mayoral candidate John Liu’s opposition to a proposal to add an inspector general to oversee the NYPD, and laments the lack of creativity in crime-fighting proposals from the other candidates:

Several mayoral frontrunners skipped a recent forum in the South Bronx, where residents are upset about the number of drug and mental health facilities that are sited in the area:(City and State)

4 Mayoral Candidates Legal Obstacles

It’s Not the Voters But the Courts, Da's and the CFB Will Decide if Liu, McDonald, de Blasio and  4  Really Have A Shot
Mayoral candidates John Liu and George McDonald may not have much in common: While McDonald is suing to escape the city’s matching-funds program for campaigns, Liu’s team is busy sucking it dry. But the sinner and the saint have met on the road to City Hall. For both are being hurt by New York’s campaign-finance laws.

1. Will the CFB Give Liu Matching Funds?
The sinner and the saint(NYP Ed) The city’s Campaign Finance Board will be watching the federal trial to help it decide whether Liu gets his matching funds. But it still hasn’t completed its audit of Liu’s 2009 run for comptroller. Which means Liu might not get his answer about matching funds until after the election.* Liu may not get matching funds(Queens Crap)

2. The NYP Does Not Report About McDonald's Inability to Raise $$$
McDonald, by contrast, is a man who has helped the homeless find work and now wants to run for mayor without taking matching taxpayer dollars (and the limits that go with it). But it’s taking so long to get his court case resolved that McDonald now says he’s going to have to take public funds if he wants to keep his campaign alive.

3.  DA Donvan Going After WPA's Data and Field Stream Who Were Very Involved in de Blasio and Liu 2009 Campaign

Working Families Party Officials Served With Subpoenas(WSJ)Working Families Party officials have been subpoenaed to appear before a grand jury investigating the party's ties to a for-profit company Data and Field Services that provided campaign assistance to candidates including Public Advocate Bill de Blasio and Staten Island Council Member Debi Rose, court records show.Working Families Party backing helped propel Ms. Rose, Mr. de Blasio and city Comptroller John Liu to victory in 2009.Working Family Party subpoenas stemming from '09 campaigns ...(SI Advance)

4. John Catsimatidis Lawsuit
More than 600 female employees with Gristedes, a grocery chain Catsimatidis owns as President and CEO of the Red Apple Group filed a lawsuit against the company claiming gender discrimination and now there’s news of a settlement by his company, nearly finalized, of almost a million and a half dollars.
Million-dollar gender bias lawsuit against Gristedes could affect mayoral race(WPIX)

Campaign 2013

Queens BP candidates are in the money(Queens Crap)

From Crain's:

A political action committee funded by New York City's real estate titans has trained its focus on a rather unlikely target in 2013: the city's borough president races. Taxpayers for an Affordable New York, which is administered by the Real Estate Board of New York, has given to three candidates in the Queens borough president's race: $3,850 to former Councilwoman Melinda Katz, $2,000 to former Queens Deputy Borough President Barry Grodenchik and $3,850 to Queens Councilman Peter Vallone Jr. The PAC has also given $3,850 to Manhattan borough president candidate Jessica Lappin, who is a member of the City Council, and $1,000 to Brooklyn borough president frontrunner Eric Adams, who serves in the state Senate. In 2011 and 2012, the group gave $2,750 to Councilman James Vacca, who at that time was a potential candidate for Bronx borough president. Otherwise, the PAC has only given a few scattered contributions to council campaigns, and none to citywide candidates this election cycles. A source close to the group explained its gifts to borough president candidates this way: "We make donations to candidates who share our desire for economic development."

And John Catsimatidis picked up the endorsement of Queens’ former State Sen. Serf Maltese. “John Catsimatidis is the only candidate, Republican or Democrat, who has the hands on experience needed to run a city like New York,” Mr. Maltese said in a statement touting his business credentials.

