Thursday, March 28, 2013

NYPD On Trial and Political Football

NYPD Successful In Reducing Crime . . .  A Target for Tactics

NYP Uses Smith to show support for the NYPD but and New cop IG is really up to court and City Council
   The NYP is down to using Smith who many believe will be caught in to a wide investigation of Queens Pols by the FBI. Smith rips cop watcher One of New York’s top black lawmakers yesterday blasted City Council Speaker Chris Quinn’s plan to saddle the NYPD with a new oversight agency. “An inspector general for the Police Department is over the top. It just seems to be political pandering.”

‘Frisk’ memo proves NYPD guilt: plaintiffs(NYP) * Kelly expected to testify today in discrimination suit brought by ex-cop(NYP) * Stop-and-Frisk at Issue(WSJ) * Memo Reveals NYPD Change To How Stop-And-Frisks Are Documented(NY1) A recent New York Police Department memo details changes made as to how patrol officers document stop-and-frisk encounters, which city lawyers tried unsuccessfully to submit as evidence in a federal trial against the stop-and-frisk practice, * NYPD Cops Now Have to Explain Their Stop-and-Frisks(NY MaG) * Ray Kelly: NYPD Inspector General Would Make City 'Unsafe'(Huff Post)

NYT 4 Quinn and IG

NYT Gives Cover to Quinn's Police IG
Monitoring New York City’s Police(NYT Ed) New York City should create the position of inspector general to strengthen supervision and accountability of its police department.* In the Daily News, Frederick A.O. Schwarz of the Brennan Center for Justice and Victor Kovner, New York City’s former corporation counsel, make the case for Quinn’s proposal for an Inspector General to oversee the NYPD * Bloomberg was furious last week when NYC Council Speaker Chris Quinn called for an new NYPD watchdog but he told reporters that his support for a successor wouldn’t hinge on a single issue.The NYT cheers Quinn on, saying: “Given the department’s long history of episodic misconduct, the idea is one whose time has clearly come. The City Council should press ahead with the bill and be prepared to override a veto by the mayor.”* Bloomberg Tells Press to Stop Asking About His Mayoral Endorsement(NYO)

Sick Pay Deal Deadline
Sources: Deadline Set For Compromise On Paid Sick Leave Bill(NY1)
* Biz scrambles to weaken sick leave(CrainsNY)
Update City Council reaches deal on bill to force most city businesses to give workers paid sick leaves:...

Vito Lopez

Embattled Brooklyn Assemblyman Vito Lopez is facing a major new health crisis; he says doctors found two growths on his brain and are trying to determine if they’re cancerous.

NYT Hits Lhota

The NYT Seeks to Influence the Vote Not Inform the Voter
Yesterday the NYT Said Quinn Had Hugh Temper Today They Report On Lhota Opposition to Art Covered With Cow Dung . . . 
For Mayoral Hopeful, No Regrets on a Fight(NYT)As deputy mayor in the Giuliani administration, Joseph J. Lhota led unsuccessful efforts to force the Brooklyn Museum to remove art he and others considered offensive.* Quinn, on CNN, Denies Being Vindictive(NYT) Quinn went on CNN on Wednesday to defend herself against accusations from fellow Council members that she used the power of her office to exact political revenge GOP NYC mayoral candidate Joe Lhota doesn’t regret threatening the funding of a Brooklyn museum for showing a portrait of the Virgin Mary he found offensive in 1999, but says he has “a much clearer understanding of the First Amendment now.”

NYT NY Magazine Tag Team?
NYT Offstage, a Proudly Brash Quinn Isn’t Afraid to Let Her Fury Fly
NY Mag  A Recent History of New York’s Most Pissed Off Politicians
For Mayoral Hopeful, No Regrets on a Fight(NYT) 
 Joe Lhota's Art War Comes Back to Haunt Him(NY Mag)

The Media Follows the NYT Lead
* A number of outlets further discussed that Times piece, with The Daily Beast, The Atlantic Wire and The American Prospect debating whether its underlying premise was fundamentally sexist, and generally concluding that it was not. And press as varied as Salon, Metro, Gothamist, New York Magazine, Capital New York and IrishCentral gave it additional ink.*New York - NYC Council Speaker Denies Being Vindictive * "Every day that we spend talking about Christine Quinn is a bad day for Bill de Blasio, John Liu Bill Thompson and Sal Albanese," he writes.(Capital)

McDonald Hits Lhota

McDonald Links Lhota to Giuliani to Destroy
McDonald, says Lhota’s “close, almost indistinguishable identification” with former NYC Mayor Rudolph Giuliani will make him “simply unelectable” in the fall’s general election. 