Campaign contributions: Forest City bundles for Thompson, de Blasio, Squadron, even gets Republican subcontractor in Virginia to pony up(Atlantic Yards Review)

State Budget

Albany Passes Our Laws in the Middle of the Night With Not Fingerprints And Nobody Complains
Nobody is reading any of these bills before they vote on them
State senators stayed up late to hammer out the $135.1 billion budget’s final details while Democrats planned several hostile amendments expected to fail, staying on track to finish on time, the Times-Union writes:  * Lawmakers Pull an All-Nighter(WSJ) * State lawmakers rush to finish budget(NYDN)* The state Senate finished passing the budget around 4:30 a.m. this morning after a debate that included talk of kumquats and vampires,  Members aren’t due back in Albany until April 15. You can read more about the late night session here, here, and here. Senate Republican No. 2 Tom Libous fired back at good government groups who criticized the late night session by saying they should “get real jobs.”* The Times Union obtained draft copies of mailers the IDC may send out touting the budget deal – the first one ever negotiated by four men in a room instead of three.* Kumquats And Vampires, Oh My(YNN) * The Compromise Budget(YNN) * How They Voted Last Night/This Morning(YNN) * Klein And Skelos Take Victory Lap(YNN) * In the Wee Hours in Albany, the Talk Turns to Kumquats(NYT) * The Florida Kumquat growers were offended by this morning’s budget debate.

The Albany Buns Won't Even Say Who Put the Money In the Budget
This story is pay walled. Assembly members will tell you they've done away with their earmarks, or pork, which they call member items, but it's right there in the budget under a different line. This is nearly 2 million dollars going to Vito Lopez' shady "non-profit" which pays various cronies outrageous salaries ( like more than the president of the United States and exists to allow Lopez to maintain his grip onthe community. The worst thing is Sheldon Silver, Jeff Klein and Dean Skelos refused to say who put it in the budget

Reason for High Tax Extension

Gov’s budget taxes bizmen’s patience (NYP) ALBANY — Gov. Cuomo says the state needs high tax rates on millionaires because the economy’s struggling — but some analysts say the economy’s struggling because of those high tax rates.

Cuomo's Budget Dance: Business Leaders and Liberals Are Upset

As Holy Days Dot Calendar, State Budget Must Wait(NYT)The coming week presents an interesting challenge for New York State officials as they try to synchronize their calendars to finish the state budget, amid Passover for Jews, Holy Week for Christians, and the spring break holiday for schools* Delayed Vote On State Budget Irks Senate GOP Leaders(NY1) * Early Budget Seems Unlikely For Albany As State Senate Begins Voting Process(NY1) * Common Cause’s Lerner Not Thrilled With Midnight Voting(YNN)

Liberals Dems Upset The liberal wing of the State Legislature has expressed its displeasure with Senate co-leader Jeff Klein for caving on numerous progressive issues in the state budget, namely the DREAM ActAlbany Dems divided as left rips party(NYDN)

Business Leaders Budget Anti-Business
Gov faking care of business, execs fume(Dicker, NYP) Key business leaders are privately portraying Gov. Cuomo’s widely panned state budget as a bitter betrayal of two years of promises to reverse New York’s longstanding anti-business reputation. “In a single stroke, Cuomo has reversed all he claimed to be doing during his first two years to make this state at least a little friendly to the private sector,’’ said a leading business official who, like several others, demanded anonymity for fear of the governor’s political retaliation. “He’s handed the state back to [spendthrift Assembly Speaker Sheldon] Silver,’’ the source continued.The word “temporary” is fungible when it comes to enacting tax policy in Albany.* "Temporary" taxes, surcharges and fees in Albany never seem to sunset. [Rick Karlin]* Dicker: Cuomo Boycotting Radio Show(YNN)

Deal May End City’s Standoff With Teachers(NYT)* Cuomo and legislative leaders reached an agreement on Monday to change state law to ensure that new teacher-evaluation agreements would remain in place after pacts with local school districts and unions expire, The Wall Street Journal writes: * Deal May Ease Evaluation Plan(WSJ) * Teacher-eval hope (NYP) A state deal to make sure teacher-evaluation plans are put in place and stay in place could break the logjam between the city and its teachers union.*Albany Agrees To End "Sunsets" For Teacher Evaluation Systems(NY1) * State education funding increased about $1 billion dollars in the budget.* The CBC breaks down the education aid increase.

Energy Tax
 Business leaders are infuriated that Cuomo refused to permit a scheduled drop in a “temporary’’ assessment on energy costs for all consumers to take effect, in effect a tax increase of more than $200 million a year.

No New Speed Cameras
Albany nixes speed cameras(NYP) The state budget will not include money for 40 "speed cameras" that city officials wanted to install near schools. [Erik Kriss]* Tax Scofflaws Could See Driving Privileges Revoked(YNN)
Gov’s new ‘fast’ tax: surcharge on speeders in state budget(NYP)
Bloomberg Blames Skelos, Golden, Felder For Lack of Speed Cameras Bloomberg Blames Skelos, Golden, Felder For Lack of Speed Cameras(Gotham Gazette)

The budget deal includes a minimum fine of $50 for drivers caught texting while driving. (There’s currently no minimum, only a maximum fine of $150). * The budget includes an increase on the penalties for texting while driving and talking on a cell phone without a hands-free device, and an increase in surcharges for certain moving violations, Gannett writes * Bloomberg: Senate GOP To Blame For Next NYC Speeding Death (Updated)(YNN)

State's Guns Law Mess Not My Fault Bloomberg
Mike fires at Albany(NYP)The city “didn’t put a gun to their head” to force state officials to draft gun legislation that turned out to be faulty, Mayor Bloomberg said yesterday.Gov. Cuomo’s office is working to correct the errors* Bloomberg did not appreciate being blamed for flaws in NYS's new gun law by 's anonymous source.
An anonymous Cuomo administration source blames people connected to Mayor Bloomberg and the Brady Center for the flawed SAFE Act, saying they – not the governor’s staff – drafted most of the law. *Midnight Budget Voting Planned(YNN) * Schneiderman: SAFE Act Was Rushed, But Legal(YNN) * Governor Cuomo Blasts ‘Propaganda’ Lawsuit Against State Gun Law(NYO) * The Education, Labor & Family Assistance portion of the state budget indefinitely suspends a provision of New York’s gun control law that would prohibit the sale of 10-bullet magazines, though gun owners will only be allowed to load seven bullets, Gannett Albany reports:  * The Daily News’ Bill Hammond writes that despite some missteps that leave the state’s gun laws open to scrutiny and potentially a Constitutional challenge, Cuomo can still take credit for leading on gun control:* The father of slain New Hartford Police Officer Joseph Corr told Cuomo the SAFE Act is a waste of time and money and would not have saved his son’s life.* The Education, Labor & Family Assistance portion of the budget makes clear that eight, nine or 10-bullet capacity magazines will still be available for purchase in New York after April 15, the effective date by which they were supposed to be banned. Owners, however, will only be able to load seven bullets into the 10-round magazines.* Silver Highlights Gun Permit Database(YNN)
* As part of the state’s new gun control law, $27 million has been allocated in the budget to develop a statewide electronic database of handgun permit holders kept on a county level, the Associated Press reports:  * N.Y. budget allots $27 million for gun database(NYDN)* State to create $27 million handgun permit database(SI Advance) *Skelos Doesn’t Expect Cuomo To Revisit Magazine Issue(YNN)

Wealthy Tax
Cuomo also went back on his word to end the “temporary’’ surcharge on wealthy taxpayers — which during his 2010 campaign he said was damaging the state’s ability to hold and attract corporate executives. 

Tammany Style Rebate
While business leaders weren’t surprised that Cuomo won approval for a costly minimum-wage hike — he’d pledged to do so for months — they were shocked he agreed with Silver (D-Manhattan) to hand out tax “rebate’’ checks of $350 or more to a million families when he’s up for re-election next year, at a cost of $370 million. “That’s one of the most blatantly political moves ever. Boss Tweed would have been proud,’’ said another prominent business leader.* Details emerged on the rebate program in the state budget, with the three-year program slated to start in 2014 and those eligible for a $350 rebate check must have a child who was less than 17 years old by December 31, 2012, the Times-Union writes:  * Lawmakers initially said all children younger than age 17 would make a taxpayer eligible for a $350 rebate check slated to hit mailboxes in the fall of 2014, but children will actually have to be almost 2 years old before that time for their parents to qualify.