A six-page memo prepared by New York City Republican mayoral candidate George McDonald's campaign revealed a strategy for defeating rival Republican candidate Joe Lhota by attacking his “indistinguishable identification” with former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani
Rival's Memo: Giuliani Ties Harm Lhota's Mayor Bid(WSJ) NYC Republican mayoral candidate Joseph Lhota's identification with former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani will make him "simply unelectable" in the fall's general election, according to an internal campaign memo from a rival Republican candidate.

Campaign 2013
GOP candidate Lhota: I’ll be a crime-fighting mayor (NYP) Republican mayoral candidate Joe Lhota yesterday unveiled his plan to fight crime, just days after Mayor Bloomberg slammed all the contenders for not developing such a a strategy. Lhota says he opposes an independent NYPD inspector general, supports stop-and-frisk, will maintain anti-terror programs and will add 1,000 more cops.

New York City Democratic mayoral candidate Bill Thompson left out data on the occupations, employers and addresses of the sources of more than $450,000 of his campaign fundraising, even though that information is required by law, New York World reports:

A bit of analysis on a recent forum...

State Budget

4 Men in A Room Midnight State Budget

In the Wee Hours in Albany, the Talk Turns to Kumquats(NYT) In one of the legislature’s stranger rhetorical runs, a handful of senators referred to kumquats while musing about the state’s spending plan, which they approved at 4:15 a.m. Wednesday. * Despite sharp debate that referenced fruit baskets and vampires in the wee hours of the morning, five of the six budget bills taken up Tuesday night and Wednesday morning passed by broad margins in the state Senate, the Times-Union writes: * There is some concern that the spending in the state budget skews toward younger New Yorkers at the expense of those over the age of 50, mostly in the form of tax credits and rebates that benefit younger to middle-aged individuals, the Times-Union writes: * Albany Senators Approve State Budget In Overnight Session(NY1) * A look at the 2013-14 state budget and a handful of other issues would suggest that lawmakers and Cuomo this year might be overlooking a growing segment of New Yorkers: those over age 50.* Despite the often sharp fiscal debate and citrus-bashing on the Senate floor, five of the six budget bills taken up Tuesday night and Wednesday morning passed by broad margins.* Silver Questions The Wisdom Of Family Rebate Timing(YNN)

Daily News Asks Cuomo Where Are the Jobs and New Businesses
The Daily News cuts through Cuomo’s rhetoric on New York as a job creating, tax-cutting state by examining statistics that tell a different story:


Bloomberg calls old pals hypocrites for speed laws
Bloomberg lashed out against several state senators, namely Simcha Felder and Martin Golden, after a proposal to place speed-tracking cameras on New York City’s streets failed to garner enough support in Albany
Mike slams GOP (NYP) Mayor Bloomberg went nuclear on his old state Senate Republican pals yesterday, blaming them for blocking city speed cameras — and for the deaths of any kids who get killed by speeders. Bloomberg, a former Republican who gave the Senate GOP $1 million last year alone to help the party hold on to partial power through a coalition with breakaway Democrats, singled out Republican Leader Dean Skelos and Sens. Martin Golden (R-Brooklyn) and Simcha Felder, a Brooklyn Democrat aligned with Skelos. Sources say Golden, an ex-city cop, is carrying water for the city Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association union, which they claim is holding the cameras hostage in a battle with Bloomberg over cuts to the city’s police force.* After Plan for Speed Cameras Fails in Albany, a Tirade From Bloomberg(NYT) * Bloomberg Attacks Three State Senators For Not Approving Speeding Cameras(NY1) * Sen. Marty Golden defended his rejection of speed cameras for NYC, saying: “The most effective way to reduce speeding and speeding-related fatalities is increased police and prosecution of reckless driving.”* Bloomberg lashes out at state leaders over speed cameras(Metro)* 97 Percent of Drivers Speed Near Hudson Heights School, DOT Found(DNAINFO)

Nanny Bloomberg
After losing the fight over soda size restrictions, Mayor Michael Bloomberg should revive his battle to prohibit the use of federal food stamps to buy fizzy “food,”(City and State) * City Marks Decade Of Smoke-Free Bars And Restaurants(NY1) * How the Old Town Bar (and 49 countries) came to embrace Bloomberg's smoking ban

Google maps now include real time subway departure info(AMNY)* Google Maps Rolls Out Train Arrivals In Real Time(Huff Post)

MTA Funding
 MTA Could Get Surprise Funding Bump From State Budget Deal(NY1)
MTA board members push for more service(NYDN)
More Hate Ads In the Subway
Anti-Islamic ads submitted to MTA in rebuttal of anti-Israel ads(NYP)

School Funding
The city's schools will get $364 million more in state aid than they did last year(NYP)

More On Education
Judge Rejects City's Request To Dismiss Lawsuit To Expedite PCB Removal From Schools(NY1)
A report released today shows that New York City public high schools are more likely to get poor grades on the city’s annual progress reports if they have higher numbers of impoverished, special-needs or minority students, the Journal reports:  * Foe: UFT boss is chicken(NYP)

Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana bill goes to Senate (Metro) 

Dream Act
Latino Lawmakers Upset Over Lack Of Dream Act(YNN)
The Assembly Ethics Committee will review a complaint filed by the secretary of the Putnam County Democratic Committee about the marijuana possession charge against Republican Assemblyman Steve Katz.