Pay to Play Nominations
Cuomo nominated two top political donors for prestigious appointments, investor Henry Silverman for the Javits Center Operating Corp. board of directors, and Laura Aswad for another term on the State Council of the Arts, the Daily News learns

LICH Not Saved
SUNY Downstate Medical Center will not receive a bailout in the state budget, despite losing $8 million per month, closing Long Island College Hospital in Brooklyn and requesting an infusion of $150 million to survive through the year, the Daily News writes: * The budget does not include a bailout for SUNY Downstate Medical Center, despite warnings it could close without assistance. SUNY officials are instead directed to come up with a restructuring plan by June.

Dream Act Missing
A number of the Legislature’s Latino members boycotted a Somos reception at the governor’s mansion Friday out of anger that the DREAM Act wasn’t in the budget. They’re not too happy with IDC leader Jeff Klein, either.  

The very pro-fracking NY Post agrees (!) with Cuomo that the industry must make a better case to the public on how drilling is safe.  * The Times-Union calls for the State Legislature to declare a moratorium on natural gas drilling until multiple health and environmental reviews are completed: *  In the Daily News, former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell urges Cuomo to allow hydraulic fracturing natural gas drilling, citing the economic windfall it has brought to Pennsylvania: 

Medicaid $$$ Refunded to Feds
New Medicaid problems for the Cuomo administration: An audit released yesterday directs the state to return $27.4 million received in reimbursement from Washington or money paid to support the soon-to-be-closed network of residential treatment centers for mentally ill youths. The administration noted the audit covered a five-year period before Cuomo took office, and said the program in question ends Sunday.

Buffalo Bills Free Seats
The Post admonishes the Cuomo administration for purchasing a luxury suite for the Buffalo Bills, comparing it to former Gov. David Paterson’s infamous acceptance of free Yankees tickets: How bad is it that former governor David Paterson accepted free Yankee tickets if his successor worked out a deal to have luxury suite in the new Buffalo Bills stadium? [New York Post]''* Assembly Panel to Review Deal on Luxury Suite(NYT) The State Assembly Committee on Corporations, Authorities and Commissions has opened a review of the Cuomo administration’s purchase of a 12-seat luxury box as part of a deal to keep the Buffalo Bills in western New York for the next seven years. While it expands spending to help the Buffalo Bills and Hollywood, New York is cutting funding for cancer screenings for the uninsured along with programs to curb teen smoking. State govt has had box at Saratoga for years. Why is this an issue?

The so-called Jimmy Fallon law is included in the budget.* The budget contains a tax credit for restoring historic buildings and added incentives for movie makers to film upstate.


After Hour Busing
The Daily News takes issue with a program negotiated by state Sen. Simcha Felder that arranged after-hours school busing for yeshiva students because he stuck New York City with half of the $11.2 million tab: 

State Sen says new special interest bus mandate for student safety. Then why did they block speed cams near schools? Absolutely disgraceful.

Drunk Driving
The Senate passed Alix’s Law, which would close a legal loophole and make it a felony for a drunken driver to leave the scene of an accident. The measure is named for 18-year-old Alix Rice. 

In the Post, Michael Bongiorno, the former Rockland County district attorney, argues in favor of banning Mixed Martial Arts fighting in the state because it is a “brutal” sport that bombards children with violent imagery: 

Verrazano Bridge $$$
Verrazano Bridge toll relief for Staten Islanders is sidetracked(SI Advance)

Minimum Wage

Klein Explains Shift On Indexing(YNN) * The minimum wage deal includes a tax break for businesses to help offset the added cost of paying employees.

Wall Street
In the Post, the Manhattan Institute’s Nicole Gelinas writes that New York City could gain back some of the jobs lost in the financial sector, including some from London, if Cuomo hadn’t raised taxes:

Political Corruption

The Developer Gets His Housing in the Park and Squadron Gets His Campaign Cash

Squadron Pay to Play Park Pig
Pol’s big $witch on park pays off(NYP) State Sen. Dan Squadron took in more than $65,000 from supporters of a residential development at Brooklyn Bridge Park — after he struck a deal that enabled housing at the site. Squadron, a Democrat who’s running for public advocate, promised during his 2008 Senate campaign to fight all housing in the park, but his 2011 deal with the Bloomberg administration allows for some residential development there. He has received cash from members of the Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy and Brooklyn Bridge Development Corp., which support housing in the park as it undergoes renovation. Squadron, a candidate for New York City public advocate, took in $65,000 in campaign contributions from supporters of a residential development deal at Brooklyn Bridge Park that he helped broker

Notice How Pols Lie Protect Other Pols
City Councilman Brad Lander (D-Brooklyn) said Squadron actually negotiated to reduce the size of one housing development and delay others for future administrations, which could opt to build something else entirely. “Daniel fought very hard and skillfully to substantially reduce housing in the park, hopefully prevent it at Pier 6 altogether,” said Lander, who is involved with the park’s renovation.

Question: Why Did the NYP Release Squadron's Pay to Play Story on A Jewish Holiday?

As A LICH Hospital is Closed for Lack of Funds As Lopez Get the $$$ For His Corrupt Non Profit
No JCOPE Ruling But Vito Lopez Gets the Member Item $$$
Grant Flows to Troubled Nonprofit(WSJ) A Brooklyn social-services network that has been the subject of government investigations and has close ties to Assemblyman Vito Lopez is poised to receive nearly $2 million under New York's latest budget deal. The Ridgewood Bushwick Senior Citizens Council, a Brooklyn social services nonprofit founded by Assemblyman Vito Lopez, is poised to receive $1.9 million through a member item in the state budge* State Budget Will Not Include SUNY Downstate Bailout(NY1) Don't Vote On Budget Until "Gov. 1%" Cuomo Saves LICH !(Video) * Plan to Allow Investment in 2 Hospitals Is Dropped(NYT) The measure was dropped from the final version of the state budget when the chairman of the Assembly’s Health Committee, Richard N. Gottfried, a Democrat from Manhattan, refused to budge.

The Albany Buns Won't Even Say Who Put the Money In the Budget
This story is pay walled. Assembly members will tell you they've done away with their earmarks, or pork, which they call member items, but it's right there in the budget under a different line. This is nearly 2 million dollars going to Vito Lopez' shady "non-profit" which pays various cronies outrageous salaries ( like more than the president of the United States and exists to allow Lopez to maintain his grip onthe community. The worst thing is Sheldon Silver, Jeff Klein and Dean Skelos refused to say who put it in the budget

Lopez Get his $$$ As SI Residents Pay the Full Toll
Verrazano Bridge toll relief for Staten Islanders is sidetracked(SI Advance)

Cuomo and Dicker
Is the relationship between Governor Andrew Cuomo and his go-to media source showing tension? The source, New York Post columnist Fred Dicker seems to think so. “Many people over the years have talked about Andrew Cuomo being very petty. I didn’t see that for a long time. I didn’t think that was the case. I thought he was setting out to transform this state for the better,” Mr. Dicker said yesterday. “But get this — at the moment I’m going on the show, the governor puts out a press release saying that the governor’s going to be appearing on radio at 11 o’clock — a different radio show.”

Arrests in Bronx schools decline by more than 50%(NYDN)

Nearly 20% of eighth-graders at Queens Middle School 172 not matched to a high school(NYDN) The percentage is double that of the city average, with parents refusing to send their kids to the C-rated Martin Van Buren High School, which is nearby the middle school.