In a letter to the New York Times, Assemblyman Richard Gottfried explained his opposition to allowing the privatization of two New York hospitals.

Tonight Show Vs Development Disbled
Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin launched a Twitter campaign to get Jimmy Fallon to “give back his $5 million tax credit to stop cuts to services for developmentally disabled NYers.”

Political Corruption
What Does Vito Lopez Have to Do to Be Defunded?
A Brooklyn nonprofit under investigation by the city and the federal government for its ties to Assemblyman Vito Lopez received $63,337 from the state in this year’s budget – but it wasn’t a member item. Lawmakers stopped getting discretionary funding for their districts in 2009, but a residual pot of money remains. The Ridgewood Bushwick Senior Citizens Council obtained a $1.9 million grant in 2004 to construct its youth center. The last of the grant is trickling through this year, according to the charity’s CEO James Cameron. “It’s way before my time,” he said. “When I heard about it, I was hoping it was a new grant that I didn’t know about.” Lopez, who founded the nonprofit, has kept his distance from the charity since its former CEO and his longtime campaign treasurer, Christiana Fisher, became the subject of a probe in 2010 for allegedly falsifying tax documents to justify tripling her salary. She stepped down in January 2012 and pleaded guilty to lying to federal investigators 11 months later. Lopez has been the subject of criminal and ethics investigations for sexual harassment charges that came to light last summer. He has missed votes in Albany for most of the year and been recuperating from pneumonia since mid-February.  (City and State)* New bid to save W’burg’s Swingin’ Sixties Senior Center(Brooklyn Paper)

Feds include $22M in Sandy relief for city ferry servic(NYDN)
Squatters, Looters Overrun Sandy-Ravaged Staten Island (WCBS)
Federal dollars will cover all of New York City’s costs associated with Hurricane Sandy, according to a report from the city’s Independent Budget Office. 
Most storm-damaged NYC summer spots set to reopen(AMNY)

Help make Sandy aid plan fair (Queens Chronicle)

Bad Landlord

Landlord Accused of Endangering Tenants(NYT) A Queens landlord who authorities said had packed nearly 50 people in illegally converted apartments was charged with reckless endangerment and other crimes.

Pedro Out

Pedro outta here! (NYP) He’s hanging up his slicer.  The 44-year-old bodega owner who won a $338 million Powerball jackpot slapped a “For Sale” sign on his New Jersey store yesterday, opting to get an early start on his golden years.* Winner of $338 million Powerball jackpot owes $29,000 in child support(nbc)

Bloomberg $$$

Bloomberg’s big REACH(New York World) It isn’t Mayor Bloomberg’s best-known health crusade. But while he gets blocked on soda cup sizes, the data magnate has been a national leader in pushing doctors to ditch pen and paper and computerize their patients’ files. Now new research is in on New York City’s pioneering push in electronic health records, and the results are mixed. 


East Harlem Filmmaker Turns Lens on Gentrification(DNAINFO)


CNN Announces New Morning Show(Huff Post)

A year of ABC specials will lead up to Walters' retirement. She'll remain on "The View" through May 2014.
The end of an era. Barbara Walters Poised To Announce Retirement(Page Six)
Supreme Court

Success on Political Front Can Be Setback in Gay Rights(NYT) The Supreme Court justices signaled this week that they might limit their intervention on same-sex marriage, since the democratic process seems to be playing out on its own. * Audio and Analysis From Wednesday * High Court Uneasy Over Broad Ruling(WSJ) * Widow Gets Day in Court(WSJ)

Justices Cast Doubt on Benefits Ban in U.S. Marriage Law(NYT)


With Vouchers, States Shift Aid for Schools to Families(NYT)
Latest Victims of Budget Woes Know Cuts Well(NYT) The Senate’s Hair Care Services Unit will soon be privatized as part of budgetary belt tightening.
Food Stamp Use Swells as Economy Improves(WSJ)
President Barack Obama’s reformatted campaign organization held a conference call with New York supporters and AG Eric Schneiderman last night to stoke grassroots support for public campaign financing in the state.
A growing number of lawmakers across the country are taking steps to redefine public education, shifting the debate from the classroom to the pocketbook, enabling kids to attend private schools with public money.
Sen. Chuck Schumer visited the US/Mexico border in Nogales for the first time along with fellow senators working to find a solution to the country’s immigration problem.
Battle Over ObamaCare Moves to States - Ezra Klein, Bloomberg
The Red-State Path to Prosperity - Arthur Laffer & Stephen Moore, WSJ
Europe Is Slipping Into Full-On Depression - Matthew Lynn, MarketWatch