Bloomberg’s advertising blitz that his group, Mayors Against Illegal Guns, is using to drum up support in the Senate for background checks on all gun purchases, is presenting political problems for some Democratic senators, The New York Daily News reports * Bloomberg Steps Up Gun-Law Campaign(WSJ) * Mayor, NRA Continue War Of Words Over Tactics In Gun Control Fight(NY1) * Rand Paul Threatens to Stage Less Inspiring Gun Control Filibuster(NY Mag) * Attorney General Eric Schneiderman pens an op-ed praising the NY SAFE Law, blasting DC for doing nothing on gun control, and touting his record of cracking down on illegal sales at gun shows.* Mayor, NRA Continue War Of Words Over Tactics In Gun Control Fight(NY1) * To date, nearly 1,000 mayors from across the country have signed the Mayors Against Illegal Guns statement of principles, but those five states remain holdouts.

carrey Jim Carrey Mocks The Late Charlton Heston And Gun Nut Penises In 'Cold Dead Hand' *Coulter Slams ‘Rich Elite’ Jim Carrey Over Hypocrisy Of Anti-Gun Funny Or Die Video On Hannity

Bloomberg: Social Media is Not Private
Don’t be a twit: mayor (NYP) The two city EMTs whose racist Twitter rants were recently exposed by The Post are examples of the need to be extremely careful while using social media, Mayor Bloomberg said yesterday. “I don’t understand why people don’t understand that anything you write, anything you send out is going to be re-tweeted, re- Facebooked, re-this, re-that,” Bloomberg said one day after EMT Lt. Timothy Dluhos was suspended for 30 days without pay as the FDNY probes his postings.* Bloomberg Plays Social Media Guru, Says Media Mogul Murdoch ‘Should Stop Twittering’(WCBS)* Second EMT Comes Under Fire Over Twitter Posts(NY1) * The latest FDNY Twitter racists keeps his job for now. (NY Mag)

Nanny Bloomberg

Bloomberg Seeks End to Cheap Cigarettes(NYT) Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg’s bill establishes a minimum price for cigarettes and cigarillos, or little cigars, of $10.50 a pack, the first time such a strategy has been used to combat smoking.Tied to his proposal to keep tobacco products out of sight, Bloomberg wants a minimum cigarette price of $10.50 a pack and stronger penalties for retailers who evade tobacco taxes*
Page Six reports that dinner at a private party for Mayor Bloomberg was delayed by an hour earlier this month when they city’s Department of Health and Mental Hygiene inspectors conducted a routine inspection.*Mayor Bloomberg: ‘We Interfere With Free Enterprise All the Time’(NYO) * NYC marks 10th anniversary of indoor smoking ban * City Marks Decade Of Smoke-Free Bars And Restaurants(NY1)

Fly Frendly

The Fight for New York's Skies(WSJ) The planned merger of American Airlines and US Airways would increase competition for fliers in the New York market.

Sandy Aid Problem

Rep. Meeks Warns Federal Sequestration Could Cut Much-Needed Sandy Aid(NY1)
Archdiocese To Offer Sandy-Related Registration Refunds
Far Rockaway residents and officials call Verizon tone deaf (NYDN)
Digging Through Mounds of Storm Debris, Seeking Recyclable Objects(NYT)
Shore Rebuilding, Renters Go South for Summer(NYT)

Politicians Pump Up Station Operators(WSJ) Seeking to avoid a strike by hundreds of small gas-station operators, several local politicians have intervened in a dispute between Getty gasoline distributors and the station operators
NYC aquarium rebounds, rebuilds after Sandy(Fox 5)

WTC Arts Center

NYPD's Kelly on Inspector General: 'Real Cause for Concern' (WSJ)*
New vision for WTC arts center(Fopx 5)

MTV Brooklyn

MTV Video Music Awards Show Coming to Brooklyn(NYT)
Barclays Center To Host 2013 MTV Video Music Awards(NY1)

Taxi Apps

Taxi app keeps you on track(NYP)

\Real-time subway info now available on Google Maps(NYP)

Homeless and Mental Health

Bum given boots by kind-hearted cop back to begging barefoot; has apt. & '30 pairs of shoes'(NYP)

U.S. Wants State to Pay After Audit Of Youth Care(NYT) A federal audit of New York’s Medicaid program says the state improperly claimed $27.5 million in reimbursements for services to mentally ill and emotionally disturbed children, and the federal government has asked for a refund. Latest trouble for NY on Medicaid front: Feds asks for $27.5 million refund over improper claims.

NBC ‘ban’ on tweet by Curry (NYP) The morning TV-show wars have grown so nasty and bitter that former “Today” host Ann Curry was prohibited from tweeting a best-wishes message to rival anchor Robin Roberts last fall when Roberts was diagnosed with a life-threatening blood disease,...* Matt Lauer Is Getting Today Drama All Over Anderson Cooper(NY mag)
kathy griffin00000000000000 The Worst Idea In The History Of Cable News: An Anderson Cooper-Kathy Griffin Series On CNN)  * Matt Lauer Is Now Being Called the New Ann Curry(NY MaG)

'We're gay and having a baby': NBC anchor Jenna Wolfe breaks her own big story as she comes out and announces she's pregnant and engaged to fellow correspondent Stephanie Gosk

CNN reportedly narrowing in on morning show host (Huff Post)

O’Reilly And Goldberg Attack ‘Snarky’ Mainstream Media For Trying To Take Down NBC’s Lauer And Leno

Westway Vs NYT
. recalls how Anthony Lewis inveighed against Westway while Times editorials supported it.

DOMA Appears Doomed, According to Supreme Court Guessers(NY Mag)
Five Justices Are Skeptical of Ban on Benefits to Gay Spouses(NYT)
Key moments from the Supreme Court hearing on the Defense of Marriage Act:(NYT)
Court to Hear Arguments on Defense of Marriage Act(NYT)
Good Friends, Same Party but Legal Opponents(NYT)
Justices Say Time May Be Wrong for Gay Marriage Case(NYT)
FiveThirtyEight: How Americans’ Opinions Are Changing(NYT)
Courting Cowardice(Dowd, NYT) The highest court in the land is bold at all the wrong moments of history.
The California Marriage Case(NYT Ed) On the merits, the Supreme Court should endorse basic rights for same-sex couples.
Court Weighs Gay Marriage(WSJ)
General David Petraeus spoke publicly for the first time since he resigned as the CIA Director amidst reports of an affair with his biographer, issuing a heartfelt apology during a speech at the University of Southern California.
Obama names 1st female Secret Service director(WABC)
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President Obama invites Senate Republicans to dinner again(Wash Post)
Ashley Judd will not run for Senate (Huff Post)

Jon Stewart Tears Apart GOP Autopsy Report For Changing Tone But Not Policy: ‘Good Luck In 2020′


Justices Will Hear Case on Calif. Same-Sex Marriage Ban(NYT)A 50-State Ruling (NYT Ed) Constitutional principles bar defining marriage as a union between a man and a woman.* The Other Lawyer in Gay-Marriage Case(WSJ) * Washington Beat: Dozens Wait Outdoors To Try To View Supreme Court's Same-Sex Marriage Cases(NY1) * Supreme Court Campers Have All the Press They Can Handle(NY Mag) * Justices Hint at Fears of Acting Too Quickly on Gay Marriage(NYT) *FiveThirtyEight: How Opinion Is Changing(NYT)
* Justices Hint at Fears of Acting Too Quickly on Gay Marriage(NYT) * Some court watchers believe the justices may dismiss the case without ruling.

 bucks Conservatives Boycott Starbucks Over Coffee Chain's Support Of Same-Sex Marriage

Obama Puts Netanyahu's Seder Plate to Good Use(NY Mag)
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Obama to appoint first woman as head of Secret Service(NYP)
North Dakota’s governor signed into law the most restrictive abortion law in the country.
President Obama named Julia Pierson to be the first female director of the Secret Service.
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The Daily Debate: The Grand Illusion

Wall Street
JPMorgan Faces Full-Court Press by U.S. Regulators(NYT) All told, at least eight United States agencies, the F.B.I. and federal prosecutors are looking at JPMorgan Chase. 