History in Real Time at the Supreme Court - Charles Blow, New York Times
The Wisdom of Dan Quayle - Jonah Goldberg, National Review
Ghost of Paul Simon Haunts Obama - Major Garrett, National Journal
Cooling on Global Warming - Gail Collins, New York Times
Republicans Could Hold House, Senate, Presidency by '16 - Matt Lewis, DC
The NRA Can Still Lose - Michael Tomasky, The Daily Beast
Jim Carrey--Not "Dumb & Dumber," Just Ignorant - Larry Elder, Townhall
Afghanistan After the War - Ahmed Rashid, The New Republic
A Bipartisan Abdication - George Will, Washington Post
Remember Bob Dole's "Democrat Wars" - Michael Barone, DC Examiner
For Rep. Pocan, Same-Sex Debate Is Personal - Caitlin Huey-Burns, RCP
Failed Arguments Against Gay Marriage - Kurt Eichenwald, Vanity Fair
High Noon for Marriage - Jonathan Last, Weekly Standard
New Tiger Ad: Nike Has Lost Its Soul - Jen Floyd Engel, FOX Sports

Stewart Rips Obama For VA Backlog: ‘When Unobstructed From Doing What You Want, You Better F**king Bring It’

For Gay Marriage, a Historic Opportunity - Los Angeles Times
Unchain the Charter Schools - Chicago Tribune
China's Coming Foreign Policy Test - The Economist
The Conditions for Staying in Afghanistan - Bloomberg
Emotional New Gun Control Ad Features Sandy Hook Families(Huff Post)
Raw politics explains why DOMA got wide support in 1996 (Wash Post)
Obama: 'Shame On Us If We've Forgotten' -- WATCH:
Democratic donors are vowing to withhold future financial contributions from any Democrats who don’t support the centerpiece of President Obama’s gun control plan: Expanded background checks.
There was a sizble cache of ammunition and guns in the Newtown shooter’s home.
The relatives of women and children slain at Sandy Hook Elementary School are appearing for the first time in a new ad from Mayors Against Illegal Guns.
Mayor Bloomberg’s $12 million ad campaign is giving some pro-gun Democrats an excuse to dig in their heels.

Law and Order

New Police Chief Appointee Is Hailed as a ‘Bridge Builder’(NYT) * New Chief in Town(WSJ) * Philip Banks is the NYPD's chief of department(NYDN)* New chief of NYPD named(Fox 5)* Retiring NYPD Chief Reflects on 40-Year Career(NBC)

DA candidate wants Hynes CBS series scotched(NYP) “This is a six-hour infomercial for Charles Hynes,” said former Manhattan prosecutor Abe George, who accuses Hynes of giving CBS access to his office in exchange for glowing coverage. The letter, which can be viewed here, argued the show “will violate New York State campaign finance laws by unlawfully contributing money and services (in the form of a de facto infomercial , for instance) … well in excess of the $5,000 contribution limit.”

Judge Denies Request for Secret Testimony in Patz Case(WSJ)A Manhattan judge on Wednesday denied a rare request for early handover of secret testimony in the high-profile case against a man who has allegedly confessed to murdering 6-year-old Etan Patz, the city's most notorious missing child.

Scourge in the Streets: Cops bust Bronx man with AK-47 and (NYDN)
NYC woman gets probation for lies to British Bar(WSJ)
Blind Woman, 49, Found Stabbed, Possibly Thrown Off Roof: (NBC)
‘Crutch’ me if you can: Laptop thief hobbles away after targeting student(NYP)
Cops seek laptop thief on crutches(Metro)
Blind woman stabbed to death on Courtlandt Avenue in Melrose(New12)

Makeshift Memorial Set Up At Manhattan Subway Station Where Teen Was Killed
Teen killed trying to cross subway tracks on a dare had enlisted in the Marines(NYP) * Makeshift Memorial Set Up At Manhattan Subway Station Where Teen Was Killed(NY1) * Classmates Mourn Teen Killed by Subway on Birthday(NBC)
Bronx woman dies after being stabbed by boyfriend, tossed out of building(NYP)
Feds investigating Brooklyn cabby in Pakistani double murder(NYP)
Brooklyn ex-con escapes court while officers were distr (NYP)


In U.S. Court, a Familiar Argument Over Intentions in Joining a Terrorist Group(NYT)