Law and Order

A ‘Cop’s Cop,’ Who Led the Force for 12 Years, Retires(NYT)
Police Chief Joseph J. Esposito, first appointed by Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik in 2000, will retire one day before he turns 63, the force’s mandatory retirement age. * 'Four-Star General' to Retire(WSJ)\ The public face and iron-gripped leader of the NYPD is undoubtedly Commissioner Raymond Kelly. But behind the scenes, Chief Esposito, who retires Wednesday, has long been regarded as the guy who makes it work.* NYPD's highest-ranking officer is retiring(WSJ) * NYPD highest ranking officer to retire(Fox 5)* Brooklyn D.A. Gets Reality Show, Says Primary Challengers Are Just ‘Jealous’(NY Mag)

NYPD community affairs head promoted to chief of department (NYP)  The NYPD’s chief community affairs officer will be promoted to the department’s top uniformed position, officials said today. Philip Banks III, 50, a 26-year police veteran, will be sworn as chief of department at a ceremony tomorrow.* Philip Banks is the NYPD's chief of departmen(nydn)

 Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes will star in “Brooklyn D.A.”, a CBS reality television series following Brooklyn prosecutors “inside the courtroom and out” and airing while he fights for re-election, the Daily News reports: * His primary opponents are not amused.* Brooklyn DA Makes Case For New Reality Show(NY1) * Actors co-hosting swank fund-raiser for B'klyn DA candidate

Older brother of B'klyn teen killed by cops shot 'innocent' girl in the arm last summer(NYP)

Suspect On Crutches Sought For Allegedly Stealing Laptop(NY1) * NYPD looks for robbery suspect who escaped on crutches(WABC)

Sheriff accuses Judge Judy's son of interfering in child (NYDN)
Train kills teen(NYP) * Witness: Teen Killed By Subway Train ‘Ran Across The Tr (WCBS) * Teen Struck, Killed by UWS Subway on His Birthday: Poli NBC)
Friends of LI teen slain by train on birthday vent grief online(NYP)
Disgraced ex-cop in 'Dirty Thirty' scandal busted for stealing cash from woman in Chinatown(NYP)

Queens man guilty of manslaughter in brother's stab slay - dodges top charge(NYP)

D'Amato and Some of His Mob Friends
D’Amato mob pic emerges in Brooklyn court at slay trial(NYP)

A Mother’s Loss and a Mayor’s Unwelcome Sympathy(NYT) As he has done before when someone has been fatally shot by officers, Michael R. Bloomberg sought to contact the survivors, but this time, he also said the shooting was justified, based on the police report.

In an Area Plagued by Violence, a ‘God Squad’ Hits the Streets(NYT) The Rev. Gilford Monrose says the role of the 67th Precinct Clergy Council “is to diffuse a potential disaster in Brooklyn.” The death of Kimani Gray, 16, tested the council like never before.

Hit-and-Run Driver’s Troubled Past Explains Choice to Flee, Family Says(NYT)

Shrink’s butcher a real psycho: expert(NYP)

Kalikow’s kid in heroin bust(NYP)
Daughter of ex-Post owner nabbed on heroin rap(NYDN)

Mom of Bronx biker killed by cops files suit(NYDN)
Queens Bouncer Faces Murder Charges In Fatal Beating(NY1)
Port Authority Officer Charged With Rocking Out While on Disability(NY Mag)

 City's oldest police precinct gets $61.7M renovation(NYP)

Central Park cop shop is NYPD’s new pearl(NYP)

Cops hunt Times Square mugger(NYDN)* Accused Robber Slugs Man in Face on Subway(NBC)


Terrorist Has Cooperated With U.S. Since Secret Guilty Plea in 2011, Papers Show(NYT) The case of Ahmed Abdulkadir Warsame, who was interrogated for months without a lawyer, has been seen as a test of the Obama administration’s counterterrorism tactics.

Staten Island Man Is Convicted of Lying About Plans to Join Terrorists(NYT) Abdel Hameed Shehadeh, 23, told federal agents that he was traveling to Pakistan to visit a religious school, but the authorities said his true purpose was to fight with the Taliban.

A TSA agent at Kennedy Airport sent 5 co-workers to the hospital after he was “horsing-around” with pepper spray, the NY Post reports.